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    Challenges of present educational system in india

    • Why we are study?
    • What is my knowledge now?
    • I understand what I had studied in my life?
    • I found something to research in my education?
    • What I did after SSC/HSC/BA/BCOM/BSC?
    • Really my education helpful in my life?
    Hallo my name is Vilas. Did you think who you are? & how you become a something now? Yes this is right time to search answer. As per all Indian concern they 1st get admitted in nursery called “BALVADI” a government project. After 6 years we get admitted in 1st standard. All we passed SSC exams. After we have some limited option like Diploma courses in technical field, ITI, & Last Higher secondary (HSC) in different subjects like science/commerce/graduation. All have same subject for HSC no any specialisation. After Hsc did Graduation. Then did post graduation, after that Dr/PhD. Before that vast education system you get job after ssc/hsc/graduation. Here you stop your education & start earn.
    Ok, you understand the very old education channel of Province of India created by British Government for requirement of clerical work. Means give education how to work proper & control the thinking power of people. It may help to engaged youth for near about 24 year & there brain power also. Now this style used by current administrative body.
    Present education system nothing but the developed model created by British government to ruled India. Many Students passed every year as graduate but they not have adequate knowledge about what they study in last 15 years. 15 year because 12 year for Hsc & 3 to 4 years for graduation. What the student did 15 years of their education life. Nothing? They just promoted 1 class to 2nd & become a graduate. Some of them at least 10% of students lead from primary education they got tag as topper or Merit students they do well in their education life because they get appreciation from every one & become a something. Few students get awareness in HSC they do well, some of do well in graduation. But what happen to near about 80% of students. LUCK BY CHANCE “If they got good job then developed or crying for all life”.
    The big culprit in all education system is “UNDESTANDING GAP”. The student doesn’t aware that why we are studying? They know just me have to pass the class with more than 75%. Then what happened in student they passed the class but brain development nothing. Also some time parents, teacher, and society plays very crucial role with student like they forced students to read, learn & passed with great percentile. If you get less then you loss your Merit tag. But no one appreciate for understanding of subject or search any other qualities of students like poetry, singing, handcraft, dancing, sport, etc.
    As I am teacher I know every person is unique & its uniqueness make it different. Hence if we look every student from primary class they become great citizens of India. Now convents & public school doing well but is not affordable to every one. Again a person belongs to poor family get less chance to improve. I have one request to government of India or Administrative body please pay attention about Education system. All you know how today’s education system there is no need to any clarification. Just go in any ZP or Municipal school you will able to understand. Ask questions to self?

    Vilas K Sonagre
    Essay competition entry
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    please add your suggestion to develope article.
    thank you

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    Hi Vilas, you mentioned some good points. But I would like to suggest you one thing. The essay has many grammar mistakes. The first line itself is not well-framed. It can be stated as "Why do we study?".

    So please improve your writing skills. If you are not sure, you can type your post in MS Word and correct any grammatical or spelling mistakes. This adds quality to the article.

    Hope you receive my suggestion in a positive manner.

    Diamond Member ISC

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    Should we respond to such type of articles which are having a rough ,odd way of writing, full of mistakes?

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    Dear friends,
    thank you for your good comments.
    i will shortally improve the text.
    thank you

    With Best Regards,

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