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    Duplicate Medicines

    Duplicate medcine and expired medicine are a great menace to the publi. Whom to blame at ?
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    First of all a very big THANKS to STATE DRUG Control Authority (SDCA). They identified the Life taking issue at this point.Not to blame anybody but to punish all those who were indulged in the expired drugs issue.I would say that the entire network involved should be punished severly that too very soon.
    I wonder why Money has become precious than Human Lives? Anyways we must check all medicines before purchase.


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    dear friends . DAy today we are seeing peoples caze towards for money .Nowadays some captalist wants to earn money in all means wether its good or bad . morals are lost for them they think money is everything for them . thats the reason so many crimes are araising.
    Doctor proffession is noble one . some captalist are dominating in this field and usuing drug as there weapon to kill the humanity .
    Hatsoff to drug control system of tamilnadu ,they tried to enrute the culpirits .
    But all should be careful in buying medicine .

    for safe and genuaine medicine buying we should follow
    1. check the medicine
    2. get from reputed shop
    3. get the bill
    4. Don't accept substitue and insist for the medicine presribed by your Doctor .
    5.dont get medicine by telling your complaints to pharmisit or counter man and get medicine . since they are authorised to sell medicine for Doctor prescripition . Not for they do of thier own .

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    Fake Medicines are the major problem nowadays. Those medicines harm us more than the actual disease. The Private Pharma Companies are playing games with people health in their money hunting process. In
    Our Country Public Health Sector was badly neglected. At the same time, Government surrender to Corporate Health Sector. Every Corporate Hospital has a medical shop. The patient must be purchasing their medicines in only Hospital owned shops. Pharma Companies and the Doctors are syndicate to flooding duplicate medicines in the market. Government must be eagle eye on duplicate medicines. The Proper Punishment is also very important to tackle the issue.


    Durga Praveen

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    [hai frnds dis is charan frm tirupati]
    inorder to prep a medicine a medicine code must be purchased[ if it is discovered in other countries] and corresponding medicines must be prepared.if the manufacturer cost is more in order to reduce it[cost] the medicines with less power are made and they may sell in the romote areas which leads to several deaths

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    hey Joseph !
    yes Duplicate medicine and expired medicine are a great menace to the public. so its up to us to check the medicines before me bye.
    1.expire date should be checked
    2.hologram should be checked for reputed brand or to check fraud companies.
    3.packaging should be checked. if its tored then don't buy
    expired medicines are more harmful then duplicated medicines.because a man doesn't die as soon as he take duplicated medicines but the chance of reaction is fast when a expired medicine is taken.

    Take Care

    Editor in Review, Forum & Community

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    this is going in market just to make profits for their own company medicine companies are doing that ultimately public is suffering because of doubt...

    its also a fact that because of illiteracy of some peoples the medical store owner are taking advantage of that i have seen peoples who evan cant see expiry dates of perticular medicines so the being made dumb...
    whom to blame here is not a person but i will say whole system is to be blamed,,,,

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