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    Should begging be banned

    With Commonwealth Games not far ,and Delhi its venue with the preparation in full swing . Delhi needs to be improved so proposal had been made to free the city of Beggars who roam here and there be it be minor or adults or aged. This being done to give the city a new look to the visitors so the perception that has been there for Delhi and India as a whole be changed . Should begging be erased from city if yes then what needs to be done in this regard
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    Yes, I also think that begging should be discouraged in our country. Begging shows a bad picture and poor part of the country. But, only putting a ban on begging will not solve the problem at all.

    Most beggars beg due to their physical unfitness to work to earn money. They need food to live and they find begging is the only option. The Government can make a plan to train them in some skills according to their capability, and also should avail them work to earn. Many NGOs are training physically handicapped people in many areas like handicrafts, playing musical instruments, making pickles, papads etc, and also helping them to market the products.

    Some beg due to laziness also. They find it easy to sit one place or roam in a rush area and beg to get some money than working hard.They also need to be properly educated about the opportunities available for them.

    The most important thing to stop begging is education. With proper education, a person will not prefer to beg. All children should be given a proper and minimum education. Slum area and poor village children need to be specially educated and professionally trained so that they can find a way to earn and live.

    This is not at all easy to stop this at once. A proper awareness has to be created among these people to make them understand the other advantages and scopes open for them. But it need to started soon to see the result in near future.

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    Hello Shahid,

    We at many times hosted many important meets and other events. Each time the existing government tried to create an impression on the influx from the other countries. These type of events on one hand is a platform for improving relations with the other countries and secondly it gives a boost to our tourism and trade.

    So i think you are right.Not only begging but other aspects like security and laying of good roads and planting more trees and beautifying the surroundings is also very important.

    Unfortunately our government is more votes oriented. It treats the beggars also a vote bank and at the time of elections use them in casting votes( fake votes).

    Many a times the Supreme Court passed order in the benifit of common man. But government itself took no steps to implement for its own benifit.

    Therefore we, as individuals should take small steps like trying to divert these beggars to the nearby NGOs so that they can be groomed and made more learned. This would help them to earn respectfully and in turn they also participate in the drive to eradicate begging and not beggars.

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    Begging is found everywhere now a days. It is the financial status that makes them go for begging. The worst part of this is that even the young children of 3 to 4 years are put to begging. I think the best thing is that Government takes necessary steps to eradicate this. They have to abolish it by providing good support to such people. Only then our country will develop.

    Best regards,

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    Begging should be banned from India, as done in so many other countries. There are two types of beggar. One is the lazy persons, not interested in physical work and stretches their hands for begging which fetch them easy money. The other type is the beggars who are under the grip of ‘beggar mafias’. Child beggars are a major source of income for the beggar mafias, who smuggle hundreds of children from nearby villages and towns.

    We find lot of beggars in all the temples, mosques of India (I think Gurduwara is the exception).They are found in an organized manner at those places. There is a solid network working and many so called gentlemen are involved in it. Begging is just like an Industry in India.

    In most of the parts in India, especially north-eastern side we can see beggars begging in the trains. It seems that the they are under the control of some powerful person(s).A certain portion of their income they get and the rest of the money goes to others. Even lady beggars begging with an infant in her lap may not be her child. Infants are also available in rent on daily basis. I have noticed in Black-diamond (a train from Howrah to Dhanbad), after every 3-4 months the entire lot of beggars are shifted to other area and fresh lot are engaged there.

    Almost all the child beggers are drugs addicted and works as drug peddler.This also causecrime in the society

    Begging must be banned. Our government has to take stern action in this regard.

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    hi all,
    I also think that begging should be banned.
    But before that government as well we people should do some tasks.
    We should stop giving money or such things to all these beggars.These beggars get encouragement from us only.
    Second the govt should take measures to solve this begging problem.
    For really old and weak people who can't work, govt should take care of them.And for those people who just beg as their proffesion ,govt should impose some sort of punishment to those people.

    ----pankaj agarwala
    ----Gold Member

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    Hi friends,
    First I would like to ask a question regarding begging.
    Who encourages begging?
    The answer is simply, its we ourselves. We,at many occasions might have encouraged begging knowingly or unknowingly. Whenever an aged person or maybe physically challenged person or maybe a small child comes towards us begging, most of us tend to give something. So first we have to discourage them. We, at any cost should never give anything to beggars.
    Next step is to be taken by the government. Government has to bring measures for eradicating begging by providing beggars with basic necessities and the most important bring into effect some employment schemes.
    As for child beggars, schemes should be introduced for their education as well as stay.
    Thus we can remove begging from our society.

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    Yes Begging should be banned.

    There are several reasons make a person to do this kind of task but unfortunately this is taken a shape of income in BPL people which is very dangerous.

    I have seen so many time in Railway platforms a child is begging in the train and a person from outside noticing his work. I wish these kind of things should not happen.

    But everyone knows about this but no one cares.

    Hope government should strict action against such culprits who make children to beg.

    Amit Siwach

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    I definitely say that begging should be banned. Yes, it is the source of livelihood, but then the people who are doing this shall try doing something better else that selling their souls for just a couple of pennies. Doing anything good else than begging not just yields money to the people but also respect in the society.

    Moreover, children get affected very adversely. whenever they see a beggar, they can think that wow, what a nice profession, just roam around and do nothing and earn money, wow, shall i do that? This attitude can destroy their concentration from studies and turn them to be a burden for the society.

    Also, it depleted the status of the society in which beggars exist, but all beggars are not lazy, some are helpless, like a person who has lost his legs and hands after he met an accident, what will he will do? Beg or die.


    Thank you.
    Lead Editor: Ask Experts, ISC

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