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    Do women enjoy equal privilege in the society as men do?

    What do you think is the status of women in the country? Are they enjoying equal rights or is it still continuing to be a male-chauvinistic society?
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    Status of women is improving as well as deteriorating. In the class structure of India the status of upper class women has improved while that of working women and poor women has detiriorated.

    As such the situation is much better than 20 years back, with more freedom and safety compared to before. Also the women is educated about her rights. There are organizations like NCW to look after women affairs but is lacking much clout and pro activity.

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    I agree with you Rajeev. The poor get poorer and this coniditon is just worsening as days pass by. The government (politicians) seem to take no responsibility to enhance our country's status.

    But, on the contrary, don't you think that most women have come out of their shells, that is, they are no longer confined to the four wall of the house.They take initiative to compete with their counter-parts and try to be successful.I also feel that they are no longer dependent enitirely on their family/spouse.

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    I don't think so women in this century also has equal rights as men. It's more on papers than in reality world. Males have lot of ego if they see a women going above him his male ego gets hurt and he's not able to accept it specially in lower classes.

    Education has changed the outlook of society. Now males have started accepting women in many fields to compete with them. May be as days pass by and new generations comes in there may be equal status for men and women.


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    there is a general perception in todays modern society that men and women r equal.and modern values do accept it as a fact of life.there is a lot of talk on tv and newspaper where ppl say that women walk shoulder to shoulder with men and also surpassing them at times

    so i want to ask that if women r so strong and competitive why do they ask for reservations?whether in lok sabha,buses, railways etc.

    recently i visited delhi and travelled in metrothere on top of few seats it is written "leave them for women senior citizens etc."so if they r so proud of their abilities why dont they object to such things which try to give them an extr inch compared to their counterparts?

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    Women are turned to be financially independent which makes them to enjoy almost equal privileges to men.

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    I think women are given equal rights as that of men only in papers but in real world. the simple fact is the number of men in supreme positions to that of women shows they are very much backward.
    Inspite of giving equal rights and reservations too the benefits are not reaching he needy people.

    But when compared to few years back the situation got small changes the increasing number of girls in colleges and schools show a good sign of their role.
    in fact the female employees in MNC's and other companies is increasing which is a good to welcome.

    Apart from the reservations parents should encourage their children and have to treat both boys and girls equally.
    There are so many places still in INDIA where parents show a negative impression if they have girls. this has to be eradicated and they sholud know that both girls and boys are equal.

    Then the percentage of working women will be incresed and this automatically bring desired results.....

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    ofcourse YES. Why do we need to underate ourselves by posting such questions????


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    I think women are not getting correctly rights in the society as though they have rights.
    So many Mens are going to job and for study but women are less in getting job and parents will not send girl child to school for some reason and in home womens are beaten up by husband or family members and sexually harassment on them.
    Mens are majority in society but womens are minority in society.
    And also when parents came to know girl child is born they will get aborted before born .so by this steps womens population decreasing because womens still lag behind by men and they did not get correct rights and that rights are not followed correctly.
    Like in india womens are little has no rights.


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    It is true that womens are now a days empowered and they are found equal to mens in all the fields. Earlier there was a saying "Udyogam purusha lakshanam", which means job is a characteristic of a men and to be a bread winner. But now a days both womens and mens are together working hard with no bias.

    But yes in some of the occasional reasons like family decision making, status in society and in other aspects, women lags,. They are given preference but not to larger extent.

    Overall I feel this is more men dominated society than female. A men is given more prominence with it is considered with a women in may of the aspects.

    Best regards,

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    yes i agree with you but dont you think that it is been very less as compared to past now girls are aliowed to do whatever they want, they are given equal importance,have equal status in society.this is overall result because it vary from state to state.

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    yes i agree with you and also nowadays girls are getting allowed to get what they want. Now they are having the rights to get the things what boys are getting. But still there are many girls does not broke up their walls and come outside. Still this can be changed by literating the people. Both Boys and Girls should be treated equal in the community. There should be no discrimination. This can help the Woman to come outside the world. And enjoy their freedom which the world has given to her.


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    Although women has reached a considerable good status now - a - days but yet we need to look into many more regions who are still to touch this magic touch to make the men aware that women are also human beings ..some of our backward regions are still with the orthodox thoughts and backward enough to touch the progress and modernity of this changing world...India has still to go a long way most of our regions are still to develop and reach the urban areas and adopt the latest trends in their lives...

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    no thats absulutly wrong dont think like that ever

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