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    Disadvantages of cinema:

    Do you thing there are so many disadvantages of cinema?
    If So just you drop your answer here.
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    Today, there is a cinema in almost every town. The cinema provides so much entertainment that few people fail to visit it.
    It will entertain all the age peoples so its bacame popular.

    some films shows something about the activities and customs of the people in other lands by seeing this type of films we can able to know about different type of peoples different cultures but in some movies like faction and terror movies will give a bad influence on the peoples mindset. so from these films the peolpe are learing some of the bad things like how to kill etc. always cinema is a combination of good and bad. it up to thier hands whether they are making use of it or ther are spoiling thier life by seeing those

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    The cine field is also called as "Seller of Dreams".

    Today's Indian cinema is filled with lust rather than stories, all the stories are concentreated on love as a single line in the theme. The Heroins are used only for coloring the film with their glamour. If we ask them they say its not a glamor and blame that the public are liking this only.

    But instead of this we are also receiving good films that concentreate purely on stories and they had run for a platinum jubilee too.

    It is a stronger media it must be used for conveying many good messages and technologies to the public. Also it must take part in creating public awareness about the world environments and global warming too.

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    The influence that the cinema exerts on the minds of those who visit it is at once beneficial and harmful.
    It must be admitted, however, that some films have exerted an evil influence on many people.
    Films which show the activities of criminals have encouraged many youths to commit acts of crime.
    Other films, too, such as those dealing with sex and other natural weaknesses of man, have corrupted the morals of many people.
    As a result, the governments of many countries have been compelled to interfere in the display and production of certain films. Yet, the cinema continues to retain its popularity.

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    in cinema good and bad both are there. but now a days the people has addicted to bad movies only. if we see any of the recent release movies compared to the love or sentiment, family drama movies a faction or friction movie will become a blackbuster hit. so the producers or directors will definitely plan to make the faction or friction movies only. because there aim is to earn money. very rare people will be there those who will think about the people. so the people mentality has to change first.

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    too many movies today are filled with violence and sexual promiscuity, and this leads young people astray, making it look good to them. Also, it tends to present a fantasy world, and makes people watching wish for things to be like they see on the screen, instead of facing the real issues in their lives.

    rude people, movie too loud, uncomfortable chairs, cost of snacks, realize you spent your money on terrible movie you wouldn't even rent!

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    Hi All,

    Everything in this world is having positive as well as negative side. But as far as “Cinema” is concerned, it is depends on person. From cinema, you can learn good things as well as bad things. Most of the bad ideas are received from cinema by people. You might have heard many bad incidence are planned based on some movies.


    Ranvir Chauhan

    Ranvir Chauhan

    Life is a Gamble, full of positivity and negativity

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    Some films have exerted an evil influence on many people. Films which show the activities of criminals have encouraged many youths to commit acts of crime.

    Ajay Kumar
    Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematic, Delhi

    With Regards

    Ajay Kumar

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    Yes ofcourse.
    * Over exposure
    * No Logic
    * Double meaning dialogues
    * Worst Lyrics
    * Stupid screenplay

    Above all it is astonishing to hear that a gang used the technique of spraying chilly powder in the spot to confuse police dogs as in the film Gilli.

    Many youngsters have elloped watching Alaipayuthey and have struggled a lot.

    Guys smoke and drink just for the sake of their heroes.

    Girls behave stupidly imagining themselves as a herione.

    Also I can't understand why a guy does not improves in his academics as in Student No.1

    Anyway it all depends on the person who selects the cinema to watch.


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    It's up to individual if you watch movies just for entertainment then there is no advantage but if you start relating it with real world then there is problem.

    Cinema has advantage as well as disadvantage. It teaches lot of good things to children like not to lie and respect parents. It was shown in Bal Ganesha movie that if you lie god will not come to you. Bhootnath teaches to forgive and not to cheat. Wednesday movie has a very good moral about terrorism and terrorist.

    We have to restrict ourselves which movie to watch. I feel TV serials create more bad impact that cinemas. In cinemas lot of violence is shown which has bad impact on everybody. Love stories shown are encouraging youth and children to experiment on that. Many youth have committed suicide due to failure in love. They should realize for whom they are sacrificing their precious life a person who gives damn to you. Why don't they think about others who devote their life for them.

    There are lot of advantage and disadvantage. Try to take from good part of cinemas and avoid bad or wrong part.


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    The existence of so many cinemas reflects their popularity.Cinema leaves a great impact on the minds of many people,irrespective of age.Films showing criminal activities have caused much harm to many youths.Some youths have become criminals themselves after watching violent films.Some movies contains sexual materials,nudity and violence which harms the young minds of teenagers.But it cannot be denied that some films are educational and in many countries,educational authorities are trying to make the best use of cinema to spread knowledge and information.Take for example,our very own Slumdog Millionaire.It is only after watching this film that everyone, Indians as well as foreigners have seen the dark reality of slums in India and this film have inspired many rich and wealthy people to donate money for children living in slums.
    Often the advantages of cinema outweigh the disadvantages.Those who visit the cinema with the purpose of learning something good are sure to benefit from it.

    Amen Mary

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    In the past cinema was the cheapest and the gratest means of receration enjoyed by all no matter which class they belonged to. It was the most useful creation of Science.

    In the olden days it was the privilege of the upper class to go to the cinema and enjoy a film. But in the modern age cinema has a great role to play in the development of nations such as India. Cinema has its pros and cons.

    Today, cinema has influnced the youth deeply be it the way they dress, talk, walk, even their attitude and personality has been deeply affected. Instead of Indira Gandhi or Mother Teresa, their real self, Modern young man is indeed a product of cinema in a many ways.

    A film star is a hero in their in their day to day life. They imitate each other and everything of the heroes and heroines. Many criminals have confessed that they have commited sins due to the indlunce of cinema. Some adventurors ones make advances to the firls as the hero must have done in a movie and in the end they find themsleves in a pickle.

    They do not understand the diference between reel life and real life. The fiction shown on screen is taken to seriaously in reality. They do not know that cinema is a mere means of entertainment. Many people sacrifice their study at this altar called cinema. They say that by going to a moive they tune themsleves into a mood to study. But some melodies song or remark from the film or some scenes continue to haunt them. They beg, borrows or even steal at times to buy a ticket to see the movie. There are also some incidents where people start worshipping the heroes as their Gods and it becomes the aim of thier life to turn out to be like their role model.

    Their ambitions touch the summit which in real life cannot be reached. As it is rightly said "there is a lot of differance between real life and reel life" as a reuslt, they fail to understand and adjust themsleves with realiteis oflife and remain frustrated.

    Cinema also helps the youth to acquire knowldge about the evil happenings in the society like dowry, sati, child labour etc. By making them aware of these issues, cinema arouses their conscience agaonst these evils. The young people, as they do not have preconeived notions or hardened attitudes are made to think ill of all these evils.

    Films should be treated as a means of entertainment and a source of information. The only thing which the youth should become accustomed to is the truth that always "The Good trumphs over the evil"

    But it's only human that vices are easier to adopt than virtues.

    Arun Gavkar

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    Cinema though has become the means of amusement, but one must be aware of the fact that the the thing which seem to be good is arduous.
    Many films scripted on the theatre are very hazardous to the teen class. teen though are not aware of the fact of the ill effect, but the result are immense. Action ,drama, and many more set a certain frame of mind in youth ,which cant be cured. One of the cases could be seen in the super heroes cinematography. the heroic moves are immated by youth raking them to the edge of death. so certain limit should be imposed on the acts.

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