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    Problem with bihar


    The main problem with the Bihar is following;
    1.The literacy rate of Bihar is too low its about 47%.
    2.People of Bihar vote n the basis of caste and religion because of that they do not get efficient leaders.
    3.There is problem of Electricity and road.
    4.The main problem is that the state government is investing huge amount of money in fighting with naxalities.
    5.The only source of income for the state government is agriculture.

    If we solve other problem we can reform the bihar completely.

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    cultural norms and illitracy.

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    Dear Anunay,
    You have not mentioned the temperamental issues of Biharis. Why should any one say "Ek Bihari Sau Bimari". I think it is high time that Biharis should learn lessons of discipline and develop high level of civic sense in their day today chorus. Else the authorities must take stern action to discipline them. I suggest that civic authorities must impart training to bring the citizens at par with their global counterpart.

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    dear friend,
    Sometime we develope a general view about a person or province depending upon it past performence.while doing so we get so biassed that we do not see or do not want to see the latest improvements and developments in it.
    same is the case of bihar.instead of criticizing the state or its government its time to realise "SHAKTI BODH".We salute the unparallel contribution of biharis to make our country what it is now.
    "The maximum jawans killed in kargil war were from Bihar Regement"the event itself speaks the glory of Bihar.

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    We find Bihari's in every state...In Hyderabad the population of Bihari's in construction field is more...even in mosques...the one who give azhan is a Bihari here...why is such a situation...Why the IAS cadre in Bihar has failed to identify the problem of un employment and suggest measures to improve the lot....
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There are number of problems in Bihar and if i start jotting it down the web space of this site will come to and end. There are few things that we need to change.

    Firstly the mentality of the people needs to be changed.
    Secondly, peoples of bihar should be provided education.
    Thirdly, corruptions should be removed.

    These are few but, there are many more things that needs to be changed.

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    Hello friends,

    Bihar is still going through many problems because of the mentality of the people there. If the people separates themselves in the name of cast and creed, the politicians will take the favor of the situation. If the people are separated there will not be strong mass opinions about the matters concerning the development and such issues.

    The people living in the villages of Bihar faces the problem of illiteracy and even votes for the people of same cast etc. this can only be changed by education. The corruption and like practices are occurring because of the illiteracy and separated people. The education will impart modern thinking to the people even in villages and Bihar will rise to development.

    So in my opinion the government of Bihar should concentrate on educating the illiterate people, whether young or old. This is the only way of development.


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