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    How best to conserve water and electricity

    Starting every year we continue to face the very same problems of water and power scarcity, yet we continue to misuse the very same.Lets all contribute our ideas here to conserve these two valuable commodities.Here are my suggestions-
    1)Switch off all lights during day time -use only if needed.
    2)Switch off power plugs when not in use.
    3)Reuse water which was used to wash clothes for non-potable uses.
    4)Not waste water while brushing teeth -like keeeping tap open when not needed.
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    You are right. Although many of us know about this, we generally do not tend to do it. We only realise when we are running short of it. This is human tendency.

    We all have to determine that these resources are not only for us, but also for our future generation. This will definitely help to have better improvement in conserving these resources.

    Best regards,

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    Water and Electricity are the essential needs of todays life. But it is a serious isssue to conserve these natural resources without wastage. People should be more serious about the proper utilization of these resources. Only without the same, we will be aware of its importance. Some tips,
    1) Switch off the lights and power plugs when not in use.
    2) Give awareness and importance of these resources to the children.
    3) Use power saving tubes and lamps.
    4) Ensure switch boards and wiring connections are properly installed and maintained.
    5) Take part in energy saving program atleast half an hour everyday.
    6) Use rain water storage tanks for future use and domestic needs in rainy season.
    7) Close water taps properly when not in use.
    8) Repair and maintain properly the water storage tanks and taps without leakage.
    9) Conduct awareness programs in schools and colleges about the conservation needs.
    10) Use water resuse systems.

    Use the resources wisely and save for our future generation.

    Best Regards,
    Shruthi Krishna

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    Water And Electricity is daily need in our life as well as the petrol and Gas is also play very important roll in our life

    In Tv Channels we see the Advertise of Gas and Petrol(You Can save 20% of Gas as well as Petrol) This advertise is Really great and like very much. The Goverment taking a foot ahed with those advertising in tv Channels

    Arun Gavkar

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    Are you Electrically Safe while handling Household Appliances ?

    • Plug the appliance into a properly installed, grounded wall socket. Do NOT use the socket if it is loose or damaged. Get it repaired immediately.
    • Do NOT overload by powering multiple appliances from a single socket.
    • Always use three-pin plug/ socket (that includes Earthing wire) of proper rating. Absence of Earthing wire may cause an Electric Shock; while the use of an underrated plug/socket may result into a fire. Consult a certified electrician or a service agent in case of any query in this regard.
    • Make sure that the power plug is not pressed or damaged by the the appliance while placing or installing the same. Moreover, ensure that the power plug and socket are easily accessible for quick disconnection.
    • Always cover the unused or problematic points and electrical sockets with plastic tape or plugs till the time they are repaired. This will give an easy indication of some kind of disorder in it.
    • Do NOT keep the power points within easy reach of children. Child may get an electric shock by inserting finger into it.
    • If you are going out on a long vacation, unplug the aplliance from the socket before going.

    Arun Gavkar

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    Even though one is aware of the situation one hardly makes an attempt to contribute for conserving these resources.
    Few simple steps that one can follow and are easy to follow are
    1. Switch off the lights and fans when not in use.
    2. Turn off TV if none are watching it; Do not allow it to run when none is watching.
    3. Iron clothes weekly once or twice a month; avoid ironing the clothes everyday in the morning only for that day's wear.
    4. Try making use of solar power-solar lights etc
    5. Try using the motor pump only once a day or at the most twice, instead of every now and then.
    6. Get the leaking water pipes repaired as early as possible.
    7. Do not use a bucket full of water for washing your face, which requires only a mug of water.
    8. The water after washing clothes can be used for plants or trees.

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    * Not to leave a mobile charger in to the plug point when not in use.
    * Not to use shower bath.
    * Use common dining hours, as no need to reheat foods.
    * Plan the requirements of refrigerator, as when you open once complete multiple tasks. Opening the refrigerator, increases the power.
    * Not to kick bikes, even to go the market place which is just few streets away.
    * Use common transport facilities.
    * Can combine people towards same direction in a single car.

    With Best Wishes
    Rajagopal T.D

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    Water Conservation

    Dripping Faucet Why Save Water?
    Water Conservation Programs
    Conserving Water in the Home
    Conserving Water in the Yard

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    Judicious use of water for any work,Rain water harvesting are some of the two ways to conserve water.

    Fans'Lights and electrical gadgets should be switched off after use.These are some ways of conserving electricity

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