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    Stock Market Trading

    The Indian stock markets provide an excellent opportunity to diligent investors who are willing to spend time and effort on the stocks that they buy. Money is there to be made by people who are willing to spend time understanding the business model, risks faced and other parameters about the company that they are buying..
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    Q.1-What are the common Trading mistakes in Stock Maket Investment?
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    I dont have more knowledge of stock trading, but just i know that we have to open an demat account and start trading, the agents who are in stock trading business will help us in trading if we start our account with them, is it correct or i have to gain more knowledge about it.
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    Izaj Ahmed Shaikh CEO Siaar Group

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    Sharemarket is an ocean. Only those who can face the loss as well as enjoy the profit can shine. This is my practical experience. I have been trading in Stock Market for the past 3 years. Initially i have started with 50,000 capital. I have traded just like that with curiosity and within 2 months i have lost my entire capital.

    I was doing Intraday Calls i.e. whatever i buy in the morning, i will sell the same in the evening. Mostly all my trading went for a toss and a loss. So, i lost entire capital. Then, i have invested another 1 lac to recover the loss. I have lost that also. Till now, i have not made any profits. I don't know whether its a fate or my bad luck.

    But, still i am doing and loosing money. I have confident that i will recover loss very soon.

    My advice to you is, please buy stocks for delivery. You can sell the shares at any time you wish. Please invest in stock market like savings. Suppose, you have planned to save Rs. 2,000 per month. Buy good company shares like reliance, ITC, Suzlon for Rs. 2,000. Every month, buy some shares for your saving value. Do, this regulary as long as you can. Keep this as a fixed deposit. After 5 years, surely your share values will be doubled even tripled.

    Sell the shares at higher level and enjoy profit. My sincere advice to you is kindly do this share trading as a part time. Concentrate on your work, earn money and invest in stock market and double the money.

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    There are lot of mistakes done by us. We always believe the free tips and act on them. but they are free of cost and more than free of risk. never buy when market is in peak ratings and never sell when it is in huge dipping.

    How To Invest In Share Market

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    Joseph A

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    Dear Choudary and Latha,
    Stock market is for those who are prepared to take quick decisions and are not perturbed by sudden losses. Infact, they must be prepared to book the loss at the earliest, without longing for improvement.They must closely follow the market trends and also the latest news affecting or influencing the market men.They must never be in haste to buy any share on impulses and also must be prepared to book the losses at he beginning itself.Also, one must fix the limits for the profit to be earned while buying the stock and he must sell and book the profit without hoping to get still better returns. Above all, he must try to withdraw the amount invested in phases and try to trade with the profit money only in due course. In any case,stock market is not a bed of roses .

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    There are plenty of issues in respect of this topic, but I have listed few points which are the basic mistakes of traders or investor do.

    1. Not understanding the corrections in stock exchanges
    2. Investing in shares without knowing the buy and sell quantities (traded quantities of particular share)
    3. Thinking of averaging during the trading session buying too much without watching the trend of nifty or NSE.
    4. Not framing a cut of point for holding or buying or selling
    5. Investing based on rumors
    6. Redundancy check is not done (checking the information from more than one source)
    7. Having a portfolio management
    8. Checking and modifying the portfolios periodically
    9. Not knowing when to enter or re-enter into the market
    10. Not knowing the cut off point for conversion of long term into short term
    11. Not knowing when to go for delivery and intraday
    12. Investing without knowing the book closure date
    13. being so panic in case of market crash.
    14. Not knowing the difference between market fall and market crash.
    15. Sitting for trading without knowing the current news


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    Hello sir, i am absolutely agree with you about doing some home works before investing. newcomers not aware of price cycle, accumulation and distribution. as they buy, might be distribution in process. so our price not achieved or sl trigger.

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    If you are a beginner and don't know what to do and how to start, then you need help. Help is required just to make you know the basics and how the whole thing works. After all, it's about making the right and most profitable decisions, and maybe you are not a natural decision maker. So the first person to look for to give you tips is a professional broker.

    Being in the stock market, you will run into many experts who have reputation and all the experience that you can benefit from. It will be very helpful to seek those experts for guidance and advice, and if you are smart and friendly, you will have their help for free. Skills and experience is very vital to accomplish better results in trading stocks, and when you are a beginner, you need help to acquire the experience.

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    Friend Stock Market is not the market every body trades the stocks will get money.It is the place where the people have the power to take instantaneous and timely decision.mental stability and patience plays dominant role in earning money.The reasonable returns to the amount you spent in the market will be get in minutes hours days and months but dont loose your temper and take hasty decisions but wait patiently and catch big fish silently
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    I have very good experience of stock market. I started share trading in 2009 till then I earned sufficient money except few losses too but those are negligible. I am agree that for beginners share for delivery is better option, if you do not have sufficient knowledge then do not go for intraday trading.


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    Dear Shaikh Izaj Ahmed You need to open a De-mat account as well as a Trading account for start Trading in stock market.

    Trading account is used for buy and sell stocks and you can open it with a broker only Like ICICIDIRECT, RELIGARE, KARVY, INDIAINFOLINE etc.
    And to keep your stocks in Electroniic form you need to have a De-mat account and it can be opened with any of broker mentioned above or many other brokers also you can open your De-mat account with some banks (who are providing this service)

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    A small suggestion for all traders whether they are safe traders or risky traders.

    Dont buy right stocks at wrong time ,buy wrong stocks at right time.
    It can help you to Earn money from stock market.
    we learn at our school by paying some money as fees,so how can a person think that some one can Make money from stock market with out learning something and for learning investor has to loose some money also.

    So Start trading with your surplus money, never invest your salary or regular income money in stock market.
    because there should not be any effect to your regular life if you lost some money in stock market.

    Before you start trading in stock market try to learn about the blue chip companies like RELIANCE,SBI,ICICI BANK,NARUTI,TATA STEEl etc.
    Dont go dipper inside the stock market.
    You may get confused.

    Go to
    check some of your choice company's status like market capitalization,PE ration,EPS ration and get knowledge about the past history of company,and future planing and then search for the price such as yesterda's price,last week price,last month price,last year price etc so that you can have small knowledge how this company goes .

    Then Open a trading account at your nearest location branch then tak to the concern person and clear your doubt invest a very low amount with your chosen stock and see how the prices are fluctuating and decide how much profit you want and how much loss you can bear and exit if you achieved any of target either profit or loss thenre enter with the same amount

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