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    How effective Indian Education System Is?

    Hi everybody!

    Do you think that Indian education system is good or we need some up gradation and modification to make India bright.

    Let's have a discussion which may lead to new solutions.
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    Indian education is having a lot of flaws. There are huge number of points to discuss. But, i would prefer to discus one single strong point here.

    Current education system is more theoritical. A student out of school or college is not trained enough to do some kind of job for living.

    My heartly suggestion is students should be taught proper practical implementation of theories in schools and colleges. Also there should be compulsory job oriented vocational training in order to make students adaptable for the coming competitive environment.


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    Hi Rkd!
    It's not a fact that Indian education system is good and upto the mark.Definitely we are lagging a lot and we should encourage all the fields of education.It's not just that,engg.,medical and science can take us higher and higher.We always restrict ourselves only into certain fields.

    We are more analytical and theoretical.Not concentrating to practical aspects.Just imagine the educational qualities in villages.It's something not to be discussed.

    A lot of things to be introduced to rectify these things and we should give our active participation.


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    Hi Friends,
    Looking at the vast population of the country, it is very difficult to provide education to all as the demography is highly varied. I feel that Indian education is lot better than many developed countries like US and countries of Europe.
    Obama himself is concerned about the poor education system in the US and has said that they need to improve their education system, else Indians will eat away their jobs. This shows the quality of education in India.
    To cite one more example, if anyone comes to India from a Western country and takes admission in primary class or upto say class 8th - 9th, he will have to write an exam to prove that his level is same as the students of class 8th or 9tth in India. There has been incidents that shows the level of Indian students. This is due to the fact that kids in Western countries are given 'fun education' where as in India there is more of 'knowledge based education'. This shows that Indian education is appreciable.
    But as we come to the higher education say 10th - 12th, the quality falls. In fact, the education system is fine, but the way of implementing it is wrong. There are lack of laboratories, students bunk practical sessions feeling it useless, inexperienced teachers and so on.
    All these together form a big problem especially in small cities. There are many state boards which simply focus on mugging up the things.
    The problems are always these, but we need to find a solution.
    Can the new reforms in the education sector by Mr Kapil Sibbal lead to a brighter way of education??



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    Hi Subhasis

    I feel that the Gurukul method of education system that prevailed in India before the coming of the British is the best educational systems. The present educational system has a lot of drawbacks, because the present educational system is based on marks and academics and very little does it concentrate on practicals and way of life. For example a student learns graph markings and gets full marks in it without knowing the practical usage and the benefits of learning it.

    The educational system can be made more practical oriented, stress free, enjoyable and simple. It will be fine if the child enjoys spending time in school.

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    Hi All,

    I just want to bring some points here.Let us not blame the system (By simple def. the system is group of interconnected components ).I don't feel that indian educational system has too much theoritical curiculum.You can observe universities experimenting with creative and innovative programmes. If you go back to history and examine : Indian education system has got all components like learning by doing,learning by experimentation,professional skill development and what not. As one of you said even in Gurukulas there was learning by activities,skill development.
    Coming to the point of discussion its not system worst,it is the improper functioning of some components of the system (System works perfectly if and only if all components function properly).We should be proud that Indian educational system is huge and we should appreciate the roots and strengths of it.Definitely there is need for coordination and implementation of plans.


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    hi everyone

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