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    Save Our Tigers

    Spread the word and save our Natianal Animal

    - Times of India reported 66 deaths of Tigers in 8 months (Jan - Aug 2009), with 86 deaths in the whole year 2009
    - Out of 40,000 in the last century, there are just 1411 tigers left in India
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    Dear Sam,

    Save Tiger is the need of today we have figure of Tigers in thousands. If we fail to care them, Then we lost the Tiger species from the Earth. I appeal to all ISC members join the Save Tiger forum and spread the massage "Save Tigers" world wide by Write an article and post on different online media. Like Blog and social and networking sites. Hope we are able to Save our Tigers.

    with best regards

    With Best Regards,

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    What are the things we can do to save tigers. Campaign is fine, but how do we actually help. Poachers are not going to stop by blogging and smsing!

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    Save Tiger
    Write blog about this topic.



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    Please save our tigers because from around 40,000 they are just only 1411 tigers left in india.if someone eat it so I could understand but here is no one eat tiger.i know that his skin is help us in many works but is 40,000 tigers are small for us that we changed 40,000 in1411.many tigers left there lives for hunters trophies. Like Tiger hunting by George Curzon, 1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston and a woman in British India,1903.if we save it so we save our national animal.if we will be continued this so in some years there will be no tigers in please speak up on it speak up………………………

    Sayed tazeem haider,delhi

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    Ya, it is really necessary to save tigers....

    If we don't hurry with our process, the our new young ones will never be able to see them!!
    Its an endangered species, by knowing this still many people now a days just hunt down tigers for fun!...

    In India about 40 years ago there were about 30,000 tigers and now as you people have known, the count have come to only 1411!...

    I think we should 1st stop cutting tress and forests! We must think and follow the ways we can stop more humans to destroy forests!
    If this continue not only tigers but no one will survive in latter future!
    Do you know how actually deserts took place in Rajesthan , and other desert places in world?! It was because humans start disturbing the Eco cycle! they were killing tigers at random! to fame thereselves!
    In the latter days we will also found the whole world a desert! Its not long till that day!

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    Dear Sam,

    Nice information.
    But proper forest land reservations and public awareness to be carried out since deforestation is going on in the name of development due to which not only tigers but other wildlife is also getting disturbed.


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    Ya i also want to be a part of saving our tiger in our country...
    Recently i have seen advertisement in T.V also
    We have to think more about now..


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