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    Effect of western culture on indian youth

    Effect Of Western Culture On Indian Youth. Are Indian youth get effected by western culture. let us discuss.
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    In my point of view

    How there is head and tail for a coin, there is both positive and negative impact of western culture on India and especially on Indian youth,

    In past in India men were our traditional dresses, but now it is entirely changed, now the Indian youth moving with jeans, t-shirts, minis, micros, etc., here we can proud of that western culture, it bringing us with the fast moving world.

    But when we consider the pubs, it is the thing to be strictly punished. In pubs both men and women are in drastic stage, by taking drugs, it should be punished. And we need to felt sorry for that.

    And there r many things to be taken from the western culture.

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    Culture of a country is generally based on the way of living in that country. This way of living is very much attached with the climate and the living conditions. Dresses are so developed to suit the weather of a particular area. Modifications are always welcome. Especially when new materials and technologies are available. Even in such cases one gives importance to the climate of that locality. You cannot expect a person in South India to dress like a man in Simla.

    Culture is based on the values attributed to the personality and morals of a person in a society. We expect a person to behave in a particular manner in front of fellow persons. We give much respect to family relatios. In Western system not much importance is given to these relations.

    Expressions of love in Western and Eastern countries are different. They do have physical expressions done in public (like kissing etc.), whereas we cannot even think about it.

    The approach in all forms of arts are also different. Take, for example, music. You cannot compare the Indian classical music with any of the western type of music.

    So, just copying from the west may not be good thing. A selective approach will be needed.

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    Hello there,
    Its really a very good topic to discuss with an open mind so as to bring awareness among all the people.

    Culture is something that has no bounds and thus it spreads from one land to another.

    Indian culture is good enough to influence people all around the globe. Its rich in variety and colors. Indian culture gives equal impotance to all the forms of life

    on the earth. Its eco-friendly as well.

    Western culture is large and good too. But it is differnt from that of ours. It misses out some of the core values and ethics that we do consider to be very


    Its a clear crystal fact that our youth are being tremendously affected or rather influenced by the western culture.

    Where is the fault?
    This question is to be addresse at this time.

    The fault is with the Western people.-- NO
    The fault is there in the Indian Culture.--NO

    The fault is with the Indian parents, teachers and the people who design our study syllabi.-- Yes, Yes

    This is perhaps the most apt answer to this question. We cannot know everything on our own, But things are best learned when we understand their importance

    in our life.

    But we very less often find that parents discussing their culture with their children. Our books do not deal with our culture. Our teachers do not talk about


    In India, there are so many people but every one is busy blaming the West and nobody wants to take the responsibility to preach the Indian Culture in its true

    sense to the youth of the country.

    We learn History, Science, Geography but not Culture. Its really pathetic.

    I think we are at fault. We should look into this matter seriously. Culture should be given the top most imporatnce.
    I am not against incorporating new patterns into our culture but at the same time we cannot just igniore what we already have.

    Please think about this and make sure that this message reaches to all your friends. Ask them to think on these lines.

    Best regards,
    Brijesh Singh

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    There are plus and minus points in every thing. The cultures or people cannot be blamed for this. Western culture is based more on materialistic factors where as our culture has a spiritual base. We are not educating our young ones on the significance of our culture, values of life etc. The result- our young generation are attracted more towards the western style of living . We can see around us many parents proudly talk their boy or girl speak English language fluently whereas they dont know or bother to learn their own language. Parents like their children address them as Mom and Dad. Preaching is very easy but when it comes to practice it is difficult. We elders should be eamples for our children. We should live a life of being friendly - a love all and hate none- with all creatures of this universe irrespective of their status, caste, religion etc. We should educate them the purpose of this life and that the pleasures that we seek in this world will last only for a temporary period and iternal peace and happiness can be derived when one turns inward and do selfless service to one's fellow beings.

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    Though at present western culture affects our Indian youth adversely,Western culture had broken through the shackles of conservatism that was prevalent in the Indian society and still exists even today.Western culture has also brought to us benefits of technological and industrial advancement.But as the current tends show our youth are getting adversely affected by it.Signs of this are rampant more divorces,less respect towards ones religious and traditional practices,increase in oldage homes,increase in abortions the list goes on.It would be interesting to note that we have completed one full circle starting with the abolishing of child marriage due to western influence ,the current trend is that the youth are getting married at lower and lower ages due to western culture's influence .In any case it is the responsibility of elders to tell the youth that the current direction in which they are heading is full of dangers and may lead to complete destruction of Indian morals and values which must be preserved at any cost.To do this inclusion of moral and cultural studies in all educational syllabus should be done.Spreading of cultural values should be done using modern technologies like internet ,sms that interest the youth so that it may reach them more directly.

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    in my openion western culture has both good n bad effect on Indian youth.
    the good effect is that due to the effect of western culture v came 2 know a lot about living standards,day-2-day advancing technology n many

    but as v know excess of anything is bad 4 the health.................

    the bad effect is that it is spoiling the indian youth a lot.
    because of its impact youth are forgetting our indian tradition n taking more interest in western n eastern culture .mostly youth are spoiled 4m the scenes which are shown in their has much influence on indian youth .


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    Today youth of India are so effected by western culture that they forgotten our Indian culture.

    I am not against of western culture but you should also never forget your own culture, accept only the logically good thing from western culture.

    With regards,
    Chittaranjan Satpathy

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    Whether Western or Indian, a culture is never bad or good. It is we who label it bad or good.

    Many of Indians are preferring to work abroad and bringing a lot back to home. If western culture was so bad our Indians would have failed badly. The thing is that they are very open minded. They do not have issues like girl- child and boy-child, all are welcome. Back in India we have caste-system, girl-boy child issues.

    We say a lot in theory, but practically where is the cultural.

    In western equal oppportunity is given to everyone, they greet each other whether they know or not. They take the whole community as their family. They are very devoted to their professions and there is nothing like they do not care about the family. They are not hipprocrates like us.

    Do we really care about our family and society. Check these:
    1) When we go out we try to hide that we are Indians.
    2) child labour and child abuse.
    3) Women empowerment. Today issues like eve teasing, dowry, girl child... the list is endless are increasing.
    4) Old people are disowned once their health wears out.
    5) Lack of merit based job appointments and also lack of credit to the correct person.
    6)a very corrupt politics.

    The list is endless.

    On the other hand western people are absorbing all good things of our culture like yoga, accepting our religion, our culture, even our languages.

    Now who is following what. The westerners are becoming Indians and we are neither an Indian nor a Westerner.

    It is pathetic.


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