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    Why are children allowed to watch adult movies?

    I have noticed a growing trend that is higly alarming - children being allowed to watch adult movies. I am not just talking only about parents at home allowing their kids to watch movies with adult content. Even at theatres this seems to be the norm. When parents clearly know that the film is only for adults, why do they take their children along? The theatre doorkeepers blithely allow kids inside too, which is shocking. Even films that are marked as U/A is not meant for young kids at all. Surely you can avoid seeing that film? Surely you can wait for the film to be released in DVD format and watch it late at night in the privacy of your own room with no kids around?

    Why is there this shocking uncaring attitude of parents? Once I asked a lady why she had allowed her ten-year-old kid to watch the film Dostana. Her reply, "Oh, what is wrong? Anyway the kid does not really understand anything!" I was apalled by this narrow-mindedness. Of course the kid may not understand the concept of the film, but his mind will be filled with stupid ideas, he will discuss it with friends of his age-group, they will exchange wrong notions of the film's concept and goodness knows what will happen next...

    When will adults stop behaving as though their children are grown-ups and treat them for what they are - just kids?
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    Yes, it is true, it is not only about movies shown in theaters, but the commercialization of the movie in televisions too will tempt them to watch such movies, whether their parents will not take them, they do not hesitate to with their groups, such is the trend they are in.

    Moreover, parents should stop discussing about such films in front of their kids, as in that age they are more curious to know, whether it is concerned or not.

    Further the advent of pirated CDs and DVD's has also influenced such an trend, any movie CD is available at a throw away price in the open market, sometimes even before the release of certain movies. Where in families parents both are working, these CD's will work out, in fact it is a dangerous trend. Only parents can curtail such acts by the kids.

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    The new cultute among children is really threatening. Going to pub, Watching adult movies, Smoking, taking drugs has become very common in Schools and colleges.Parents think that it is a new life style and feel nothing wrong. Children in their ages do not have capacity to decide what is right and what is wrong. It is the duty of the parents develop good culture among the. Our joint family system had worked as an institution towards over all development of the child. In present day nuclear family the child is abandoned by the parents either in a play home or with a maid servent. Recently I have read a news item that one of the maid servent who was hired to take care off the baby was giving the baby to a begger on rent. The begger used the baby for begging purpose. In such conditions our children are brought up we should not be surprised if they indulge in bad activities.



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    Hi Vandana,

    Its all because of the Television who gave a lot along with some uncensored materials also. And its the parents who have to stop there children to stop watching all this movies or videos. As you that now a days its became a trend to watch the adulty movies in threate by bunking the schools and college.

    And the main system which spoiled the children in INTERNET. In which you can find each and every 5 website is adult. This should be band the government of india. In china all the adult movies and adult website are band. If any of the user is seen with that is fined and as well as gets the prison for some months.

    So,its our responsibility to stop our children to stop watch such kinds of adult movies. Its all depends upon the parents who their taught their children.

    With Regards,

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    It is all because of serials on televisions and hot songs of the movies.

    Parent should be monitoring their children to keep their innocence and not have them see so much violence. The see enough on the news or hear it at school. What happened to letting kids be kids? Peace

    I am a Shop keepar and i have a PCO Booth in my shop. The College and School girls coming to pco and call the boyfriend and talking with them half and hour. It is really strange how can they arrange 30 to 40 Rs. Daily.

    Arun Gavkar

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    The main sources to corrupt the minds of children are movies and internet.

    In movies, it is considered as an act of heroism to fight, to make fun of people. Terrorism and violence are shown as a great trait.Disrespecting elders is another appalling feature in Indian films.We find small kids mocking fun at the comedians in the movies.Today i see many children making fun of their teachers and elders.In the movies these acts are being applauded by the audience.So even the kids think its a vice to make fun of elders or at the incapability of people.

    Another biggest culprit is the love stories in almost every movie where it makes the younger generation to believe that having a girl friend/boy friend is compulsory.In the movies, the hero is usually seen as rich and they are the ones who are supposed to spent money on girls.This is being imbibed in our youth today.I see college students coming from decent families end up in stealing,bribing and other such filthy jobs just to show off.

    Internet is a dangerous resource of diversion.I see many school children spending long hours chatting on the net and also making lots of virtual friendships with unknown people.Even there are cases where people have been cheated.There are also easily accesible websites which have adult content.Parents of the current generation are unable to monitor their children as majority of them are busy with their jobs.

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    Yes this is a case with many children but we can't only blame to adults.
    Today's generation is fast forward .most of them go for those things which are not meant for them.Even they are very much advance from our previous generations.We can see most of the scandals and MMS are based on children.It seems that they are very curious and involves themselves in things like that.
    Even they are not allowed to watch any adult movie they download it from internet.They watch all kind of stuff online about which there parents are not even aware whom should we blame for all this.
    Our culture is changing we are moving towards western culture.

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