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    Regarding successor what will be the norm?

    Hi Members,

    India is the largest democratic nation in the world. We are proud of its culture and heritage. We had many great leaders in the past and they were succeeded by other great leaders, some times their daughter, son or wife were on that role. Some successors become successful than their formers, some failed miserably.

    Now it is the turn in Andhra Pradesh. When the great leader YSR died in a helicopter accident, there is a need for selecting a leader.

    Who will be the successor of YSR?

    What will be norms for selecting the successor?

    Members can discuss the topic and express your views as a response here.
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    Hi Jose,

    First of all what happened to politics of Andhra is very sad and I feel my grieves to a successful leader.

    This is the fact that there are so many factors which affect choosing successor. But in my thinking we should chose a leader which can lead the state to the developed side. They have to think about the state and about the nation.

    We should not do such elections by emotions as this harms ourselve.If we feel a daughter,son or wife is capable of bringing state towards developed then there should be no restriction. But the case is if he/she can do this task as effective as the ancestor was doing.

    One should think in the direction of people and their development.There are lots of problem in the country and off course in the state we can not neglect that. We should choose a right person so as to give state a great speed for its progress.

    Amit Siwach

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    Hi Jose,

    Regarding the successor of AP's CM its going to be a tough war Between Late CM's son and Chiranjeevi.

    Jaganmohan, 37, has emerged as the frontrunner to succeed his father YSR as the chief minister after the state cabinet presided over by K. Rosaiah, who was installed as acting chief minister Thursday, passed a resolution urging the Congress party's central leadership to let Jaganmohan take over the mantle.

    Listening to there everlasting wait for the so called Mega star of Telugu cinema chiranjeevi,or shall i call him with his original name which i don't remember any way, i wonder whether he himself remembers it, and i am also worried about the future of andhra which these filthy news channels are projecting to be in the hands of the man who chose his own name instead of the one that has been given by his parents just because it helps him become more popular.Anyway guys you don't worry about Andhra i don't think all those people who are now rallying behind chiranjeevi truly represent the andhra pradesh people as a whole.

    so my article clearly says that whome should be favoured.



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    It is true that the late CM's son is in the frontrunning for the post. However, his eligibility for the post is a moot point. Just because he is the heir in the family does not imply that he is the heir to the CM's post.

    As in any job, the successor to the late leader should be considered basd on qualification,experience and soft skills.
    * Education qulifications are definitely important. A good educationally literate person at the helm is needed to understand the economical situation of the State as also other aspects. After all, good Administration does require some kind of educational foundation.

    * The new CM, like the previous leader, must have good experience in the field on not just politics but experience in management. Does the successor have experience in leading / organizing a project at the grassroots level? It should be seen if he/she is capable of implementing and maintaining new projects, be it education, health, finance or anything else that will help in the overall growth of the State.

    * The late CM was a man of the masses, with great soft skills, such as the ability to comminicate directly with the people. He was an approachable leader to all. Can the new CM fulfil that role equally well?

    It is thus these factors and not popularity that should not be taken as the basis in selecting the successor to YSR.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Hello Friends,

    The topic of the GD is very current and really a matter to be discussed and sought out due to the sudden imbalance in the Andhra Pradesh politics. The time of 'Rajas' has gone now. We live in a democratic nation. It was then that the successor whether efficient or not was given the throne. It was however due to their power that general public had no interference. The situation is not the same now. Favouring or supporting anybody for the seat of CM just because he is the son of CM is totally an unintelligent thought that will adversely hamper the politics in Andhra Pradesh in future. It is the political experience, the qualification, the chauvinism to work for the betterment of the state that one should possess to acquire the most prestiged seat of the state.

    Features can be inherited from parents but the caliber and potential can never be. It is one's own efforts and endeavour that makes anybody efficient for a particular job. YSR had that potential and management skills of a CM that he was able to get such a public support. It is the experience what actually matters here. So keeping aside the view of CM's son, it is the experience, qualification, skills and political soundness of a person that is to be taken into account in electing the next CM.

    We can have example of Rahul Gandhi. Son of the youngest Prime Minister of India, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. He has entered into the politics. Due to strong political background he would have urged to become the Prime Minister in the 15th Lok Sabha elections, but he didn't. He knows that India still has a lot of experienced and veteran politicians who can run the Indian government far much better than him. In this span he is grooming himself as a politician and trying to be more into politics to get public support, working for betterment and making the youth awake. This is how a reputation as a political leader builds. These latent efforts will surely make him the most eligible candidate to become the prime Minister of India in the coming years.

    So, I strongly say that it is the political experience and qualifications of the candidate that should be taken into account in order to elect the next CM of Andhra Pradesh.

    "By silence I conceal my imperfections and come to know others."

    Rohit Mian.

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    Hi Jose!
    I convey my heart felt condolences to the family members of CM and to all the family members of the other officers.
    Actually what ever schemes are going on right now have been started by Late Dr.Raj Shekar Reddy. All these schemes are in progress with a commitment. So who ever will be the next CM has to take up these schemes and allow them to go on smoothly as they were going on till now. There is no common man in the villages who are not benefitted by Dr. Raj Shekar Reddy's schemes. I think a person who is going to be the next CM anyway will be an educated person, but apart from this, we need a person who is daring and bold enough to control the party and the ministers,who is a good decision maker,who can directly communicate directly to people and who can communicate with the central govt. Because our Ex-CM had all these qualities and he was completely and singly responsible for the victory of congress both in state and central. He was a one man army and every one else followed. A very great leader.
    Another important thing was that he was accepted by every individual person in the villages and in the cities. He is known for his love and care. The next person who ever is going to be the CM also should be able to get that love from the people, which is very difficult.
    I think Mr.Jagan can do all of this very efficiently not because he is Cm's Son but because he too has that love for people and he has respect for his father and his father's schemes. He can for sure see that the schemes reach out to the common man without any disturbance.


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    I don't quite agree that YSR's son will necessarily be the right person to take over. He may be having respect for his late father's schemes but it is another matter whether he will be able to manage them equally efficiently.

    As pointed out by Rohit, Rahul Gandhi took the right step in stepping back to gain more experience. Maturity in the field of politics is a must, and this is based on experience & proper grooming. I think YSR's son should take the same initiative like Rahul Gandhi and step back for the time being. One step back now could lead him forwards at a future date at the right time - when he is really ready to tackle the minefield of Indian politics.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    HI Friends,

    I agreed with points you mentioned about the qualification for the post.
    But here comes a very strong point of corruption.
    Did any one feel that they can control corruption and they has enough calibre not to bound with corruption spread in the politics?

    I hope no one in this country is spared from corruption. Everywhere corruption is the main point in government sector which only can be avoided if we have a leader which concentrate on corruption.
    I know its not easy to chose such person but we can find a young leader who even can think about this.
    Everyone here promises for development. Do you feel we are having enough pace of development as it should be. If we eliminate corruption from our politics then only we can go with the required pace.
    This can be done only if we have a young and educated generation to take effective part in our politics.
    Be wise while to choose a leader as this only effect our system. I dont know even much about politics and thought this was not my place to participate in this GD but my views are here not to disrespect any idea but to give my views to somehow redirect the points which can lead to choose and think f good leader.

    Amit Siwach

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    Very rightly said by Vandana that YSR's son should step back at this point of time and let the other experienced politicians of Andhra Pradesh take the command. Though there may be many people in Andhra Pradesh favouring YSR's son as the most eligible candidate, but it may be due to their love and respect for the great leader.Government cannot run on love and sympathy. When it comes to appoint the head, it is the general public whose welfare is kept into account. Looking at the grass root level of public problems, full fledge knowledge of the state and its culture forms the primary requisite that a CM requires. Battling in this arena of politics for several years, makes the politician aware of every minute thing and he gets to learn the thing called 'Rajneeti'. It comes by experience. So it is not the appropriate time for the YSR's son to take up the seat instead at this point of time he got learn all these things.

    At this point of time when the political scenario in Andhra Pradesh is in chaos kind of situation, where hundreds of admirers of YSR have committed suicides, its time to think from mind not from heart.The post should be given to the most eligible candidate who meets all the requisites required to become a CM.

    "By silence I conceal my imperfections and come to know others."

    Rohit Mian.

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    Rohit, I agree with your point that an experienced politician should be the CM for the state.
    The concern about the knowledge of politics is just not required. If a person is well worse with state and able to resolve problem and have enough calibre to deal with corruption in the state can be a deserving candidate.
    Your quote "Battling in this arena of politics for several years, makes the politician aware of every minute thing and he gets to learn the thing called 'Rajneeti'" is exactly true.
    If we don't give chance to young generation then from where they have experience.
    Still I bet there are lots of politician even who don't know their national song and does not deserve and still be a part of Indian politics. The past record for a large number of politicians belongs to crime. We can not sustain with such politician.

    To build our state and off course our nation we have to enforce our young generation in the politics which are well qualified and educated in the field of politics to deal with the situations like corruption and crime.

    Amit Siwach

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    Jagan is indeed the front-runner for the post of A.P.'s C.M.
    While making this extremely important choice,many aspects will have to be borne in mind.
    1.Whoever takes over the office should be in a position to efficiently run the umpteen number of schemes that Y.S.R. has started.For this,he/she must already be aware of all the details of every project;regarding it's objective,how much it has moved in that direction,what clauses need to be rectified or improvised, who the beneficiaries are,what are the budget constraints,when can we probably complete etc...
    2.He/she should be able to reach out to the masses who are currently hysterical about their leader's untimely demise and sober them down to accept him/her. For this,he/she should be a person who is popular among the people of the state of A.P.
    3.He/she should be able to hold the party together.In delicate situations like these,groupism is most likely to emerge,with each group pioneering for some person.So he/she should be someone who can convince,cajole and unite all party members.
    4.Another important aspect that the Congress high command in Delhi will consider is the leader's capability to lead the party to victory even in the 2014 elections.A.P., this year contributed 33 M.P.s to the cabinet and therefore the Centre may find it an obligation to give a ear to the popular sentiments in A.P.
    5.The most important will of-course be the educational background and the management capabilities of the candidate.Regarding experience,I think everyone is a first-timer at some point of time.So,the younger generation need not be ruled out.

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    I do completely agree with Vandana's Statement that CM' Son may be having respect for his late father's schemes but it is another matter whether he will be able to manage them equally efficiently.
    But Rohit too correctly says that CM's Son may be supported by AP citizaen to be the most eligible Candidate.
    Plotics is on the correct side by now.
    Congress has reportedly set up a three-member committee, including finance minister Pranab Mukherjee, AICC in charge of Andhra Pradesh affairs, M Veerappa Moily, and General Secretary Digvijay Singh, to help formulate the Andhra Pradesh succession plan.

    After the mourning period for YS Rajashekar Reddy is over, the committee will get to work. It will evaluate the situation in the state and then submit a report to the party president, Sonia Gandhi.

    After the week-long mourning which period ends on Thursday, Sep 10, the Congress Legislature Party is expected to meet and elect a a leader in place of the late YSR.

    This comes amid the opposition for considering YSR's son, YS Jaganmohan Reddy as the next CM, as he is too young.



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    In a way Amit is right when he says, "If we don't give chance to young generation then from where they have experience". It is like when a fresh graduate attends an interview and is informed that he/she cannot be selected due to lack of experience. How will that gradaute get experience if the oppurtunity to start itself is not given?

    However, neither being young nor being older can be criteria for being eligible to the CM's post. Eligibility for that post does definitely to some extent require basic experience in the wheeling-dealings of politics. Other factors on the resume should be: ability to stand up for what one believes in and willingness to right a wrong. If somebody in his party turns out to be doing some under-hand corrupt dealings, will the incumbent CM be willing to make him step down? Or will he try to cover up for a close aide, perhaps a family member or friend? Will personal principles be sacrificed over favouritism?
    Lots to think over...

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Yes, You even can see there are so many CMs in our country which even do not know Hindi and English even they are serving the nation but on what basis.

    The base is only they have their back with underworld and they are elected on the basis of that background.

    This is the world number one democratic country and even though their are so many points to discuss in the politics. We need such leaders which can stand against all the corruption and antisocial elements to furnish the country towards a developed nation.

    Recently I was listening to the news and found our ministers are staying on five star hotels in Delhi even though they have their government quarters. Isn't this a way of corruption? Using the public money for their own favours.

    If we have such ministers then country is not going upwards but this is really pathetic to say we are not having great ministers which can build up our nation.
    We even also think of our areas but no where stand against corrupt leaders.

    Amit Siwach

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    Hello Friends,
    If you go through the 'Hindu' newspaper of today you will find out a statement that it is just due to the outburst of the people's emotions towards their favourite CM YS Reddy that they want his son Jagmohan Reddy to be the next CM. They feel that he is the appropriate person who can work much better on his father's ideologies. Yes it is true but without political experience it will just be a blind shot.

    My fellow peer Sraddha has beautifully elaborated on the requisites that the future CM of Andhra Pradesh should possess. One should be aware of all the plans , projects undertaken by Reddy's government. Interaction with the general public of Andhra Pradesh is also very important and that can only be possible if one is into this field for a long time.Chief Minister should be one who can tactfully handle the various problems risen in the state presently after he takes over the seat.

    So, I personally feel and recommend qualification, political experience and cultural and social cognizance of Andhra Pradesh and the nation of the nominee should be the basic criteria to be selected as the next CM of Andhra Pradesh.

    "By silence I conceal my imperfections and come to know others."

    Rohit Mian.

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    Hi ISC,

    Befor i discuss or put my point of view infront of you on the New Successor Qualities for CM in Andhra I would like to give my hearty condolence to Mr.Raj Sekhar Reddy the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

    As we all know that there should be some basic norms that are to be fulfilled for being the First man in the State,but before making those qualities clear i would like to suggest the name sthat are in the list for next Chief Minister of Andhra.

    1.)Y S Jaganmohan Reddy, YSR's son

    -First time MP, inexperienced
    -Runs a controversial media business

    2.)S Jaipal Reddy

    -Union Urban Development Minister
    -Congress in AP known as 'Reddy' party
    -More experienced at the Centre than state


    -MoS, HRD
    -Daughter of N T Rama Rao
    -Recent entrant into Congress

    4.)D Srinivas

    -PCC President
    -Belongs to a backward class

    5.) K Rosaiah

    -Most Senior Leader in the state.
    -Knows the job very well as he was the interim chief minister.
    -Currently the Finance Minister of the State(Dr.Manmohan Singh,Prime Minister of India, was once the Finance Minister of India)

    Now according to the list al the candiadtes are having their weight in them but from this list the Congress Committee has to choose the right person for the post of CM in the state.

    A CM must be choosen on some of the following norms(CM NORMS):

    -directly attached to the people.
    -must have some experience in the same field.
    -should be able to take tough decisions in the welfare of people.
    -should make the state grow more than the age.
    -should be an diol in the eyes of the voters.
    -should have a non-criminal life span.
    -should be calm.
    -shuld be steady.
    -should have consistency in his work.
    -should fulfill his and his parties commitment within the lifetime decided.
    -should be educated enough to understand and see the future of each and every deal that he makes.

    and there are many more.

    So according to me all these qualities are in K Rosaiah and S Jaipal Reddy.

    This was my opinion on the norms and qualities for a CM for the state of Andhra,and speaking about YSR's son Mr.Jaganmohan Reddy,he's also capable but for the time being he should have some experience in him and should get some guidelines from the seniors leaders in the state.He should understand that being just a son to the CM who has done a lot in the favour of people doesnt mean that he'sthe most elligible person to succed him,rather he himself should take his step back from this issue and let the other members do tis job who are best at this.

    There is one more Super Candidate for the post of CM in Andhra that is Mr.Chandrababu Naidu,but since his party lost in the election so he can't be made CM of the state as the Congress party members will not allow this to happen but what Chandrababu Naidu has done for the state was just amazing.He has brought the IT(Information Technology)Revoolution which brought the state up and not only the state IT has also affected largely on the Indian Economy as well.

    Manish Jain

    QUOTE: To change the system you have to be in the system.

    Manish Jain

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    Hi all,
    First of all, before adding my comments on future CM, I would like to have a few words on the part Dr YS Rajashekar Reddy played in the politics of Andhra Pradesh and the reasons for his popularity.

    Present opposition leader Mr Nara chandra babu naidu brought lime light to Andhra Pradesh during his tenure. Cyber towers, Hy-tech city and many more are a huge hit in the state. Also he was successful in drawing the attention of big guys like Bill Clinton, Ex president of the US, Microsoft Ex CEO Bill Gates etc. He is responsible for attracting huge amounts of foreign exchange flow from world bank during his period. No single opposition party including the congress was capable of challenging him during his 9 year long period. But all of a sudden, every thing took a U turn when Dr YSR came in to action. If the congress was able to oust Chandra babu from power, that was solely by the efforts of YS.
    So what is the main reason for the downfall of Chandra babu?
    Focus on a single aspect. Though, he did great contribution to IT sector, a lot of criticism came from the middle level and the poor. The back bone of the state, agriculture was given low priority. Unfortunately weather also played its spoil sport.

    Rise of YSR
    His "YS pallebata" (march to villages) got unexpected results from public. His main point of interest is agriculture and thus exploited the weakness of chandra babu. Eventually, he became the CM of Andhra Pradesh. During his 5 year tenure, his major contribution includes development of agriculture sector. He addressed the basic needs of people rather than modernization.

    Now after his death the debate for the next CM is on. Though many leaders are directly or indirectly participating in the race, there are only two options before the congress at the center.
    1.Whether to choose an already experienced member
    2.Whether to choose Jagan mohan reddy, son of late YSR.
    This decision is not so easy to make. We too face this problem in every stage of our life. For example, which course to choose in our academics- an already established age old course or a newly emerging one; which paint to choose for your new house- a standard product or a new promising one; This decision is so important for the survival of congress at the center because of the fact that maximum members of parliament are elected from AP itself in recent elections.
    In case of experienced members, the state already has names like Jaipal reddy, D srinivas, Purandareswari devi, Rosaiah, the present intermediate CM etc. The problem here is, none of these act as a strong contender for the post of CM. All these names were also considered along with YSR during 2004 elections. Except YSR, none of them had people's support.
    Now coming to Jagan mohan reddy, the main issue is how long will this wave of his father's condolence continues. His name only surfaced after the death of his father and present members of the state are trying to cash the sympathy of the people. Dharnas, hunger strikes are carried out through out the state by his followers. Even though, YSR is known for his policies and reforms, can his son capable of retaining his name? If not, there is a good chance that the government may break apart mid term. I do not object Jagan as CM but I seriously doubt his capability of keeping the faith laid by the people on congress intact. At present there is a serious need for an experienced leader to allow the government to finish its full tenure. I feel Jaipal reddy is the right person now. He served congress for a long time and has the right blend of experience as well as people's support. If Jagan has all the skill set to become CM, let him participate actively in the state politics, support his father's plans until next elections. That is the right time to judge his capability. Let his actions speak for him and not his father's sympathy

    Diamond Member ISC

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    Hello Friends,

    A very good description about the political background of the various nominees for the post of CM has been given by Manish Jain. Jagan Reddy is just 36 years old and very young to this field. Moreover he is a first time MP from Kadapa. It is his stage of learning the concepts of politics and groom himself not the right time to take up the command. The authority and responsibility of a CM is not a small deal. It requires immense experience. It is not the appropriate time for him to carry forward the political legacy of his charismatic father YS Reddy. It is the time for him to make his foot strong in this arena. Mr. Jagan is yet very young and inexperienced and his proximity of some business interests does not inspire confidence as of now. He could well be a future leader but for now he needs to be counselled.

    I agree to Manish Jain that K. Rosaiah is the best choice for the next CM of Andhra Pradesh being the most senior and experienced leader of Andhra Pradesh at this point of time. He is acting as the interim CM in this critical situation.

    So far as I feel, a suitable incumbent should be found who evokes a widespread respect and has the right credentials of governance.That should be the basic norm for the next CM to be elected.

    "By silence I conceal my imperfections and come to know others."

    Rohit Mian.

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    Now thinking about successor of YSR, why do we have to consider his son to be his successor at all? Not only in case of YSR, but why do we consider sons and daughters to be their successor to throne just because he/she was son or daughter of so and so politician.
    We are finding a norm to a throne who will be running a states affairs. There are much more things that should be considered than the family background of the person nominated for the position. The person should be judged on his personality alone and what future can he give to the state.

    Many political parties allow a candidate to stand for elections just because he belongs to politician family, though the candidate does not have a good record. And still some people vote for them because they think that they owe to this politicians family or if the father was a good man so will be the son.
    India desperately needs a change in rule book where the conditions for candidates wanting to stand for elections are defined.


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    Hi everyone,
    Rohit did raise a good argument. Until now we can see that most of the responses opposed Jagan mohan reddy as CM but no single name surfaced from senior members of the state congress. I agree that manish jain gave a good list of candidates eligible for CM post. But I am afraid I can’t agree with Rosaiah being next CM. As you said Rosaiah is the senior most member of the state congress. In addition to that, let me mention some quick facts about Rosaiah, which makes him a good contender.
    Unquestionably he served almost 50 years in state politics. He also covered crucial posts like Roads and transport, Health and education, Home and Finance. He also enjoyed the number 2 position for a long time.
    2.Excellent as finance minister
    He has the credit of introducing state budget 13 times and 5 consecutive times, a feat no other minister performed in the history of Andhra pradesh.
    3.Uncontroversial leader
    4.Silent and down to earth

    Now the reasons why he can’t be CM are
    1.Lack of dynamism
    Though silence and humbleness are good qualities for any person, a politician is different. He needs dynamism. Even if some criticizes, he shouldn’t hesitate to take the right decision.
    2.Lack of peoples support
    Though he is a senior member, he was unable to catch peoples pulse. For this reason, he is mostly elected to the cabinet as an MLC candidate (An MLC candidate is indirectly elected and he has nothing to do with elections conducted by election commission) rather than through direct elections. He is included in to the cabinet only because of his wide knowledge in politics and his seniority. As vandana said, qualification and experience alone can’t make a member eligible for higher posts like CM. Soft skills and motivation skills are essential. Rosaiah lacks here.
    3.Lack of member’s support
    Majority of council of ministers are against him. Recently over 100 ministers met the prime minister and sonia Gandhi to raise their voice for Jagan. Also many members denied attending the first meeting led by Rosaiah as CM after YSR death. Only after KVP Ramachandra Rao’s (a close companion of YSR) persuasion, they agreed to attend.
    4.Poor poll results
    We can’t decide any result solely on the reports from polls. But they do give a little insight. If we check any polls conducted by newspapers, TV channels or any other electronic media, poll ratings are very low for Rosaiah ( less than 10%) compared to Jagan (above 60%).
    5.Jagan’s influence
    YSR wanted his son to enter politics. So he introduced YS Jagan mohan reddy. So he changed the pawns accordingly. Jagan became very close to all the ministers and he gathered large followers in a less time of 100 days since his entry in to politics. There are already hunger strikes through out the state. Also signatures are taken from public to support Jagan as CM by his followers. This influence will certainly effect the decision at the center to some extent.

    On account of all these factors, I agree that Rosaiah is a very capable member and has every right to be in number 2 spot. But he doesn’t have enough support either from the public or from his own ministers to lead the state. Jaipal reddy has comparatively same support as Rosaiah but he carried out crucial roles both at the state and the center. So he got an edge over him

    Diamond Member ISC

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    What Narendra says is true. While K.Rosaiah does seem to be an eligible candidate, poor poll results are likely to go against his selection. After all, good poll results is what a political party wants! If K.Rosaiah does not have a one-on-one connection with the masses, the party will willy-nilly dismiss his candidature. The party will obviously want to maintain its hold on the State's votebanks.

    Sad, but true, that poll results could be the top reason for rejecting his name for the CM's post. They care two hoots for his simplicity,modesty and experience - they want results during elections, and that's it.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Hello Friends,

    Very well explained the good and bad points about K. Rosaiah by my fellow peer Narendra. Good job. I agree to his views. I feel that expertise in one thing and lacking in the other is not a strange thing, it is a human nature. If we try to put forth the political qualities and weaknesses they are many and with all the contenders for the post of Andhra Pradesh CM. The idea is not to chose the perfect which is not possible but to chose the best among the contenders an one who can very well manage the so called Andhra Pradesh 'Sarkar' a this juncture. The situation in Andhra Pradesh requires such a CM at this point of time who can very well roll up all the chaos. If we start making comparison then I think Jagmohan Reddy leaves far behind in may skills as compared to Rosaiah. Above all K. Rosaiah is one of the noncontroversial leaders of AP.

    Though Jagmohan Reddy is a youth repersentative of Andhra pradesh. Being the son of YSR he possesses a good public support. But he is new to this field as he is the first time MP from Kadapa. Lack of experience and seniority matters a lot.

    I think filtering all these negatives and positives about all the contenders will surely provide us with a most eligible CM for Andhra Pradesh.

    "By silence I conceal my imperfections and come to know others."

    Rohit Mian.

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    Hello Friend,

    This is the burning topic in the politics of Andhra Pradesh and all the prospective candidates are making their best efforts to make it to the throne of the CM.

    When we look at the politics and specially that of Congress we see an hierarchical succession of the throne whether it be that of Late Indira Gandhi. we all know that even at that time Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi was chosen as her successor because of the family name and background even with out experience. In the congress at that time and now we see that they are like sheep following the shepherd and once the shepherd is missing they feel helpless and go hay way. We have seen many contenders at that time and now in case of Late YSR. since the party high command do not want to break up the party they will go by the popular view that their son or daughter is the right person for the chair.

    In fact what i have seen and understood is that even the senior party leaders who are sure that they would not get the chair try and oppose other contenders and support a neutral person like Rajiv Gandi at that time and now Jagan Mohan Reddy. Internally there is no unity among the senior leaders.

    When we come to the case of Andhra Pradesh we see that over the last five plus years YS Rajashekar Reddy was the face of congress in the state and also at the center for Andhra Pradesh and has run the party single handed. Every decision was taken by his approval. he was like a king without the crown. He took hold of the party and what he says is yes and final. When we come to the recently concluded elections most of the MLAs/MLCs and MPs are loyalists of Mr YSR and also we know that most of them are backed by Mr. Jagan Mohan Reddy and they are very loyal to him.

    Once this mishap unfortunately happened they were left like sheep without shepherd and started feeling insecure. we see from the appointment of the cabinet that Mr. YSR has chosen the wife of his friend to be the Home Minister because whe was loyal to him and in the party we see there are many leaders who are capable and who have held ministries before but none were given but to a new MLA. from this we understand how the affairs of the party was. even the high command did not object.

    As soon as the news spread we read from the papers that all the 22 MPs out of 35 or so made a memorandum and submitted to the party in Delhi favoring that Mr. Jagan Mohan reddy should succeed his father and he is capable even though he is a first time MP and new to politics. He came to limelight during the last elections and taking his fathers name and all the schemes his father has done.

    When we look at the status of the MLAs and MLCs already around 122 MLAs submitted a memorandum and the MLCs also joined and written to Sonia Gandhi. The party cadre at different places in the state started dharna to support Mr jagan and even many MLAs approached Mr .Chirenjeevi President of Praja Rajam Party for his support to elect Mr Jagan. Different members started approaching different parties to seek support.

    In the mean time Jagan appeared in the media and in the news paper saying that Ms Sonia Gandhi understands the sentiments of the party and the cadre and the members of the party and also of the public opinion and says that she will give respect to the peoples verdict.

    Interestingly we see that an independent agency which carried out survey during the last elections and the results were 100% correct also carried out a survey for the next CM and Mr Jagan got 61% while the current CM Roisaiah got 12% and union Minister Jaipal reddy got 8 %.

    The people are going by sentiments but at this time we want a leader who can effectively run the party and the state and carry out the schemes which are left behind.

    since i am from Andhra Pradesh the people want Mr. jagan as CM but we have other contenders like D Srininvas, rosiaiah and others.

    Time will decide because only after the lament days the party high command will decide and lets see what it will do and i am sure that they will make Mr. Jagan as the next CM to save the party from dividing and also to gain the favor of the people and prepare for the next elections.

    Also one interesting thing which will decide whether the people will sympathies and vote or vote for development is the by election of tekili in Vijayanagaram dist which went yesterday.

    Kiran Paul

  • #106073
    Hi all,
    Kiran gave a nice description about the present scenario. Yes, it is a fact that Jagan has been influencing the state politics since recent past. Also, he has got a lot of followers both in the cabinet and in youth. Every thing at present is in favor of him. But, the only point of my disagreement is, we can't be so certain that Jagan will be the next CM.I want to add some more points here.

    The main thing to be considered here is how long can Jagan continue this wave of sympathy. Including today, only ten days went past. So now,certainly Jagan force will have a better voice over others. Also to note is, he is the owner of Sakshi TV and news paper. These electronic media will also popularize his name. But as time passes, all the hue and cry will gradually fade away. The more time high command takes to decide, the less chances Jagan get. So he will concentrate on the proverb-"Make hay while the sun shines". Knowing this fact, senior members are cleverly keeping silent. They are now saying that center is the ultimate decision maker. But I am sure that as time progresses, they too will raise their voice against him. Many senior members are eagerly waiting for CM post. I don't feel they simply give way to Jagan.

    Second thing to note is, every successful leader wants his son to replace him after his tenure. YSR did the same thing by introducing Jagan in to politics. But, we can't compare Sonia-Rahul relation with YSR-Jagan. Why? Because sonia gandhi is the head of entire congress. So obviously she wants Rahul to be the next head. But she has to be careful applying the same formula in her ruling states like AP. Even though YSR is a great leader, if she feels that Jagan is incapable of leading the state, she has to pick other one. Hasn't she? Ignoring this, if she takes the hierarchy in to account, she might loose command over AP.

    So we can't firmly say that Jagan is the obvious choice for CM post. If we are so certain, then why this discussion?
    And yes I too support that present election at Tekkali will give us a better clue.

    Diamond Member ISC

  • #106115
    Hi all

    Narendra gave a good description as to what would happen as the time passes by but we need to remember in the case of AP Politics the congress do have lot of senior leaders who wanted to become the next CM and even during the previous elections also they tried to get their way but could not over take YSR.

    In the last concluded elections YSR made Jagan to enter active politics as an MP to give him some exposure but since he was also heading the AP youth Congress he had a great following over the past few years and he has established himself.

    Now since every thing happened suddenly when nobody expected then it depends on each individual who is wanting to become the next CM to prove their capabilities to the High Command and Jagan is the front runner in this race because we here from the media that the very evening of the crash MPs delegation met the members of High Command and gave their approval of Jagan as the next CM and these were followed in the state.

    Since every MLA/MP/MLC wanted to retain their positions they are doing their best putting behind every thing what had happened in the past few days. Its funny to see that most of the ministers in the cabinet of rosiaiah the present CM wanted Jagan as the CM.

    Sonia Gandhi is having detailed discussions with high command and other senior leaders and are talking about the next CM and this is a very difficult task for her and she is capable of handling the issue because we have seen that in the center and in some state elections the way she worked.

    It is a question for every one till the decision is taken whether she will go by the popularistic view or by the guidelines of the party.

    It is clearly seen from the public in the state that they wanted a young and dynamic leader. you can also see from some senior leaders who are in the race for the CM but are in a feeling that whether they can put all together and rule the state.

    Lets all wait and see what happens.


    Kiran Paul

  • #106118
    Well, There are lots of leaders who are running for the race of Chief Minister in Andhra politics.

    All of them already depicted in above posts. Even though we name them because of their long political background. But there is a big youth generation which is always left behind because they dont have much experience in the politics and this only happens as they are not given chance to prove themselves. As the time came to be a part of Indian politics they all come in the same age as our leaders are. Don't anyone think this bad for Indian politics not to give chance to youth leaders and even to give them a chance to prove their abilities they carry to develop the nation.

    There is a large difference in thinking of a leader when it comes to age. Our old age leaders has their old ideas and they only sit in the rooms to sign their assignments. Moreover if we think the way our public supports them is also seems bad. They just go behind the name. There is a large number of people who even dont know what politics is and how it imparts to develop our nation. They just go for casting vote as their senior in the family said without knowing the fact and profile of the leader. This is not good. We have to make such politicians which have their qualification and crime free records and this should be shown to public everytime we have elections. Only then one can guide which is good and which is bad.

    For the successor of YSR there are a huge number of politicians who wish to be CM. Even every politician enters into politics to sharpen their career but we have not to influenced by the name but the work the politician has done for his area.
    There are only two major parties for Andhra state TDP and INC. We have not much choice in the party choose great leader. Even congress committee has set a panel to choose the next CM and I hope we will be able to find the best suited CM for the state.
    Jagan is very strong candidate indeed and has influenced the public very well.

    Hope congress panel should do a good job for the people of Andhra.

    Amit Siwach

  • #106152
    I did not say that Jagan will only be the CM. I only mentioned points from jagan's side. But why should not youth be given a chance? Jagan has seen politics since many years through his father. He has the capability of understanding things and dealing with different people. No one gets experience unless given a chance. It is 100 % true that he cannot run the government on sympathy. I think people are not asking for Jagan out of sympathy but for the continuation of schemes which have benefitted every individual person in the villages and many students who are right now pursuing there studies. There are students in our college who joined MCA only after Rajshekar Reddy became CM and he approved for the students money. I mean those students are very poor that they cannot afford money and they waited till Raj Shekar Reddy announced and released funds for students.I think the future of congress is not in the point of who is going to become CM but who is going to run the state successfully and who is going to help them and continue with Raj shekar reddy's schemes.


  • #106174

    Hi shanti,
    yes, every thing you said about YSR is true. It is an open secret that congress was able to break the shackles in AP only because of the reforms and policies implemented by YSR. Also I completely agree with you that youth should be given chance in politics. But I don't think Jagan has enough exposure in state politics. Roughly his political entry is only 100 days old. Also he was elected as an MP recently. People haven't experienced much about his capabilities. Though everyone agrees that youth should play a crucial role in politics, the younger generation need a good platform and experience to nurture their skills. Let me ask you a question. What is the minimum age of any person eligible for VVIP posts like say CM,PM,the Governor or the President? Asked otherwise, why do government maintains a higher age limit for highest posts and comparatively low age limit for normal ones? The reason is Experience. Some other examples to support my argument are:
    1. As soon as students finish their graduation, why do companies give training and maintain a probation period? why because knowledge is different and experience or implementing the knowledge is different. Isn't it?

    2. Another familiar example is there are many eligibility criteria for the post of editor in ISC.He/she should have extensive knowledge on the working of ISC, should post many self written content etc. On this basis, can a bronze level member with excellent knowledge in web designing eligible for editor position? NO.why? He hasn't got enough experience with this particular site.

    All these give a note on one thing- a person need both ability and experience to excel in any field and especially in politics.
    I am particularly impressed with your last sentence and I completely agree with you. It doesn't matter who the next CM is. The only thing that mattes is whether he is going to continue the policies implemented by YSR or not.

    Diamond Member ISC

  • #106176
    We need a leader which can execute policies and implement them in effective manner to develop the state. True.
    Is a CM who has white hairs only has experience for the post not that person who has ability to perform well and not aged much.

    We can not rule out the history of politics when leaders who were young and doing well for the country were killed in various terrorist activities. Isn't this true we lost leaders like Sanjay Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi because of this politics only and many more young leaders who have performed well. The Andhra CM is also in the same category. Have anyone noticed why this happen only in politics?
    This happens because one need only the chair and thinks only for himself and no one care for the people of the country. For the sake of little selflessness our politician plays a very vital role in such cases and become leaders only passing sympathy to them. Is not this True?

    Experience matters when you have calibre if you dont have calibre to perform then what is there in experience? There are a chunk of leaders who are corrupt and corrupting the politics. We just want leaders to perform only for this country whoever be the leader.

    Amit Siwach

  • #106181
    No one can take YSR Place,Known as a man of the masses due to his populist measures like loan waivers and free power for farmers, YSR was equally popular with
    trade and industry leaders of the state. The death of the development-focussed CM has left them in a state of shock.

    Terming YSR Reddy as a man who could blend vision with action, founder chairman of pharma giant Dr Reddy's Laboratories Dr Anji Reddy said: "YSR never failed to amaze me with his humility and simplicity. When I visited him at his office recently, he treated me with great respect like I was an elder in his family. He will be missed not just by me but the entire country for a long time.''

    Kris Gopalakrishnan, CEO and managing director of Infosys, which has its campus in Hyderabad, said: "We have had the privilege of working with him closely and will always remember him as a great visionary, an inspirational leader and above all an extraordinary human being. He will be dearly missed by all.''

    Describing YSR as an extraordinary and gutsy leader, infrastructure major IVRCL's vice-chairman and managing director E Sudheer Reddy said the people of Andhra Pradesh would reap the benefits of his vision and thrust on infrastructure development, especially in rural areas, for years to come.

    "Instead of a piecemeal approach to infrastructure development, he had the ability to see the big picture. There is not a single infrastructure firm in the country that is not involved in a project in the state,'' Reddy said.

    Reminiscing several interactions with YSR, Wipro's vice-president and Hyderabad centre head B Krishnamurthy described him as a dynamic, accessible and industry-friendly leader, who held the state's development closest to his heart. "He was industry friendly in general and supportive of IT and ITeS industries in particular. With his vision and actions, he was taking Andhra to progressive growth,'' Krishnamurthy said.

    Describing the CM as a champion of industry and common man alike, DRL vice-chairman and CEO GV Prasad said: "The state and the people of Andhra Pradesh have lost a great leader and a visionary who was striving to make the state amongst the best in the country. His leadership will be missed.''

    Remembering YSR as an industry-friendly CM, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)'s AP council chairman Y Harish Chandra Prasad said: "During his tenure as CM, the state made remarkable achievements in industrial development, which even the recent World Bank report had acknowledged when it described Andhra Pradesh as one of the best states for doing business.''

    Federation of Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FAPCCI) senior vice president Shekhar Agarwal said YSR's untimely departure had not just left a big vacuum in the political landscape of the state, but also put a question mark on stability. Though more inclined to social and rural development, he was very supportive of and accessible to industry. "When he came back to power with a thumping majority, we were happy as stability is good for business. But now there is no leader of his stature to replace him,'' Agarwal said.

    Rgds & love,
    Bharti member

  • #106483
    Hi Everyone,

    I here talk on various things, in general and just not stick To Andhra Pradesh.

    It’s a known fact that India is the largest democracy in the world. Democracy, as defined by the Constitution is “by the people, of the people, for the people”. How many of us actually feel it to be right? Especially during the present times, when the negative vibes and corruption are spreading like a pandemic, democracy must be redefines as:
    BUY the people (for votes during elections)
    OFF the people (after coming into power, who cares)
    FOUR the people (minister and his family)

    Another important subject is the successor issue. Political parties seem to have become a family property. Congress, DMK, NC are all examples. Now, the same issue has struck A.P. A major section of Congress are in support of Jaganmohan Reddy to be the next C.M. Jagan is only a first-time M.P. with only 100 odd days in office. What is the logic behind this? Perhaps, party workers think son of a great leader has all the qualities of his father. Now, coming into the topic of successor norms, there are several things that a leader must fulfill to be the people’s minister. In my view here are a few points that must be looked upon while selecting the CM.

    1. Education

    I often wonder why politicians don’t require educational background when all other posts require such qualifications. There must be transparency for all posts. If this goes on, anyone unemployed can go into politics and make a living. There are many CMs who don’t even know to speak English. How will they take the state forward in the path of development? It doesn’t make a good sense.

    What do you all feel about some exam for the politicians? Indian Public Service Commission (IPSC) exam! It is necessary that one must know about the country and the state he is running. Many undeserving candidates would certainly fail. It would importantly remove criminals out of the picture. I wonder how come criminals become MPs, MLAs, that too, to serve the people. It is absolutely illogical.

    Y.S.Rajasekara Reddy was a great exponent in this case. He was a doctor - a social servant. He can well understand what it means to serve the masses.

    2. Experience

    The person running for the post must be experienced. He must have represented people for 1-2 terms, just to see how things happen, to handle various situations. This just serves as a build-up programme.

    Well, I’ve been disappointed that Rahul Gandhi has not taken any ministry citing experience. He is from a political background and has earlier been an MP as well. He is tipped to succeed Sonia Gandhi and a future P.M. He should have taken a minister. Whatsoever, there are several young MPs in this UPA government like Sachin Pilot, Jyotiradhitya Scindya, Agatha Sangma etc. All of them come from a political family are a future leaders and CMs.

    3. People’s man

    The person must be a true representative of the people. Once into power, he must not forget the people who brought him into that post. He must always look into the problems of the people. His sole aim must be to serve the people.

    He must put interest of the people ahead of anything else. He must not think of anything of his interest or things that threaten his position by opposition. He must always be there for the people.

    He must interact with the people on a regular basis. Just framing the policies in an AC room and implementing it will not serve the purpose. He must see everything first-hand and must always be there in the thick of all the things. He must spent time with the people, have talks on the policies, take into account their views and suggestions and then rework on those policies accordingly.

    4. Must be brave

    He must be really brave while taking decisions. He must not bow down under pressure, when the chips are down. Face the crunch situations. Experience definitely counts here. While CM’s post is a big one, there are several challenges that come up along with it. There may be instances when others try to jeopardize and shorten tenure. Just do not give up to those people. After all, serving people is not a cake-walk, it is a tough task.

    5. Carry forward development

    He must take forward the state towards development. He must see to it that investments are put on the state, without discomforting the people. This would bring more job opportunities; open up various other prospects of development. And hence bring prosperity to his state.

    He must also bring on various social reforms. Just don’t carry forward the old practices but bring about some changes that would prosper the state and the people to a greater extent. For example, take Union HRD minister, Kapil Sibal. His reforms have been widely accepted for the changes in education sector. 10th boards have become a usual practice but he has boldly gone for a change that brings positive attitude.

    He must also see to it that all halted projects are restarted and carried forward in a good way. Just don’t think that it was not during his tenure or was started by the opposition. Anything beneficial to the state and its people – just take that work seriously.

    6. See everything equally

    It’s common that when a person comes into power, there is certain favorism towards his constituency or district. This is wrong. Ministers are chosen to serve the entire people irrespective of boundaries. So, he must serve all people equally.

    Everyone knows that when railway budget is presented, minister’s own state gets more every time. That is in a way injustice. Ministers must see that they serve all equally at the end of their 5-year tern.

    Well, to get such a Chief Minister is a tough ask. But there is only one CM who has all these traits – Anil Kapoor in the movie “Nayak”!


  • #106490
    Prashanth,your last line is a real hoot! What an idea!

    Jokes apart, I think K.Rosaiah is the right person for the job of CM at this time. Yes, Jaganmohan should be given a chance - but at a later stage. The newspapers reported a few days ago that Rahul Gandhi too feels that Jagamohan is an eligible person for the post.

    However, as Finance Minister of the State, K.Rosaiah does have experience and maturity on his side. He is also the present interim CM till the official CM is selected. So he should continue as the official CM till, say, at least half-term. Then Jagamohan could take over if by that time he has proved his mettle in continuing his father's legacy.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

  • #106518
    Hi all,
    Prashant gave a nice description of qualities a leading politician like CM should hold. Well, we call someone as ideal when he is perfect in every aspect. Unfortunately, very few such people exist who build their own path and whose principles will be guidelines for next generations. If we search for such idealistic match, the search goes on and on. So try to choose one who covers maximum desirable features. With experience he may become ideal in the future.

    Similar case happened with YSR also. He is not ideal when he first sworn in as CM. But now, after his death, people treat him as an ideal.This is only because of the reforms he brought in his 4 full years.

    So according to me it is better not to go for an idealistic match. Rather choose the best match among the available candidates.

    Diamond Member ISC

  • #106566
    Dear friends,
    Andhra Pradesh's former chief minister YS Raja Sekhar Reddy's sudden death is agreat loss to not only Andhra Pradesh but also to India. It was an accident which has taken aback all Indians and also caused great panic in the lives of common people. The result is the death of 120 plus residents of Andhra Pradesh by either heart attack or suicide. This shows the popularity and goodwill of YS Raja Sekhar Reddy in Andhra Pradesh.
    However, though no one can replace him, still there have to be a Chief Minister to a state. This becomes very relevant in the situation of such great time of disappointment and resentment. So Sonia Gandhi and other top members of Congress decided to appoint Roshaiyya as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

    With regards,
    Ashis Dubey
    Editor - Forums & Resources

  • #106570
    Hi all,
    As per the latest news, Congress government has almost won the elections held in Tekkali constituency of Andhra Pradesh. At the end of 10th round of counting, congress is already ahead with a 5,000 odd majority. This result is certainly going to strengthen Jagan and his followers.

    Well, right now the wind is blowing in favor of him. Lets see what happens.

    Diamond Member ISC

  • #106571

    Yes congress has a lead in tekkali constituency of vijayanagaram district and this can be termed as sympathy votes but in politics either by hook or crook one needs to win the election and that matters.

    when we look at the affairs of tekkali the person who stood for election she is not from tekkali but she had a strong support of congress and Jagan himself endorsed her and gave messages through TV and Print Media that she should win the elections.

    Frankly speaking this has really boosted his presence and his word power and now we have to wait and see what the high command will decide.

    I have been following the news papers and almost most of the senior leaders who are thought to be in the race for CM are either saying that they are not interested or not in the race or it is without their knowledge.

    But we know in India who will refuse an appointment if given. Are they speaking for real or only to gain favour of Jagan because Congress Hig Command gave press release that any decision will include Jagan's opinion.

    Lets wait and see the Indian great tamasha.

    Kiran Paul

  • #106585
    My Dear Friend,

    This is not the Tamasha, This is the fate of our state and country. We can not let the government to make its own wish. We have to direct the government to choose best of all candidates.
    I know there is no politician who can take place of YSR but the fact goes other side. We have a list of leading Leaders which can do better to fill the up the post.

    But the concern here is if Congress chooses the best one to serve the public best of all. We are the people who chooses the government to serve the nation. But speaking truly we are just adhere with congress and has not given chance to any other party to perform.

    There are several areas where congress has done well but this is long enough time congress fails to make our nation developed.
    Lets guide our government to choose good people in good post. We only can contribute our ideas here. But at the time of election we have to choose the fate of our leader and we should choose such leaders who really do something for their areas and can reduce the corruption.

    Hope congress will chose a right candidate without any discrepancy.

    Amit Siwach

  • #106755
    Dear Amit

    Take in a lighter mood. As you said this is the fate of our country where in we have multi party system and family hierarchical system of succeeding.

    In AP there are many leaders who can fill the gap but may not be of that much like YSR but when we look at the core of the politics here in Andhra Pradesh it basically runs on caste and this has been a strong hold for years and NTR broke this but again its like a tail of the dog no matter how much you try to make it straight it won't.

    No matter how much awareness we bring in the people but still caste is at the helm of matters and we see in the cabinet of YSR most of them are from higher caste and most of them are loyalist of YSR and Jagan.

    The situation is so much critical that even if the congress takes a decision to make a right candidate as the CM other than Mr. Jagan at least most of the MLAs/MPs/MLCs are not favor in making other person as CM and they infact threatened to seek support of other parties and form the government which means they will leave the party.

    In India we should have a system where in if a person shifts a party then his candidature should be scrapped but again to hold elections it is the taxpayers money so we need to seek some devises to make this effective.

    Corruption is deep rooted in this country and it will take a lot of time may be many years to eradicate it and our politicians and the system does not want it to be eradicated and we have to face it. There are some leaders who tried to bring a change and have brought but it was for some time only because the majority oppose it.

    We should only hope that congress high command should take into consideration all the aspects and choose and effective leader who can continue the welfare programmes which YSR had started and should try to continue the growth of the state

    Kiran Paul

  • #106774
    Hi kiran,
    All your arguments make sense. Right now we the people have very less to do in electing the CM. It entirely depends on congress high command because
    1. No re-elections will be held right now where people are given chance to choose.
    2. Even if the ruling party fails, show of strength (where the party who has enough member support claims for power) is exercised and here also no part is played by public.
    3.There is no system like choosing CM based on poll ratings given by people.
    Chances of formation of coalition government are meager.

    Even if we suppose that reelections are held, Jagan will certainly become CM. Recent win in Tekkali is the evidence for this. Even congress members agreed that they got votes due to sympathy.

    If some senior member publicly announces that he is in CM race (I am sure nobody including present CM, Rosaiah will dare this), then people's judgment will be considered.

    Also as you said, corruption and caste system are some major road blocks here. So, the decision is wholly in the hands of the high command.

    Diamond Member ISC

  • #106780
    You are rught Narendra.The decision is completely in the hands of High Command. I think the high command will still delay the decision on CM till all the disturbances settle down I think Madam Sonia GAndhi is waiting for all the disturbances and pressures being put by individual people and party people to go down and every thingg becomes cool, may be they will announce the CM.

  • #106792
    Hi Shanti,
    This is not the case of just selecting CM we have so many other leaders to select which are doing good in various parts. Concern is this if Congress select a leader who can evaluate the problems in the state and can judge and decide the solution in better way. Also about the running schemes in the state.

    There are lot of leaders who think that YSR was a great leader and no one can fill up the post but as one has to depart one day but work and time never stops. Everything has to be run in a smooth manner and in a peaceful condition.

    Congress has to select one leader which is capable for the post and just not to rule the public by making them fool but truly resolving the problems faced by the state public.
    There are several problems which can not be ruled out while choosing the CM and congress has to find the right person to run the state in a peaceful and decent manner.

    Amit Siwach

  • #106820
    Everything is fair in Love & War and Add Politics to it. Man can do anything for Power. Our Indian History is best example.



  • #106989
    That is why Indian politics is so corrupt.

    There is nothing fair with our Indian politics. We can not allow our leaders to do as they wish but to furnish them to serve the nation in our way which is capable to make our nation peaceful.

    If we let our leaders to think like this then our nation will become hell and who will be the responsible for that, off course the public of India, not choosing the right person for right job.

    So be specific while you vote chose you leader as they make country and people feel proud by doing their best at work.

    Amit Siwach

  • #107156
    Hi all,

    I don't know how many of you belong to Andhra Pradesh, but i belonging to this state, could understand the real situation far better, i think so.

    Coming to Mr YSR, who elected as chief minister in 2004 elections for the first time. If we look at the situation of election results, there had been lot of differences in the congress party members and many politicians fought to become CM, but it was YSR who tackled the situation and throned the CM chair. The main fact everyone knows, till 2007 the state administration or the government ran with full corruption and faults. As 2009 elections are approaching, YSR started schemes like "arogyasri", free health facilities to the poor; "scholarships" full fee reimbursement to the reservation students of professional colleges and so other like "rajiv gruha nirmaan"

    But the fact is, these schemes has been misused because of no proper administration, at the same time came as helping hand for needy. I don't want to picture the negative side it's very wrong to speak bad of dead person.

    This is what is real, i don't blame him, his administration is so, with these schemes in the last year before elections has fetched majority that too with very less number. Every seat lost by the opposition is with few votes.

    I don't say he is bad, but all the politicians in his administration are corrupted so far to the sources to quote a few examples: missing ornaments in most of the temples, no proper administration of schemes, no proper current supply, increase in crime rate-look at the DGP who didn't even took part in searching the CM pertained himself to the media meetings, no proper protocol during cremation of CM.

    So, a successor should solve all these, present the state is suffering with fear of swine flu, drought conditions. Most of the people are prefer to have by-election. But this is not possible.

    The main problem in selecting the next CM, for which the central congress party is also taking to decide is due to: some support YSR's son, some groups are formed supporting so me others and so. These difference should be solved if not they will reflect the municipality elections. I hope the next one will keeps all these things in mind.

  • #107176
    Hi Narmada,
    It seems the congress high command at the center is having a tough time choosing the CM. As you said, the greater time lapse is mainly because of the divisions in the ruling party. Ms Sonia Gandhi is dealing this issue with great caution. If she selects Jagan as CM, she is not sure how good he can tackle the present situation. Instead, if she makes a senior member as CM, she will loose some of the members who are Jagans followers. Any wrong step will create serious imbalance and even worse deprives the party from its throne. So she is prolonging her decision. As a matter of fact I too belong the state and the situation is more or less similar to what you have described.

    Diamond Member ISC

  • #107269
    Narendra has made a good point in stating that there is no system for electing the successor via polls for the people. A poll would have been a good way of getting the people's view. At the same time, the people would give their poll votes towards their own respective favourites. Well, that is the case, too, you would say, in a general election! So actually it is going round in circles.

    As I stated earlier, it is best to let Rosiah be promoted from interim CM to CM for the time being. His management of the post can be appraised over time and after half-term maybe another could be made CM if absolutely necessary.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

  • #107290

    I think congress will do the same for the time being and will promote the interim CM to CM's post. There is no chance for others as they are not much aware about the continuity of the policies and regulations as he is handling the job for the time being.

    The situation of re-election can not be possible at the time. So this is the only option left for the congress committee.

    Amit Siwach

  • #107292
    Hi friends,

    Norms for selecting the successor.

    If we take this topic in general, write from the olden years, we can say that successors used to be selected from the same family. For eg. in the olden days when we take up the kings era, if a King expires, his son or daughter used to be a king. The successors normally used to follow the former and as they were sons or daughters of the King, they used to easily understand what are the problems the King has faced and tried to be more alert, in forming rules.

    Sometimes, the successors used to spoil the total families names. This was even in cinema field or say education field or any business field etc.

    But when it comes to the political field, when a PM or CM expires, people will be in emotion and will prefer the family member to be a successor.

    But if we talk about this in general, like in jobs, if an employee expires on duty, whether their children are directly given job. Definitely not. Then why we are not following in political field. For a small job, we are seeing the eligility criteria then why not in political field.

    If an employee is not good, normally a few members will be suffered, but a position which is carrying very important portfolio, is selected just because they are son or daughter of the former will it not effect the total state.

    Jagan is a qualified person. Individually he may be having all the qualities required for CM, but now there are so many seniors in the party who have struggled a lot. Then there should be definitely a comparison. The comparison should be in such a manner that each and every quality of the leader should be compared.

    I feel that Jagan or any senior member of the party whoever may be but should be capable to handle any situation they are going to face. High command should concentrate more on this.

    This is just my opinion.

    Subba Raju

  • #107620
    Yes this is very true, we should not opt this pattern of successors likewise as we are a democratic country and today's generation is much qualified to select a leader.

    Some how we have to agree on the point of successors but this is not good for country. Just for a sympathy or any other reason we can not make a leader which is not enough qualified and can not handle the job in an organised way.

    We have to check all the qualities which should resemble with the post.Experience always matter but the leader should not be corrupt or engaged with criminal activities.
    Leader must have a well defined character and qualities. Always be helping hand to people of the state.

    I think now the congress is not taking this seriously as this is a long enough time to take decision which should be taken till the time.
    Even we are trying to find out the one which suits best since this GD started. But I think this is high time for the Congress committee to select a great CM for the state.

    Amit Siwach

  • #107736
    Hi Amit,

    I agree with you, but I feel in addition to the qualities to be a good leader, leader should be capable to lead the team. Team leading ability is more important. If leader can make other people or members to walk in a line or say with same motto, then he can be said to be a good leader.

    Subba Raju, MV

  • #108270
    Dear friends,
    immediately after the sudden death of Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy, many MLAs and MPs of Andhra Pradesh pressurised the Congress party's top brass to make YS Jagan as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. But as days have passed and no action has been taken from the top congress leadership, it is clear that Congress party also don't want YS Jagan to become a chief minister at present.

    With regards,
    Ashis Dubey
    Editor - Forums & Resources

  • #108271
    I think Vandana, Amit and Rohit are correct as they have said that the selection of new chief minister should not be linked to a candidate's ancestors or his relatives. India is a democratic country and in a democratic country one should not encourage the old tradition of handing over the throne to son or daughter of the deceased ruler.
    Hence it is incorrect to make Mr.YS Jagan as chief minister of Andhra Pradesh only because his father was a chief minister. Rather we should take account of Mr.Jagan's political career credentials and then we should decide on whether to make him next chief minister or not.

    With regards,
    Ashis Dubey
    Editor - Forums & Resources

  • #108294
    Hello Friends,

    Being an educated citizen of the nation, one will surely deny the fact of placing a son of Chief Minister on such an esteemed post, just because he is his son and without going through his political experience. The idea of legacy works there, where efficiency and capability is at its culmination. The same is not the case with Jaganmohan Reddy. He is still a young chap in this field. I am again trying to stress on my point that this field is more of experience and intellect and less of strong political background. Though, we do learn from a political background, but we cannot avoid the fact that there are various veterans in the government who are more appropriate to the post.

    I think High Command will keep these things in mind before taking any decision. Decision made just on the basis of people's emotion can adversely effect the politics there in Andhra Pradesh.

    I also agree with my fellow peers, that one who is appointed as Cm should be able to lead the team. But I should mark here that this leadership should not only be based on emotions and sympathy but on the caliber and potential of the politician. A government has to be run by mind not from heart. For this political experience and soundness is a must.

    "By silence I conceal my imperfections and come to know others."

    Rohit Mian.

  • #108298
    Hi Rohit,

    I agree with you that Government has to be run by mind and not from heart. Though this is true, but I feel the person who sits in such a high position should have little heart too. That person should understand and analyse the situations that are faced by a common man. What are their problems and how best he can help them.

    There are so many parties, and leaders, but if a person who can help the poor people comes into the position of CM, the fate of people in AP may change to some extent.

    If you see the position of rice, pulses, vegetables then I think you can understand whether my feeling is correct to some extent.

    Subba Raju, MV

  • #108332
    Dear friends, few members have raised the issue of continuing the projects which are started by Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy.
    In this context, I would like to say that the projects started by Dr.YSR Reddy are for the benefit of entire Andhra Pradesh and they will be continued as it is if a good leader comes into power. So there is no point in saying that if Mr.Jagan will become Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, he will continue the projects. I would like to stress that these projects were not for the personal benefit of Late Dr.YSR but for the benefit of common people of Andhra Pradesh.
    So I think that if any political leader of Congress becomes CM, he will surely continue the projects.
    Thus, it is nowhere concerned with the appointment of Jagan as CM of Andhra Pradesh.

    With regards,
    Ashis Dubey
    Editor - Forums & Resources

  • #108360

    Top Competetors For CM Post

    Here are the top most candidates from the major political parties of Andhra Pradesh.
    NB : Here we are just talking about the candidates and not the maximum probability of a candidate to become the CM.
    1. Roshayya Of Congress :- Roshayya has worked for many years in Congress party and he is the back bone of present Congress party in Andhra Pradesh. So in view of his achievements and his seniority, he is the topper of the CM race.
    2. Chandra Babu Naidu of Telugu Desham :- Nara Chandra Babu Naidu of Telugu Desam Party is also one of the most powerful politician who fits into the CM Post with great ease. He have the huge experience as a chief minister also.
    3. YS Jagan of Congress :- YS Jagan of congress party also a good contender for the post of CM. He is popularised by the sudden death of his father Dr.YSR. Presently as the sentimental advantage, he is also one of the most highlighted personalities for the post of CM due to his father's sudden death.

    With regards,
    Ashis Dubey
    Editor - Forums & Resources

  • #108363
    Hi Asish,
    Till now all participants discussed about Roshayya and YS Jagan with each one weighing their pros and cons. But you brought another contender in to picture. Interesting. Well, Chandra babu naidu is the Ex-chief minister of AP. He was elected continuously twice for the CM post. But I am really surprised to see his name here. Right now, the ruling party is Congress. But, he is the head of main opposition party, Telugu desam. There are two ways he can become CM:

    If the ruling party hasn't got enough members on its side, then show of strength will be exercised. If Chandra babu naidu can back more MLAs than Congress, he will gain the post. If he is going to be the chief minister, this is the only way.

    Another narrow option is, if no party shows enough majority, then coalition government is formed by amalgamation of major parties. Then as per the agreement, a member from any one party will be made CM and he might be one.

    In present scenario, heat is already on between Jagan and Senior members (especially Rosaiah). The congress MLAs will surely support any one between these two.

    So I don't think Chandra babu naidu as a contestant for CM post right now. But, in the next election, he is the top contender.Why? Because congress is now really exposed due to internal conflicts and it is not as strong as it was earlier. It has already lost one king pawn. This will obviously favor the main opposition party, in this case, Telugu desam.

    Diamond Member ISC

  • #108429
    Dear Narendra,
    really a very good observation and I am appreciating your keen vision on this group discussion thread very much.
    But as I have mentioned in my post that it is the list of capable candidates and not the candidates who are sure shot of becoming a chief minister.
    Even though Mr.Chandrababu Naidu fits into the chair of CM post, he lacks the majority as his party has not much majority.
    I have just given the candidate names who actually suits for the post and not the possible successor list.

    With regards,
    Ashis Dubey
    Editor - Forums & Resources

  • #108449

    Before proceeding on to have a look at the qualities of a chief minister, I would like to mention the qualifications to become a chief minister

    • Citizenship :-One must be the citizen of India
    • Age :-One must have completed 25 years of age
    • Must be an MLA/MLC. If he is not an MLA/MLC, he must become an MLA within six months from becoming as a chief minister. Otherwise he have to resign the post.

    Above are set by the constitution of India.

    With regards,
    Ashis Dubey
    Editor - Forums & Resources

  • #108455

    Qualities Of a Chief Minister

    Following are the most expected qualities of a person who wants to be a chief minister
    • Must Be Able To Understand Local Needs :-First and foremost quality of not only a chief minister, but also for any politician is to understand the needs of people who comes under his constitution. If a person is not able to identify the local needs and fights for the global needs achievement, then he is likely to devastate his constitutional area. So one must be able to efficiently identify the needs of middle class and lower class of his region and should be able to take steps to fulfill those needs.
    • Must Be Able To Tackle Any Situation :-A Chief Minister must be able to tackle with any situation with a positive approach and must be able to give assurance to the people that it will be over soon. If a Chief Minister is not able to give assurance in time, then he is likely to develop a panic situation and then the law and order will be broken.
    • Experience :-Experience definitely counts as with the experience only, man gets acclimatised to face any situation with ease. So a Chief Minister must be an experienced candidate in almost major sectors. It will enable him to have a general idea regarding the problems existing in all major areas and will be able to take steps to eliminate them.
    • Education :-Earlier, education was not given that much importance but as now India is marching forward with the other countries, it is necessary for a chief minister to be well educated. Educated man will be able to express his needs more efficiently when it is required.
      With regards,
      Ashis Dubey
      Editor - Forums & Resources

  • #108462
    I think that re- placing a son of Chief Minister for the same post without evaluating his ability to do so w ill be an injustice to the masses and the office of work. The department as well as country will suffer a lot if the work goes in an inexperienced hands.One should not take for granted that he is just because he is a son of the prestigious leader ..may be he is not that learned and able to face the politics as he was. He should not be given such a big responsibility without going through his political experience.

    I believe that Jaganmohan Reddy, is too young to work for this post. None of us is aware of his efficiency and capabilities. He need to prove himself by working as a party member or a meager post worker in the politics to pass the test. If he qualifies then he can be given a chance to contest at par with other contestents and not taken directly as he and others are expecting.

  • #108472
    Hello Members,

    A great discussion is going on here. Lets look on the points Ashish had given as the qualities of CM.

    All of the qualities should be there but one can not get these all qualities within a single leader as our leaders are much older to think in any situation.

    They just has their hands but they can not build a strong decision without any helping hand.

    We should have such leaders for the state which is bound to the state and know the needs of people of the state and should come up with new ideas which we can not have without a mind which thinks above all.

    We need politicians which are true, liable and has a hands on experience to tackle different situations. This only can be possible if a politician come from a level of ground and has furnished his career with a pace which is extraordinary to all.

    Situation here is not like if we have some of the leaders which are just making the country to work as it is which is true for all the leaders we have. We can not forgot the condition we we are having in present scenerio. One should have to take part actively in all activities running for the state.
    I think if we have young leaders then this would be great as they will have new ideas and enthusiasm much more than a leader who is aged one.

    Amit Siwach

  • #108516
    i am of the point that,successor should not come into play,when we talk of democracy,specially in india

  • #108523
    Hello Amit,

    I agree with you that if we have young leaders in our political system, they will come up with new ideas and enthusiasm. But making a comparison with veterans, aged and experienced leader is totally wrong. Yes India needs youth, but we cannot place the youth direct at the topmost position, whether it be of state or nation as a whole. We need youth in politics to support and learn from the leaders. We need youth in the politics, to give up the new ideas, views which might be lacking with the veterans due to generation difference. But rating the youth higher in front of the experienced masters of the field is wrong.

    As far as Jagan is concerned, he possesses that vigour, that political traits which needs to be enhanced and polished to get better as a leader slowly and steadily. This can happen if he tries to learn at this point of time and holds the command in the coming years.

    "By silence I conceal my imperfections and come to know others."

    Rohit Mian.

  • #108555
    Hi Rohit,

    I agree with your point that there is always an age difference and to hold with it we need youth to give new ideas to senior members and do well to implement those in right direction.

    But there are so many leaders which are having experience and old enough to quit the politics but they were not quitting.
    Let me tell you the age difference in our political parties. The most renowned political party Congress has its leader of age above 60 likr Sonia Gandhi (62) and Manmohan Singh(72). In the opposition if you look all are also in the same categary like LK Advani(77).
    We lack in young leaders which in other parts of world are very active. You can even notice the age of Barack Obama (48).
    I do believe if a politician goes beyond 60 then he should discontinue his service and let the command give in the younger side which is much more enthusiastic and has ability to hold the post.

    This is the only reason we are lacking behind in developing in government sectors. You can even think how a private company has hold on its employees as they have to do his job till the work finishes but in contrast in Government sectors we have corruption. Employees work as they wish. I think till the time we don't have enthusiastic people in our government we can not achieve a state of developed nation.
    We need such leaders who can work in all conditions and has ability to face any problem taking a right decision.
    Even if we allow young force to come up then the job of old leaders should be to take them in right direction by giving proper instructions time to time and to make our system strong. If everyone stick to rules then this is very much possible.

    Our leaders are not of great quality they only think of minting money and deposit them in their international accounts. But now we have to change this scenario and this only can be done if we have majority of youth in politics who can take the state or nation upwards.

    Amit Siwach

  • #108563
    Hello Amit,

    You are very much correct that most of the leaders in our political system are above 60. The name you have mentioned viz. Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, L.K. Advani, yes they are all above 60. Looking into their age, you should have look at their post and responsibility also. Sonia Gandhi is the Congress President and United Progressive Alliance Chairperson, L.K. Advani is the Leader of the Opposition , Manmohan Singh is the Prime Minister of India. All of these posts are only One in a nation like ours. Such posts cannot be handed over to youth who are just at learning stage. Becoming a leader in politics does not have any shortcut. Their is step by step increment to the higher posts. Let me cite you an example, look at the dean, director, principal of any college, vice-chancellor of any university. These all people have a great responsibility and hence requires immense experience in their respective fields.All of them are above 50 in most of the cases. Their work cannot be replaced by the new learners.

    Moreover, you say that after 60 the leaders should quit and give opportunity to young. If youth possess that potential, they should have that grit to fight their leaders with intellect, not just accept the leadership as a legacy or gift.

    Moreover, you said youth should be given opportunity. Let me tell you, politics just shows the external working of the government but the real leaders are the bureaucrats like IAS, IPS, IFS. Youth are excelling in this field. It is the youth only who has made the hegemony over these services and working for the upliftment of the nation through their new ideas.

    "By silence I conceal my imperfections and come to know others."

    Rohit Mian.

  • #108569
    Hi Rohit,

    You are very much correct while saying this is only external working of the government. But in case if you have noticed we have great leaders in IAS,IPS and IFS like fields and they are doing their job well. So isn't this in possible in External framework of the Government.

    Obviously our youth has so much calibre that can deal in various fields and create a success story. The post I have mentioned also require a great experience. Aint you think the post of American President is prestigious and has much tidy work as ours. Are they having something different aspect of running the state? I think the situation we are having is with all countries and no one is different in such aspects. The way is somehow different to tackle the situations and work culture.

    I agree with your saying that dean, director, principal of any college, vice-chancellor of any university have a great responsibility and hence requires immense experience in their respective fields. Whatever be the case the age we are having with our politician is much more than if they have to show their experience. They belongs to age of Old citizens and hence not acceptable. I dont think we need to have leaders which are in their old age and serving the nation.

    Experience of more than 40-50 years. Can't a leader who has 15 to 20 years experience serves the nation good.
    Our leaders made the country like they wish to go. In past history there are so many leaders who after becoming PM are gone or in the way within one to two years.

    I don't think this much of experience is necessary to handle our prestigious post when the mind and body of a person stops working. And they give their speech just by reading the papers.

    Hats off to our great politician leaders.

    Amit Siwach

  • #108621

    Now when we look at what's going on in Andhra Pradesh is quite interesting to watch. with the past experiences i have seen that people often tend to forget everything with time when it comes to politics.

    Now Congress High Command is having ample of time in its hand to decide a successor for AP. earlier they said after the lament days they will decide and bargained for time and now they are saying that after the elections in the three states they will decide and members of various factions are making trips to Delhi to put their pressure.

    Now the ministers who were against the present CM Rosiah are actually now singing for him. in the recent interviews of minister which i have seen they are saying that they do not have any differences with the present CM and are actually praising him. even the High Command has said that Mr. rosiah is the CM and every one should abide by his words.

    The camp of Mr.Jagan Mohan is actually mounting pressure on the state and center to quickly decide on the issue other wise he would lose his strength in the party.

    I think he might be thinking that as a wound gets healed over the time people also will forget every thing over the time and because of this he is using the print media and TV a lot to keep every thing in the memory of the people.

  • #108825
    Hi Ashish,

    Your points are very good. I appreciate your analysation. What you said is 100% correct. YSR has started many projects but not in the capacity of YSR, but he has done all that work in the capacity of a CM. That itself means, the work is based on ex-officio. Whoever may be in that position has to take care of the work. Suppose YSR has started construction of a house, then definitely his family members should complete that because that is his personal property, whereas projects are government's property.

    They are made for the welfare of the public, so definitely whoever may be the person sits in the position of CM has to take care of the pending work and complete the projects.

    So, before selecting a person for the post of CM the capability of the person should be seen rather than who will complete the balance work or who will have sympathy etc.

    Subba Raju, MV

  • #108834
    Hi all

    Did you go through the latest happenings in Andhra Pradesh Politics. there have been some complications developed in the state politics of Congress. Yesterday Mrs.Konda Sureka the MLA from Shayampet, warangal and also a minister in the cabinet for women and child welfare threatened that she will resign to the minister post if Mr. Jagan is not made the CM the reason being that Late Mr. rajeshakar reddy took care of them while they were in opposition and also when they came to power their family was uplifted so to be faithful to the Reddy family she wanted Mr. Jagan as CM.

    Also five other MLAs staged a dharana to oppose Mr. Rosiah as CM and wants Mr. jagan as CM. Two days back in Khammam District few congress party workers have torn the flexi banner which had sonia gandhi pivture on it and it created waves in the party and the news went upto delhi and the person behind it was caught. even some senior leaders who are opposing Jagan as CM said in TV that they are receiving threat calls form unknown people.

    The congress high command wants to delay the process and many cabinet ministers are saying that the present CM is doing well and there is no need of a change and taking this as advantage the high command is postponing the process.

    with the latest developments we have to wait and see what we have in store for us in todays news at day end.

  • #108863
    Dear Amit and Rohit,
    you have got a good discussion point,i.e.,can a young politician be hold a key portfolio?
    Well, the answer depends upon the capability and also the situation. Here, in the case of Jagan, it is really not good for us to make jagan as a chief minister. Though Jagan is an MP, he has not got that much experience to handle the whole state affairs. So it should be thought carefully before making a person as a chief minister.

    With regards,
    Ashis Dubey
    Editor - Forums & Resources

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