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    Paddy transplanter


    TNAU Paddy Transplanter
    1. Function : For transplanting mat type paddy seedlings. Suitable for all
    transplanted type paddy varieties.
    2. Specification :
    i. Type : Manually operated
    ii. Power requirement : One operator and one labour to transport mat
    iii. Overall dimensions : 1230 x 1250 x 835 mm
    iv. Weight : 17 kg
    v. Capacity : 0.25 ha / day
    3. General Information
    The machine consists of a seedling tray, forks, handle and skids. By pressing the handle, the forks pick-up the seedlings and plant them in 6 rows. For every stroke of the handle the seedling tray moves side wards for uniform picking of seedlings by the forks. The operator has to pull the machine while punching the handle at the desired spacing. The Row to row spacing is 200 mm.
    4. Cost of the unit : Rs. 5,000/-
    5. Salient features : Planting can be done in 6 rows at a time.

    Mechanization in crop establishment
    Paddy transplanters
    • Less labour intensive operation (Transplanting consumes 33 per cent of total labour required in rice production)
    • Helps in line transplanting
    • Easy weeding and intercultural operations

    Self-propelled paddy transplanter
    Developed and introduced in Japan and Korea. These are available in walking type as well as riding type models.

    Mat type seedling transplanter
    ? It consists of a reciprocating tray, ground wheel, flat, a planting unit and a small engine as a power unit.

    Plates 1: Paddy transplanter a) front view b) back view

    ? The seedlings in mat form are placed in an inclined aluminium tray and are fed by gravity to the planting fork.

    Plate 2: Paddy transplanter (side view)

    ? Mechanical feeders located at the lower end of the tray intermittently flick the seedling mat and cause it to slide down.
    ? A screw mechanism gradually moves the tray from side to side to ensure uniform quantity of seedlings to be picked up by the fingers.

    Plates 3: Mechanized Paddy Transplanting
    ? The riding type machines are generally of six rows while walking type of 2-4 rows is quite common.
    ? Their coverage is from 0.2 to 0.5 ha day-1 depending upon number of rows and skill of the operator.

    Plates4: Machine Planted paddy crop (Machine transplanted paddy video 1, 2 and 3)

    Efficiency of Paddy Transplanter
    Machine uses mat type seedlings and it can transplant 1.2-1.5 ha/day with the help of 5 persons by working at a speed of 1.1-1.5 km/h. It saves about 65% labour and 40% cost of operation as compared to manual transplanting. The cost of machine is Rs. 5,000/- The cost of operation is Rs. 2,000/ha as compared to Rs. 3,000/ha by traditional methods.
    In manual transplanting, you require about 8 people to cover an area of two acres per day. Here, you require just two people (a driver and helper to place the seedlings) and they can transplant one acre in just 70 minutes.
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    Farm Power and Machinery Department of PAU organized a field day today, highlighting the efficiency of paddy transplanter.

    Dr J.S. Kolar, member Punjab Farmers Commission, also spoke on the occasion. Hand informed that Punjab Farmers Commission have advised to promote these machines in view of escalated labour changes demanded by the migratory labour and enactment of legislation prohibiting early transplanting.

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