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Join me to congratulate to Ravishankara Sir

Posted Date: 27 Jun 2010      Posted By:: Amar Nath Das Profile photo    Member Level: Gold    Member Rank: 192     Points: 1   Responses: 13

Hi all,

Please join me to congratulate to our N.K. Ravishankara Sir for his grand success - this week he is ranked second member of ISC and he overtook our favourite Tony sir. His endless posting and activeness in every section is wonderful and gives inspiration to the new joiners.

We are congratulating you sir for your number 2 rank in ISC.

Amar Nath Das
Join OrissaSpider

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#147576    Author: K Mohan      Member Level: Platinum      Member Rank: 4     Date: 27/Jun/2010   Rating: 2 out of 52 out of 5     Points: 3

Ravishankara is the most consistent member of our site and if he overtook Tony its a great news for us.

He also guides us with vast experience and responds to our posts immediately.

We are destined have such a nice member round the corner.

Many happy achievements in store for him.

Tony must consider a special award for him.

K Mohan

Follow mission, the commission and recognition will follow you.

#147580    Author: Krishna Verma      Member Level: Gold      Member Rank: 138     Date: 27/Jun/2010   Rating: 2 out of 52 out of 5     Points: 0

Congratulations Ravishankar sir

Krishna Verma
On your way to top be humble to the people you meet in the way as you will meet them again when you will fall.

#147584    Author: Siddharth Pani      Member Level: Gold      Member Rank: 41     Date: 27/Jun/2010   Rating: 2 out of 52 out of 5     Points: 2


Many congratulations to Ravishankar Ji. He is a role model for many like me in this site. He is an extremely hardworking person with exceptionl talent in his work and contribution at ISC.

To Err is Human to forgive is divine.

#147585    Author: RajmiArun      Member Level: Gold      Member Rank: 99     Date: 27/Jun/2010   Rating: 2 out of 52 out of 5     Points: 2

Hello Ravishankara sir,
Congrats on this acheivement and you have been inspiration for many. Your consistent contribution both in terms of posts and editing have been of more help to ISC and its members. Hoping to see you achieve more and more.


#147590    Author: Santosh Kumar Singh      Member Level: Gold      Member Rank: 356     Date: 27/Jun/2010   Rating: 2 out of 52 out of 5     Points: 1

Many congratulations to Ravishankar Sir, Its all your hard work and smart work. I wish your good luck and good wishes in future.

Santosh Kumar Singh
(Software Programmer,Ahmedabad)

#147594    Author: Shiv Thantharatey      Member Level: Gold      Member Rank: 664     Date: 28/Jun/2010   Rating: 2 out of 52 out of 5     Points: 1

Congratulations Ravishankar Ji for being the second ranked member of ISC this week.


#147599    Author: Sowmya      Member Level: Diamond      Member Rank: 32     Date: 28/Jun/2010   Rating: 2 out of 52 out of 5     Points: 1

Congratulations Ravishankara Sir!! great achievement. Keep us inspired.



#147605    Author: Kiran Kumar      Member Level: Gold      Member Rank: 35     Date: 28/Jun/2010   Rating: 2 out of 52 out of 5     Points: 2

hello AMAR NATH DAS ji,

Performance of N.K.Ravishankara sir is very well and he is senior member of ISC as well as editor. my heartly Congratulations to N.K. Ravishankara

Kiran Kumar
Diamond Member

#147648    Author: Vandana        Member Level: Platinum      Member Rank: 7     Date: 28/Jun/2010   Rating: 2 out of 52 out of 5     Points: 2

Congratulations Sir, you have made amazing upward rises in your membership levels from day 1 and over the last 1-2 months have gone up in rankings too.

Keep up the good work!

ISC Mentor

#147653    Author: Deeptesh Sharma      Member Level: Gold      Member Rank: 250     Date: 28/Jun/2010   Rating: 2 out of 52 out of 5     Points: 2

Congratulations sir for ranking second position in ISC. Your contributions to ISC is just amazing, your forum responses, resources and so on. I'm really inspired from you.

Deeptesh Sharma

#147662    Author: Amit Siwach      Member Level: Gold      Member Rank: 226     Date: 28/Jun/2010   Rating: 2 out of 52 out of 5     Points: 3

You are really a gem of this site and your ad postings are awsome. You deserve this place in ISC. I know you are silent speaker and serves with best quality.

Congratulations to you sir. You really deserve applause besides of your all happenings you always served ISC continuously.

Hats off to you Sir.

Amit Siwach
ISC Gold Member

#147740    Author: SUBRAMANIAN,P.R.      Member Level: Gold      Member Rank: 193     Date: 28/Jun/2010   Rating: 2 out of 52 out of 5     Points: 2

Respected Ravishankara sir,
My hearty congradulations to you on attaining this achievement which you rightly deserve.Please continue your service to the society.

#147759    Author: Vilas      Member Level: Gold      Member Rank: 75     Date: 28/Jun/2010   Rating: 2 out of 52 out of 5     Points: 1

Dear Ravishankara sir,

Congratulations for your dedicated work in every section of ISC. Keep going & achieved the best place you desired.

With Best Regards,

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