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    Presence of politicians is the curse of Indian sports- Do you agree? - Active GD.


    It is sad to see the performance of Indians in the international sports. Off course there are some outstanding sports persons who raised our flag in international meets. But the performance of the country having more than 100Cr of people is very poor compared to many small nations with less population.

    Most of the top positions in our sports associations or boards, are occupied by the politicians. The 'real sports person' are out of the administrative bodies.

    This time we are discussing about this situation Presence of politicians is the curse of Indian sports. Members can post your views on this GD topic up to 3rd August. Please try to post maximum 3 or 4 response.
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    The topic is very intersting. Yes it's true that politicians have great influence on the sports activities, they also influence the selection of players in the team in some cases.

    For example having the approach of a politician a person can get entry very easily in the national or state team as compared to the common man from the public. I am not saying the players who got selected by using the approach of these politicians are not talented, yes they are, but the like my friend Jose says India is country of more 100 crores of population, so we can produce best results in every sport, which are possible only if only the best person is playing.

    But its sad that we are not even eligible for the most popular game like Football beside having the large number of population. This is due to the corruption level and lack of transparency in the selection process.

    Not all the players get selected throught these politicians, players like Sachin Tendulkar are in the Nation team due to their honest efforts and dedication towards the game. But the results would be remarkable if each and every player would be selected on the basis of talent only, not because he/she is the relative of the politician/member of respective board of the game.

    Eshant :)

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    YYes. It's true.
    Interference of politics in sports in not new to us.
    Politicians have habit of making issues under the name of sports,for Individual interest,

    political goals.
    Sports require skilled, talented, hardworking players, not selfish politicians. Gambling is done

    on sports and players. Cricket is considered as good source of revenue, that can be used for

    expansion and survival of political Party. Young talent is believing that their skills will be

    judged only if they have political reference. If situation continues, we will find fans running

    behind sports star and sports star running behind politician for autograph.

    Indian Govt. gives an order to sports commitee to prevent sports team from participating

    International Games. They don't even think that sportsmen has been taking efforts from a long

    time. Sports is becoming a puppet in the hands of politican.
    Really politics is completely influencing sports.

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    I agree that presence of politicians is really a curse to Indian Sport. At least common people are now well-aware of the fact that politicians are only playing dirty word game with each other only to be on limelight. They are diverting media attention to matters that are by no means important to Sports development of the country.

    There are ad nauseam examples when the presence of politician are only catalyst to mar the actual spirit of the game. But in some cases they provide themselves as laughing stocks. Like the Sport minister is garlanded when a Indian wins medal in an International event or his inability to recognise Pulella Gopichand etc. Even in local sports events one can noticed how a minister or MLA is given 100 time more importance than the players.

    Each and every year huge amount of money is allotted for sports development. If half the amount was utilised till now the infrastructure would be one that is at least noticeable. But in reality we do not see any improvement. Sport persons who are making it big for themselves or the country are doing so with individual effort and family finance. Politicians just buy a name for themsleves by giving a huge amount of money from their fund when Saina Nehwal or Avinav Bindra wins a championship/medal Tendulkar

    The recent word war between Suresh Kalmadi and Mani Shankar Aiyar unveils another facet of the dirty politics in Indian Sports. It shows that not only politicians, but also people at powerful position in sport organisation are bound to take resort to corruption. A vetaran politician like Mani S. Aiyar is not hesitating to wish the Commonwealth games to be a failure. What more can be expected from the politicians.

    Runa N. Borah.

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    I am very thankful to you for giving me a chance for liberally talk on the latest issues of politicians in the sports.

    Sports has been considered in the business world where talent is not the talk but only money. When we hear the word money then it means that politicians are definitely involved. Every sports federation in India is under the clutches of political influence and they have been addressing it as a means of power, dinero and free publicity. Through this way, all the identity of indian sports are diminishing day by day from the world of sports.

    It's been proclaimed by some people that politicians being a leader of sports community is necessary for getting things done. Later, when a politician sensed the pillage of the office in a sports federation, then it can consider as a leech sucking the blood of the human.

    I regret that certain things cant be changed but inorder to see the future sports of india more brightly, then we must stand a hold to protect the talented sportsman from the curse which you have mentioned.

    Thank you
    With regards


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    Agree to almost 100%. Being a sports fan regardless of which game, I am very concerned about the prevailing sports administration in our country. The so called mentors and well wishers from politics to sports administration is the curse to Indian sports world.

    A country second to China in population has nothing to be proud on the field of sports other than the cricket where only 9 official countries are playing. We dropped to 132 in FIFA football ranking from 96 within last 14 years. What a growth! In our national game hockey, we are now at 8th rank when there are about 15 strong countries out of total ranked 32! In 108 years of Olympic history we have 9 medals out of that 8 goes for men's hockey and the latest one for Individual medal to Abhinav Bindra! Bow our heads!!!

    Last 14 years we have one politician stuck to the office of the Indian Olympic committee chairman! If he can't bring improvements, naturally why does he get elected without opposition? The same great Mr.Kalmadi has a track record of insulting the 2008 Olympic medal winners for not getting a chair near to the Vice president during felicitation ceremony! He is an MP too. He is a member of two very important parliament committees for defense! He has duties as Presidents of Asian Athletics Federation and Indian Athletic Federation too!!! Shame on us Indians that we can't find someone who can better find more time for each of these roles and contribute better. Do this 66 year old veteran politician is the only person on India to perform all the duties? Now we know why we have a big team always flying to the Olympics and return with one or two Bronze medals in some Individual items. Look at his biography, never he had been to any of the sports event in his life, am not sure if he had some sort of street fight when he was a school boy so that he can be a president of Indian wrestling federation also.

    Same is the case of all state sports administration bodies. Only the wholly corrupted Lalit Modi could work behind construction and modification of some stadiums in the country but they go for cricket only. We do not have quality stadiums or training facilities. Whatever we have for tennis, badminton and shooting are founded and funded by individuals or some corporate business firms, not by any sports association or government! Just have a look at the current artificial grass courts of Kolkata where the national football event Santhosh Trophy is held. Pity on our footballers.

    The sports administration should be done by sports men or by those who had a past in sports. They better know what exactly the field needed. Why don't these politicians becoming coaches? Similarly they don't do the administration also. They never got some training to rule but they themselves assumes they are the best for that.

    Politicians made the hockey players to strike for a salary hike and athletes to come to media with concerns over their trip expenses and training facilities. Things will change only if the ministry of sports takes a bold move towards bringing some special bills restricting the politicians to a certain extent and forming a non-political third party dedicated body to undertake overall administration of all sports associations in India and all the states as well.

    Anwar Shafeeq
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    The condition of sports in India does cut a sorry figure.Politicians involved in anything achievable have ensured that we achieve shame,loss of integrity and money.
    The biggest example of course is Suresh Kalmadi the man warming the chair of the olymic committee for years and the disastrous preparations that he has done for the soon to be held commonwealth games should be an eye opener for all.For the past 5 years Delhi has been preparing for the games but it is already july and the stadiums have not been revamped up to the mark.The residential quarters for athletes seem to be wanting in every aspect.Wall of shooting ranges fall at the first onset of monsoon and our athletes are still at the mercy of these politicians for training equipments and training venues.
    Recently Vidya Stokes was elected chief of Hockey India flouting the norms for election since she is 83 and the required age limit is 70 set by the sports ministry.Pargat singh the former captain of the national team was just ignored in favour of an aged politician who does not have the stamina to look after the affairs of the sports body but no one is bothered.Pargat Singh did a great job as administrator in Punjab as the director of sports where he increased allocation of funds,equipments and training for sportspersons.But as is the norm his voice against Suresh Kalmadi had to be crushed and corruption had to be maintained by the politicians since corruption is the pond in which these politicians like to swim in.
    Why are sports persons who know the problems and the solutions often ignored for top positions in sports administrative bodies? well the answer is evident.Favouring people of their choice,siphoning of funds and enjoying power is the politician's dose for a successful political career.And all this is just killing all talent and our chances to compete with the best in the sporting field.

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    Presence of politicians is the curse of Indian sports. It's true up to some extinct as there are other ministers cum player like Navjot Singsidhu , Imran Khan etc in cricket who take care of sport issues. In my opinion the board of members of sport association or the organization should be headed by industrialist, the secretary should be a technical person and the international players or the senior players who really want to see their respective sports on top should select the committee.

    Politicians should not be associated with sports as they know how to rule the country not the sports. They will not do justices as they will always put their dirty politics in games every time they are requested to say. The politicians or the ruling party will only advice or give their view keeping the opposition parties on mind. There is no benefit; if minister becomes a part of sports association the opposition party may raise objections if the ruling party will say something. Also a politician's association with a sports body won't result in any benefits for the game. If this happens then there will be a cold war between ruling party and opposition. If the politician becomes the member in sport association then they will put presser on good players or up coming players not to get selected in international games and will try to advice their own known players who gave them money to get selected even though they are not well prepared for international games.

    Take Lalit Modi and its issues on IPL games. Did he do well? No he didn't. More powers come with more responsibilities. Because of Lalit Modi the common man also suffered like the government did. The selling of high rates of tickets. Where the money went? In his pocket and the Team owners.
    The politics in sport will move together always. There will be no change as our politician not moves their hands from sports as they know it produces more money after media. India will face the crisis of better future in sports every time.

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    Respected Members in the Forum,

    We live in a country of democracy. So, it is natural that the top administrative power goes to the people's representatives i.e. to the politicians.

    It is a different question that what kind of role the minister plays being a sport minister. A sport minister is there to facilitate the sports persons so that they can perform their best to show not only his own talent and earn handsome money but also responsible to highlight his own country when participating in an international contests.

    It is not true that our sports men are under performer, but it is true that some of the sports have been glamourised by corporates worldwide. Winner in archery or boxer when brings medal for our country, we do not get exited that much as we do in a century of our cricketers. We do not bother about our national game 'Kabadi'.

    Government has limited resources, it can not sponsor sports persons a lot involved in other fields of sports but can give employment in government and our government has been doing so for years.

    Most of the sports persons who have position in national and international level have been appointed in government jobs. The irony is, very few athletes and sports men have been seen to keep their pace in sports after appointment in spite of giving opportunities of practice leave and other amenities.

    Therefore, In my opinion there is no harm but benefit to the sports to keep politicians in sport authorities. It is wise to keep veteran sportsmen to select candidates for team and coach them to excel in sports and few of them may be in the authorities but keeping sports minister is must.

    After all sports is an international affair and can invite complications if not handled by top bureaucrats and diplomats.


    Arindam Hira

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    The matter is not whether there should be a sports minister or not,in fact there should be but the main concern is that politicians sit over all the administrative posts in different sports bodies and hardly care about their responsibilities in that capacity.Almost each governing body related to cricket,football,hockey,table tennis,badminton,boxing etc have politicians as their heads.This is not fair.Does the politician have time or will for that position?NO.
    Politicians need only one fuel and that is votes at any cost and for that they indulge in gameplans that require all their time and energy so what will be left for sports.
    Of course we live in a democracy and so the opportunity should be open to all who are best suited for the posts rather than a handpicked few for political gains.
    If we live in a democracy then why such a decision of electing the overage Vidya Stokes as chairperson of Hockey India took place ignoring all the criteria fulfilling candidature of former captain Pargat Singh due to which the matter is now in the High court.

    I will just give you an example of how publicity hungry these politicians become through sports association.The boxing champions Akhil Kumar,Vijender Singh and Jitender kumar arrived at the New Delhi airport after their great olympic performance.The Haryana government wanting to cash in their popularity and appeasing the supporting masses sent top government officials to receive and felicitate.But another politician did not want to lose the golden opportunity so Abhay Singh Chautala the politician who is the president of Indian Boxing Federation reached there and took them away to give himself a chance to cash in the glory and heap up his votebank.

    The sports federations get large amount of money but no accountability is presented in the form of bills.Politicians use the perks associated with the positions to remain in public limelight and also earn easy money by granting accredidations and choosing volunteers of their choices.

    What is the reason behind people like bedridden Priya Ranjan Dasmunshi still holding the post of honorary president of All India Football Federation and BJP's Vijay Kumar Malhotra holding the position of head of Archery Federation for the past 31 years.Have you in the past 31 years noticed any development in Archery because of the powerful politician?

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    Yes! This is very true that politicians are affecting Indian sports very badly, there presence is not only promoting the player who have less record and performance against of those who are seeking the entrance in the sports by their hard works but they don't get the single chance to enter in that and keep struggling to find a way in the sports. And even he got selected then there is someone already there to kick him off by making high approaches to the politicians.

    As Julie Jha said, that the politicians are hungry of publicity through sports same happened when Dhoni was making records back to back then government of Jharkhand not only gave him a lot of facilities also a bing flat in Jharkhand whole travelling expanses in Jharkhand and a lot of parties. On this I would say that he just did it for the publicity purpose because on those day Dhoni was famous and Dhoni lovers would be happy to see that the government is providing a lot of facilities to the their lovable cricket player Dhoni.

    In the rival of politician among them where some people are getting benefited there are also some people who are being badly affected by this. When any player is making any good job or any record the politicians goes badly after them, in these type of matters they waste a lot of money, instead of this they can use this money there can use it develop the sports.

    Our country does not have good stadiums and facilities for the player even they waste money like water on some players for making their publicity, this is not fair at all.

    Ram Ratan Maurya.
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    Yes, I completely agree with the present topic "Presence of politicians is the curse of Indian sports." Today politicians are merely looking for their own benefit rather than the countries development and this scenario is even applicable for sports.

    There are various ways in which politicians are effecting the Indian sports. A person who has MP or MLA recommendation is easy to get into the state or nations team in any sport irrespective of his/her talent. In schools or colleges we find a quota for MLA's and MP's, and in recent days we are finding these sort of recommendations in sports also. If this continues in future its difficult for ordinary players to get a place in the team as everyone can't get a recommendation letter from politicians.

    The other way in which these politicians are effecting is that by preventing matches to be held for the sake of their own party promotion. Recently the Hyderabad TRS people didn't allow the Andhra people to play in Hyderabad and this even effected on IPL matches and indeed resulted in the drift of matches from Hyderabad to other venues. So these are some of the ways in which these politicians are effecting the present sports in our country.

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    I don't agree to you guys that Indian players will marvel if there is no politician in the selection Board or sports authority. The thing is our country lack in sports talent and it is true. Hokey team of Dhanchand is history for ever. World cup of Mahinder Amarnath and Kapildev, is not going to happen again in near future.

    Just watch club cricket. Politicians do not select district level players to compete national level. Only position holders in national level are eligible for attending competitions in international level.

    Tell me when the last food ball team of India could qualify to attend world cup! I don't think it happened in last forty years. You can push somebody into the arena of cricket or football team to play but he has to prove himself to be in the team. It is judged by performance not by his connections.

    There are enough stadiums made across the country during the 'Asiad' Tournament held at Delhi. There are plenty scope and clubs and the government regularly hold tournaments to select players to the District, State and National level.

    It is true that wherever crowd is there, politicians take the chance to focus themselves but that should not affect the player's performance. We lack in performance , that is true. Whatever the politicians do ,it is their job to address people for their existence as leaders. This sort of things happen in every field but it is not true that all politicians who are involved in sports activities, do not bother for the quality of players and the result. I feel frustrating to see our retired unsuccessful players criticize and condemn world class players watching television.

    There is scope for the good players always. Nobody can suppress talent. Our performance is not upto the mark so we condemn the selection board and the facilities. See what type of performance the African players give in tournaments of Olympic and world cup. We are not even eligible to participate.

    ar me, believe me we are not there because of poor performance not for the politicians.


    Arindam Hira

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    I completely disagree and am against the motion. I disagree that the Presence of politicians is hampering the performance of Indian sport. Why do we always tend to believe that 'all politicians are bad, mean, irresponsible and a gang of criminals?' I do not believe that politicians coming into Hockey India is weakening the Hockey Infrastructure in India and disrupting the whole system and the functioning of the game. 'Politicians should stay away from games and similar areas,' I have heard this sentence quite often but people supporting this second it not realising that an autonomous body that will run the association will have politics too. The only difference will be that the association will have politics of a high calibre but it will not have the regular politicians but others who will run the organisation as politicians and also be answerable to nobody. I understand that there are many who do not want the politicians to interfere with any sports and they are right to some extent but there are some politicians who really are interfering to make things right and to make sure that the autonomous bodies do not take advantage of their so called new found freedom. Can anyone here assure that there will be no politics in Hockey India if the politicians leave it alone. The answer is a big 'No.' So, let's set the ball rolling and let the politicians too come in the scene. There should not be any association that runs on its own, however, it also should not be completely under the Government.

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    This topic was almost going on a single side, but Mr.Arindam Hira and Mr.Anil Kumar Aitwal brought it back on track by opposing it.

    @Mr.Arindam Hira,

    You said that we lack in talented players, they are some talented players in India but unable to produce the best performance as we lack in resources. The politicians are minting away the money instead of investing on some stadiums which might be helpful for the players. I agree that there are some big stadiums in India but players are not allowed to practice in these stadiums. Today (30th July 2010) it was mentioned in the newspaper that the Andhra Pradesh government (nothing but the politicians) is not allowing the athletes to practice in the famous Gachibowli Stadium located at Hyderabad which has got diverse tracks for various sports. Then what is the use of having such stadiums if they are not going to do any benefit for the athletes? It's observed that these running tracks are only used once or twice a year when major games are organized.

    If we encourage our athletes to practice on those sort of tracks we can definitely produce some good results, but this is not happening. Government is not spending any extra money for the practice of players, they are only investing on the stadiums to organize national or international level games for the sake of practice and not bothered about the performance of our country players.

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    Well its also true somewhere at some level some politician will be there to control all the sports affairs. Like the money going for the sports and the sponsorers coming for different games. But what I think the solution can be there in the middle of this channel or whole system.

    Politicians will have the influence that is fine but it can be limited to some extent or there should be a system of feedback at every level. For example if policians have right to transfer money and to give sponsors to particular game then the necessary reasons for the decision should be attached and sent to the lower level.

    Moreover in any circumstance no approach of any politician at any level should be entertained. The selection process should be stricktly on performance basis.

    Now a days politicians are not fully honest when dealing with sports activities. They are not encouraging new games so that India can make a name in Olympics. Its just that they give luring rewards to winners like Abinay Bindra, Vijender Singh etc. Only players have to put all the money and efforts by themselves and politicans are doing nothing. So the talent which can support itself is going forward rest of all is useless as its not given enought support from the govermment.

    And due to this situation lot of players are also scared of going into sports career as in country like India career in sports doesn't give much gurantee that you will get your goals if you are talented enough, this is just because the lack of transparency from scratch to top.

    So I think only feedback system can help in this. There should a feedback form of every level like from player, selection board to the sports minister. And it should be filled by themselves for each other and a third party can compile the results and accordingly a decision can be made by an independent law. This will ensure the transparency to some extent and will encourage players to enter into national games without any doubts in their minds.

    Eshant :)

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    This is really great we are having enthusiastic members here to turn this GD hot and GD is growing well and in a right direction.

    Politicians are also players and they play with mind and situation but in case of sportsman we need lots of professionalism in the sports. Players should not be controled by politicians as this will make them effortless and less enthusiastic while playing their game.

    India has a great population and still can not produce internation players in many atheletic games. This made us measurable in front of world. This happens because of very much influence of Politicians in the sports. Every country has its own rules and regulations. Though Government of India always lacks while providing facilities in any area and always late of performing major operations. One can see the result of Commonwealth controversy. This is just laziness of India Government and Politician sitting in the parliament not to complete the task till now and I am sure task will remain pending after the games are finished.

    So in my views if we have professional and great enthusiastic expereinced players to furnish the sports task instead of Politician then we can have much more concentration on game rather than raising issues here and there.
    Politician are no where to control the sports here and they are just messing up with issues and doing nothing.

    Amit Siwach

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    Really, the discussion was going single sided earlier. Anyways, it is true that the interference of Politicians in Sports organisations and boards are harming the country's performance in International events.
    I totally disagree with Mr Arindham in this regard.
    @ Mr Arihandham, You said that politicians can't affect any person's performance and only those players are selected who perform well in national level matches. But this is visible for Cricket only and this is the reason why our team is one of the strongest, a player like Yuvraj Singh was kept out as he was not in good form and the BCCI had atleast 15 options in front who could replace him. But this is only as Cricket is so highly promoted and so much money is spent on them. You know how many Cricket bats have any of the playing 11 batsmen bought till they got that place ?
    Not a single one !
    Why ? Because each of them has got a long list of sponsers who spend money on their accessories, even their off-field clothes.
    This is a clear disparity ! If they are provided such facilities, why are all others treated equally. The answer is politics ! Politicians profit loads and loads of money from Cricket. The leaders sitting there in the boards don't have any knowledge of the playing skills of even a single batsmen but know in exact figures, how much money they generate from each match.
    The stadiums in which matches are played are thronged with thousands of people, who gets the money paid for tickets ?
    The major share goes to the Boards and to its chairman.
    This was just about influence of Politics on other sports due to interest in Cricket. Now coming to the effects in a particular sport.

    Pay no heed to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !

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    I firmly believe that presence of politicians is a very big curse for Indian sports. It is a shame that a country of 120 crore people cannot produce even a handful of world class sports person. The deep rooted corruption in politics has led to this situation in Indian Sports arena.

    Sample this, Government of India gives 1000 crores to Sports Ministry for upliftment of sports facilities in the country. The ministry will ask for the feedback from different sports federation about the condition of the infrastructure in that particular sport, the people sitting and leading any sports federation are politicians, they will hold meetings in five star hotels, spend lakhs and see their interest before giving their feedback. The amount will keep lying with the ministry for months and then they will distribute it to the federations. The amount will depend on how powerful the administartor is there in that federation and obviously he is a politician.

    Then starts the real game of spending the money received from the Government. The contracts are given to the people close to these politicians with a huge cut. Instead of spending the remaining amount on sports persons or on building the infrastructure large chunk is spent by the officilas in the name of meetings, abroad visits etc. The situation of the sport and the sports person remains the same. No one is interested in the country or the country's sports. Every one is filling his or her bank accounts.

    I doubt even ten percent of the amount is being spent on sports. The country though has a very good system of organizing sports activities right from the school level to nationals. However the treatment that these sports person receives at the hand of these handful people is very severe. They stay in five stars and the sports persons are allowed to stay in dormatories or some school or college buildings during any sports event.

    Last year the Indian International female Hockey players were seen struggling in the stinking dormatories and were asked to stay in a single room while preparing for a major International event. This is a situation in the International level. just imagine about the players who play national events. In another incident P T Usha was also asked to stay in a room in a stadium. This is the respect we give to people who have brought some laurels to the country on their own.

    Right from top to bottom there is no one who can take some stern steps and improve the sports facilities in the country. The politicians has taken over the sports to such an extent that it looks impossible to break this wall as of now.

    Abhinav Bindra, the only sports person who won Gold in an Olympic event categorically told that he did not get any support from the government. Since he is a son of a Millionare he could manage to get his equipments and training on his own.

    India has a huge bench of talented people. We only need to nurture them and provide them with the facilities and social security, nothing more and we can see India topping the charts in all the events. The only hinderance is the involvement of politicians. They strictly need to be kept out of any sports if we really want India to do something in sports.

    Goverment need to frame a new policy wherein only sports person of a repute can be allowed to lead any federation and look after the sports. The money should be only spent for providing quality coaching to the sports persons. The people in sports be given some kind of social security so that they can concentrate hard and not worry about making both ends meet.

    Thanks and Regards
    Rajesh Rana

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    Now about the effects on a particular sport.
    We know that all the top performers of Ranjhi Trophy get place in Indian Cricket team. But after selection, it is the board who has to decide whether they have to keep the player in the squad or put him out. There are many players who get to the Playing 15 in a series while they don't get a chance to play even a single match and after the series, they are just thrown out in the name of non-vacancy in the team. On the other hand, the players who are sons of rich and influential people are never left behind even if they don't perform up to the mark. There are some players whom these ministers support and they have no chance at all to leave the playing 11. But this is not so common in Cricket. Talking about other sports, there is no transparency on the selection procedures. The players are not getting equal opportunities, cheap accessories, bad grounds and most of all low cash. How will they perform ?
    The politicians know that they are not profiting so much from such sports so they don't feel any hesitation in eating up the funds provided from the upper levels. Corruption is in every vein of the Govt system and this is clearly visible. Our country has so much talent that we will get thousand good football players if we just organise a hunt. But who cares. 'No future is there in Football in India' - This is the most common line which one hears from the parents of a child who is highly interested in playing. The stadiums are good but no permission for local matches. A player is selected over another good player why because his father is a close relative of the State's Sports ministry's head. All talk about the players selected in National teams, Noone thinks who selects them for state level performances ! If a good player is replaced by an average player just on the basis of his contacts in the authority, how come he will perform ? If he performs OK later, he may also get place in the national team but what will he do there ?
    This is the question, the Politics and Corruption has its say in the Root levels also and disparity starts from there only and goes ahead to create a team of 11 players out of which only 6 can play effectively while the others appear as if they have come for a practice match !

    Pay no heed to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !

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    I strongly disagree that India lacks sports talent. Yes, genetically we less endowed to play the power sports, but that cannot come in the way of talent.

    Our sports is badly affected by the Politicians. Politicians here try to adhere to sport organizations so that regional sports organizations help them in getting votes.

    And I also think that the lack of infrastructure like stadium and other sports facility etc are happening only because the Sports Ministry is held by peple who has no clue what actually we want to develop infrastructure. If they actually want to promote sports in rural level they would have appointed Sports Organisers in grassroot level, kept track of how the fund allocated to Sports are spent etc.

    We have ever noticing corrupted persons are backed by politicians in Sports; the debate of Indian Hockey Federation Vs Hocky India is the perfect example of corruption in sports organizations. If political interests were not underplaying between these two, lots of time would saved for thinking about development of Hockey in India.

    Runa N. Borah.

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    Hello Friend
    The habit of an Indian politician is to do nothing and do not let anyone to do anything. And when politicians has entered the world of sports they bring this habit here also and the downfall of Indian sports starts.
    Today you name a sport and all the main person related to that sport is a politician.
    I do not understand the concept how can a politician improve the standard of game better than a person belonging to that sport.
    But I think many of our politician do not think likewise. They just wanted to make money in what ever way possible and then rest all go to hell for them.
    And now Indian sport is going towards hell.
    No sports person is holding a good position in sports world today.
    This condition has reached to an extent that Sharad Pawar has been called as Cricket Minister because rather than focusing on controlling the prices of grain he is focusing on cricket.
    If such trend continues then no one will be able to save the future of Indian sports.
    Thank You.

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  • #152997
    A politician does not have to be an expert to be able to manage the functioning of the respective sports bodies. I do not believe that only a great sportsman should be made to sit in the panel of decision makers. Of course, it is necessary for the members of a committee to know about the sport they are managing but they surely need not be experts or pundits in that area. A politician's job is to manage things and that is what he will do. As I mentioned earlier not every politician is corrupt and not every one of us is here is honest. Some of the members mentioned that only people from the sports back-ground should be allowed to lead a committee but I differ. There is a lot of difference between a player(he may be the best) and a manager or a care-taker. Take for instance, Sachin Tendulkar - he is the best around and will always be the best but if you ask him to manage the Indian Team, he will back off instantly and spontaneously. Pele-The King of Football, was the Sports Minister of Brazil in 1994 but his stint as a minister was not as successful as one could have thought.

  • #153006

    Each and everything here is just because of corruption, our country is full of corruption from head to toe.
    If you have to get government job give some bribe and you are in-corruption.
    Any ongoing case in court give a bunch of money and you won-corruption.
    For getting admissions, driving licences, permits etc. Everywhere you will see corruption.

    Nothing strange is happening in this matter, it's just once again a example of corruption, politicians use us for their own needs as in the way they want but in this, they are loosing some legends who have played in village, towns and became master of sports even they cannot take a place in the squads just because they do not have any contacts or approaches to any politician or board selection. Players who are having good approaches with the selection board or any famous politician take place in team without doing a hard work in comparison of street players. If these mans, gives a chance to these type of players then for sure we can hope a good performance in sports.
    But here, politicians only focus on those sports which are already famous and use them as cash machine. Publicity of Cricket in India is much more than needed that's why people are ever excited to watch cricket they do not promote any other sports like Hockey and Football, that may be the biggest reason that anyone is not taking interest in these sports.

    Let's see who is there who can do something in favour of players and people not only for himself.

    Ram Ratan Maurya.
  • Editor, Resources
  • Webmaster - &
  • #153013
    when we say politicians should be kept away from sporting organisations we mean to curb irregularities in any form ie.selection decisions,fund utilisation,facilities granted and favouritism too.But this is also true that politics of a different level may crop up even if the governing bodies have non political members.The real issue is that at least there will not be any vote bank politics which affects the nation so much and still they manage to get their share of limelight.
    There is less chance of non political people to save their skin and go scot free if a wrong step is taken by them as compared to the political heavyweights who weild so much power that they commit wrongs and still go scot free.

    Politicians manage to lease out prime properties at much low rates to the sports associations managed by them and then rent them for marriages and other functions pocketing the profits and not to mention the big rallies that they manage to hold in such places too.

    According to a news report published by Hindustan Times,in the commonwealth youth games IOA president Suresh Kalmadi openly admitted that the Maharashtra olympic association joint secretary,Prahlad Sawant is the man who had brought him into sports administration so he "paid him back" by involving him in granting accreditations and picking volunteers when the job should have been done by the public relations officer of the IOA who again is paid for the jobs not to be done.

    The matter is not only how the performance of the sportspersons will or will not be affected by the presence of the politicians but at least these mean and malicious attempts will be alleviated if not fully uprooted and money will be channelised properly.Then after all other basic amenities and the groundwork is in place can we gauge the potential of the sportspersons otherwise how can you say that inspite of no assistance only on account of calibre the athletes have to go out and prove.At least we should do our job sincerely of giving them all help needed then only we can blame them for poor performance.

    And,Mr.Arindam do not be so discouraging and negative about our hockey and Cricket performances by saying that winning the world cups are history and never going to happen again.Players put all their heart and soul in thier work since they too want the glory of winning and who wants to lose?But there are issues to be taken care of and I am sure they will prove you wrong.

  • #153072
    Ok folks,so there is one more 'breaking news' to prove what politicians are up to as far as sports is concerned and here is an example how the integrity of the host nation is in danger.
    The news is just out that the central vigilance commission has found heavy discrepancies in 16 projects of commonwealth games amounting to more than 2500crs.Just put you thinking caps on.
    The irregularities exist in awarding contracts to handpicked people,sanctioning projects not needed etc.
    Two of Suresh Kalmadi's near and dear ones have been accused of illegal forex payments by the enforcement directorate.
    The water sports venue Shyama prasad mukherjee swimming complex has been constructed in the worst manner just to fulfil the task of preparing the venue.
    I certainly feel that discrepancies and corruption of such magnitude would never have happened if non political members were at the helm of affairs and at least the probe would have intensified and travelled to a conclusion which seems improbable as politicians and their aides are involved.

  • #153118
    Yes.I agree with you.Not only in sports,but also in every field the presence of politicians is there.This makes many players who are talented to be vexed.Even though they are talented,they are avoided to be selected.This is a shame to our country.In our country,there are 100cr people.Many of them are talented also.But the chance is given to some of them only.In our country,most of the politicians are selfish and working for their shake only.This should be changed.Already as we are giving much importance to the cricket,The hockey players were discouraged.Like this there are many avoided players.There should be a individual power to the selection committee.And we should be the support for those talented players.The influence of the selfish politicians should be avoided in every field like this.Then only we can change this.This is my opinion.
    Sudarmani S,
    "if the dreams are big enough , the facts don't count"

  • #153132
    Some of us mentioned that there were people who never got a chance to play even after being good players. But we need to understand that it was not only the politicians who hindered a new talent to come out and show his talent. The whole panel of managers are responsible for the selection. The panel consists of people from all walks of life including the politicians and former players. Many also mentioned that the politicians were only interested in promoting the games in which India already excelled through individual efforts like Cricket, Badminton, Shooting and Boxing. However, I again do not believe it to be completely true. India stands nowhere in the world when it comes to Rugby but a Rugby Stadium with the most modern amenities has been constructed for the promotion of the game in India. There have been similar changes towards betterment of various sports like Wrestling, Indoor Games, Swimming and even a game as unheard as Lawn Bowls.
    Yes, there are some grounds officially made for various sports disciplines which are being rented for marriages or other functions but the question still remains, Who are the ones that apply to the officials and who are the ones that attend the functions? It is 'US.' We are the ones that go to them asking for permission to be granted to stage a function, it is not the politicians that come out to us begging to stage a function.

  • #153135

    I am thankful to the ISC that ISC provide me a good platform for this way today I am participating in this GD topic.

    This topic is very nice and all the above my friends told about this topic I also have some my views which I want to share with you.
    There is no doubt that the "Presence of politicians is the curse of Indian sports". Politics is that which not only effect the sports but it also create a big problem and gives effect on the growth of our country.
    If our government try to good for players but at that time politics ministers says that what's government are doing its not good the money government spending on sports should be spend on the poority of the country. But at that time one question arise in my mind that without the sports how can you develop your country.
    Our country has the good position and its demand on the International level do you think that our country shouldn't do this it means you are not happy with the growth of our country.
    you think that we should not win the meddle and if our player will not work hard then it sure that the neighborhood player will win all the meddle and we sit keep quite. We don't want to organize any big game function because our money will spend but think that the boom of people will come in our country the will search a lot of option here which help us to develop in the every field of the living life.
    Now I think that this is what type of politics is present in India which is not want to see the future of sports but they want to see their own future.
    Now its our time to overcome from this big and dangers problem we have to birth the some people who can increase their voice against the politics. Our sports department should be under the sports person not on any bad politics.
    Then we think that we can overcome from this problem.

    Thank & Regards
    Rao Sandeep Yadav

  • #153138
    Hi all,
    @ Anil,
    I agree that its not the duty of a single head but of the complete panel but if the head of the organisation asks personally to his managing team regarding the selection of a player, will they let it down ?
    No ! And this is the drawback, if a sports person is the chairman of a selection committee, he will see the trials himself and even judge before referring a player.

    Regarding the promotion of games :

    Improvement can never be stopped by a leader, all he do is eat the major funds while little goes to development. Govt. always issues extra funds for a task but it is shown that the funds were just enough for the purpose. Its the working of the Boards and authority in which all the chairman can do is pass the bill. He doesn't have any option if the whole panel of members are supporting improvement. The govt. also pressurises them to do the same for the fluorishment of games. We are not concerned with that because here an individual leader can't do anything.
    The theme of discussion is that we don't get players to compete with the International teams in most of the Sports and whether this is the result of the assigning the major posts to Politicians.
    Can anyone say that India lacks talent ?
    Noone can say this type of thing then why our Soccer team don't even qualify to play in the World Cup. There has to be some problem in management only. The deserving players if selected would never let us down. Some players are born with that talent while some are made talented by practice. I support the former ones and believe that if the same practice is given to them, they can do miracles. Many rural people have such great skills but they are suppressed down by the rich folks thanks to their contacts in higher authorities.
    This is never done !

    Pay no heed to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !

  • #153225
    Yes, I agree that the presence of politicians atleast in the present form in sports is proving to be a curse for sports in India. Politicians consider their sports departments like a part time or rather pass time departments where they can come and relax after getting tired of working in their regular ministries. This may not be true for all sports head but it isn't a lie in case of most of them.

    Majority of India is engrossed in cricket and doesn't give a damn about other sports. Such is the case with many politicians too which go ahead to become heads of sports departments for which they don't even care about nor have any passion for. The result is visible in the form of pathetic performance of other sports. Even though in cricket India is one of the top most countries that too can not be attributed as a success for the politicians rather a result of overwhelming craze and passion for the game in Indians. Even the few stars who have achieved something in other games have done that due to the support of their family and friends rather than the sport committee of the country.

    Being a football fan myself it hurts me to compare the condition of football facilities provided in our country and those provided in African and European countries. Low audience turn out rate even in International matches just decreases the moral of whatever good players we have in other sports. If these politicians just take a extra step of advertising these sports and providing good facilities in the country for interested players it won't take a long time for a Ronaldo or Beckham to rise from 100 crore population of India.

    Recently when the sports ministry tried to improve the condition of sport departments by fixing the term of tenure by these heads to a limited time period, these heads got a stay from the international sports association using the excuse that these sports managements are Autonomous bodies and any influence by the Government would lead to the suspension of the whole federation for a certain number of years. Where the Government should had tried to find a way out to fix their tenure, it just backed down and forgot the matter and let the heads some of who have been occupying their posts for more than 15 year continue their reign uninterrupted and further drowning any chances for improvement.

    The condition of these sports can be improved only if top players from each sport are provided place in the top echelon of the power circle of these sports. If not as head then at least 50% of the top posts in management committee should be be occupied by sports persons. Not only this but whosoever is a member of such sports departments should not be allowed to hold any other post especially important posts which leave little time for the management of their sport departments.

  • #153228

    There is always two sides in every matter. We should try to look at the bright side of life. We should try to make ourselves clean and then only the society will take the way. I found many people in practical life who criticize corruption but do not hesitate to pay extra to get little and trifle facilities. people who intend to get things, job, journey tickets, admission in school and colleges by paying bribes are equally corrupt as they indulge this to happen.

    Only incapable and worthless people offer bribes. Be honest and self sufficient so that you do not need to approach any body for additional preference. Then only this country shall proceed further. Never ever try to use your money and position to take advantage over your capabilities.

    We are again back to the topic that please overlook the inefficiencies of the selection board or politicians and constraints of our Government,
    Let the players show their excellence in the field.

    Thank you,

    Arindam Hira.

    Knowledge is Power.
    Learn to Grow,
    Grow to Glow.

  • #153266
    Presence of politicians is the curse of Indian sports- Do you agree?

    The title should be really the talk of the hour..I think its really shame for a shining country like India, where politicians are competing for their respectable position in Indian Sports Associations.. This trend is relatively new..Really politics is a stepping stone for acquiring power...Politics give them the right way to play the cards..

    In my personal opinion Politics and sports should not be mixed as both have different outlook.. The politicians are elected as a representative is not to fight for power but to act for the need of the people.The main reason why politicians want to enter sports is because some athletic competitions yield wealth and supremacy. If we go through the cases of some of the prominent political figures they all are associated either with one or two Sports Associations..

    Hanging onto the Association till their death..It's not reasonable to have a minister as a part of sports organization. This is because if a politician from the ruling party handles the affairs, then the opposition party may raise objections. Also a politician's alliance with a sports body won't result in any reimbursement for the game. Eventually there will be a cold war between ruling party and opposition.Politicians or Ministers are elected by the people for reasonable purpose..

    Do some welfare for the particular constituency...His duty is to serve the people not to go behind and sports association..However, politicians in some foreign countries have been successful sports administrators. For instance, Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi owns the renowned AC Milan football club.

    Former Indian hockey captain M M Somaya, for instance, says, "Having some powerful politician or influential bureaucrat always helps. It is important to have someone powerful who can manage the environment. See, there's no harm in that, but an association or federation should be run like a company, where there are different departments which are eventually made accountable for their performance."

    So request to that dear politicians,
    you are elected by we voters for achieving our goal through you people.. Please do the things that you are entitled to...Hope to see better...

    With Regards
    Biju C Manalethu

    With Regards
    Biju Cherian
    ISC Editor,Forum & Resources


  • #153267
    Its not right to suggest that Indian players except in cricket are incapable and they are the only one to blame. Providing facilities by the management is also important which lack in every sports except cricket. Look at the conditions of football grounds. In the first place very few are available and which are available are in pathetic conditions and which are not local players have to struggle to get permission to play there. Basket ball courts which ever are present are none public but built by private builders in their institutions.

    International coaches who come to India always have to work in shortage of proper equipments. Many a times when they are interviewed by journalists all have the same complain of lack of facilities. Also it won't be fair to say that all these coaches are not hardworking. Football player Baiuchung Bhutia, the Indian football team captain himself has praised the present coach for bring freshness in the team spirit and method but when the coach was interviewed he too complained of lack of facilities, support and encouragement.

    What politicians are required to do is to promote all the sports at the basic level i.e. provide grounds and equipments for the children at school at government school and making such facilities compulsory at private schools. The professional players should be given proper exposure, training, equipments and most importantly support by government and the common people.

  • #153283
    How ever in India the presence of a politician in an association will be beneficial only for that leader..Money used up by sports associations on the game should be monitored.With the insertion of diplomats and businessmen, sports and sportsmen can endorse if the former are able to stay true to the cause of promoting the sport and encouraging talent.

    The most awful thing about our sports is the involvement of politicians.. They are on the top of different sports associations..They are least bothered about why our sports persons performance is poor.. They are not interested in this matter.. Here they are not helping the sports but damaging it..Shame on the political play..

    Indian sports is lacking the basic facilities.. Even from the grass-root level itself the improvement has to be made.. Within few months we are going to host the commonwealth games.. Some news channels has flashed the news and even newspapers carried the news about misusing money spend for the development of infrastructure..

    Accountability is the key. The panel should include knowledgeable coaches and retired sportsmen.... It's a shame what happened to IPL; it has actually tainted our image in the cricket world.Tharoor is gone. However, this is not the last time a politician has gotten into Big Sports. Lalit Modi and IPL are under the lens.

    Words of powar “People like me who are associated with sports know how to improve infrastructure, increase support for players, especially retired players. We don’t take interest in day-to-day affairs,” Pawar said in an interaction with reporters at the Indian Women’s Press Corps...

    Of the 35 National Sports Federations under the IOA, at least 10 are headed by politicians, many of whom have held posts for years together ...Worldwide, sport at present is getting more affluent and larger in extent, hence a greater need for lucidity, organisation and qualified administration.

    With regards
    Biju C Manalethu

    With Regards
    Biju Cherian
    ISC Editor,Forum & Resources


  • #153284
    Politicians are really playing their cards. They rise to the position of reputed political leader after that they get appointed to head the sports bodies.

    This creates a detrimental condition. Politics also play a role in the assortment of players for all events at different levels. The conflict between two politicians for the post of the chairman of Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has even spilled into court rooms defaming the India sport.

    If we want to be a super power in sports then the influence of these politicians and communalism should be dragged out...Sports should be included as a part in the syllabus of the school students..

    Kalmadi, a ruling Congress Party member of the Lok Sabha, is now overseeing the preparations for the Commonwealth Games due later this year...His name also came in newspapers yesterday for misusing the government funds..

    With the political culture permeating sports, detection of talent is often played by hidebound considerations rather than independent judgment. Consolidation and retaining of power assumes paramount importance rather than the development of sports in this situation. Favoritism, preferential treatment, regionalism and such adherent considerations disenchant genuine and talented sports persons.

    With Regards
    Biju C Manalethu

    With Regards
    Biju Cherian
    ISC Editor,Forum & Resources


  • #153420
    Everyone here is trying to point out the flaw in politicians in every way. As I had mentioned earlier there will still be politics even after the politicians are out from the sports organisations. The case of misappropriation of funds is an allegation and has not yet been proved right. Why do we tend to believe a certain thing even before it is approved? I understand it is human psyche to believe the case to be true but we need to put the judgements for the case in the parking lot till the judgement is passed by the appointed committee.
    And, why should I believe that all sportsmen are honest and brimming with integrity as many of our colleagues are trying to put forward? A sportsman with no management skills will do more harm to the game and the respective association than a politician.
    Finally, why is anybody not highlighting the fact that there are no Bollywood stars appointed as ambassadors of the 'Commonwealth Games 2010?' The politicians made sure that the Real Stars of India and not the Reel Stars got the recognition for the contribution they have made towards their country's success. The politicians do care and know what they are doing.

  • #153432
    Hi Anil,
    The topic of GD is about role of Politicians as Heads of Sports Authorities and Boards but you seem like protecting politicians. If we have a debate upon the politicians then only one result will ooze out i.e more than 95% politicians are corrupt.
    Basic work of Politicians is managing the country working as representatives of districts, states etc then why these while being involved in that work opt for posts in Sports Authorities. Its right that even if a Sports person is employed in this work, the corruption won't go. I completely agree with it while I too have something positive in it. A minister and a former sports person both will eat up funds but tell me that when it comes to knowledge regarding how much fund is needed for a game then who will be better in calculation of the same ?
    When it will come to recruiting players who will have a better judgement ?
    A simple answer to both these questions is that only the person who is associated with the sport for a long time will satisfy these demands not someone who just knows how to give a speech in a Mic.
    A sportsman knows the problems and difficulties faced in the field so he must be better than a Politician, who just watches players play, in incorporating new and effective changes.

    Pay no heed to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !

  • #153442

    So far in the discussion we have arrived to this points-

    1. Our players are under performers other than few who set good record in International sports. There are very few instances of success by Indian players in international sports for the last 40 years. - I agree.

    2. The other players who are not performing well, all have been in the sports due to influence of politicians.- I don't agree.

    3. Most of the politicians involved in sports activities are corrupted.- I don't agree.

    4. Eligible players are not allowed to practice in stadiums.- I do not believe. Only players of certain standard are allowed to practice in sophisticated tracks , fields and stadiums. These are not meant or built for training purpose.

    5. If there was no politician in the sports authority, our players would done better score or top in Olympic and similar international events.- Absurd.

    6. There should be ex-top players of the country in the sports authority to safeguard players and proper selection.- I agree.

    7. Sports is an International subject and there should be interference of the Government and it should be under ministry of sports and youth affairs.- Absolutely necessary.

    8. There is need to provide more facility and programs to find out talented players and train them for achieving good results by the government.- I agree.


    We should not blame the surface of the stage, being unable to dance.

    Thank you Sirs,

    Arindam Hira

    Knowledge is Power.
    Learn to Grow,
    Grow to Glow.

  • #153457

    To decide whether the presence of politicians is a curse of Indian sports or not depends upon the influence of a particular politician at a particular game, whether its negative or positive.

    Now as far as the promotion is concerned, we can't blame politicians only for this. Promotion is hugely effected by the media or press. Media can play a big role in the upliftment of few games like hockey, football etc. like the way they promote cricket.

    Reason for the title asking whether presence of politicians in Indian sports is a curse or not is that we all know how much corrupted the system now a days is. But on the other side of a coin we can't avoid the politicians completely as they make financial decisions and can expose the game to any part of the world by arranging variuos events or tournaments. For example IPL which was started few years back and its very popular these days and has given India huge exposure globally.

    So the conclusion is that the presence of politicians is not the curse of Indian sports in a direct manner as it is necessary to maintain and to make sure that things are going according to some predefined rules and regulations. But the corruption, lack of transparency in the selection process and lack of attention to a lot of other games like Football, Hockey, is the real curse of Indian sports which is present in the political and as well as selection board level.

    So I suggested a solution also in my previous discussion where I proposed a feedback system to be implemented at every level which can be maintained by the third party or an independant law to ensure that everybody is doing his/her work honestly.

    Eshant :)

  • #153500
    Having a big population in our country we are not having some good players for a sports, there are a lot of street players who have also done at National levels but when question come about to the International level, there are not being selected.
    Are they not able to be selected or they are not being selected because they do not have the contacts to the upper level politician or they not have enough money to present them. Some politicians are using sports just for their own earnings if they are getting profit from a player they promote them by recommending to select in the squad but what about them who do not any contacts to them.

    Day by day the performance of our players are very disappointing and now if no new selection will be made then the day is not far when India will not any identity at international sports besides the politicians are only promoting to the sports which are popular among the people.

    Ram Ratan Maurya.
  • Editor, Resources
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  • #153501
    Critics today got very aggressive over the common wealth games as there are many controversies and discussions going on the Politicians included in the organizing committee of CWG 2010.
    One can itself see the corruption level here happened on the board while organizing these games. This is only due to inclusion of Politicians in the Games which made these games happening with more difficulties.
    But India is a democratic country and anything can happen here in few days even if we say in few hours will not be wrong. Our politicians will complete the work within the opening ceremony day and we can be proud of that work. This is really a correct way to show our nations spirit for sports and sports person always rely on ongoing politics in each field of sports.
    We got ownership of CWG games in 2002 and still after a long 8 years period we are just preparing the infrastructure of the Games which should be happened in very early stage. This made us ashamed in front of world and we know this is going wrong and even we can not do anything as India is democratic country and is led by our chosen politicians which are hungry of money and have built in quality of doing scams and scandals.
    Though this is known to everyone but everyone is habitual of just watching. Still we are not opposing our politician not to indulge in the games.

    Amit Siwach

  • #153510
    Every sports needs some basic treatment for the growth. But because of political influence or interference, their basic requirements are ignored. Some politician takes care about cricket as it is the most famous game in our country. Almost every possible treatment are given to them, their player gets good treatment after the bad performance, their few achievement make them eligible for many national awards, they are providing many couches such as, batting couch, fielding couch, bowling couch. Along with that they have physical trainer and physician.

    But on the other hand side hockey, our national sports is totally neglected. The condition are getting worst day by day. They are even don't have basic facility. Their players performance are ignored by our politician. Even the worse is that they are not getting enough money to survive. They are not getting encouragement for their good performance. When they get nominated for the national award is too late for their achievements recognition. If we take our womens hockey team they win bronze medal after such a bad condition.Though they played good in Asia cup but if they get proper training and guidance who knows that this will make them to eligible for higher achievements.

    Commonwealth game is on in the row, but day by day we get aware of politician bad intention, how they are became ignorant about the public money, sports stadium is not ready yet. Even Mr.Krishna Iyer of the same party is exposing their party corruption on the national television. These things gives a bad image of India in front of the global world. This gets an attention of commonwealth game committee of Britain. Now they are thinking Is their money is properly utilized or not?To avoid these kind of situation our politician is saying that they have assigned a committee to solve the issue. This committee will present their report after the game will over, as we all know.

    In every sports they became a curse whether we talk about football, hockey, gymnastic, tennis, boxing, Kusti, shooting and other games.Every game need some basic requirement but because of the corruption and ignorance of our politician. Their level of performance is getting down and down day by day. Now their condition is in the dangerous situation. They are the responsibility of our nation, they need to nourish them properly, in a proper environment.

    Those who are nothing to do with this sport, they became the whole soul of it. Without the knowledge of sports you can't work on for the proper upliftment of sports. There ignorance will lead a bad situation which they can't handle in future. Sports represent a healthy nation and a good sports will increase the pride of our nation. But if we ignore them it means we are ignoring our nations pride. We will have to set up goal for the equal uplifment of every sports and to stop the politician to play with our nation's pride.

    Richa Jha
    ISC Member: An another wave in the ocean!

  • #153556
    @Akshay- I might be sounding as if I am trying to protect the politicians but that is definately not my intention. I am only trying to counter the way the politicians are stereotyped as being corrupt and not willing to serve the nation. Moreover, I have no relation of any kind with any politician. Similar to the colleagues that are trying to highlight the vices of politicians, I am trying to highlight some of the good attributes in them.
    Furthermore, I have never supported that the management of the sports authorities be taken care of only by the politicians. I only want the politicians to be included in the management and sports committees so that the sports authorities are not run like a private company by laymen. I would like to reiterate that the country already has a system where the management committee of a particular discipline has to have the sportsmen from the same game and that I am only supporting the inclusion of politicians in the management.

  • #153557
    I do agree with the statement.. In Indian sports in now at a dangerous situation.

    Politicians join the federations under the pretext that they can get things done. But once a politician tastes the spoils of the office of a sports federation, it is very difficult to dislodge him from his perch. And that, perhaps, is the reason our record as a sporting nation is so pathetic.

    In India Sports is in the iron grip of the politician-bureaucrat nexus. Not a single sports federation in India is free from the influence of the politician-bureaucrat coalesce. Sports means supremacy, pelf and free exposure. More and more politicians and bureaucrats are trying to get into the area of sports administration.

    According to them politicians are to be at the top of sports bodies are necessary to get things done correctly.Priya Ranjan Dasmunshi, Member of Parliament, is one of the least popular sports heads.Especially at the top of the All-India Football Federation (AIFF).The entry of the Chautala brothers — Abhay Singh and Ajay Singh — has heralded an era of total politicisation of the sports federations. The two brothers control the Indian Amateur Boxing Federation and the Table Tennis Federation of India.

    If politicians and bureaucrats are the blight of Indian sports, there are also 'career sports officials' who have been clinging to various sports federations like limpets.With all politicians (cutting across party lines) playing sport with the sport administrations the Indian sport faces a austere future.

    May God Take care of the Sports Associations...

    With Regards
    Rony Daniel

  • #153578
    Hello Jose sir and all Members,

    Good evening to you all, and permission to take part in GD.

    I think it will be good if we do not speak about politicians. If we will have to say them as curse, present days politicians are curse not only to sports but to entire country. Here I want to pin point a comment of a big politician " I will be happy If CWG won't survive". I think all members have come to know who was that.

    After statement he justifies it that the expenses which will be made for such events can be diversified to development programs. I would like to ask that gentle politician till now where he was to think about development programs?

    Here, After looking at the GD I remember one incident which took place in 1994-95 when Srilanka won cricket world cup. Some Srilankan Navy Officers were on training in our difence training center who celebrated the win and thrown a word like this" You are the population of 100 Crores could not win but Ours is a small Country which is like a state in your country". You all believe or don't it was really a shame on our part.

    Why I have mentioned that incident here is to say how deeply the sports managements is being involved by politicians. Take it for selection of players or for organizing any sports event.

    There are many politicians as presidents, vice-presidents, Chairman and vice-chairman of many sports organizations those who even does not know the number of players in that particular game. If these all are not curse to sports then what it is? So let us think to eliminate the curse as early as possible so that the Indian Sports will reach to a new high.

    Thank you very much

    With best regards
    Satyaprasad Komaravolu

  • #153681
    Politicians are very crucial in every field and hence in Sports, There are no one to manage any kind of situation but our politicians always manage any situation as they are too experienced with corruption and ideas to impure the community.

    We dont have any word to curse these politicians as they bought an Air conditioner of just rs. 4 Lacs and a treadmill worth rs 8 Lacs. Though we all know this is very high reputed game in sports but only because of our politicians we are delayed behind the scheduled and many scams are found by different agencies. Still we say we need not to say anything on this matter.

    Politicians should not be involved in any kind of game or public review. They should be kept in the parliament only to throw stones and shoes at each other. That is the only right place and we should feel proud on this. What a curse we are having here in every sport and every where due to our politicians.

    Amit Siwach

  • #153783
    HI Amit Siwach,

    Don't involve our national temple( Parliament) with these gandi machili ok. There is a proverb in Hindi " Ek gandi machili poore talaab ko kharab karta hai". This in contest with Mr. Anil Kumar Aitwal and Akshay Mahajan's discussion.

    Ok Even if politicians are out there will bw politics in the sports as told by Mr Anil Kumar but the credit of this also goes to politicians only. Because they are the culprits those who have introduced this corruption in the sports field as mentioned by Madam julie jha. The Sures Kalmadi's Open statement is witness for this.

    Again the announcement of the Government for probe in to the scam of CWG in the allotment of rooms etc is just a burning aspect to say these politicians are really a curse to Indian Sports.

    Thank you one and all
    With best Regards
    Satya prasad Komaravolu

  • #153793
    Hi all,
    @ Anil,
    You are right that not all politicians are corrupt and I think there are also some gems among them who are worth saluting.
    Actually, the topic of the GD is this only that whether politicians should be there in management or not.
    You support it because you think politicians are good at managing as they are doing the same for the whole country. I won't try to prove you wrong but want to put clearly what is wrong. Politicians here are being referred to as those who are already in the system and hold positions in the legislative councils or Assemblies i.e who are present at some post of either an MLA or MP. I am against that. An MP has thousands of other types of work to do, even then if they indulge in sports management committees then we should come to know that there is something wrong going on. This is what I want to say. At present the ministers which are registered under some political party should never be given rights to even interfere in such committees and boards be it the state level or the national level. They won't do justice with the players as well as the sport.
    I think there is no lack of efficient managers in our country. After all if one has minimum desire for black money, he can fit in any organisation. That is the reason I don't think politicians are required there. I won't comment on the activities of the politicians in their field of Politics as we all are well aware of it. If we start discussing on that topic we will reach a common conclusion. But the thing is that if a person is allotted a division or a tehsil to look after, why should he indulge in activities other than this. If he is not corrupt or inefficient then he shouldn't even get a single second to spare for these activities.
    So, leaving aside the politicians present in the system, any senior old sportsperson, any retired coach or some well experienced Physical Education expert can be provided the post. The main reason is that these won't interfere in the system under the influence of the rich class people who offer money so that their child is selected even if he is not capable enough. This way the productivity will be increased many folds and the dreams which we have for other sports will also be fulfilled.

    Pay no heed to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !

  • #153859
    @ Mr. Satyaprasad
    I was in no mood to play with your dignity towards our parliament.This is a Group Discussion and every member of ISC can take part and hence I am. If you say that this is the contest only with two participant then I think you are wrong while dictating your words.

    I do always agree with statements given by you about Politicians and I am just confirming them in my language.

    Politicians always fight in parliament. Have they ever visit their area after election and you know they only play with emotions of citizens and nothing else. Tell me one region in India where there is no corruption and a politician is not involved in that corruption. A junk of people will always be there to show off on the name of any politician and misuse the resource.
    In sports also one can see the corruption grounds roots to politicians. Dont you think that politicians always convey a message to public and move to their home just putting statement about the topic.

    @ Akshya
    We should bring people up who are working for this country not the politicians who just sit and watch the game and throw remarks on different topics. There are so many professional and expert in every area that we can neglect politicians involvement while achieving the task.
    Politics should always be kept away from every department and our leaders should not interfere in the work which is for India development. We should look only for developed India and every citizen whether he is politician, player or citizen should work only for well being of our mother land India.
    I conclude my GD with this response and hope we, the citizen of India will work together for development of India and remove the corruption part in each field with our dignity.

    Amit Siwach

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