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    Basic Tips to save electricity

    This are some of the basic tips to save electricity which usually get ignored, but can save upto 30% electricity:

    - Set the temperature of your airconditioners to 25 or 26 degrees.

    - switch off your mobile phones at night or when you go to sleep. Just imagine if u have 4 cell phones at ur place 4 X 7 sleeping hrs X 365 days saves lots of battery and eventually ur electricity.

    - Try to receive all your calls on landline number when you are at home or office place. Mobiles were invented for being used when you travel. This will not only save electricity but also saves you from mobile radiations.

    - Set your desktop or laptop to sleep mode with screen going blank within 5 minutes of unused time. This really works guys believe me this has been tested.

    - Avoid using electrical cooking gas and water heaters, replace them with ones working on natural gas or LPG gas. It will save you a lot of money after initial capital cost.

    - Exhaust fans in toilets and kitchens are the most likely to left on without purpose. pls avoid installing them and if installed switch off if not wanted.

    - Use solar chargers to recharge your mobiles.

    - Instead of using electric water purifiers at home, drink water that is boiled on gas stoves its much safer than that from purifier.

    - Avoid extentions and spykguards that have small indicator lights.

    - Never keep your electrical equipments on standby mode such as ACs, TVs, music systems, etc, as the standby lights provided on them consume electricity upto 3 units per month.

    - While buying electrical equipments just check for energy star logo and its rating on it. Higher the rating higher the equipment is energy efficient and higher the savings.

    - If possible get your building or society to install common solar water heaters for all the flats in the building. They will save a lot of electricity.

    - The temperature of the refridgerator is always ignored. It should be adjusted to minimum in summers and maximum during winters. It saves amazing amount of electricity.

    - At last it goes without saying pls switch off the main switch when u are off for a long weekend or vacation.

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    Hi Jayen,

    It is real good information for the society to save the electricity. The points you have said here are impressive. Usually we won’t mind about the electrical wastages because of the not switched of mobile phones and some other electrical appliances. The electrical starvation has been the real problem for the government as well as for we the people. In the state Tamilnadu the current supply is not given for 2 hours daily. This situation has happened because of the wasted electricity with our innocence only. We are in this situation just because of the wasted electricity by us.

    The world is searching for the alternative sources to use for the electrical energy. The research for using the alternative sources for producing the current is also under progress. Because, all the resources under the use of producing the current like coal are getting over now.

    So, this kind of methods will be useful for conserving the electricity.

    R.Shankar Ganesh

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    This is a useful article; you could add this in the resource section


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    Hi Jayen,

    These are wonderful tips which can be followed easily by everyone. As Smitha has suggested, this can be turned into a good useful resource.

    Thanks and All the best!

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    Hi jayen,

    These are wonderful and valuable tips that you have mentioned and it really helps people to consume and save electricity for the future generations.

    Thanks and congrats to you jayen

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    Dear Jayen ,
    As an engineer , I appreciate your interest in furnishing the basic tips for minimising the electrical energy consumption and the bill . If we, the members, as consumers follow the above tips sincerely and seriously , we will be able to minimise our electrical bills by min.3-5%.All the tips are valid ones and can be easily followed.Some more useful tips :-
    a.Avoid using ordinary fluorescent lamps (tubelights) - instead
    start using CFL lamps - their initial cost may be high but their
    power consumption is very less and will reduce your energy
    bill proportionately.
    b.When the computr is on and the internet is not in use ,
    disconnect the Internet service.
    c.when you are running the pumps for pumping water,drainage
    water etc., ensure that the pump is loaded to its rated
    capacity - do not run tne pump wheh the laod is less.
    d.While using Electrical cookers, ensure that you are using it to
    its optimum capacity.
    e.avoid unnecessary consumption of electricity.Electrical energy cannot
    be stored .Energy saved is energy produced .

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    Hi Jayen,
    Wonderful tips. And thanks a lot for being aware of it and making others aware. People, we must be responsible for creating a better environment. Save electricity, save fuel, save trees, plant new trees and use less plastics. Save mother nature. Save ourselves and future generation.

    Have a look at this blog to know our social responsibility:

    Regards, Mama.

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    Good tips. You interest in saving electricity is very good. Well done Jeyan.

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    Hi Jayen

    Your post has combined excellent tips on energy as well as electricity saving . We could get really important information about several gadgets that we use which are more energy consuming .

    It is seen that now a days people pay attention to such energy saving tips only when they have a tight budget . I have experienced that in my home itself . Usully men ( mostly)in every household do not bother to close the water tap while brushing their teeth or while saving or even switch of the light or fan while not in room .

    But such post will definitely help people to realise and to help in taking action as well .Thanks for the post .But you should post this as an article in resource section .

    Runa N. Borah.

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    Thank you all of you.

    But believe me this post was rejected in resources, so I was forced to post it in forums.

    Anyways my purpose of conveying this message has been achieved.

    And after all this some people like Lead editor has locked my forum New you can use with the words that I am fooling around here. I dont know what's her problem. To see this words do visit that forum.



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    so how many of you are implementing this tips.


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    Thanks and Regards,
    S Balasubramanian

    Quote: "It doesn't matter what we want. once we get it, then we want something else."

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    I am surprised to see that no cash credit has been awarded to so many relevant and amazing ideas in reply to this forum topic.

    Is it that cash credits are provided only for ISC related forum topics.

    The replies given in this forum are absolutely realistic and we all should implement them as far as possible.



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    @ Jayen: This forum thread is of March. You have reopened it on 1st May. Please do not pull up old Forum threads (not even your own). If you wish to discuss the same topic, please open a new Forum thread with a different apsect (you can give a link to the old forum thread when doing so).

    By pulling up an old Forum thread, new threads get pushed to the back pages. These new threads could contain important queries/problems to be resolved.

    So in future please keep in mind that you should not pull up old threads. I have deleted the responses that came after yours, as it was extending this old thread. I have kept a few of the new responses, to let the members see for themselves that they have got negative markings for copy-pasting the tips from other sites.

    Most important: your forum thread is already posted here:
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    I am locking this thread so that other members don't continue extending this old thread.

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    @ Neeta: We do not give cash credits for copy-pasted information. We give negative markings for such responses.
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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