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    College raging

    is good for increasing self confidence?
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    well i don't agree with you .How come ragging is helpful in increasing our self confidence.It is the first thing that should be banned in colleges.A student is afraid to go to his new college because of ragging and seniors.I still remember that till the intermediate everybody is very very excited to go to their new college ,they were their special dresses and try to look special where as coming to the studies after intermediate student tried to go to the college in the most ugliest way so that no senior should come to him and if suppose he doesn't do that then the seniors rag him telling to come in formals with slippers , no belt, no formal shoes, no in shirt and many more. why is it like this why cant the seniors just try to make it an interaction . It's true that they do want to look that they are superior to them but this is not the right way o do so. Due to ragging many students have lost their lives.I just request all the seniors in their own colleges that please stop this arrogant ragging and start a interactive raging which would even help people to overcome their fear and even improve their communication skills.

    thank you.

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    No way. How can ragging lead to increase in self confidence? Imagine entering a new place all alone with no friends there. All of a sudden people start picking on you and ask you to do disgraceful things. Will that increase your self confidence?

    Ragging leads to HATE. That is the worst kind of feeling to have against anyone.

    On the other hand, imagine being all alone and a group of people come to you and be nice and have a nice chat with you. You will feel in place and feel good there. This will increase your confidence, won't it?

    If seniors want to interact with their juniors, they must speak to them in a nice way instead of just passing on the ragging culture. It maybe fun for the seniors at the moment but how will the junior feel. Don't they remember how they felt when they were on the receiving end?

    People who involve in ragging must be put in jail instead of just being suspended or expelled. An example needs to be set.


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    Ragging no way helps anyone to gain confidence.. A girl just passed her school went to college and she was made to do a nude parade ..How will this help to build the confidence??

    A boy was so badly beaten that he lost his eye sight, ..How will this help to build the confidence??

    It is utter nonsence and really bad that people still support ragging.. Only son of a family died due to excessive this justified?
    Everyone starts with a good intension but when the mood goest to its top, nobody knows what is happening.. the get involved so much in so called 'MASTI' that they forget the thin line between good and bad doing..they consume alcohol and in that mind situation they cross the barriar.

    I have also passed my graduation and many others too.tell me honestly do you think ragging any individual to such extent that the person commits sucide is good? Does it helps to increase self confidence..
    It just do one thing.. it creates a amount of fear to the person for the seniors who ragged him or her.. Juniors shows respect to those people from whom they got ragged...

    I personally really against ragging and would love to see people who rags others getting jailed or punishment..

    Varun Sharma

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    This is good for introduction kind of things but when taken another way it is the worst thing. New students are not aware of many things and may commit mistakes. They should get help from seniors and not punishment. Myself was victim of it in college days. My hand shows a black mark which is for the whole life now. One of My senior burnt My hand since I did not allow to fill water. Well, it was big issue then including police and all. But after 5-6 years too that mark is like that only. I hate ragging.

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    Raging is one of the most interesting part of the college life. Share your raging experience with me either how others ragged you or how you ragged others if both then you are most welcome.

    On my first day to college I was asked to propose a girl with a rose in the bus. I was totally shocked and even felt like world is rotating 10 times faster but no other option I have to, as she was doing her third year she understood my situation and got the rose from me. I felt very nervous but now whenever i think about that I'm just blushing and felt like that thing happened in the movie.


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    Raging should be banned in every college.

    Ajay Kumar
    Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematic, Delhi

    With Regards

    Ajay Kumar

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    Ragging is not at all self introduction it is called so to play safe. It's the way seniors enjoy to create nuisance, tease juniors and try to show their importance or superiority.

    Ragging can never be good in any situation. It creates fear in new joinees to enter the premises of their educational institute or any other place. It seems they are going to face some terrorist not their institute. Even management of institutes don't take action against them.

    You can find thousands of bad evidence on ragging. Many of the students have lost their lives because of this so called ragging. How can somebody say it is good.

    Even if somebody is doing simple ragging it will include abusive bad words and they will fun of you demoralizing you. For a extrovert it may be OK but for a shy and introvert person it will be heart breaking.

    Thanks to Indian government who has started taking action against those raggers.

    Ragging is an abuse to our society we have to free it from ragging.


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    Last year at the height of some very unpleasant ragging at my elite college in Delhi, I met a geriatric woman at an elite club, who began defending ragging. "Freshers and seniors get to know each other," she said. I wanted to tell her: “Ma'am, I want to know you better. Please take off your clothes.”

    Since then, I have discovered how ragging is so politically correct in our society — despite all the horror stories everyone's heard about ragging in hostels; despite all the suicides you've read about in the papers; despite the landmark Supreme Court judgement against ragging; despite anti-ragging laws in several states. Despite all this, nine in ten people around you tend to lecture you on how good ragging can be. Why?

    I see ragging simply as a systemised form of abuse and exploitation. The system is carefully drilled into the fresher's mind. He is told that he is to wear a certain uniform, address seniors as 'Sir', always bow down and wish them, and never, never ask questions. And the price of not obeying can range from ostracism, which is what I faced, to violent and/or sexual retribution.

    You will be told, ad nauseum, that 'ragging can be healthy within limits'. All such cliched, facetious arguments in favour of ragging talk about the extent of ragging. I have met people who even justify sexual abuse with the excuse that it makes you uninhibited about sexuality. (Sir, I want to live with my inhibitions, what's your problem?) And I have also met counsellors who have counselled victims of male rape in the name of ragging. But most defenders will tell you that as long as it's not sexual, it's acceptable, thus ignoring that sexual abuse is precisely what ragging is all about. In a society where sexual repression has been the norm, this is not surprising, but disturbing nevertheless.

    To me, the problem is not the extent but the idea of ragging: the idea that you must abuse and exploit me just because you joined this college a year or two before I did. I therefore have problems with even the mildest of ragging.

    "Mild ragging" would consist of singing and dancing, verbal insults, doing odd jobs and cleaning rooms. This is not what I had come to this college for, all the way from my sleepy small town. At the very least ragging is time-consuming, at the most it is stressful and traumatic.

    As such ragging cannot be explained in terms of incidents; hostel ragging aims at creating an environment of constant fear and intimidation for freshers, one in which every senior is his (or her) enemy. Mental rape would be an apt phrase to describe it. Even the harshest ragging begins with mildly, and often the ragger loses self-control, and does things that he never thought he could do. A fresher is ragged not once, and not by a single senior: he is ragged again and again, by the same senior and by other seniors and by their friends from outside college. He is ragged day and night, and more in the night, throughout the night. Just when he thinks the worst is over, comes another ragger whose name he does not know. This goes on for months with no respite.

    Sexual abuse is an inextricable part of ragging. Last year, the famous case of a police complaint against ragging at IIT Delhi was frontpage news. (Much worse ragging in small towns never gets reported.) What was the fresher made to do that he developed a phobia against ragging?

    According to the FIR, Prakash Rajpurohit was asked to strip, hold the genitals of other male students, enact a rape scene, and describe his parents conjugating.

    Later, a correspondent managed to talk to a 'senior' at IIT Delhi, despite the best efforts of the Institute to keep away journalists. This is what the senior' had to say in defence of ragging: "We get to know our seniors and learn a lot. We become bold and get exposed to the world."

    What's happening here? Why does one have to see the body of a junior to get to 'know' him?

    "Knowing" each other and such excuses are merely excuses for sadism. The ragger obviously has this great need to justify his acts, more to himself than to the outside world. And the "knowing" also means that your seniors will boycott you unless you allow them to abuse you, as I learnt the hard way.

    If ragging has to go, it has to be replaced with a new system that brings freshers into the college mainstream. The system of responsible seniors being appointed student 'guides' or 'counsellors' for freshers is the only one I know. It is successfully followed by western universities, and in India, only by IIT Kanpur.

    As part of an NGO's work against ragging, I am editing a website called, for which we have invited first-hand accounts of ragging. One heart-wrenching story about ragging in Motilal Nehru Regional Engineering College (MNREC), Allahabad (now called National Institute of Technology) in 1990, writes about how a session of "mass ragging" which involved beating freshers black and blue, prompted one fresher to escape by jumping from the window. He broke his neck and died subsequently, and the people responsible were merely expelled from the institution, without any punishment from law. The author, who wishes to remain anonymous, writes: "They must have joined some other college, finished graduation and must be working somewhere now. Maybe they are government officials, businessmen or private sector executives. The irony would be to find one of them in some police station as an SHO. I wonder if they still remember this... and if they will ever tell their wives and children about it."

    I realised that society is full of raggers. The ragger who asked a fresher to undress will never admit this to the world; he will merely defend the idea of ragging. It is the ragger's propaganda to justify his crime, that was speaking through that intellectual-sounding lady Imet at the club.

    Another great myth is that ragging leads to a closely knit hostel community. I found that ragging instead is a means of separating People Like Us from People Like Them. So you have ragging along the lines of caste and regionalism in several places. In Pune colleges, for instance, it is Mahrashtrians versus non-Mahrashtrians.

    Then you are told that ragging makes freshers strong. I told someone that I could not see how harassment would make me strong. "You call this harassment?" he said "In my boarding school a hockey stick was shoved down my arse. That's harassment. But it has now made me bold enough to take in ragging here in this college." But my friend hasn't really become 'bold'; he has merely become insensitive and numb. He feels no pain, and does not think twice before inflicting it.

    All these arguments become pointless when you realise that ragging is crime by law. And all I am asking the defenders of ragging is: Do you or do you not abide by the law of the land?

    It is important to realise that the ragger is also a victim of ragging: not only was he ragged in his first year, he was later co-opted in a system of abuse and exploitation, one that legitimizes violence and oppression, drug abuse and alcoholism, all as 'student life'.

    The ragger is not 'the other' for me. Now in my second year I could very well be a ragger. I have completely forgotten my trauma. My room is in a mess and it would be so convenient if I could get a first year to clean it. Free labour is always welcome. Those who enslave never feel guilty about it; they see it as their birthright. And besides I need some entertainment, I need someone to massage my ego. It would be so nice if I could have someone to whom I could do anything I want, without fear of retaliation, because I am a 'senior'. Instead I have taken to controlling ragging around me, and have thus made even more enemies, an even greater number of people have boycotted me. And I'm very proud of that.

    I am told that ragging can be fun. Yes, it can be — for the ragger. Just like Abu Ghraib was fun for the American soldiers in those pictures you saw. And you never saw pictures of similar abuse in India's college hostels, because no one took those pictures. Ragging hasnot doubt been slowly declining all over India after the SC order in 2001, but a lot still needs to be done. There still are colleges whose faculties personally think ragging is an acceptable practise, and are thus not doing anough to eliminate it from their institutions.

    But it is not enough that the law is after all catching up with ragging. We are looking at a sordid history of human rights abuse that has gone on for decades. Those who committed suicide are no longer there to tell their raggers how much fun ragging can be. We must fill that gap.

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    There's a lot of hue and cry on ragging over the years now. By and large, ragging is a happening crime still. To the extent, there is loss of lives beyond all the barbarian act. Not only at metro, but at all cities, all levels this culpable act is persisting and coolly carrying out all the damages to life and mind.

    There are instances where we are convinced with the percentage of ragging and simplicity involved and certain elements do escape over this justification. But as one of the dawn of our so called secular nation with all the republican protocols, I strongly oppose ragging and the persons and places indulging in this sort of cowardice should be severely booked. In fact, all wise countrymen should join hands to completely eradicate and washout the subject so that, the upcoming generation grows up with better visions for building a greater nation.

    At a study circle, everyone is student and there should not be a domination of any ego, money power, politics, groupism or any other sort of vandalism.

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