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    Causes and effects of school dropout - share your ideas.

    Hi Friends,

    In India our constitution guarantees free and compulsory education for the children up to an age of 14. But actually what is happening is there are thousands of dropouts in our education system. There are many programs by the governments to reduce the dropouts. But still the number is not reducing in rural areas.

    Members can discuss the various aspects of school dropouts, its causes and effects in detail as a response to this thread.
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    The first and the foremost thing that the government can do is that they have to inculcate the importance of Education in a person right from his/her childhood.

    The school students in the rural areas do not get to know as to why they are sent for being educated. They go to the school just for the sake of their parents who would thwart them off, otherwise.

    So right from their childhood they don't get to know about the necessity of quality education.Rather than blaming on the government, parents should take the necessary steps to make the kids know the importance of education.If the parents are uneducated, again its the duty of the government to preach them in this regard.


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    The reason for dropouts in govt.-run institutes is the bad management of these institutes. Funds are not properly utitised; properly qualified teachers are not appointed; if well-qualified teachers are appointed, they are badly paid, so they leave the job; poor teaching means poor attention on the part of the students, leading to dropout -in short, a vicious cycle. Unless there is a complete overhaul of the system, right from the roots, mass dropouts will continue, sad to say.

    We need young and dynamic people to begin the movemement of educating the vast number of illeterates, to convey to them the importance of learning - maybe something on the lines of jagore, that launched a mass movement to get people to vote.

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    Dear Jose Mathew,

    This is one of the most dreadful aspects of the practice of education in India. Because by way of dropping-out of the ongoing academics, the students just spoil their present and future and also inflict bleeding injuries to their families.

    In my view there are two causes for dropouts:

    • Because of poor facilities in rural areas

    • Because of rigid ambitions of parents

    Because of poor facilities in rural areas:

    I have seen the infrastructure in the rural Madhya Pradesh (MP). There are Shksha Karmies (Education Workers) rather than School Teachers. Shksha Karmies are paid Rs 3000/- pm (fixed amount).

    They have no school buildings and use any abandoned structure provided by the village heads.
    They have to follow orders of the village heads in addition to their departments.
    More than one class is accommodated in one classroom and attended by one Shksha Karmi.
    The staff has to make arrangements of the controversial added responsibility of ‘mid day meals’.
    There are cases of Shksha Karmies taking rest at their homes and appointing a proxy replacement for themselves for attending their duties in the schools by paying them daily-wages from their pockets

    Students are the most neglected entities in the schools and the result is that they fail in the examinations in class 5th and 8th (being the check points) that are conducted centrally by the state education board.

    There is rampant cast feeling and even untouchability practiced in rural schools by the students and staff belonging to the so called higher casts.

    Eventually the students belonging to the lower casts and from poor families usually find themselves losers in all the spheres and lose interest in studies and finally dropout from there studies,

    … To be continued later in my next posting on this thread…

    Harish Jharia
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    24 April 2009


    Harish Jharia

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    School drop out is a major problem in India . The main causes of this problem is that due to lack of education in rural area, Family conditions etc.

    Thanks & Regards
    Pawan Bahuguna

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    Pawan Bahuguna

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    Dear Jose Mathew,

    … Continued from my previous posting on this thread…

    Because of rigid ambitions of parents:

    With the passage of time we are becoming more and more ambitious. Earlier we felt pride in possessing a scooter and now is the time when people avoid buying a small car and go for a big sedan model with plenty of power controls, safety gadgets and GSM.

    Our thirst for luxuries is constantly increasing and so are our expectations from our offspring / children. We want them to become IAS, IPS, IT professionals, Engineers from IITs, MBAs from IIMs etc. We just forget to know as to what the child wants to be or whether the child has the aptitude and inclination towards our dream profession that we have expected form him / her.

    Just look around your acquaintances and you will find many boys and girls who were pressurized to go in a particular field for which they were not proficient. They appeared in PETs, JEEs, CATs etc where they failed.

    In such situations they take ‘drop. For one year, prepare again and appear in the same entrance tests in the following year. If they get through it is alright, lest, they will either take another ‘drop’ or just quit the arena and become another ‘dropout’ adding up to the big crowd of dropouts. .

    Harish Jharia
    “Do we have a child within us…?”
    24 April 2009


    Harish Jharia

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    Parents thinking about getting divorced, especially for the second or third time, should consider the impact of that decision on their children's schooling.

    If we look at the long-term impacts of household upheaval on academic success -- found children who experience changes to their family structure are much more likely to become high school dropouts than classmates whose parents stay together.

    The findings were particularly grim for children who live through three or more parental changes: divorce or death, remarriage or another divorce. Such children have just a 40-per-cent chance of completing their high school diplomas, a success rate half that of children with no family shakeup.

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    Hi Jose,

    This is really a serious problem in India. I think the major factors behind it are :

    * lacking of proper guidance
    * Family problems
    * Lack of Interest
    * Desire to earn money in early age
    * lacking of good instructors

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    Dear Jose,

    I think this is one of the biggest problem in INDIA.

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    Hi my friend Jose,
    It is time to have such creative discussions about this sort of problems which India face, even after her fifty Independence day celebrations.
    Majority of the children (even in Kerala - A state with highest literacy rate)in rural areas are unaware of the benefits of being educated. A large effort is to be taken to make each and every children and there parents too, aware of the need of education. Not only by the government, but the private agencies and social organizations could also play a major role as well, in uplifting the children's future.
    First of all there should be a massive effort to raise this problem before the governing authorities, not to get a large fund, but to get proper support and co-ordination.
    Different organizations can form various groups to penetrate in to the rural areas to give study classes, awareness programs and more over to have a feed back of the real life problems in which the parents are compelled to back off there children. Every problem will be different from the other and each one is to be closely examined.
    Main factor which I experienced is the poverty of those families who struggle to live there daily life. Essential commodities prices have reached such hikes that it has become impossible to lead a family life even for an average family.

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    well, Govt. also run mid day meal program to attract children but the quality of this food is really bad, bad than animal foods. Many news channel shows about mid day meal effect.

    Also, the teachers in rural and even in cities don't know how to deal with children, they give severe punishment to small children, they start beating small children, as a result some children left their school.

    Many of the schools doesn't have proper classes and lack of books and resources too.

    Well, our govt. spend so much many on these programs but the middle man and other corrupt officer just do their work, as a result small children and people suffer.

    I think we need to first improve our judicial and govt. machinery, then only everything will work fine.

    Have a good day!!



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    According to me, no matter how much importance we show about knowledge and education and leteracy the drop out will continue.

    The reason for that is we are concentrating on the branches and not the root cause. The imp thing is to find the root cause and then cut it.

    Also one more reason is the teachers or the faculties that make learning as complicated as boring as they can. So I can the entire system has to change and they have to take the blame.

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