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    Lot of cash in ask experts feature

    Dear ISC members,

    I would like to bring this in to the attention of active ISC members. We are giving lot of cash credits in the Ask Experts section for qualified answers, in addition to the Google AdSense revenue sharing. I like to encourage all members to take advantage of this revenue.

    Some rules:

    1. All answers must strictly follow the guidelines and copied answers are never allowed.

    2. Cash credits depends on the quality of the answer and not length. Quality is determined by various factors including the relevance of the answer, value provided to ISC and asker by the answer, writing style, grammar, spelling etc.

    3. Cash credits can vary from Rs 0 to Rs 50 per answer.

    4. First few answers for each question may be given higher cash credits.

    5. If the same answer is repeated by more members in a different way/words, it may not receive any cash credits.

    Dr. Sanjeev and Harish Jharia are managing these sections. Please contact them directly if you have any questions.
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    Wow,Tony,2 payment programs announced in one day - fantastic news! Hope lots of members take advantage and start earning fast. Thanks a lot for the initiative.

    Forum Editor

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    Great Tony,
    i just try the ask experts section,
    then share you my experiance.
    have a great day.

    With Best Regards,

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    Thank you for this nice change this will bring attention of all members to this section and have more traffic to this section.
    Regards,Ranganathan Gold member of ISC

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    This is indeed a great news, and I am sure, lot more people who are experts in various fields will come forward and answer questions posted there.

    Great move Tony.

    Happy answering and happy earning friends.


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    Thanks Tony sir it is a very good step and also will increase some more active members

    Thanks & Regards

    Pawan Bahuguna

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    Hi, Mr.Tony Iam Very Happy To Hear This Announcement. Its A Great Opportunity To All Active Members. From This Active Members Can Earn More And Site Also Will Get More Unique Content.

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    • Hello Tony
    • Hello ISC Members,

    Thanks Tony for enhancing the cash credits for the contributors to the ‘Ask Expert’ section.

    With this elevation the ‘Ask Expert’ Section becomes another feature that will recognize and evaluate the answers from experts in a better and more effective way.

    I would advise the answerers to write their answers first on ‘MS Word’ in a proper way without making haste to post the same spontaneously. It would be easier for you to correct the spelling and grammar on ‘MS Word’ and edit your answer in an organized way. Once your answer is ready without any mistakes then copy / pastes the same on the thread in ‘Ask Expert’ section. You may follow the same for other sections of IndiaStudyChannel.

    Please do not post the same answer again on ISC features. Please also do not copy / paste texts from other sites. All such postings are considered as spams and copyright violations and will end up in deletion of your postings and loss of points and cash credits.

    Please go to this ISC link for information about “‘Ask Experts’ Qustions”


    Harish Jharia

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    Dear Tony,
    it is very good feature in ISC as many are turning out to be members only because of "Ask Experts". So they join and have never been disappointed after joining as they keep on looking for the other features and keep themselves busy in ISC.
    Greatest innovative idea from you.
    One Idea Can Change ISC.

    With regards,
    Ashis Dubey
    Editor - Forums & Resources

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    great program dude. We can earn as well as learn.
    Best Regards,

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    hi tony
    this is a marvellous initiative from your side to make the site reach to new levels of memberships.
    it also benefits us to ask and give answers to questions..

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