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    Effect of western culture & English Language is beneficial or harmful?

    Hi Friends,

    I know that in this modern world English becomes our need. But I think our culture is also getting affected. So why we gives so much importance to Western Culture. Can we are not growing in our own culture, in our own languages. I think China, Germany, France & all other European countries are more developed because they developed in there own culture & own language.

    I think, development should be from the low level. First we have to fulfill our basic need - Food, Cloth, and Shelter & of course light. Today only high profile persons are develop in INDIA.

    Should English is necessary or not?
    should we banned western culture programs/club/communities or not ?
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    One cannot be rigid in your thoughts; it restricts growth. Wonder what's your opinion about fascism and dictatorship?

    Besides you are also confusing the issues of culture and social growth. Basic needs of food, shelter and such are social responsibilities irrespective of culture.

    As regards effects of English and Western-ism, here is my personal opinion..

    English language does not reflect the whole of Western culture and the two should not be confused.

    English has been a gateway for most Indians to the western world, it has expanded our horizons beyond the common man's comprehension, and its benefits can be seen in today's young India. Today India is an emerging economic power with vast human and natural resources, and a huge knowledge base. Economists predict that by 2020, India will be among the leading economies of the world. During the recent recession, India's economic growth faced a slowdown but not not a crash while all other nations took a beating.

    Progress in communication and technology is making the world a global community where distance is no more a barrier and English has definitely played its part. It has also exposed us to other cultures, not just western, for example the Celtics, Asian, Pacific Polynesian, Middle eastern, Scandinavian.

    The western culture per -se has been largely misunderstood in a largely close-minded society. We tend to look at other cultures through dark-tinted glasses of a completely opposite Indian culture. Other cultures may not have the same level of integrity and tradition as India has, and many times they fall short of basic virtues of modesty, self-control and discipline. However, we cannot judge them unless we ourselves have a clean slate. What about race, caste and economic discrimination in India, dowry and bride-burning, female infanticide?

    India has a rich cultural heritage we should be proud of but humility has been lost somewhere in this finger-pointing exercise. Tolerance towards others needs to be preached.

    Western culture does have the power to influence young minds who are of impressionable age as it appeals to their sense of rebellion and independence. However as responsible adults, you have the power to influence the youngsters in your life by your lifestyle, habits and values you profess. One day the bird will fly back to his nest. There comes a time when realization dawns and you learn to value your own culture. Its a bond that's invisible and intangible that links us to our roots always.

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    You have raised two good points.

    Western Culture

    Briging western culture to our Country is very harmful. Their culture does not have a social responsibility. They follow one religion and hence the culture they persue may be appealing to them. But it wont suit to us as we have diverse culture.

    English Language

    Well its an International Language and every one loves to learn and speak it. But in the name of English dont under estimate our own mther tonque and used english in between. I have seen many parents conversing with their tiny tots in English from infant stage itself. That is the wrong practice.

    K Mohan

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We are living in a world which is global. English is the language of communication.People are crossing borders and settling down in any corner of the world fully contented. Admittedly, the language which they communicate with the total strangers is English. Thus, English is highly
    popular and beneficial for people globe trotting th world.

    However,I feel , you should not club western culture with the English language as they are two different aspects. Every citizen respects his /her culture because it is very unique .

    Further more, what ever is acceptable in one culture is a taboo in another culture.For instance consumption of alcohol is common among western women whereas it is looked down upon in the eastern countries.
    When people of India try to ape the lifestyle of the people of the west, the question of accepting or rejecting arises.

    It doesn't mean that , just because people who use English as the language of communication , should follow the western culture and behave like Englishmen .At the same time, one should not try to make fun of other culture and be authoritative .

    There are many Indians who are settled abroad, but still they follow the western culture only where it is deemed fit and they regard Indian culture with respect.

    In the final analysis, I would like to quote the axiom'Be a Roman while you are in Rome' In this global world, sometime it becomes a necessity to follow the culture where people are settled in. However, when they come back to their own country they start following the home culture their elders would have so lovingly inculcated upon them.

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