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    How many of you are supporting Telangana?

    1.List any valid reasons for the need of separating Telangana from andhra pradesh.

    2.Can anyone predict the judgement from the congress leaders or central government?

    3.How many agree to this?
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    Whether we at ISC like to have a separate Telangana or not is the issue.

    As far as I am concerned, a chance must be given to TRS to prove their ability. The union govt has the right to cancel the statehood granted at later date if TRS fails.

    I think Congress may consider my suggestion.

    K Mohan

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I am supporting Telangana.

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    I feel the Govt. is setting a dangerous precedent by bowing down to pressure and agreeing to a separate Telangana State.

    While on the one hand we talk of a unified country and emphasising that we are all Indians and not just 'north' and 'south' or 'east' and 'west' Indians, here goes the Govt. agreeing to create more diversity. By setting such a precedent, I won't be surprised to see more people jumping on the bandwagon for separate States based on their community. Sad.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Hello SaiKishore, you have proved some good points but in presented in a wrong way, such paragraphs are rather difficult to read for any member, if possible convert it into convenient paragraphs, edit the passage in edit mode to make it few paragraphs.

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    In my view making small states is not beneficial.

    No small states is working well...take the example of, Jharkhand, uttranchal, chattisgardh etc....First thing is development and giving employment to poor peoples...

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    Hi friends,

    In my view separate telangana is not good. Till now total andhra pradesh was like a family.

    In olden days joint family culture was there, later on joint families were no more. But nowadays every one is feeling joint family set up was very good. For any good thing or bad thing a moral support was there, which is not there nowadays.

    Same like that now andhra pradesh is being divided, afterwards people may have to feel for that when any problem comes.

    Unity is always good. Nobody can do any harm when all are in a group, but when group is divided into small, small, then definitely problems will arise.

    As far as I am concerned, I feel we should have unity.

    When it comes to development side also separation of state may effect the total economy too.

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    The decision to bifurcate the state Andhra Pradesh will pave way for similar demands from other states. The people of Rayalaseema are bound to make a similar demand. I think it is the vote bank politics that is misleading the people in this regard. If the demand for smaller states is made in the name of development, Jharkhand and Chatisgarh states should have become the best in India by this time because it was also created with a similar demand few years back.

    I think it is time we stop with this vote bank politics and the government pass a law freezing the division of States, so that such problems dont arise hereafter.

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    Basically telangana state needs separation only on basis of development on lifestyle scale and to over come regional economic problems faced by people since many decades.

    also the people need to be aware of what is gonna happen and how to face it.It not left TO KCR or CONGRESS to decided the partition of the state. But the ultimate decision need to be a finite output - result oriented from PUBLIC of the telangana region.

    This is most sensitive issue deals both the ethical values of all people living now part of Andhra Pradesh.

    No rough decision, Quick decisions are to be entertained since it may leads to confusion and may effect the brother hood among people among andhra pradesh.


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    Know about our space.

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    Check this---
    Know about our space.


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    Why only Telangana? Every state has their own problems and most of the states can claim that we want a separate state!
    By giving away Telangana is like encouraging other party rulers to go on a fast and get a new state. Though Pranab Mukherjee stated that this Telanaga agreement does not mean we will encourage more state divisions, but what is the use of it now? If a party goes on a fast will pranab mukherjee leave them as they are? If yes, then we could have done this for telengana dividers also. By the way was their so called fast, actually without a grain and water for 12 days!!

    Here we are fighting to protect arunachal pradesh from china and kashmir from pakistan, and we have great leaders who wants to divide India internally.


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    In 2004, for Assembly and Parliament elections, the Congress party and the TRS had an electoral alliance in the Telangana region with the promise of a separate Telangana State. Congress came to power in the state and formed a coalition government at the centre. TRS joined the coalition government in 2004 and was successful in making a separate Telangana state a part of the common minimum program (CMP) of the coalition government.So in before and after elections there is no United andhra slogan
    In 2009
    Telugu Desam Party(TDP) promised to work for Telangana statehood. Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) joined a Mahakutami (or grand alliance) with TDP and left parties to defeat the Congress party for denying statehood for Telangana.

    Praja Rajyam Party (PRP), newly founded by film star Chiranjeevi, too supports Telangana statehood. Nava Telangana Party merged with PRP after it realized that there is not enough political space for two sub-regional Telangana parties with Telananga statehood as main agenda
    But there is no hessitations.
    Why because Andhra and rayalaseema people neglected the Telangana movement and They thought Telangana movement is only for vote bank politics of all parties.When ever centralgovt. announced about Telangana statehood process,hessitations going on andhra and rayalaseema because only thier ego issue

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    No, I don't support division of states for evident reasons of less financial viability and unnecessary complications in governance that it will lead to.How long will we keep dividing states on such basis?India's USP is unity in diversity and formation of smaller and yet smaller states violates the same.

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    A big no.It's not a good decision.Just for the sake of life of a person state can't be divided.Government should n't form the different states.
    In southern India Andhra Pradesh is largest than other states and has got a good archeological background.Government should focus on it's development rather than dividing it into parts.

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    Surely I will not support Telungana. United we stand and divide we fall. Currently there is no urgence in developing the telengana as it depends everything for Andhra region. Simply politicians are playing the game and the silly people are supporting.

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    i would like to mention a nice quote by jayaprakash narayan of lok satha
    "things don't change suddenly if telengana is given or not. the poverty of the people remains the same, the backwardness of people remains the same. its not the division of state we need to concentrate on, but the way to improve the economic state of all the people in our state"

    ofcourse "unity is strength"
    if we are together, we can fight for our rights in terms of railways, budget allocation etc because we have more power
    of MP's

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    I agree entirely with Vandana and others. The Congress is setting a dangerous precedent. Let us not forget that the organisation of states on linguistic basis was done on the demand of Telugu people. Andhra Pradesh is the first state formed on linguistic basis and other states were reorganised accordingly. Carving out separate Telangana will mean a state within state.

    We forget that the tree structure of state-districts-talukas is meant for decentralisation of administration. No matter how many states and districts we form, they will be of little help if the last man does not benefit. Rather than agitating for new states like Telangana, Gorkhaland, Vidarbha etc. the leaders and people should fight for development, resources, employment etc. But petty leaders like KCR futher their cause by inflaming the public opinion.


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    I strongly protest diving our state into two parts.

    Our state as of now is one big glorious state, if this gets divided it looses its identity in the world map which took many years of effort and sacrifices of many great people of AndhraPradesh.

    We will not let few selfish politicians divide our state for their own benefits. Because of division, two states will end up being poor with limited resources and many people ending up with unemployment.

    Kalisi Vunte Kaladu Sukham...Mukkalaithe Migulu Dukham

    Vibhajana Vaddu...Samaikhyandhra Muddu


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