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    Do we need any changes in the present election system-Active GD

    Hi members,

    India is the second largest democratic nation in the world. It stood with a good image among the nations with a good system of democracy. We Indians are proud of its democratic form of government.

    But what is going on in our country? Among the candidates who contest the elections were full of criminals and even some of them are not educationally qualified. Many members are under the corruption charges. We can see the same leaders under different governments at the Center. It seems there is no retirement for the political leaders. Candidates were selected according the their cast and religion.

    Do we need any change? or continue like this way? members can discuss this topic and actively participate in this group discussion.
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    If there is anything wrong anywhere its we the common people-the so called Educated ones -who are to be blamed.we do not exercise our voting rights and what happens is that the votes that largely count are the ones of the populist community or the ones which are misled away by few rupees,few grains of rice and a bag full of promises which are never fulfilled.And the story is often repeated and we sit back and complain this government etc..etc...niether do we vote nor do we want to enter politics to make a change.
    We must be the change we want to bring about.that includes standing in the hot sun,rain come what may-exercise our rights to vote and use it wisely.
    Neither must we be corrupt and that includes not paying bribes to get things easily done nor must we encourage corruption.
    Rome wasnt built in a day.Neither can we totally eradicate the political menace in our country in a day.But we can take stepslike
    1)voting must be ensured by all voteable people.Take for instance the JAAGO RE campaign started to ensure people get themselves registered for voting list,how to get voter's id etc..
    2)De familialize politics-For decades politics is -in India a family business-One's father,mother pass it on like their proverbial has to stop so that the very root of corruption is abolished
    and more service oriented people enter politics and serve the nation.
    3)De criminalize politics-People with criminal background should be banned from contesting elections.
    4)people elected to offices should be more answerable to the funds being used/misused.
    5)People preaching caste creed politics should be banned from contesting.Onus should be on improving the economic status irrespective of caste creed.
    6)Women should be encouraged strongly to contest and elected as representitatives more than ever.
    7)Youngsters should be encouraged to enter politics and serve the nation.

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    Yes,definitely we need changes in the present elective system.

    * We need to have promotional campaigns to encourage youngsters to stand for elections, in much the same way as the Armed Forces call upon the youth to join their ranks.

    * There must be some kind of training course for those who wish to govern, along the lines of an MBA. The course should include learning modules that help the potential candidate to understand politics and how it should be used as a platform to improve the lot of the citizens. How to prevent and tackle corruption should be a major part of this course.

    * There should be a minimum and maximum age limit as well as educational qualification criteria for those standing for elections. Preferabley, only those in the age group of 25 and 50 and graduates should be allowed to become candidates.

    * Anybody with a past history of a police record, whether it is a fine for drinking while driving or a major crime, should be disbarred for life from being an election candidate.

    * Candidates who stand for elections should prove that they have done something worthwhile in their area for the general public as a testimonial that they will use funds in the future wisely once elected.

    * The Election Commisioner should have the final authority on deciding whether or not a candidate should be allowed to stand for elections. If, during elections, any candidate is caught in an act of corruption or crime, he / she should be heavily fined and totally disbarred from the elections. No second chance should be given.

    * Many senior citizens and physically challenged persons find it difficult to access voting booths due to the steep stairways. It should be mandatory to have all voting booths on the ground floor of the school or wherever the voting center is located. So may votes go waste due to the sad uncaring attitude of those organizing the voting system.

    ISC Forum Editor

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    yeah sure i agree with u... today we need youngster in politics!!! and need to change our democracy system i.e., not easy to participate in the election, candidate with minimum educational qualification, there should be fix retirement age for all candidate.

    thank u

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    Yes we need changes in our election system.

    First of all there should be a age limit of 60 as said by Mr.Narayana Murhty last day.There are certain rules which are applicable in every field.One such rule is "60" i.e. the age when a person has to withdraw his services from any organization.

    But this is not applicable to our leaders. A person who cannot walk properly,how will lead his country?The decision making is also poor in this age.

    There is one more point which is education.It should be made compulsory that only educated person are taking part in the election process.

    But now days, you see only uneducated gets selected by his power and criminal record.

    This ELection System really needs a change.

    With regards,

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    Yes, the present situation demands significant transformations in the present election system. In the present scenario we see that criminals, mafias and other miscreants in the society are given the freedom to fight the elections. A law should be enforced restricting such candidates from contesting elections.

    As my friend Prateek has said that the age criteria should be maximumum 60, for contesting the elections. I do not consider it a right move because to become veterans experience is required which subsequently requires time.Moreover the youth of the country should be given a better opportunity to enter the politics and there are many strong young leaders like Rahul Gandhi in whose hands country finds better future. So, what is actually required is the quality in political leaders who are really determined to work for the betterment of the nation. Election system should keep a keen eye in the selection of such leaders.

    Moreover I think that multi party system is also a major drawback. After the elections when the total distribution of the votes is seen the result is something like this :
    Congress- 39%
    NDA- 33%%
    So if we clearly look into the statistics, we find that the clear majority that is above 50% is not attained by any of the party. Thus in the real sense party with actual aim of 'Bahumat' is not achieved Here also a change is required.

    "By silence I conceal my imperfections and come to know others."

    Rohit Mian.

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    In my opinion, changes are essential for the present day election system. These changes have to be accepted by large number of people and it needs to move by vote or consensus. If we compare the Indian and American systems, the American system produces faster change whereas in India decisions are taken by consensus. Even if a small minority is against the change, it will not take place or be delayed. In America, such decisions are taken by vote and once taken are accepted by all.

    So as per my views, changes have to be done at the right time before the extreme situations would happen.Nothing will change until the useless and corrupt politicians running the government. A law should be made to penalize such politicians for their lies or scandals they commit.

    We also need changes in the following factors:
    Wasteful expenditure spent for the election
    inefficient bureaucracy
    weak economic policies
    communal divide and
    no majority for a single party & delay in decision making and so on.

    So our country is in need of heroic leaders who should fight for the poverty, illiteracy,corruption, social inequities and many other factors which harm our country.

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    Yes we need to divert the topic little bit.

    Now we can discuss a point, what if every person in the country performs his duty of giving VOTE then, there will be single party government and decisions can be taken more easily in that case?

    What you think?

    With regards,

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    Yes, there is a need for change in our democratic system.
    Definition itself has changed- 'democracy is of the politicians, by the politicians and for the politicians'.
    * Majority of candidates contesting this loksabha election have criminal background.
    * They are not well educated.
    * They have got tickets either on the basis of their cast or political dominance in a particular constituency.
    * Manifesto of parties are based on caste and creed.
    * A large number of citizen do not have voter ID Card.
    * People do not cast their vote due to security reasons.
    * In rural areas there is less awareness .
    In order to have fair poll, Election Commission Of India along with Government Of India should take some tough decisions.For speedy development of the country we need to have good political leaders.
    * There should be provision for 'negative voting'.
    * Candidates having any criminal record should not be allowed to contest election.
    * There should be certain educational eligibility criteria for contesting election.
    * Youths should be encouraged to contest election.
    * There should be some course dealing with politics on school level.
    * Awareness programs should be organized among general people to choose appropriate candidate, specially in rural areas.
    * Election Commission should display work done by every candidates, their political career.This information should reach every voter by means of media or TV or any possible means.

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    Yes we definitely need a change ,even after so many crores of rupees putting in it is not possible to change the very old nature of voting like taking money and selling our vote and in most cases we caste our vote for those who are in the same caste so it would be best if we doesn't consider the caste and also many people contest the election without any educational background and also it is really surprising to see the contestants having so much of money ,i really doubt as to what they will provide service for us as they devote most of their time for managing their own business,so all these needs to be changed and even we have to change.

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    What about the scandles and scams which these politicians do in the various sectors.Nobody is punished and gets a clean chit every time by CBI.Recemtly Jagdish Tytler who was accused in 1984 riots was given clean chit by CBI.

    So, these people notonly play with the citizens of the country but also with law and order.I think Supreme Court has to enforce more strict law where the case of politicians will be held by only judges of the court.

    With regards,

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    What I think that during the election time these cunning politicians try to superficially attract and gather the attention of the lower illiterate class to fetch more votes by making false promises and building castles of their future development. I think an eye should be kept on such shrewd leaders and the innocent poor citizens should be protected against such misleading politicians.

    Moreover, buying votes in lieu of hard cash is also in vogue these days. As we saw few months ago, when heavy cash was produced in the Lok Sabha by the BJP leaders blaming the UPA government trying to buy them fr few crores. This nothing but the things where the government, election system and other vigilance departments have to be alert, so that such mischiefs are averted and there is a fair play in the government.

    "By silence I conceal my imperfections and come to know others."

    Rohit Mian.

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    Hi Friends,
    I thing that there are many changes in current election system.These are followings :-

    1. There should be retirement of polticans after 60 age as in other goverment jobs because after 60 age, most people health is not good, they spend more time and money on their cureness.You see many examples in the past.

    2. Minimum qualification is defined to stand on election
    3. Criminal background people are not allowed.
    4. People should have special rights to suspend their leader before the time frame.
    5. Voting should also be online because many people donot give thier votes.
    6. More younger people should be encourage to contest election.
    7. Castwise selection is stopped.
    8. Candidates sholud advertise only on Tv, Radio, Newspaper not directly meet the people.
    9. Maximum Two or three parties are allowed because parties buy or sell candidates at high cost.
    10. There should be an option none in EVMs.
    11. Tickets are distributed on performance basis not on relation,cast wise.
    12. There should be medical and physical fitness test madanatary of candidates as in other in govt. job.
    13. There should be minimum eligibility mentioned.

    Thanks & regards.

    sushil kumar

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    We often see that in the states like Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir,the general public have always been under threat of being attacked by terrorists and others like naxalites during polling. So maximum percentage of the public avoid casting vote.The consequence is that there is no active participation of the people in elections and the government formed is not of their choice. So better protection facilities should be provided in such states at the time of polling, so that more and more citizens come out and show the power of their vote.

    Prior to elections, excess of money is wasted by the leaders contesting elections in canvassing, rallies and all. There should be cheap and an appropriate way of canvassing as well, so that the money spent here can be better utilised for the betterment of the public.

    "By silence I conceal my imperfections and come to know others."

    Rohit Mian.

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    Democracy is the soul of our country but there has to be some rules and regulation for that.
    For the Voter:
    1. But we have to put some effort to educate our people about the power of their vote. India lives in rural area (app 72.2% people are rural).
    2. We have to introduce some chapter in our primary education and educate to our coming generation about our social problem and how important is the vote.

    For the candidate

    1. Education: There should be some mandatory minimum qualification for the contestant for MP and MLA (at least Graduation), the person should be make a person with opened minded and he/She can think about society.
    2. We have to check the background of candidate (criminal).

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    Hi Friends
    I feel that our country really have to have a big change with regards to politics. Democracy, as the word suggests, it is enitirely based on, and for the citizens. But , we, as educated indians, should try and make a change in this issue, or we are going to face its consequences.

    I feel that the current politicians are just greedy and look for more and more ways to loot the country and of its people.When there is a stipulated retirement age for everything, why isnt it there for politics ?

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    Hello Members,

    Yes its Democracy in which we live, so you choose your leader and iis your responsibility to choose the right one.We say that criminals are selected but we only take them to that position.If we don't select them them the politics will be free of corruption.

    What you all say.Afterall only 18+ persons give the vote so its their duty to select the knowledgable and honest person.

    With regards,

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    Its not the issue of changing the election system actually it is to change the mentality of India " We the People".

    Democracy is for the people and by the people. Why we are forgetting the history it was we indians who were able to wash out the britishers rule. We know that the stage of 1940's was such that it was unbearable to any citizen of India and finally we stood together, the britishers realized that now even if they will try to push there rule they will not able to do This is the power of unity.

    Please try to understand that "UNITED WE STAND AND DIVIDED WE FALL"

    We must have heard this N number of times the above slogan still no actions from us. What are we waiting for??

    We always tell each other that " aam admi ko sub pata hai " if this is the case why can't we stand and at least try to initiate.

    15th loksabha election the most improtant for the young generation as now India contains majority of Youth. Just try to understand that if we know that who can work for us and who cannot please at least stand push your self to go to the voting centres and vote those who we think that he/she can really do some thing. The result will be the Leaders " THE CORRUPTED LEADERS " will come to know that if we will not work and just eat money it will not work and thus they will at least initiate from there side to atleast do some thing and if one of the corrupted leader started to work then the other will also start thinking that his position is in danger and he will also start to take initiative. He will start doing for what he has been voted for thus this will create a sense of compitition and finally there will come a time where these corrupted leaders mentality will change as they them selves will reallize that if a small initiative can bring so much of difference and bring smiles to millions why not to work for the people and earn money with respect rather than doing crime and eating money of the public which will only result in short term benefits to him/her but what he/she will get from public will ruin his/her life for ever.

    Please its my sincere effort to all please push your self and vote because it is the the matter of INDIA.

    "Jai Hind"

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    Yes, all the above discussions are acceptable and are right at there own places. We the educated ones who are writing articles, discussing things in forums, posting new resources etc are doing this in a wrong way. We are still doing this for money. Is there any single person here who has discussed without any greed over the points given to his debate. No, is the answer. They all come back to see there points how much they have earned by discussing here. No one is ready to go out there, face the scenarios and come out as a winner.

    India still needs atleast 15 years to change the current system, could be more rather. Putting up our points here doesn't make much difference to the system. But voting does, to the right and eligible candidate.Although they cant make much of a difference as they themselves are controlled be there so called high commands.

    so there should be a change from the root level, which will need generations together.


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    Dear Freinds,

    I have read the above reply,but i don't agree with it.It says we here for money,just to make points but in reality is that, is everyone getting money here?This is very bad.

    We are here to discuss present scenerio and not to point out this type of response.Yes i agree that some are here for making money but dont consider it in general.I have to say that changes dont need generations but a spark which is there in our young India.

    At last i would say don't be so negative and tink positively.

    With regards,

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    Hi Satish,

    The Site is India Study Channel. There theme is Share your knowledge with others as well as earn.

    Even if a person is trying to earn from this site i dont find any issues because i have tried many site for group discussions so that i can be well prepared for my interviews but i did not found any site as usefull as ISC because the other sites do not pay you and we do not get the content.

    In ISC at least due to competition people are stressing there brain as well as trying to search from internet to give more and more view this first help them to be updated with there general awareness, secondly help others to get the view point of each other.

    Please dont think negatively. I have not found such a great site.

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    Dear Jose Mathew and all the forum members,

    We are certainly in need of drastic changes to be made in our present election system.In fact, the topic we are discussing is one of the vital issue with which our entire country is dealing, right now. I would like to give my sincere thanks to the editor who has raised this topic and has allowed us to put forward, what really we think as a commoner. Because ultimately we the commoner are forming the country at large. So we have the full right to raise our voice. As the topics of our Group-Discussion is dealing with criminalization of politics, corruption eradication , educational requirement, retirement criteria , party shifters and politics based on cast and religion, which are of great importance. So I would like to suggest some measures to these as well.

    For me the first problem I would like to point out in our present democratic framework would be the increasing threat of CRIMINALIZATION OF POLITICS. The constitution of our country must be amended to prevent those with criminal records from being nominated to stand in any elections. As we know that the Hindutva of the some of the leaders with criminal background relies heavily on mayhem and arson, so does the secular nationalism of some white collar criminals. These criminals are also enjoying the reputation of using riots and violence as a means of winning over the vote banks. It is evident from the past that they were the criminals in our politics who were responsible for several massacres, just to consolidate their vote bank whereas anti-Muslim violence has been a regular feature since the day our democratic form of the government came into the existence. Thus, the candidates and their respective parties which are trying to legitimize the politics of hatred and bloodshed are needed to be banned with immediate effect.We should also consider the problem of growing number of parties at a national level.These small parties are also playing pivotal role in increasing criminalization in our politics,for their maximum gain policy. As per recent survey more than 200 serving MPs and 700 state legislatures have criminal cases registered against them. We can’t expect our country to prosper when we elect criminals to power and allow such people to decide on our behalf. As responsible voters it’s our duty to exercise our voting rights in the direction of de-criminalizing our political system. As far as Election Commission Of Indiais concern, I would like to suggest that don’t allow the candidates having criminal records to contest election otherwise display a brief history of each and every candidate to the masses through print and electronic media so that we could decide their fate.

    Now when it comes to ERADICATION OF CORRUPTION from our Indian Politics, I would like to attract the attention of forum members towards the Aritcle 105 of the constitution, which provides immunity to MPs from any legal action for any act done in discharge of their duties even if it is wrong. It is the high time for us to demand for the amendment of Article 105.Alongwith this Central Vigilance Commission must be made autonomous like Election Commission with C.B.I. coming under it.I hope that these steps along with proactive media will be enough to bring in accountability in our political leaders. According to the Transparency International’s Corruption Study 2005, India is one of the most corrupt countries in the world where Indian public pays Rs. 21068 crores annually in corruption. But the biggest irony in the last 60 years of Indian Independence was that hardly any election has been fought where removal of corruption from Indian governance has not been one of the issues in every political parties election manifesto. So why not the people elected to offices should be made answerable to funds being used or misused.We should also demand for the transparent voting process and for that we must consider the role of technology in our voting system apart from Electronic Voting Machine,like surveillance cameras at the poll booth and likes.The parties involved in booth capturing must be dealt with tough laws.The candidates who are found engage in the act of buying votes, need to be banned for the life time, so that it sends a good and healthy message to the people that our government is really acting hard to eradicate the corruption from our political system.Simultaneously it’s our duty as well, not to elect these money minded politicians for the sake of representing us in the parliament, the temple of democracy.

    As far as educational requirement of our politicians are concern I would like to contradict the notion of some of my forum members in this discussion. I don’t agree with the fact that there should be some minimum EDUCATION REQUIREMENT for being an Indian politician .I agree that India does have some standards for every post, even for being a peon you need to be class-X pass. So why not there is no minimum educational requirement for the politicians of our country. Well the other profession demand qualification to test competency, but the politics has a different requirement. According to my opinion we need people who can articulate party policies and views. I don’t think that a politician has to be educated but yes he/she must have natural qualities. We have had people who are educated but not in touch with reality on the ground. Politicians who hold office should be able to read, write, and appreciate policy issues. It should be left to the voters to decide who is or who is not qualified to hold public office.Infact there should be moral and ethical requirements and performance measures for them rather than graduation or educational qualifications. But I strongly recommend a RETIREMENT AGE of 60-65 years for our politicians, just to make the next generation of leadership more active, energetic, smart, dominating and dynamic. Let the responsible and intelligent younger generation takes the charge of our government.A potential candidate in the age group of 35-45 years of age become mature and responsible enough to take the charges of governance.As we know that according to Article84(b) minimum age of becoming a candidate for Lok Sabha election shall be 25 years. Similar provision exists for a candidate to the Legislative Assemblies as per Article 173 (b) of the Constitution.So after getting there in political arena for a decade or two,the candidates become capable enough to understand intricacies of the governance.It is evident from the younger leadership of many well known countries.They really perform better than their counter parts.Let us try to put our faith in the leadership of potential candidates with fresh blood. I hope it will certainly pay a rich dividend for us.

    We should also act strongly to oppose the leaders with the conservative mindset of CASTE AND CREED POLITICS, for the betterment of our social fabric. We the people of India are the great example of phrase ‘unity in diversity’, for the world at large. We can’t allow some mean minded politicians to ruin our heritage of brotherhood for the sake of their selfish vote bank policy. So in such case if we don’t have the option of electing a suitable candidate from the contesting ones, then I would like to suggest that the Election Commission must thinks of providing an option as NONE to the voters, in the Electronic Voting Machine. Just for the sake of power thirst and to improve their earning these leaders are willing to do anything. Even most of them don’t know the basic lesson of loyalty and use to shift parties to fulfill their personal gains. We can’t expect these kind of leaders to be accountable and responsible in parliament for our look out. It’s the biggest irony that in a country where 70% of population is earning in an average of Rs.20 per day and over 300 million are living below the poverty line, nearly half of the Rajya Sabha members and nearly one third of those from Lok Sabha are worth a crore and more. We must consider the root cause of this unusual earning by our leaders as well while casting our votes.Infact the numnber of voter turn out at the polling booth in many states are also not satisfactory,so the Election Commission of India,NGOs and the citizen of India themselves have a huge responsibility to take care of in the form of bringing awareness about the Election,among the masses. Thus I would like to sum up my discussion by mentioning that let our democracy be ‘By the people, Of the people and For the people’, in its true essence.It is really easy to criticize the system but what really does matter is to remove the problem by taking active part into the proceedings of the system.So please go and vote sensibly as a first step of improving our political system, and let our country be their in the first league of top notch ones.

    with regards,
    Sandeep Tiwari.

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    Hi friends! I am very happy to say that I am going to vote from this election since I have reached my eighteen this April. I would like to share my views on our present election system.

    We all know that “India is one of the largest democratic countries”. The words which cannot be defined well is love & democracy. The most apt definition of democracy is given by the former American President “Abraham Lincoln”.

    Democracy is the “government of the people, by the people, for the people”.

    The present election system is not advanced; it is still old-fashioned. Before going into the election system, we need some changes in the parties. We all know about the rapid growth of number of parties in India. We must restrict the number of parties. The minimum criteria to approve the party are listed here.

    1. The party should consists of 30% of educated people especially in the field of Law

    2. The leader of the party must be within the age of 30-50.

    3. Police Records must be checked in the name of the party and its main constituent members. If he had any past history of mischief, he must not allowed to contest in the election.

    4. The party’s registration must be renewed at least once a year.

    These minimum criteria must be checked and maintained by Election Commission of India

    Now we move into the changes we need in the present election system. The main change we have to bring in the election system is to eliminate the fake voters. Our election system is very much easy & useful to fake voters. We must make the election system very secure and the fake voters must be punished severely. I have two easy ways to eliminate the fake voters. But it is little expensive.

    1. We must video-tape the whole poll which is connected to the secure server in which the faces of voters are fed. We have to collect the latest photographs (six months before the election) of the voters.

    2. The second way is to integrate a secret bar-code with the Voter ID so that the fake IDs can be eliminated.

    3. The third way is to check the voters’ with their finger prints as in the big companies for the purpose of Attendance maintenance.

    We should update our address in case of moving from one place to another .Some people are having two Ration cards with different address. With this they are getting two Voter-ID for same person .This increase the fake voters. So we must have an eye on Ration Cards sine it is a basic proof for all main applications like passport, license, etc.

    Election Awareness Program

    The next thing to consider is the percentage of total votes. Only 65-70% of votes are registered. What about the remaining 30% people. We must bring the awareness about the election and the importance of the voters for the developing country. We have to conduct the “Election Awareness Program”. A separate wing should be maintained under the control of Election Commission of India in all Districts’ Headquarters.
    The caption for this wing is “Cent percent vote” and the main objective of this wing is to increase the total percentage of votes.

    “Make INDIA - A supreme power”

    Find any discrepancies and frauds in the election booths.
    Find the Chief secretary's numbers here

    Dedication has its reward one day

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    PM or CM should be direct election (i.e, citizens are supposed to select PM or CM).

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    My dear friend has pointed out that all are here for greed and points and none is actually ready to step ahead and play the role. Here I would like to say that earning money for your good contents and your intellect is not wrong. Moreover it creates a sense of competition among the fellow members and the result is members coming with beautiful ideas and solution to the problem. If you consider this a greed or something voracious, then working in public or private sector for money is also wrong. Rather then blaming others, individual refinement is required.

    Further I think that restrictions should be put on the freedom of forming innumerable parties by the various leaders. Moreover in order to stop the criminalization of the politics, leaders with police records should barred from contesting elections. There should be a proper qualification, previous social works of the leader should be thoroughly studied to make one efficient to contest elections.

    "By silence I conceal my imperfections and come to know others."

    Rohit Mian.

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    As every one knows India is the second largest constitutional democracy with a parliamentary system of government, and at the heart of the system is a commitment to hold regular, free and fair elections. These elections determine the composition of the government, the membership of the two houses of Parliament - Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, the state and union territory legislative assemblies, and the president and vice-president.

    But now a day what is happening here???Some one will be elected in our country mainly based on the backgrounds like do they have good criminal relationship, money power etc…are they really qualified ones? People are struggling to get a seat in the election why??? Once if they are elected are they really dedicated to our country???

    There are many qualified and well talented peoples too in our democracy. We should always remember and honour them. But there remains around 75% of the politicians who are corrupted and involved in many issues and they do have the worst relations with the criminals compared to the other people. People are struggling to get a seat in the election because once they do get a seat they are really safe financially in their rest of their life.

    Once the election comes only we will be able to see those leaders at our door offering any for a single vote. Once the election is over their promises too will fly away in the air together with the politicians. Thus we can say that our current political governance system is full of faults and has to be and need to be changed at the earliest.
    for this some effective measures need to be taken at the earliest and according to me those changes mainly includes the following..

    • Young talented persons need to be given a chance.

    • We know that there is a minimum age limit for casting our vote similarly maximum age limit should be enforced for the politicians.

    • Corrupted and criminal background politicians should be abolished at any cost .

    •Educational background together with the criminal background needs to be taken into consideration.

    • I suggest an alternative system of governance. The senior most administrative officer of the country should be the President, the next senior most be the Prime Minister. After them the next senior most officer in each ministry should be its minister. These people should govern the country. Each of these officers should retire at the age of 60, the vacancies being filled by a series of promotions. There should be no elections and no politicians and hence no dirty vote politics. The current system of election should thus be replaced by the system of selection. The experienced and capable administrative officers will be able to govern the country far more effectively and efficiently and as they will have no motive of vote politics, they will not hesitate in taking desired decisions in the interest of the nation

    Thus every people once selected should be fully dedicated to the country at any cost thus serving the people and making the saying democracy means “OF THE PEOPLE,BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE”worthful…

    I now conclude my discussion by saying that..
    politicians are the people who should protect our country as well as the people at any cost and they should never be a burden or make a fear for the people....and everyone in the world should be able to sleep without fear, at least for one night. Everyone should be able to eat to his fill, at least for one day. There should be at least one day when hospitals see no one admitted due to violence. By doing selfless service for at least one day, everyone should help the poor and needy.

  • #83224

    No need for any change in the cuurent election system.Need changes on our (people) thought.We are shouting against current system,but if we go to that field,then we also doing the same mistake.So think about our poor people and do anything favour to them.

    Sincere best wishes,
    Siraj CM


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