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    Population is asset or liability?

    As per my opinion population is liability because if there is no population how you will get work done .
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    Population is not a liability, its an asset.
    If you see to any business organization, there are employees who are working for the organization.

    The amount due on accounts of various heads like salary,gratuity the liability of the company and employees are the assets to generate goods and services.

    In many organization value of employees are also calculated.
    Population is the collective form of the People of the world, so it is an most important Assets of the world.

    So I think you are wrong with your view.

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    I consider excess population is always a liability, it ruins the resources and growth of economy for any country. As per the author's statement there is no chance for no population to work at all. At the present moment in India the scenario is like if a person is working earning a source and there will more people to share his earning without a work and how one can expect to propel the growth and economy of a country under such circumstances.

    It is observed in most of the families where there is no education the dependency will be more on the earning by the non-working members for their livelihood.

    The growth and prosper of a country is possible only when equal participation working.

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    Population can either be an asset or a liability depending on how the population is managed in a country. Considering India, the large population was a liability in the past after the Independance. A large section of the population was uneducated and were unable to contribute towards the economic growth of the country. This section of the population, in fact, was dragging the country down economically. The present situation is different. Most of the population is educated and is contributing to the economic growth of the country. In fact, many people of this country are living abroad contributing to the economic growth of their country of residence. The large population of India was a liability but now is an asset not only to India, but also to most of the countries of the world.

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    population is an asset for a country. population contains a huse demand, skillful workforce, and an advantage over other countries in terms of easily available and cheap labourforce. the only need is to make good use of this advantage by implimenting some good and wisefull policises........

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    Population is basically the greatest asset of a Nation. But it becomes a problem when the state could not generate better job opportunities for the mass. Thus it is unique in different Nations depending upon their economy and standard of living of the inhabitants.


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    Yes, the above statement is very true. Population is a greatest asset of a country. Ultimately all the work are done by people. Ex, India is a country with huge population. That's why we excel in every field. We have lot of skilled resources. So, population is a greatest asset. But it needs to be managed properly.

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    I agree with Robert Samuel that the population of a country can either be an asset or a liability depending on how the population is being managed.

    Population will be the greatest asset of a country if:

    * The population is well educated and disciplined.
    * The population is ready and willing to play active role in the development of the country and
    *The population always keeps the country's interest before self.

    To the contrary, the population will prove to be a liability in case:

    *The population is illiterate and indisciplined.
    *The population never bothers for the development of the country;rather work for their self-interest.
    *The population is not ready to take part in the development of the country.

    Therefore, before terming the population as an asset or liability, we have to take the above things in consideration.

    As far the population of our country is concerned, they were somewhat a liability in the past. But with the installation of a stable government in the centre and the developmental works being undertaken by them, our population is going to prove the greatest asset of our country.

    Hard Work is the key to success.

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    May I ASK myself first?
    for my nation,
    family, friends, community, society...

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    Hi ABC,

    A very good and genuine thought. Before thinking about the whole nation, we have to assess about our contribution to the society and the nation as a whole.

    All of us are engaged in some profession or the other because it is necessary for earning our livelihood.

    But at the same time, being a good citizen of the country, we have some duties and responsibilities towards the society and the nation as a whole.

    Therefore, we have to think and assess ourselves whether our work is helpful and beneficial for the society and the nation. If it is not so, we have to put up some extra efforts to make ourselves beneficial.

    It doesn't mean that we should give up our jobs but we can devote a little of our spare time by doing some social work like teaching some uneducated children, making people aware of the importance of cleanliness etc.

    It would definitely make us proud to think that we are not a liabily; rather an asset for the nation.


    Hard Work is the key to success.

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    Hi anu,
    You have raised a very good question India is facing today.Definately population or peoples are an asset to a nation,but as we know excess of any thing is not good,so is the case with population.
    Every good thing has limit to it and if you cross that limit,then that good thing becomes a headache to us.For example take the case of rain.Rain is very important to all of us,to crop for irrigation,for rivers and ponds to refill them etc.But if it rains in excess,it leads to flood,which is not good at all.
    Also the rain should be evenly distributed, otherwise it will lead to flood at one place and drought at other.Similarly population should be evenly distributed otherwise it can also lead to problem.
    One other thing to note here is that,it is the quality which matters not the quantity.So the also have to have some quality in them by which they can prove to be an asset to the nation and can play arole in overall development of the nation.
    So we conclude that population is an asset only when it is within check.And it is the quality which matters no the quantity.

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