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    How to remove poverty from India?

    Can anybody give the tips to remove the poverty completely from India?
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    Sharing is one of the precisions habit to change our world without poverty.But now the situation is very bad,poor gets still poor and rich gets rich.This statistics should be changed.


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    Hello Bakshu

    The easiest as well as hardest way to remove the poverty from India is to remove the corrupt politician and dishonest burocrates.That can be only done by the public who suffers a lot.Corrupt burocrates can be removed by honest politician to whom public have to elect by eliminating the corrupt politician.

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    To get rid of poverty one has to work very hard. Working very hard with smart work and lot of savings can make one rich and eventually, the country will be rich.

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    Mr. Anil
    Have you not seen the labour working in the field who do not get regular meal.Are they do not work hard but the fruit of their labour is taken by the agriculture minister.

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    Dear Bakshu,
    Poverty is the status of someone compared to others and it is a relative term.Poverty cannot be removed but can be eleminated from our country in the following ways :
    i. Eleminate all politicians - confiscate all their properties and
    freeze all their bank accounts.Accommodate all the politicians
    in an ashram where they will be fed with three square meal a
    day only.
    ii. Promulgate an ordinance asking all the Government
    secretaries/Undersecretaries., etc., to come out with facts
    and figures as to the bribes taken by these ploliticians,
    failing which they will be treated on par with their ploitical
    bosses in the same ashram.
    iii. Arrest all the Business community people who are dealing with
    Food grains, edible oils, pulses, etc.,and arrange to release
    all the hoarded food commodities.Let the common man be able
    to purchase these materials at a reasonable price.Advice all
    the textile manufacturers to release the materials freely at a
    reasonable price.
    iv. Next aim is to eleminate corruption - the above actions would
    have sent a real threat to people /employees seated in
    positions of power against indulging in corrupt practices.
    Encourge informers to come out with details of persons who
    have taken bribes from public - seize their property and
    admit them all in the same ashram where the Politicians are
    v. Advise all Swamijis and muttheads to declare their hidden
    wealth and properties - confiscate all their belongings
    without any consideration.Also, seize all the properties held
    in the name of temples, mutts , etc.,
    vi. Convene a meeting of leading agricultural scientists, farmers,
    etc., find out their requirements to boost agricultural
    production-release all the fertiliser stocks freely to the
    vii. Make education free for all upto XII standard.Ensure that
    meritorious students are not deprived of their seats as they
    belong to forward class or due to financial difficulties Give
    Free food and shelter for students to continue their

    In short, the need of the hour is to eleminate politicians and
    corrupt administrators. Confiscate all the properties from all
    sources.Distribute them to the poor and encourage the farming
    community to concentarate on agricultural products.As long as
    we remain as silent spectators to the misrule of the
    politicians, we cannot think of removing poverty from our
    country.We must take bold and serious steps to eleminate the
    corrupt politicians from the limelight.

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    Dear Bakshu,

    To tell you in a lighter way, the simple method is to calculate the total assets of all the people of India particularly the politicians and devide by the total population.

    The point I am making is that the gap between the rich and the poor is very wide. Rich are very rich and the poor are very poor. It is a shame and sad to note that India is rich in all respects but Indians are poor. Even after 60 years of Independence still 30 % of Indian populations are living below poverty line.

    Government has been initiating various schems projects for elimination of poverty. But the problem is with the implementation of the Schemes. The money earmarked for the scheme does not reach to the needy people. The money is swindled by the so called politicians. The government should identify few NGO's who could sincerely implement the schemes.

    With Regards and Best wishes,


    "There is no substitute for hard work"
    -Thomas Alva Edison

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    Dear Krishnadas,
    I relished your sentence above stating - "INDIA IS RICH IN ALL ASPECTS BUT INDIANS ARE POOR".Let us wish and do our best to educate all .

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    I think its very easy to remove poverty from India.
    Just make strong our right to information act and then educate people then automatically poverty will go out.

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