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    English conversation contest

    We are going to have a unique contest in ISC.

    Prepare some content imitating a 3 minutes conversation in English. You can choose the topic from any context that is relevant in day to day life. Remember to include idioms, phrases and useful words for our members to learn and re use in their daily life.

    Some examples:

    1. A student visiting a college and asking for admission details
    2. A job seeker calling a company inquiring about job opportunities
    3. A person walking in to a government office and requesting some documents
    4. A person calling a TV show
    5. A person calling his friend and talk some gossip
    6. You calling a friend/relative and express your condolence in the death of his family member
    7. Visiting a sick person in hospital
    8. Son/daughter trying to convince father to buy an iPhone for him/her.

    The conversation should include talk between atleast 2 people.

    You may include various idioms etc that are relevant to day to day communication, but not very advanced English that no one will use in verbal English.

    The conversation should be posted as a response below to be considered for the contest.

    All the selected posts will be allowed to post in the English section later with good cash credits. Also, the top 3 to 5 entries will be given special cash rewards of Rs 250 and 100 points each, in addition to the normal cash for posting in English section.


    * The response by Mylavarapu Teja Swaroop below is in the correct format and other can take that as an example.

    * The entries to the contest should be posted below as a response and NOT as a resource. For the selected entries, we will give temporary permission to reproduce them to the English section at a later stage, after the contest is over.

    * Last date to submit your response below is 15 Sept 2010

    * Many entries given below are good, but many of them have minor mistakes like using lower case for names, lower case for first letter of the sentence, no blank space between the end of a sentence and beginning of next sentence etc. Such mistakes should be avoided in a "English" related contest.

    * Each member may submit up to 5 entries to the contest, each one as a separate response below.
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    I am here to participate in this contest and am going to write about a conversation between a student who wants admission details in college and the administrator who is willing to give details.

    Student:Good Morning, Madam.
    Receptionist: Hello, Very Good Morning.How are you doing today?

    Student: very well, madam.
    Receptionist: Tell me, What can I do for you?

    Student: Well, I just want some information regarding the admission details in your esteemed university.
    Receptionist: Oh! that's excellent.We appreciate your interest in our university.I will surely help you out in this situation.

    Receptionist: can you tell me which field of interest do you want to study?
    Student: Engineering.

    Receptionist: Engineering! that's wonderful. We have the engineering department right at the first floor, second room from the left and here is the way to lift.
    Student:That's very kind of you.thank You.

    Receptionist: My pleasure.You are Welcome.

    'The student gets into the lift and takes left and gets into the engineering department.'

    Student: Excuse me, May I get in?
    Administrator: Ya, Please get in.

    Student: My name is Teja(Shakes Hands).
    Administrator:I am glad to hear that.Please have a seat.
    Administrator: tell me? what can I do for you.

    Student: I am here to know the details to get into Computer Science Engineering in this university.
    Administrator:Well, that sounds really good.I will surely help you regarding this. First of all I want to know what are your qualifications till date?

    Student:I have passed my Intermediate with a distinction.
    Administrator:Oh!that's wonderful.May I see your marksheets?

    Student: Sure..and hands over his marksheets.

    'The administrator keenly verifies and checks each of them and approves them'

    Administrator:Wow! You are a good merit student.i appreciate your interest in studies.We need students with distinction in tenth and intermediate and you are eligible for the same.
    Student:Thank You.

    Administrator:Well, You have to fill in a form and then take a written test, which will testify your depths in the subject and then we will judge your standings based upon that test.
    Student:What is this test all about?

    Administrator: This test is based upon the issues of your core subjects in intermediate and tests your knowledge.But i say it is pretty easy.
    Student:What is the date of the test?

    Administrator:It is on coming monday.
    Student:Ok, thats great.

    Administrator:Here is the form.Please fill in this and ensure that you come prepared for this test.

    'The student fills in the form and hands back the form to the Administrator'.

    Student:Ok, meet you on Monday.
    Administrator:Yeah sure, nice meeting you.

    This is the way a student needs to converse if he/she wants any information in any school or college.

    Know about our space.

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    Here is my sample of conversation between two old friends when they meet after a long time..

    Hello Ramesh How are you. What a surprise. You came to meet me without even informing me.

    No Suresh it all happened suddenly, i came from the States only in the morning and thought of giving a surprise visit to you.

    Tell me Ramesh how was the life there.

    What to tell yaar.

    Is there any thing wrong.

    Everything is wrong and hayware yaar.

    Spell out clearly i am concerned.

    See Suresh i went to States for a good opening in a bank there, but after few months the bank went bankrupt and i was asked to resign suddenly. But i have not informed my parents. I managed to live there with great difficulty. I compromised for a relatively small job and tried to live there. But the situation got worsen. Now i am here. My parents still thinks that i am in States. Please come with me and convince my parents as they will be angry for me being returned without informing them.

    Dont worry Ramesh, i will come and convince your parents.

    Everything will be all right. Ill get you a good job right now in my Company itself. Lets live to gether and nourish our friendship.

    K Mohan

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Hi,I am here to participate in the contest by posting a conversation about "visiting a sick person in a hospital".


    Ram:Hello Ravi,how do you feel now?

    Ravi(Patient):Some what better Ram.How are you?

    Ram:I am fine.What did doctor told?

    Ravi:He has advised to discharge after one week.

    Ram:Oh Ravi!You have to take leave for one more week.

    Ravi.Yes Ram.No other way to go.There are many works in the office to complete.

    Ram:Sorry Ravi.But it is necessary to take rest as doctor told.Do not worry about the works.You shall finish your work by overtime after getting well.

    Ravi:Yes Ram.I also have planned like that only.Let us wait.

    Ram:Have you had your breakfast Ravi?

    Ravi:No Ram.Doctor has advised not to eat solid foods.I just did drink some juice.

    Ram:Yes Ravi.It will be better to your health.And how about your family?

    Ravi:They came yesterday.Today is working day for her and children.Evening they would come.

    Ram:Ok Ravi.Take care of your health.I wish you to get soon well.And I have bought some fruits for you.Take them as juice after wards.

    Ravi:Thanks Ram.See you next week.

    Ram:No Ravi.It doesn't a matter.Bye!

    Sudarmani S,
    "if the dreams are big enough , the facts don't count"

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    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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    Pay no heed to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !

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    Know about our space.

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    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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    Tony Sir,

    I had posted my contribution on English Conversation Contest in the Resource section but now I am posting it here. Please delete it from the Resource section.

    It is a conversation between three people on "Visiting a sick person in hospital".

    I called Meena : Hello, have you heard of the sad news about Sheetal?

    Meena: Oh God! What happened to her? I just met her a couple of days ago.
    Come on yaar, let us hurry up and go and meet her in the hospital.

    Both of us reached Leelavati Hospital at Bandra.

    We found out from her husband there that Sheetal had a fall from the local train and was admitted in ICU and then brought her to the special room two hours back.

    Me: Sheetal, how did this happen? We are shocked.

    Sheetal : Aaray, I fell flat from the moving train while trying to get down at Bandra.

    Meena: My goodness! We always were worried about you and warned you several times not to board in Virar trains. But you never listen. See what happened now?

    Me: Meena, already she is in pain and suffering. You can save up your lecture for a better time. Will you please shut up. Tell me, Sheetal, how bad is your injury now?

    Sheetal: My left leg was just smashed, people stepped over my leg, before I could yell for help. Then luckily some men and ladies helped me and put me in an auto and brought me to this hospital. I was bleeding very badly yaar! Thought I won't survive. Thank God, still I was in my senses, and asked one of them to call my husband on my mobile and informed him. He rushed here immediately within 15 minutes.

    Meena: It is good you were in sense yaar. Otherwise, it would have been difficult to reach you to hospital.

    Sheetal: Yah, I am lucky that way. Now my right leg is badly fractured. Doctor says I have to be with this plastered leg for about a week at least here.

    Me: Do not worry Sheetal. God is great! It is just an injury in your leg. You will recover in no time. We all are here to pray for your speedy recovery.

    Meena: Yes, Sheetal, feel free to ask, if you need any help. We are always here to help you.

    Me: What will you like to eat? Shall I go and bring something for you dear?

    Sheetal: I have not eaten Pav Bhaji for a long time yaar! If the doctors allow me to eat that I don't mind . Ha,Ha, Ha. Just joking yaar. They are very strict here. We have to eat only what is provided to the patients, who are just out from ICU. Don't worry.

    Me to Siddharth (Mr. Sheetal): Siddharth, please feel free to ask me for any help. I am just a phone call away. Be it money, or baby sitting your child. You can leave your child with us, till Sheetal recovers. I will take care of the baby. Please do not worry.

    Siddharth: Thank you so much. I am glad and proud of Sheetal's friends like you.

    Meena: Okay, Bye Sheetal, and Siddharth, we are leaving now. It is already past 11:00 p.m. We need to catch the last local train to reach home. Take care. See you tomorrow.

    Sheetal: Okay dear, please get in and off the train carefully; otherwise you will land here next to my bed; instead of your coming and visiting me, I will end up having your full time company. Ha,Ha,Ha.

    Me: Quite true! Every Mumbaikar knows this, but everyone is so busy burning the midnight oil that they choose to risk their entire lives rather than wait for the next train that would arrive in a jiffy. Anyway thank you for your advise and do use it for yourself too the next time.

    Take it as a blessing in disguise, Sheetal. You are getting a good rest in the hospital. You have been running around, working without taking any leave for the last two years.

    Bye, Sheetal, Bye, Siddharth, take care of your wife and yourself too. See you tomorrow.


    God gives every bird it's food but does not always drop it into the nest.

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    I shall go ahead with Tony's instructions and post my work for the 'English conversation Contest' here.

    Here goes:

    Viji is surprised when she sees Anand, her husband hurrying through his breakfast of idlis and sambhar.

    Viji: 'Why on earth are you in such a flurry, Anand? Surely it is not late for work?'

    Anand: (with mouth full of idli) 'It ishnt!! But I wanted to call on my friend Jai. Don't you remember I told you that he met with an accident yesterday? The hospital is on the way to my office. I will see him and then leave for work.'

    Viji: 'But the way you are rushing things, I would not be surprised if you find yourself admitted to the ward bed next to your dear friend Jai. Ha…ha.'

    Anand: 'What a nice thought, wife.'

    His motorbike wrooms off a few minutes later.

    At the hospital.


    Jai: (from inside) 'Come in.'

    Anand: 'Hello, Jai. How are you feeling today?'

    Jai: 'Very miserable. I am hurting all over.'

    Anand: 'How did this happen? You were in the pink of health when you spoke with me over the phone yesterday morning.'

    Jai: 'I was, wasn't I? Nalina my wife wanted me to buy lunch from the hotel, because relations were planning to call on us. It was raining yesterday and my scooter slid on the sludge on the road.'

    Anand: 'Where on earth is that hotel?'

    Jai: 'It is the Brindabhavan hotel that is quite close to my home. Remember we had gone there once for dinner. For all that temptation of eating tasty food from a hotel, I have paid the price. Now I am not able to eat solid food at all. All I get is to sip water or juice every few hours.'

    Anand: 'Don't be so melodramatic. You will get well soon.'

    He looks at the table set near the bed. There are huge packs of fresh juices.

    Anand: 'You could have ordered lunch over the phone. Or you could have taken your car. Or you could have worn your helmet.'

    Jai: 'Too many could haves. If I had known that such a thing would happen, I would have done something out of the three choices you gave me.'

    Anand: 'Why didn't you wear your helmet, at least? See I have brought my helmet along with me.'

    Jai: 'I was in a hurry. Anyway, the hotel was quite close by and I was too lazy to put the helmet on…'

    The door opens quietly and an ayah in a blue hospital sari enters with a broom.

    Anand: (In a quite whisper) 'I will wait outside.'

    He waits outside the room and looks often at his watch. Time was ticking by.

    The door opens and the ayah walks out. She smiles at him.

    Anand: (entering the room) 'What does the doctor say?'

    Jai: 'He says that I have hurt my back badly. That a bone is broken and it has to either heal by itself which might take a few months or I will have to undergo an operation. My back feels sore.'

    Anand: 'What option are you planning to take?'

    Jai: 'Both Nalina and I feel that a surgery would be better. At least I can wait in bed for a few weeks, maybe and then get back on my feet. Lying down on bed for months on end waiting for the break to heal naturally will drive me round the bend. Even after the surgery I will have to wear back braces for two months. I will end up looking like a turtle.'

    Anand laughs.

    Anand: 'Do you guys have anybody coming to help you?'

    Jai: 'My father is coming tomorrow. He will stay with me in the hospital. Nalina's mother has offered to come and stay with Nalina and the kids at home. So I guess that would not be a problem.'

    Anand: 'What about money?'

    Jai: 'My father has made arrangements for immediate payments. And I have medical insurance to fall back on.'

    Anand: 'Good. But if you need any money, don't hesitate to call me. And if you need help of any other kind, too.'

    Jai: 'Thanks. I will remember that.'

    Anand: 'I will leave now. I will call on you in the evening along with Viji. Take care till then.'

    Jai: 'I will and thanks for coming.'

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    Here is my entry for the competition:

    This is a conversation between a father and his daughter. The father goes to pick up his daughter from the school and gets late.

    Riya: Daddy! You're late.
    Ajay: How is my baby girl? (Looking at his watch) I hope I didn't keep you waiting for long.
    Riya: (Sarcastically) No, you didn't. It has been only one and half an hour since the school closed.
    Ajay: Okay, now don't tell your mother that I was late for picking you up from the school.
    Riya: Why?
    Ajay: (Trying to persuade her) Please, sweet girl! Do you want a chocolate?
    Riya: Daddy! Don't try to bribe me. Mom says everybody should learn to bear his responsibilities.
    Ajay: Okay, Miss President. Sorry. I will take care of it from now on. But, what about an ice-cream? It's not a bribe, just a way to make my princess happy.
    (Both get into the car.)
    Riya: (cheerfully) Of course daddy! I have to tell you something very exciting.
    Ajay: umm... let me guess. You've got the highest marks in your Maths test.
    Riya: Wrong.
    Ajay: Your class is going on a trip somewhere.
    Riya: Again wrong.
    Ajay: New teacher!
    Riya: Daddy!
    Ajay: Okay, lost. You tell.
    Riya: Our class is going to have a poetry reciting competition on next Saturday.
    Ajay: Great! So you're participating in it.
    Riya: Yes and the theme of the poetry is 'Father'.
    Ajay: Wow! So you'll say in your poetry that your dad is always late and very careless.
    Riya: No daddy, how can I say that? (Gets emotional) You're so good. You always get time for me out of your busy schedule. You also help me in my homework. You buy me new toys, clothes, chocolate and ice cream. You also take me and mom out on holiday. You....
    Ajay: (Interrupts her) Stop, stop... my darling daughter. Don't brag this much about me. I feel flattered.
    Riya: But, this is true. You're the best daddy in this world. I love you so much. (Hugs him)
    Ajay: (Smiles) I love you too. You're also the best daughter in this world.
    Riya: (Eyes sparkling with joy) Really, am I?
    Ajay: Yes, my highness. (The car stops) Your ice cream parlour has come. Let's treat world's best father and best daughter with the world's best ice cream.
    Riya: (All excited) Let's go.
    (Both get out of the car and walk towards the ice-cream parlour.)

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    God gives every bird it's food but does not always drop it into the nest.

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    I have posted the conversation between a host and a guest.

    Host: Oh hello! Welcome, please come in. Let me help you with the luggage.

    Guest: No-No. It’s alright. Thank you very much.

    Host: Please make yourself comfortable. How are you?

    Guest: I am fine and you?

    Host: I am fine too. How is the family?

    Guest: Everybody is fine. Thank you.

    Host: How was the journey?

    Guest: It was comfortable. No problems.

    Host: What would you like to have? Tea or coffee.

    Guest: I would like to go to washroom first.

    Host: Yes, of course. Let me show you the washroom.

    Guest: Yes, thanks.

    (After sometime, when the guest will get free)

    Host: What would you like to have for breakfast?

    Guest: Anything will do.

    Host: Do you like stuffed potato paranthas?

    Guest: Oh yes! I like them very much.

    Host: Here, please help yourself.

    Guest: Thank you.

    Host: Do you like curd?

    Guest: Yes, I’ll take a little.

    Host: Please take come butter.

    Guest: No thanks, I avoid that.

    Host: What would you like to drink?

    Guest: Tea please.

    Host: Sugar?

    Guest: No sugar please.

    Host: Why, any problems?

    Guest: No, just taking precautions.

    Host: That’s good.

    Guest: The paranthas are very good.

    Host: Thank you. Please have one more.

    Guest: No thanks. I have had enough.

    Host: Take some fruit then.

    Guest: (taking fruit) Yes, thanks.

    Host: What’s your programme for the day?

    Guest: I will get ready now and go out for some work.

    Host: What time should we expect you back?

    Guest: I won’t be back for lunch. But in the evening. I’ll come back before seven.

    Host: What would you like for dinner?

    Guest: I like everything. Please cook a single meal.

    Host: O.K. Are you familiar with the bus routes?

    Guest: Yes I know some. I think I should get ready now.

    (In the evening)

    Host: How was your day?

    Guest: It was good but hectic.

    Host: Tired?

    Guest: Yes.

    Host: Let’s have dinner first.

    (On the dinning table)

    Guest: It’s a real feast. You shouldn’t have prepared so many dishes.

    Host: It’s nothing much. Please help yourself.

    Guest: The cheese chilly looks very appetizing.

    Host: Take dal and vegetables also. Do you like puri or chapatti?

    Guest: Chapatti please.

    Host: Rice?

    Guest: I’ll take rice later. Would you pass some salt please?

    Host: Here you are. Please have some more cheese chilly.

    Guest: Just a little please.

    Host: Are you dieting?

    Guest: Oh no! Actually, I have eaten very well. The food is really delicious.

    Host: Thank you, take the dessert.

    Guest: What is it?

    Host: Kheer.

    Guest: Kheer is my weakness.

    Host: Why so little? Take some more.

    Guest: No thanks. I am really full.

    Host: Would you like some tea or coffee?

    Guest: No, I avoid at night. I won’t be able to sleep then.

    Host: O.K. Your bed is ready in case you want to rest now.

    Guest: Yes, after a short while.

    (Before going to bed)

    Host: Do you need anything?

    Guest: Nothing, thanks.

    Host: Alright, please take rest then. Goodnight.

    Guest: Goodnight.

    I have posted this conversation because I think every person will need this conversation now or then.


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    Hello Tony sir,
    A really innovative and new concept. Definitely, a refreshing move.

    Following is a conversation between three friends Nikhil, Manas and Darshan sitting in a college canteen and discussing about the lecture and lecturers in general.

    Nikhil: What a boring lecture! I can't believe it is just the second day since the college has reopened and I am starting to feel sleepy already.

    Manas: This is engineering and that is what happens when the quality of education, as is in our school, is of such a low quality and low standards. Anyway, I am going to bring Vada Pav, what do you guys want?

    Darshan: Bring a bread Pattice for me.

    Nikhil: I have my tiffin, just get a cup of tea for me.

    Darshan: I have heard that Digital Image Processing will be taught by Kinge sir. He had tortured us by teaching Signals and Systems. Always making the students stand up and questioning them. Luckily, we are his favourite students.

    Nikhil: Don't tell me Kinge will teach DIP. Shit! He had given me assignments for vacation. Thinking that we might never be able to see his face, I neglected it.

    Darshan: Now face the music. He is not going to leave you. You will have to write more assignments now.

    Manas(comes with all the food): So, where was I? Yes the education system in India. See apart from the IITs and IIMs and some NIT and Bits, our colleges suck. Literally. Not a single college matches even the kindergarten facilities in US and UK and even Australia. The fault is all ours. We have a habit to keep adjusting for mediocre life. We never aim for more. We never fight. We just keep silent and let things as they are.

    Nikhil: Very true. Just take the example of us. There is just a single kit in the communications lab for PSTN. There are as many as 30 students doing a practical. All crowded over the single kit with the teacher explaining the kit. What are we going to see and what are we going to learn? Everyone knows this. But not a single boy or girl complains that we need more kits. Or at least adjust time tables so that in off period at least we can go and study.

    Darshan: I agree. But dont waste your off lectures on studying. You should also play. At least our table tennis and carrom room is amazing. We can spend hours and hours there.

    Manas: The point is unless we don't fight, we will never get what it takes to become a god engineer. And today, my friends, I take the oath of this Vada Pav and say that "I will fight all injustice and all the bad treatment given to us by our professors and faculty. I will never adjust from now and compromise."

    (We raised our water bottles and took the oath)

    Three hours later in Optical and Microwave lab......
    Deshmukh madam: So, Manas, as the CR of the class, I want to ask you is there any problems that you are facing? I heard that students are unhappy regarding certain issues. (Firmly) Tell me.

    Manas: Actually madam...thh..there... there is a problem....

    Deshmukh madam: (shouting)What is it?

    Manas:(hesitatingly) Nothing madam. We are happy!


    Keep smiling

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    I would also like to participate in this innovative contest.
    Please find below a conversation between two friends Rahul and Raj, where Rahul is trying to
    persuade Raj to not lose heart and to look forward to a better life after he (Raj) has just had a break-off with his girl friend.

    Rahul:- Hi Raj, how are you?
    Raj:- Hi Rahul, I am doing ok, thanks.How about you?

    Rahul:- I am doing great. Why do you sound so low? Is everything fine?
    Raj:- Not Really. I am sharing this with you because you are my best friend.I am sure you would keep it as a top secret.

    Rahul:- Of course Raj, you can completely trust me for that.Did you have a fight with Anjali?
    Raj:-Yes, and this was the last fight between us. We have called it quits.Now,we are not in a relationship any more.There were too many misunderstandings between us and I felt that she didn't trust me at all.For me, apart from love, trust is the second most important thing for a relationship to work. She would always ask too many questions and I had to always prove myself right.Also, she would get upset on petty issues and would always make a mountain out of a molehill. I have always believed that "Honesty is the best policy", and was completely honest with her.But, I realized that she always doubted me,whereas she herself wasn't being honest with me. Things started going from bad to worse and we reached a stage where it became mandatory to take this call.It would be better for both of us. It is rightly said that "Love is Blind". I was blind enough to not see the shortcomings in our relationship right at the start. If I had noticed them, I wouldn't be as hurt as I am right now.I have completely lost faith in love. Also, my parents have started looking for a prospective bride for me. If I couldn't understand a girl after being in a relationship for almost 1 year, I don't think I would ever be able to understand/judge a girl in 2-3 meetings. It would be impossible for me to choose my life partner in this manner. I guess I would prefer not to marry anyone.

    Rahul:- I completely understand your feelings. But, please don't lose heart. Just remember that whatever happens in life, happens for the best.This is called destiny. May be you are destined to get a far better life partner and I am pretty sure you would get one.People learn from experiences, and this experience of yours would hold you in a better shape for your next relationship.Please take things positively. Love is the most beautiful thing that can happen to any one. You should feel proud that you have already experienced it. Please remember the wonderful moments that you shared with Anjali and kindly move ahead. Marriages are made in heaven and you would soon get the girl of your dreams.So, don't worry and be happy.

    Raj:- I try to do that. But, somehow I am not able to forget Anjali. Each time I think about her, I get depressed.I feel like I have lost my confidence.

    Rahul:- Please try to be strong and face this situation. Try to dominate the situation and don't let it to dominate you.I suppose you need a good vacation. May be we all friends can plan for a trip to Goa this weekend. This would help you to rejuvenate and get over the bad memories.Start taking things with a pinch of salt. Believe in God and believe in yourself. Please remember that you have many people in your life who get affected by your depression.Please think about your parents,sister, relatives,friends, etc. Try to be happy for them. Keep your belief in love intact. You would get the best life partner you could ever have dreamt of. So, I shall finalize all details for our Goa trip and we will have a blast this weekend. I shall call you soon to give you the details. Please cheer up and watch your favorite movie "Dil Chahta Hai".It would bring the smile back on your face.

    Raj:- Thanks a tonne, Rahul. I am already feeling much better. Your words of wisdom have thrown the depression out of me.I am really excited for our Goa trip. I promise it would be our most memorable trip. Waiting for your next call. Bye. Take Care.

    Rahul:- Bye Raj. Take Care.Good Night!

    Thanks & Best Regards,

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    Uncle: Hello Good morning!

    Salim: Good Morning uncle, How are you?

    Uncle: I am Excellent, What about you?

    Salim: I am also fine. Today, My SLLC Examination Result is out, and I have passed the examination with first class with distinction and stoof first Rank in my whole School.

    Uncle: Congratulations to you for your grand success and outstanding performance in your SSLC Examination. You have not only passed your SSLC examination with first class with distinction, but also have stood first rank in your whole school, which is in fact a great achievement by you. You have shown your true worth by coming out with flying colors in the examination

    Salim: Thank you uncle. Your encouragements and inspirations is the reason for what I Have achieved today. The credit for my outstanding performance doesn't go to my self alone but it was because of the God whose support is keeping me active throughout my life. Further, the efforts of my beloved teachers, to make me under stand every subject properly and their always co-operative attitude had done a great favor to my excelling in the examination. Their always helping manners had made me to gain self-confidence to show such a satisfying performance in the examinations. All the teachers of my class used to help me to me that whenever, I used to approach them with a new problem. They used to welcomes me with ever-smiling face. At this point I am also grateful to my parents who have provided me a very friendly environment to make studies with total free mind. I am also grateful for my classmates for their supports while studying. Last but not least, your inspiring personality also was very helpful to me to excel in the examination.

    Uncle: As you have passed your examination with excellent way, what about your further studies, in which sphere of education, you have more interest and you have planned to enter?

    Salim: I would opt for science for PUC (+2) with PCMB. And after completing my PU (+2) I am planning to opt for Electronic Engineering.

    Uncles: I see. What is the main reason for your planning to go for Electronic engineering course? Is it because some of your classmates have planned to do or what?

    Salim: Uncle, actually electronics has always been my favorite, topic as it is serving humanity by making the human life more comfortable and easy. I will not do merely BE but actually my planning is to enter in the R&D (Research & Development) in the Electronic Engineering discipline and to serve the humanity by make new experience in the filed. In today's world the contribution of Electronic
    Engineering to human life cannot be under mine and this is the only reason for my opting for Electronic Engineering discipline.

    Uncle: That's great. I am proud of having such a great nephew like you. Keep your ambitions high and concentrate on your goal with dedicated efforts. The successes will definitely chasing you. I wish that you will comes out with flying colors in your further studies as well as you have done so in SSLC examination.

    Salim: Thank you uncle!

    Uncle: I have to go for some urgent work, so bye for now. See You again.

    Salim: Good Bye uncle!

    Inspiring Quote: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" Lao-tsu
    Mohammed Abuhuraira Akrami,

  • #156624
    i have one another posting of mine in which a son asks his father to buy a cell phone for himself.His father does not agree and argues that a phone is not required to him.But his son gives some strong points and finally convinces his father and buys him a cell phone.
    Keep reading...

    Son: Hi dad!Good Morning.
    Father:Very good morning! my dear son.

    Son:I want to talk to you dad.Are you free now?
    Father:(Father folds the newspaper and asks)Yeah tell me.What do you want to talk?

    Son:It is about your cell phone, dad. I want you to take a cell phone.
    Father: Hmmm..Well you know that my answer is always 'NO'.

    Son:Listen Father, the world is evolving and the concept of technology is changing.People have almost stopped using land phones in the house.
    Father: Technology can change and even a man can change, but I cannot change my ideologies.I like the land phone and I am pretty comfortable with that.

    Son:I am not asking you to change your ideologies.I am just trying to convince you to adapt to the current scenario and act accordingly.
    Father:What do you mean?

    Son:Well, I mean what I say.You have bought a cell phone for us and that too a pretty good one and a costlier one too, then why don't you buy a cell phone for yourself?There is a lot of communication gap that is being developed since you do not have a mobile.A mobile phone will always be like a helping hand and is necessary.
    Father:What makes you really think so? I did not use a cell phone till today and i am pretty comfortable with things right now.Not many of my friends of my generation really use cell phones.Then, where is the point of necessity my boy?

    Son: Well dad, to be honest and if you think I am not rude, then I would like to tell that there is a lot of thinking differences between your generation and mine.Today's world requires a mobile phone and if I urgently want to convey a message then I just cannot rely on land phone and always expect you to be at home.Mr.Shekhar, one of your close friends also uses a cell phone.Why do not you ask him the advantages.
    Father:yeah, maybe you are right. I will give it a second thought.But, I do not know how to use it?

    Son:Oh! I am always there for you dad. I will very cheerfully assist you in learning the technologies of a cell phone.Let us buy a basic cell phone, so that you do not get confused with the features and give it a try.
    i will help you understand all its features and make you pretty comfortable with the gadget.What do you say?
    Father: Ok son, well if you say so and really insist upon this issue, I agree.

    Son:Thank You very much dad.I did not expect that you would be convinced so easily.Let us go in the evening and shop a cell phone for you.
    Father: Alright son, as you say.

    Thank You.

    Know about our space.

  • #156679
    a conversation between two students
    Student1: Could you tell me if you have ever taken a class from Dr. Shyam
    Student2: Yes. Are you going to be taking a class from him?
    Student1: yes, but i have never taken his class before.
    Student2: He is very intersting and challenging. Is that what you are looking for?
    Student1: Yes, that's what I need.
    Student2: He is really clear on what yo need to learn to get a good grade. Are you willing to study hard?
    Student1: Yes, I guess so.
    Student2: What is really like about him is that he was an understanding and friendly teacher. Do you enjoy that in a teacher?
    Student1: Yes, I had a teacher like that before.
    Student2: Did you know that he has 20 years teaching experience?
    Student1: NO, I didn't, but that could be a good thing.
    Student2: well, take a look at everything and figure out what is best for you. good luck?

  • #156686
    I am going to post a conversation by which one will learn how to introduce self and others.

    Raghav: Excuse me, Can I sit here please?

    Sudhir: Yes please.

    Raghav: Thank you. Hello, I am Raghav Gupta.

    Sudhir: I am Sudhir kapoor.

    Raghav: What do you do Mr. Kapoor?

    Sudhir: I am a salesman in Mega Electricals. What about you?

    Raghav: I am an accountant in the Bank of India.

    Sudhir: Where are you from?

    Raghav: I am from Mumbai. But now I am settled in Delhi. And you?

    Sudhir: I am from Delhi itself.

    Raghav: My stop. O.K. Bye Sudhir.

    Sudhir: Bye.

    (Raghav and Sudhir meet once again in a party and introduce their families.)

    Sudhir: Hello Raghav. How are you?

    Raghav: Fine, thank you. And you?

    Sudhir: Fine. Here, meet my wife Meenu, my son Aman and my daughter Neha.

    Raghav: Hello Mrs. Kapoor, hello children. My wife Shefali and my daughter Sona.

    Sudhir: Hello.

    Meenu: (to Shefali) Hello, nice meeting you.

    Shefali: Nice meeting you too.

    Meenu: Do you work Shefali?

    Shefali: No, I am a housewife. What about you?

    Meenu: I teach in a school.

    Shefali: Which school?

    Meenu: Modern Public School.

    Shefali: Where is that?

    Meenu: In Shalimar Bagh.

    Shefali: Where do you live?

    Meenu: We are in Ashok Vihar, and you?

    Shefali: In Model Town. Please drop in sometime.

    Meenu: Sure, you too.


  • #156690

    Rahul: Hello !
    Priya: Hi! Priya here, remember?

    Rahul: Oh Hi! How are you yaar ? What a surprise ? Where are you these days?
    Priya: I am fine yaar thanks,I am in Delhi only. So how is everything going on?

    Rahul: Everything is fine yaar. How did you get my number? unfortunately we had lost all the contacts since we left college.
    Priya: Well you can say it as a coincidence, I met Raj at ISBT Delhi and he only told me that you guys are working in the same office and gave me your number as well.

    Rahul: Ok, thats great yaar! I must say Raj is useful sometimes even though by accident but still.
    Priya: Oh hello, he is far better! If you remember during college days too he only managed all the parties and picnics. And you were never on time on any occasion.

    Rahul: Well its ok. But now things are different and improved too. Trust me.
    Priya: Oh really! Lets see. Tell me when we three can meet.

    Rahul: Lets meet on coming weekend.
    Priya: That would be great. You say did you marry some girl or still single?

    Rahul: I am single and my parents are looking for a bride who can bear me.
    Priya: What about Shivali? You guys broke up?

    Rahul: Yeah it was long time before. We found that we wanted different things from life so we decided to quit our relationship.
    Priya: Thats sad, but don't worry we will find far better life partner for you.

    Rahul: That I know too, you say about you?
    Priya: I married a guy last year. He is the son of my father's best friend. He is nice and we are having great married life.

    Rahul: Congratulations yaar, So when we can expect the treat from you.
    Priya: Whenever you feel like. How are uncle and aunty doing?

    Rahul: They are doing great. How about your mom and dad.
    Priya: They are good too. So where shall we meet this weekend?

    Rahul: Lets meet at ISBT only on saturday where we guys were separted from each other.
    Priya: Ok, then its done. Tell Raj also.

    Rahul: Ofcourse I will tell him.
    Priya: See you then on saturday

    Rahul: ok bye tc.
    Prya: bye bye tc.


  • #156738
    Here is my entry for the contest.
    This conversation is regarding a job aspirant trying to inquire about a job that has been listed in one of the newspapers.

    The job aspirant is Jenny and the representative of the company is Janak.

    Jenny - Hi, I am Jenny and I have called you in response to the advertisement you had given in the newspaper today.
    Janak -Yes, nice to hear from you. You have contacted the right person. I am Janak and am working as an HR agent for Arise Technologies.
    Jenny - Hello Janak. I am sure that I perfectly fit the profile you have been looking for. However, I wanted to clear a few doubts that I have in my mind regarding the post you have vacant.
    Janak -Not a problem, Jenny. Please go ahead. What can I help you with?
    Jenny - Yes. Firstly, you have mentioned that the candidate will have to be ready to work in rotational shifts. May I know how often do the shifts change?
    Janak -Well, are you not comfortable working in night shifts?
    Jenny - Not exactly, night shifts are not the problem but I certainly cannot be working, with shifts changing every day.
    Janak -Okay, I get your point now. The shifts that we have are fixed for 45 days after which they change. The shifts are rotational so as to give every employee the chance to work in all shifts without being biased.
    Jenny - That answers my question. Thank you. Secondly, I understand that you offer pick and drop facilities. Is that included in the package that Arise offers?
    Janak -Yes, the company provides pick and drop facilities for all the employees without any extra charges.
    Jenny - That is great to hear. Finally, is Arise a 5 day working or a 6 day working company?
    Janak -We work for 5 days with fixed weekly offs on Saturdays and Sundays.
    Jenny - All right. Thank you for the information.
    Janak -You are welcome.
    Jenny - I am interested to work with Arise Technologies. When can I come for an interview?
    Janak -I am glad that you are interested. Please come tomorrow for an interview with your resume, your identity proof and 2 passport size photographs.
    Jenny - Sure. Thank you and nice talking to you, Janak.
    Janak -Nice talking to you too. See you tomorrow, Jenny. Bye.
    Jenny - Bye.

  • #156752
    'The devotee and the Saint' is my topic to the conversation between a depressed devotee and a saint in a Temple.

    After the puja is over, the devotee comes to the saint and said," I have something to tell you Swamiji, if you kindly listen and give your blessings I shall be grateful".

    Swamiji with his smiling face answered,"I can see you are stormed at your mind. There is nothing to worry upon. You shall have your time ahead."

    Devotee said,"Swamiji, I have unbearable pain and feel rejected by all. I have lost the wish to live Swamiji. Please show me the path so that I get some cause to live."

    Swamiji replied," My son, life has no reason but a way to reach death through various activities which are preset to drive you through different situations and the ultimate is true and definite and that is death. So you need not be worried about death, it will come to you in time."

    Devotee," Please advice me how shall I can get relief of the pain that I have received from my dear ones!"

    Swamiji: "Where do you feel the pain in your body? In your head or heart? My son, you have pain in your soul. Only that person can hurt your soul whom you love most. There is no one in this world who is worthy to be loved as God."

    Devotee:" What will happen to me Swamiji? Shall I not be happy in my life?"

    Swamiji:" Time will heal you son. Don't loose your patience. Remember patience and tolerances make you powerful. Don't worry keep faith on God. If winter comes can spring be far behind?"

    The depressed devotee was recharged and left the place after taking blessings of the holy saint.


    Arindam Hira

    Knowledge is Power.
    Learn to Grow,
    Grow to Glow.

  • #156837
    Here is a second entry for the contest.

    The following conversation is about two friends who are pursuing graduation in New Delhi and belong to Bihar. They have met after 6 months due to unforseen circumstances that kept them apart. The friends are Jimmy and Johnny.

    Jimmy -Hey! Where have you been for the past 6 months?
    Johnny -Man alive! Nice to see you after such a long time.
    Jimmy -Where the hell did you disappear?
    Johnny -Sorry buddy, a sudden call from home caused me to rush to my hometown without informing anyone.
    Jimmy -Okay but that was 6 months ago. Have you been home for 6 months?
    Johnny -Not exactly, but in the rush to go home, I lost my mobile phone with all the contact numbers due to which I could not contact you or any of our friends.
    Jimmy -All right, thank God that we have met in this mall.
    Johnny -Yes, thank God. I have bought a new phone now with a new phone number. Can I have your number?
    (They exchange their phone numbers.)
    Jimmy -Hey! Let's watch a movie since we are here in the mall with multiplexes.
    Johnny -That is a great idea. Which movie shall we watch?
    Jimmy -Let's watch 'The Expendables'?
    Johnny -Which movie is that? Let's go for 'Inception.'
    Jimmy -I have already seen the 'Inception' while you were away.
    Johnny -Buddy, you can watch it again with me. I have heard that 'Inception' is worth watching more than once.
    Jimmy -Come one Johnny, Don't tell me that you have not been a Sylvester Stallone fan?
    Johnny -I am his fan and still love his 'Rocky' and 'Rambo' movies.
    Jimmy -You seem to be joking buddy, 'The Expendables' is a movie starring Sylvester Stallone and is an action movie which has been directed by the actor himself. And, you are trying to miss Stallone's movie.
    Johnny -I never knew about the movie. I have been so cut off from everything after going home.
    Jimmy -You got to be kidding me.
    Johnny -I swear, I did not know about the movie. Let's go and watch 'The Expendables' then. I can go to watch 'Inception' some other time.
    Jimmy -But, who is paying for the tickets? It is not going to be me.
    Johnny -It is not going to be me, either.
    Jimmy -Johnny, let me ask you a question. Who has recently come from home with pockets full of money?
    Johnny -Me.
    Jimmy -So, who is supposed to be giving a treat?
    Johnny -Jimmy, you will always leave me with my pockets high and dry.
    Jimmy -No buddy, I will always help you invest in good friends like me.
    They both laugh and enter the movie hall.

  • #157086
    I would like to post one more conversation.This conversation is about a daughter convincing her father to buy her a new cell phone.

    Niti: Dad, I need a new phone. I saw the price of the latest Blackberry. It is just Rs.21,000.

    Father: But it has been just 6 months since I bought you the latest Nokia E65. What is the cost of that phone my dear?

    Niti: According to resale figures, the cost of the phone is Rs.8000. And it has been 6 months! Anuja's dad gave her the latest blackberry last week. Her phone was only 4 months old.

    Father: My sweet daughter, Anuja consistently scores 80% in her academics. What is your percentage?

    Niti: But look at Renuka. She has failed in one of her subjects. Still she has a blackberry. Please papa, give me the latest blackberry. I will not ask anything till my birthday! Please Please...

    Father: Your birthday is next month. Look at Jyoti. She is so good in studies and is still using the NOKIA N73. It has been almost 2 years. Can;t you learn anything from her.

    Niti: (to herself) Why did I make Jyoti my friend?

    Father: Now get back to your studies. And there is a small box near your cupboard. There are some important things of mine in that box. Please bring that box over here.

    Niti: (dejected) Yes pappa.

    She brings the box which is wrapped. Her father tells her to open it. She is amazed to find a brand new blackberry in that box.

    Niti: Thank you Thank you so much dad!!!!!!!

    Father: Happy? Now give me a kiss on the cheek...:) But if your percentage falls below 80%, I will take this phone back.

    Niti: Sure. Thanks a lot, dad. Love you.

    Father: Love you, beta

    Keep smiling

  • #157152
    The third and last entry from my end.

    This conversation is among three persons. Josh is admitted in the hospital after he sprained his ankle in a football match. His mother and his friend who also plays football are there with him.

    James -How is your leg now?
    Josh -It is much better than yesterday.
    James -I hope you will still be able to play football after the injury is healed.
    Josh -Of course, buddy.
    James -I hope so.
    Josh -You need not worry as the doctor has assured that I would be able to play within a week.
    James -Thank God.
    Josh -He has also said that I would be discharged tomorrow.
    James -Wow! I would kiss the doctor for treating you so soon.
    Josh -The doctor is a mister and is the ugliest person on earth.
    James -Then I take back my words. I wish your doctor would have been someone who looked like Katrina.
    (They both laugh, until Josh's mother enters the hospital room.)
    James -Hello, Aunty.
    Josh's Mother -Hello. I am going to stop you boys from playing football from now on.
    Josh -But, why mother?
    Josh's Mother -Because you boys don't even know how to play. Instead of kicking the football, the players seem to be kicking each other.
    Josh -But mother, I was not kicked by a player. I sprained my ankle while trying to snatch the football from my opponent.
    Josh's Mother -Whatever, I am not allowing you to play and I am going to call James' mother to ask her to do the same. You boys seem to be too engrossed in football to take care of yourselves.
    James -I understand your anxiety Aunty, but football is a game where injury is a part of the whole system. I am sorry for what has happened but we will try to be careful the next time.
    Josh's Mother -There is not going to be any next time.
    James -Aunty, you being worried is understandable but we have our finals one week later and our team is nothing without Josh. He is the most promising player in our team and in the whole tournament. If you allow him to carry on with his football, he can even represent our national team in the coming years.
    Josh's Mother -Okay, I will think about it till Josh's leg is healed.
    James -Thank you, Aunty.
    Josh -Thanks, mother.

  • #157260
    Hello friends,

    This is my very first entry in this site's contest.
    Please find below my entry about the topic "A person calling a TV show".
    Here is the conversation between a host and a celebrity called for an interview in a TV show.
    Earlier I have posted it in a forum message category so please remove it from there.

    Amita Sehgal is hosting a Public TV show "Some Enchanting Moments" in which she takes the interview of Celebrities. There is also some audience sitting and they are free to ask questions to the guest Celebrities.

    Today she has invited an upcoming Model-cum-Actress "Riya Singh" in her studio and this interview is a live telecast on Television.

    Amita- Good Evening, my dear friends! So, once again we all are here for a one more exciting and pleasing encounter with our guest.
    And let me tell you something about her so that you can guess. She is very beautiful, talented and a latest heart throb of everyone. I am sure you like her watching in advertisements as well as in TV serials also. Just now her show is breaking all the TRP's on TV.
    So, no more guesses and let me invite our special TV star on the stage. Please put your hands together to welcome our dearest "Riya Singh".
    (Audience claps for the guest when she enters on the stage).

    Amita- Hello Riya! Please come, looking gorgeous as usual. Please take your seat.
    Riya- Hello Amita! Nice to be here!

    Amita- Just tells me, how did you develop inspirations to become an actress?
    Riya- It was a prank or destiny I don't know, Cine Communications saw my ad of Nirma and they called me for the audition for the lead role in their upcoming serial.
    And here I am!

    Amita- So, did you take any formal training in acting?
    Riya- No... not at all, I don't believe in any formal training. I believe in the natural act. And there is a lot of scope to learn acting while working in the television world as we generally shoot for 10-12 scenes in a day. Besides this, we get a lot of immediate feedback.

    Amita- Which type of scenes you prefer, romantic or the dramatic ones?
    Riya- I am totally a romantic person (laughs) so, I enjoy doing romantic scenes but sometimes the dramatic scenes are much demanding and you have to put more effort into it.
    So, I am comfortable with both of them.

    Audience- In the serial you are playing such a positive role, will you go for a negative one in a near future?

    Riya- People often told me that I have an innocent face, but I believe in versatility so I can shock you like a devil any day (laughs again).

    Amita- How do you feel with your seniors?
    Riya- It is really a boon to work with someone who is so much experienced than you. I feel the seniors don't out shadow your performance but they give you the tips about your voice modulation, your hand movements etc.
    So, I really enjoy working with them.

    Amita- Is there any embarrassing moment on the set?
    Riya- (smiles) Yes, when I have to slap one of my co-actor and I really slapped him hard, so much that he screamed and everyone on the set was laughing.

    Amita- Any plans about the new projects.
    Riya- Definitely I will go for the challenging roles as soon as I get them.

    Amita- One last question! What are your plans about Bollywood?
    Riya- (laughs) Are you going to lobby for me? It is very early to tell, as I want to move stealthily and not hastily to reach at the top of the glamour world.
    Acting is my passion and I will definitely tap my talent to entertain you for a longer time.

    Amita- Thank you Riya! And please take our heartiest wishes for your nice future.
    Riya- Thank you so much for inviting me!

    Amita- So, friends this is for tonight, we will meet same day, same channel, same show with a new guest next week. Till then take care and good bye!

  • #157280
    Hello friends,
    This is my third entry in this contest.

    This conversation is between an unemployed person and different company officials.The unemployed person is in search of a job and his name is Peter.

    Peter:Hello, is it Helix company(On the phone)?
    Operator:Yes, may I know who is speaking?

    Peter:Hello, this is Peter calling from Hyderabad.
    Operator:Yes, Peter tell me, how can I help you?

    Peter:I have seen an advertisement in the newspaper about job opening in the field of web designing.
    Operator:Yes, yes, you heard it right.We are conducting interviews for that on the next monday.Are you interested?

    Peter:Yes, I am a good designer and am very keen in joining this company.
    Operator:Oh, that is wonderful.Then, fill an online application requesting for the same and meet us on Monday 10 am sharp.

    Peter:Thank You very much.
    Operator: You are welcome.

    Peter browses the company website and fills out the application for with all the proper credentials.He also receives a mail asking him to attend an interview on monday.

    Monday morning-9:30 am.

    Peter:Good morning madam, I am here to attend an interview for the vacant posts in web designing.
    Receptionist:Oh.! Very good morning sir, the interview starts at 10 am.You can go to the first floor and have a seat there.You will be called soon.

    Peter:Thank You.

    Peter goes to the first floor.he sits in a row where he sees his peers.he waits patiently for his name to be announced.His name is announced and now he is in the interview room.

    Peter:Excuse me sir, May I come in?
    Interviewer:Yes, you may.

    Peter:a very good morning to all of you.
    Interviewer2:Yeah, we wish you the same.

    Interviewer1:What are your qualifications and you eligibility to this post?
    Peter:I am a computer science student in my graduation and am very interested in web designing.I have also done many courses in web designing.

    Interviewer2:How do you prove your interest in this subject?
    Peter:Well, I have designed my college web site when i was very young in my college days.I did not have the proper experience at that time, but still it came out very well.I did this part with some of my friends who were equally new to this field.
    Interviewer2:Oh..that's great.

    Peter:Not only that, I also designed our college's cultural website which turned out to be really good and in the later years, i did some freelancing and did some web hosting too.
    Interviewer1:well, that's impressive.

    Peter:Yeah, I earned some good bucks too in freelancing, but I felt that I need a professional touch, so I applied for your company.
    Interviewer2: Ok, Peter we like your response adnyour confidence.We will be intimating you shortly.

    Peter:Thank You very much sir.

    After 5 days, Peter gets the appointment letter from the company and he is extremely happy about it.

    This post is for those people who find it difficult in understanding the basic norms and rules.So, kindly read the above post and understand them.If anyone has any doubt, they can send me a private message, so that I can respond to your queries.
    Thank You.

    Know about our space.

  • #157311
    Ramesh Visiting a college and asking for a admission details in administration department

    Ramesh:- Hello Sir.
    Ramesh:- Sir, I want to know the full details regarding Post Graduation.
    Sir:- Ok, so tell me in which subject do u want to do Post Graduation.
    Ramesh:-Sir, I would like to know about Master of Arts(M.A.)
    Sir:-Ok Ramesh, there are many subjects in M.A. so what's your major subject.
    Ramesh:-Sir, my favorite subject is History, so my favorite subject will be History.
    Sir:-Good Ramesh this is a one of the my favorite subject.
    Ramesh:- Great sir.
    Sir:- This is a 2 years Degree course.
    Ramesh:- Sir, is it regular or correspondence course
    Sir:-Ramesh you can do this course either in regular or correspondence.
    Ramesh:- Is it either in english or in hindi.
    Sir:-This is your own choice.
    Ramesh:- Sir please give me an advice in which language I should do it.
    Sir:- I would prefer in English because you will get command over english. As you know english is International language. It will help you in various section. If you have a command over english language you can go in any MNC(Malti-national company).
    Ramesh:-Sir Please tell me about faculty.
    Sir:-There is very erudite Teachers as Dr. Sumit Kundan, Dr. B.D. Sharma, and Dr. Shoeb Ansari. These Teacher are proficient in their field. Which give you top level Education and they will provide lots of note regarding History.
    Ramesh:-Great, Tell me about the last date of admission as well as the price of Prospectus.
    Sir:- The last date of summit form is 15 September 2010 and Prospectus is Rs.70.
    Ramesh: Thanks a lot Sir. Bye.

  • #157417
    Here I submit my entry for the contest please.

    A person walking in to a government office and requesting some documents

    (Approaching the Receptionist in the main entrance of a Government Office)

    Xyz: Excuse me madam, I am xyz coming from Kozhikode, Kerala. May I Know whom should I contact for finalising the arrear claims and getting the Family Pension payment Order of my father who expired recently.

    Receptionist: Oh! Are you the son of Mr. ABC?

    Xyz: yes madam

    Receptionist: Well, did you bring all the papers which they sent to you.

    Xyz: (showing the file) yes madam.

    Receptionist: Okay, please be seated for a while. (Showing the chair) I will contact the accounts section and enquire now.

    (Receptionist dials the intercom)

    Receptionist: Hello, ha! I am Maya here. Can I speak to the Accounts officer there?

    Accounts Officer: Yes, speaking.

    Receptionist: Good morning sir, One Mr. Xyz, seeks an appointment with you sir regarding pension case of Mr. ABC. Should I send him there?

    Accounts Officer: Ms. Maya, I am having some discussion with the boss now. Please tell him to wait for a few minutes. When this is over I will call you back. Okay.

    Receptionist: Okay sir.

    Receptionist to xyz: Mr. Xyz, The AO is on a meeting with the boss now. He will call you when he is free. Please wiat for few minutes.

    Receptionist: (To the Attendant): Please give him a cup of tea. He is the son of Mr. ABC.

    Attendant: Yes madam. I know him before. He once came here for collecting the pension papers. (Attendant gives a cup of tea to xyz).

    Xyz: Thanks

    (Intercom Rings)

    Receptionist: Hi Maya here

    Accounts Officer: Ms Maya send the boy here.

    Receptionist: Yes Sir.

    Receptionist: Mr. Xyz, now you may go to the AO and hand over all the papers there. He will tell you whether the PPO is ready or not.

    Xyz: Thank you madam. Is that lift working Madam?

    Receptionist: sorry, it's out of order. You have to climb up the stairs. The AO is now in the First floor only.

    Xyz: Its okay madam. I will go there.

    Xyz (knocking the Door of A.O): May I come in sir.

    A.O.: yes please.

    Xyz: Good morning sir, I am Xyz. Son of ABC

    A. O. Good morning. Please be seated Mr. Xyz.

    Xyz: Thank you sir.

    A.O: Did your mother sign in all those papers we sent you.

    Xyz: (showing the papers brought with him in the file) yes sir. We are very much thankful to you sir for the immediate relief you have sent to us.

    A.O: Oh no mention. It's all our official duty we did. Bye the bye regarding the family pension papers all we have already processed the case and sent to the Head Quarters for sanction.

    Xyz: Where is the Head Quarter Office, sir? Is it at Trivandrum?

    A.O: No this is In New Delhi, The Central Pension Accounting Office.

    Xyz: Okay sir, how much time it will take to finalise the case sir

    A.O: It may take another fifteen to twenty days. When it is ready a copy of the PPO (Pension payment order) will be sent to you by post.

    Xyz: Whether we can contact the Delhi office to know the status of the case, any contact No please.

    AO: Yes, but there is a web site for this office. If you want to know the status of the pension case, you may visit the website: There pension status enquiry window you simply type the PPO no. and date. Then you will get the information there.

    Xyz: okay sir. But sir I don't have the PPO No with me.

    AO: That's right. Please note down. (Opens some register and tells the number)

    Xyz: Its very kind of you sir. I will leave now.
    A.O: Oh nothing. You please convey our regards to your mother.If you need any other information you may contact me over Phone.

    Xyz: Okay sir, thank you very much. (Leaves the office)

  • #157438
    Two women meet in the market. Here is conversation between them.

    Reena: Hey Anita, how are you? Buying vegetables hummm?

    Anita: Hey Reena, I am fine. Nice to see you after so many days. Yes, today some guests are coming in evening that's why I came to buy some extra vegetables.

    Reena: Vegetables are so costly na...

    Anita: Yes, For some vegetables I am scaring to even touch them. So costly. Anyway, tell me what's new?

    Reena: Many thing yaar... You know Mrs. Khanna's son and Mrs. Patel's daughter escaped from home!

    Anita: Really, when? Where are they?

    Reena: Who knows. I just came to know it tomorrow. Kavita told me. But I had heard about their affair before so many times.

    Anita: Yes, I also had heard about that. Hey, are you coming this sunday on the meeting of Kitty Party? Mrs. Sheevastav is giving feast this time. His son gets married na.. that's why. Samosa and Gulabjamun is there.

    Reena: Hummm... I will surely come. I love Gulabjamun.

    Anita: Ok, then let's meet there. I have to leave now. So many work at home.

    Reena: Ok, bye...(Turned back and start walking)

    Anita: (Suddenly remind something) Hey Reena...

    Reena: What happen?

    Anita: Can you send your made at my home for some help? Today so many guests are coming. So, I will get tired if I will be alone..

    Reena: Ok...I will send her...But only after finishing my home's work..

    Anita: Thanks... Bye...

    Reena: Bye...

    With Regards,
    Himadri H. Patel,
    Software Developer,

  • #157519
    This is my second entry for this contest. This is a conversation between Mummy, her elder daughter Jiya and younger daughter Palav. Palav is in 1st year of B.Pharm. Jiya is doing job in some private firm. Mummy is housewife.

    Mummy (To Palav) : Beta, how is your preparation for this exam going?

    Palav : Very nice mummy. You wait and watch I will surely get atleast 85% this time.

    Mummy : Oh... I am hearing this since you were in 10th. But not seen 85% yet, not in a single result.

    Jiya : Mummy, you know na... Barking dogs never bites. She just can talk but can't work hard for achieving her goal. I know, this time also she is not reading so hard for getting 85%.

    Palav : Oh didi, stop adding fuel to the fire. (After some pause) But, actually you are right. I just see a dream but do not put my 100% to achieve it.

    Mummy : Now you understand. But there is no meaning of crying over spilled milk.

    Jiya : No, still you have time. Do your best in your graduations.

    Palav : Yes, I promise I will work hard in whole B.Pharm program. Any way, didi I need a suggestion from you.

    Jiya : What?

    Palav : I have to give seminar. But I am confused whether to make a presentation for it or not.

    Jiya : You must make a preparation because a picture paints a thousand words. Preparation will make it easy to explain what ever you want. Put some figures and charts and don't put paragraphs on any slide.

    Palav : Didi... Please you make it for me...Please..

    Jiya : Are you mad? Do your work your self.

    Palav(showing artificial anger) : Ok, I don't need your help. I will make it myself. (Leave for her bedroom)

    Mummy : Ok Jiya, now you also go to bed.

    Jiya : Yes mummy. Good Night.

    Mummy : Good Night beta.

    With Regards,
    Himadri H. Patel,
    Software Developer,

  • #157555
    A job seeker calling a company inquiring about job opportunities

    Job Seeker: Hello my name is Ms Arathi, i called to enquire about the new vacancies available for Customer service associates within your organisation.

    Recruiter: Thank you for calling Arathi. We do have vacancies for Customer Service Associates. Can you please brief about yourself.

    Job Seeker: My name is Arathi and I hail from Trivandrum. I have recently completed my graduation from All Saint College Trivandrum. I am looking forward to work with an Organisation on customer service job.

    Recruiter: We have scheduled a Linguistic test on dd/mm/yy please make yourself free on this date and attend the test at 10.00am in our office.

    Job Seeker: Thank you Sir. I confirm my presence for the test on the said date.

    With regards

    Recruiter: Thank you & All the best.

    Being without Knowledge is like being without light.

  • #157666
    It is a pleasure participating in this brilliant conversation- contest!

    Let me explain first! I was very much frustrated and in very low spirits then, feeling totally dejected and unhappy. My personal, professional and emotional states were in a total chaos. I was trying to comprehend as to what/who it was that was rocking my cradle so violently; only to discover that it was none else but the God Almighty Himself. I, then decided to go straight to the source, straight to the greatest victimizer of all. I decided to converse with Him. I sent Him a prayer of pleas and urgings. It was a spiteful, passionate, and full of confusions, contortions, and condemnations prayer- sheet. Then after, God began conversing with me which is being reproduced below!
    God- Do you really want an answer to all your woes or are you just venting?

    Me- Both. I am venting " sure as hell" about a lot of things happening to me all at a time and wishing to hear answers to them if there are any answers.

    God- You are "sure as hell "…about a lot of things. But wouldn't it be nice to be "Sure as heaven"?

    Me- What is that supposed to mean? Don't you confuse me, and give me some answers to the questions haunting me since long and begging for your answers desperately.

    God- And what are they? You can ask your questions that is eating away the vitals of your mind.

    Me- They are many! But just to begin with, why do some people, take Christ for example, seem to hear more of your commandments and communications than others?

    God- Because some people are actually willing to listen! They are willing to hear, and they are willing to remain open to the communications even when the going gets tough or crazy, or downright wrong.

    Me-We should listen to God even when what is being said is wrong?
    God- Yes. Especially when it seems wrong! If you think you are right about everything, who needs to talk to God? Go ahead and act on all that you know. But notice that you have all been doing that since Time began. And look at what a mess you have made of this world and yourself?

    Me- There is so much I wish to ask to you, so much I want to ask, I don't know where to begin. For example, why is that you do not reveal yourself?

    God- I have done so over and over again. In fact I am doing so again right now.

    Me- No. I mean by a method of revelation that is incontrovertible? Which cannot be denied?

    God- Such as?

    Me- Such as appearing right now before my eyes.

    God- I am doing so right now.

    Me- Where?

    God- Everywhere you look.

    Me- No, what I mean is in an incontrovertible way. In a way no man can deny.

    God - what way would that be? In what form or shape would you have Me appear?

    Me- in the form and shape that you actually have!

    God- That would be impossible I don't have no form-no shape. I am what I am not .It is from the am-notness that I come and to it I always return. It matters not in what form or in what manner I reveal myself—whatever manner I choose and whatever form I take, none will be incontrovertible.

    Me- God, please, tell me do you really answer prayers?

    God- Prayers? But, you will not have that for which you ask, nor can you have anything you want. This is because your very request is a statement of lack, and your saying that you want a thing only works to produce the precise experience—wanting –in your reality. The correct prayer therefore, is never a prayer of supplication, but a prayer of gratitude. When you thank God in advance for that which you choose to experience in your reality, you, in effect acknowledge that is there. And you get it after your prayers.

    Me-If you are so all perfect and so all loving, why have you created pestilence and famine, war and disease, earthquake and tornados and hurricanes and all manners of natural disaster, deep personal disappointments, and worldwide calamity.

    God- The answer lies in the deeper mystery of the universe and the highest meaning of life. Knowing is a divine state, yet the grandest joy is in being. Being is achieved only after experiencing which is what the "Holy trinity" is. These are things most necessarily created for you to gain experience.

    Me- There are those who say that life is a school, that we are here to learn specific lessons, that once we graduate, we can go on to largest pursuits, no longer shackled by the body. Is this correct?

    God- That is not true.

    Me- Life is not a school?


    Me- We are not here to learn lessons?

    God- No.

    Me- Then why are we here?

    God- sees son, this requires a while to explain and the time allotted to you is merely 3 minutes only. How can those 3 minutes contain them all?

    Me- Okay then. Good Bye, Lord, but, promise me to come back again!
    God- Be coming back soon to you, son! Bye!


  • #157702
    I pleased to take part in this contest. I have chosen the topic "son trying to convince his father to buy an iphone for him". In this conversation there are three members 1. Son (as son) 2. father(as father) 3. teacher(as teacher)

    Son : hai papa? what are you doing ?

    father: yes my dear, I am reading a article in the newpaper regarding budget?

    Son : Is there any thing special to be happy over.

    father : yes, the prices are going to decrease in gorcery items and there will be a heavy hike in extraordinary things like TV, Cellphone and Fridge etc.

    Son : papa, how can you say that Cellphone is one of the extra ordinary things. Nowadays it became an essential things.

    father : I do agree, but without a cellphone one can live but cannot live without food.

    Son : yes, that's correct papa? but now man living a machine life so he needs everything. papa? the world is changing so fast, all models of cellphone are changing very fast. Now the cell phones are 'as slim as zero size' also the cost are so cheap 'it is everyone's cup of tea'.

    father : oh my dear, why are you saying all about these to me!

    Son : papa you are my good papa. my frinds are having iphone with lot of facilities like camera, speakingclock, music, radio and internet but my phone is 'as old as a mountain' so, please replace into a new iphone.

    father : cellphone is only for your needs not to be used as a recreational material.

    Son : papa you are correct. what is wrong if a phone fulfills our needs as well as entertainment. My teacher is also having iphone. He is your frind so you can clarify with him.

    father : Ok I will call him later, go and prepare for your test.
    (ringing to his frind) hello sir, my son is demanding a iphone is it correct at this stage to provide with a cellphone having internet facilities.

    teacher: yes, donot worry nowadays the children are thinking very fast as like as computer so they know how to use. Second thing is that everyone want to shine among their peer group. So it is no harm to provide a iphone to your son.

    father : ok thank u sir,

    Son : papa what he said?

    father : He recommended, so I planned to fetch a iphone tomorrow. good night.

    Son : thank u papa, you are my good papa.

    A true soldier needs both military and spiritual training-S C Bose.

  • #157801
    I am going to post a conversation taken place at a bank between different customers and a bank officer.

    Customer 1: Excuse me. I want to open an account here.

    Bank Employee: Please go to that cabin.

    Customer 1: May I come in?

    Bank Officer: Yes please. What can I do for you?

    Customer 1: I want to open an account here. What is the minimum deposit for a saving account?

    Bank Officer: You can open an ordinary savings account with a minimum deposit of one thousand rupees. But for a cheque book account, one needs to deposit two thousand and five hundred rupees.

    Customer 1: How many times a week can we withdraw money?

    Bank Officer: In our bank not more than thrice a week.

    Customer 1: What is the rate of interest on a savings account?

    Bank Officer: Eight percent.

    Customer 1: Alright. I want an account here.

    Bank Officer: O.K. Fill up this form please. Do you want it single or joint?

    Customer 1: I want it in a joint name with my wife.

    Bank Officer: In that case you both have to sign here. Do you know somebody to sign as witness?

    Customer 1: Yes my neighbor Mr. Kapoor has an account in this bank.

    Bank Officer: Fine, please ask him to sign here.

    Customer 1: And after that?

    Bank Officer: Deposit the amount with the cashier. After that you will get your account number and the passbook.

    Customer 1: Thank you very much.

    Another Customer: I want a draft, please.

    Bank Officer: Please go to the counter number three.

    Customer 2: (at the counter) I want a draft, please.

    Bank Officer: Do you have an account here.

    Customer 2: No.

    Bank Officer: Fill up this form and deposit the money at counter number six.

    Customer 2: How much time will it take?

    Bank Officer: About an hour.

    Customer 2: Please try to make it early.

    Bank Officer: I will try.

    Customer 2: Thank you.

    Another Customer: I want to deposit this cheque please.

    Bank Officer: Counter number six please.

    Customer 3: Thank you. I want a fixed deposit account.

    Bank Officer: For what amount?

    Customer 3: For ten thousand rupees.

    Bank Officer: And for how many years?

    Customer 3: For five years. What is the interest?

    Bank Officer: Please study this chart.

    Customer 3: Is there compound interest for the recurring deposit?

    Bank Officer: It is there in the chart please.

    Customer 3: O.K. Sir. Thank you.


  • #157962

    Here I am going to write a conversation between a mother and a child who had an unpleasant experience on his first day at the new school.

    Stephen : Mom........

    Mom : Steve , you came dear? Son How's your new school?

    Stephen : ..........

    Mom : Why are you so gloomy son? What happened? Don't you like the school?

    Stephen : Yes mom, But today was a horrible one. I was made the laughing stock of the class room. My classmates... Hew...

    Mom : Really? Tell me what happened.Did you make any mistake?

    Stephen : Yes mom, I did some mistakes. All the students laughed at me.

    Mom : Come on Steve.. How did that happen?

    Stephen : Today my teacher asked me to write my name and address on the black board.

    Mom : You could do that , couldn't you?

    Stephen : No mom, I couldn't.

    Mom : What ? You can read or write your name, can't you?

    Stephen : Yes mom. But the instructions of the teacher to write it on the black board in the presence of the boys and girls made me go blank.I became so nervous, and I couldn't do it. That time my classmates laughed at me,was that a good thing???

    Mom : Absolutely wrong one. But it will be OK son. Don't bother about it any more. Try to forget this. Next time we will perform well.. But I am quite surprised about what you have done today in your class.. Didn't your teacher help you?

    Stephen : Yes mom... She did. My teacher did try to help me by asking me to spell my name. I could spell my name. But I could not write it on the black board.

    Mom : Oh come on Steve.. you can definitely do it.See there is a support hand for you in the class. I know, next time my Steve will do the best.The same classmates will appreciate you dear.

    Stephen : Thanks mom...

    Mom : Go dear, take a bath. I have made something special for you.

    Stephen : Is it???? I will be right back.....

  • #158404
    Please find below my second entry for this contest:-

    Telephonic Conversation between a male "Raj" and the hotel receptionist whom Raj has called to enquire about and make bookings for his planned vacation.

    Receptionist:- Good Morning, This is Shilpa from Hotel Kohinoor,Ooty. How may I assist you?

    Raj:- Good Morning Shilpa. I am Raj Malhotra calling from Mumbai. I am planning to travel to Ooty with my wife for a short vacation. So, I have called to enquire about the advanced room booking details.

    Receptionist:- That's great sir.We would be really glad to welcome you and your wife. I assure you would have a memorable time with us. So, when are you planning to come here? I shall check the room availability accordingly?

    Raj:- I am planning to check-in on 24th December'2010 and check-out on 27th December'2010 i.e. stay is for 3 nights and 4 days.

    Receptionist:- Thanks. I can see that several rooms are available since you are booking well in advance. We have different types of rooms for two people like Standard Double, Corporate Double, Romantic Double, Honeymoon Double, etc. I suggest you to try our "Romantic Double" room, which has been newly added to our rooms. It is a room designed especially to re-ignite the romance between a husband and wife.You will be pleasantly surprised by the innovative amenities and services that come along with this room. Also, the room charges are reasonable such as Rs.2500 per night, but since you are booking for more than 2 nights you are eligible for our 10% discount, thereby making your total charges equal to Rs.6750.

    Raj:- This is really cool. I would surely opt for the "Romantic Double" room and give my wife a pleasant surprise. Also, please try and give me a top floor room.

    Receptionist:- Super! I would block your bookings against a top floor "Romantic Double" room.Please note that your check-in time is after 10 a.m. How would you like to pay Sir: by credit card or online transfer or cash on arrival/departure?

    Raj:- I would make the payment by cash when I check-in. I hope that's fine with you.

    Receptionist:- It's perfectly fine sir. For further details about our services like restaurant, cafe, sight-seeing tours, etc. you can visit our website at Thank you very much,Sir! Is there anything else that I can do for you?

    Raj:- No, this is just fine. I shall visit your website and check further details. Thanks for your help.

    Receptionist:- My Pleasure, Sir.We shall look forward to see you on 24th December'10. It was nice talking to you. Have a great day. Bye.

    Raj:- Same here. Have a good day. Bye.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  • #158747

    I would like to participate in this contest.

    Here is the conversation between a Travel Agent and a Customer over Telephone.

    Travel Agent: Good Morning. Ashish Travels.

    Customer: Good morning. I'd like to fly to Singapore on Thursday next and from there to London on Saturday.

    Travel Agent: I'm sorry, could you say that again a bit slowly?

    Customer: I want to fly to Singapore on Thursday next.

    Travel Agent: Thursday, that is the fifteenth?

    Customer: Oh no, is Thursday the fifteenth?

    Travel Agent: Yes, sir.

    Customer: Well, if it is so, I'll fly on fourteenth to Singapore, and from there to London on Saturday next.

    Travel Agent: Sorry, did you say Saturday?

    Customer: That's right.

    Travel Agent: Saturday, the seventeenth, is that right?

    Customer: That's right.

    Travel Agent: Which class would you like to travel by?

    Customer: Sorry, I couldn't quite hear what you said.

    Travel Agent: I was asking which class you would like to travel by, first class or economy class?

    Customer: I think I'll fly by economy class.

    Travel Agent: Do you have any other preferences?

    Customer: Sorry, I couldn't get what you were asking?

    Travel Agent: I was enquiring if you have any preferences about your seat, diet, etc.

    Customer: I would like to prefer window seat and vegetarian diet.

    Travel Agent: All right, we'll do it. Could you tell me your name, please?

    Customer: I'm Siddharth Mallikarjunan.

    Travel Agent: I'm sorry, could you repeat your surname?

    Customer: Mallikarjunan

    Travel Agent: I'm really sorry, but could you spell it out for me?

    Customer: M-A-L-L-I-K-A-R-J-U-N-A-N

    Travel Agent: Mallikarjunan. Thank you. Your ticket is confirmed.

    Customer: Ok. I will come by tomorrow to collect my ticket and thanks for booking.

    Travel Agent: Thank you sir and have a nice day.



  • #158751

    Here is my second entry to this contest.

    Conversation, At a College between Lecturer and Principal.

    Lecturer: Good morning. Sir. May I come in?

    Principal: Good Morning. Mr. Sathyan. Do come in and take your seat.

    Lecturer: Thank You. Sir, I am thinking of leaving the college.

    Principal: But why? Aren't you happy here?

    Lecturer: Of course. I am. It's really a pleasure working here.

    Principal: Then what's the matter now?

    Lecturer: I've been selected as an officer in Canara Bank.

    Principal: And you want to accept that?

    Lecturer: I am thinking of accepting it. As you know, sir, a bank officer gets much more than a lecturer.

    Principal: I know that. In terms of salary, it is an attractive job for you. But is money the only consideration? Do you think you'll be happy working in a bank? You're an M.A. in English Literature. You've a flair for writing and the students like your classes.

    Lecturer: Well, what you say is true. Still............

    Principal: I don't want to stand in your way. But do you think you have considered everything? With your talents, do you think you'll enjoy working on debits, credits and balance sheets? 'The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence'. So I think you'll do well to reconsider your decision. On your part, we are happy with your work. We'll be sorry if you decide to leave. Now, 'The ball's in your court'.

    Lecturer: All right, sir. I'll think about it once again sir.



  • #158783
    This is a talk between a boy and a girl. The boy has arrived at girl's home to have an interview of each other for marriage. The family member told them to go in the room inside to talk alone.

    Girl: Please, Sit.

    Boy: After you, please.

    (Both sit on two chairs arranged specially for them, today)

    Boy: Lets first introduce our selves. I am Kiran, Kiran Patel. Can I know your good name please.

    Girl: Kavita Patel.

    Boy: You are comfortable na?!

    Girl: Yes...Yes..

    Boy: Well, I must say, you are so beautiful.(starring at her)

    Girl: (Looking him)Buttering humm?!!

    Boy: No, really I mean that. (Pause)So tell me about yourself. Your study, your likes, dislikes etc.

    Girl: I have completed my graduate in Science with special Maths and then done M.C.A, from VNSGU.

    Boy: Oh, that's nice to here. We are from the same field. I have completed my graduate and post graduate both in computer engineering.

    Girl: Really, papa didn't tell me about this.

    Boy: He might also not knowing about it. Any way tell me more.

    Girl: I am a girl who has grown in a town so not so ambitious, not so stylish but simple. I love to hear music, I love to watch movie in theater. I don't like if some one try to cheat me. That's it. Tell me about you.

    Boy: I have some high ambitions in my life to have my own software company at good position one day. My hobbies are quite similar to your's.

    Girl: Oh, that's nice. At least our hobbies are common.

    Boy: Tell me about your friends, you know what I mean!

    Girl: Yes, I got what you mean! I have a group of friends. They are either my school classmates or college classmates, including boys. I hope you don't mind.

    Boy: No... no... Not at all. I also have some girls in my friend group. But no one so special.

    Girl: Would you like to confess something?

    Boy: (Looks like thinking)Mmmm.... Yes, one thing is that I am a non-vegetarian. I love to eat chicken and fry fish. Omlet also.

    Girl: (Looks exited, smiling)Oh...That's like 'Icing On The Cake'. That are my favorite dishes, too. In my home, no body eats non-veg, but I love it. They know it and they didn't stop me for that. I wouldn't like if I have to stop eating it after my marriage.

    Boy: OK, now your turn to confess something.

    Girl: Yes, I have something to confess.

    (Pause, looks at boy. He seems to waiting for her confession, but doesn't look tensed)

    Girl: I have eye numbers. In left eye, it is -4 and in right eye -5. (Looks into boys eyes)

    Boy: Oh, that's quite high. Then, how you are able to see now. Can you see this...(showing his hand with 5 fingers open) Tell me how many fingers?!!

    Girl: (With little smile) I can see. I wear contact lenses.(Looks doubting) You really don't have any problem with that? I have been rejected once for this reason.

    Boy: Don't be silly. Is that the point to create an issue? That boy must be fool. I don't mind at all, nor my family will. We will have a 'Lasik Surgery' before or after marriage if you don't like to wear specs.(Talks like their marriage are fixed)

    Girl: OK, that's it from my side? You have any question?

    Boy: Yes, I tell you one secret. I like you. I will say yes from my side.

    (Girl feels shy and happy)

    Boy: But, the final decision is yours. But, let me at least confirm friendship with you. Friends? (Giving his hand to shake)

    Girl: Friends!!(Looking at him like she is also impressed with him)

    Boy: Now, as we are friends, don't tell the secret I just tell you to any one. OK.

    Girl: Sure...

    Boy: Can I have a photo of yours? For showing to my other family members.

    Girl: OK, I will give you when you return to your home.

    Boy: Thanks. Should we go now?

    Girl: Yes, lets go.

    Boy: After you.

    Girl: (Smiling)No formalities now. Lets go together.
    (Boy smiles. They both return to drawing room where others were waiting for them)

    With Regards,
    Himadri H. Patel,
    Software Developer,

  • #158896
    My first entry: Conversation between teenage girl (Malini) and her parents. Malini wants to take part in a local beauty contest.

    Malini and her parents are watching Khatron Ki Khiladi 3. When the program breaks for a commercial…

    Malini: Mom, Dad, can I…
    Both parents together: No!

    Malini: But I did not even say what I wanted!

    Mother: Whatever it is, no! You always want to do something scatterbrained, we know only too well.

    Malini: Oh, come on, Mom, at least listen to what I want.

    No response from either parents…

    Malini: I want to take part in the beauty contest which is being held next week at the hall near Freedom Park.

    Father: No. No beauty contests.

    Malini: But, Dad, why not?

    Father: Beauty contests are nonsense. Just skinny people wearing silly clothes. No way are you going to take part in such contests!

    Malini: Dad, it is a perfectly decent contest. We have to wear traditional Indian clothes only.

    Father: No means no. The next thing that will happen is you will get called for some photo shoot for a magazine, and we will see you in a trashy magazine wearing something, know revealing kind of…

    Malini: Well, that means you are confident I will win – so why can't I take part?!

    Father (angrily): What nonsense! I never said any such thing. For God's sake, don't go and apply for that stupid contest.

    Malini: Mom, why can't I go?

    Mother: You heard what your father said! Come hell or high water, you are NOT taking part in that contest!

    Malini: Please, Dad. Please, Mom.

    Both parents ignore her and focus attention on the program which has resumed.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

  • #158898
    My second entry: Conversation between son (Suresh) and father. Suresh wants a new mobile phone.

    Suresh: Dad, I was thinking of replacing my mobile phone with the Blackberry Torch . It is a great new phone and…
    Father: Well, keep thinking.

    Suresh: Oh, come on, Dad. My mobile phone has become so outdated. All my friends have the newest smart phones.

    Father: Good for them.

    Suresh: Dad, please!

    Father: Just because they have something does not mean you should have it too! If they go to study in USA does not mean that you will go too.

    Suresh: What on earth has that got to do with my wanting a mobile?! I never said that I wanted to go abroad to study.

    Father: Well, I am just telling you an analogy.

    Suresh: Come off it, Dad. Please see my mobile. It is…

    Father: I have seen it. After all, I am the one who bought it for you last year on your Birthday.

    Suresh: Dad, what the bloody hell! Surely...
    Father: You mind your language!

    Suresh: Sorry, Dad. Honestly, Dad, I do so need that Blackberry. Please, please!

    Father: There is a vast difference between need and want. You want a new phone – you don't need it. Your present mobile phone is working just fine and there is no need to waste money in buying a fancy new one.

    Suresh: But Dad...

    Father: No dice and no more arguments. That's quite enough!

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

  • #158977
    The backdrop of the conversation is to be understood first before we proceed to know what transpired in the conversation that later took place between me and my sister separated 1000 of miles away from each other.

    Hide in plain sight? This was the sentence which kept on buzzing into my ears ever since I had regained my consciousness after losing it from an accident. It so happened that after attending the program course on hidden sides of the internet surfing, I was returning back to my hotel late in the night in a taxi. The road curved round suddenly, and due to the high speed, the taxi swerved off the road and into the indistinct blackness beyond. The next thing I knew after when I woke up was that I was lying on to the hospital bed. It was 3 PM in the night and the very sentence of the programmer had waked me up. Hidden in plain sight!

    The programmer had lectured us that nowadays people hide their confidential information into the net instead of keeping them in safe or vaults where it could be found by others. There is some space somewhere in the net where people do it which is called the "dark net", access to which is dangerous which might lead to your being arrested. Citing these reasons he did not elaborate further than this. But since then I was finding it difficult to contain my curiosity to know further about this aspect of the internet world. "Hide in plain sight" was what he had termed it.

    My elder sister is what you would call nowadays, a geek. But she was sleeping thousands of miles away into her home at this ungodly hour of night. Reluctantly I dialed her number from memory.

    'Shravani? It's surendra.'


    I whispered, 'It's me.'

    'Surendra? It's the middle of the night.'

    'I know. I am really sorry---.'

    'It's well past mid night, Surendra. Where in hell are you calling from? Has something happened?'

    'I am in Calcutta. It is a long story.'

    I could hear a rustle, the sound of Shravani sitting up in bed.

    'Are you drunk? You sound like you've got your head in a bucket?

    'No, not drunk. I was into an accident.'

    Shravani's tone changed instantly. Suddenly she was a whirlwind of sisterly concern, offering help, insisting that she would take the next flight, wanting to know what the Doctors had said, marveling at the fact they had discharged me so quickly. It was simultaneously touching and stressful.

    'I don't need anything Shravani, I promise. Nothing like that.'

    'Do you swear surendra? Because, seriously, I can get to wherever you are and be with you by tomorrow!'

    'Don't breathe a word to Ma'. I was hamming up the sentences to lessen the gravity of the request, the very act of which only confirmed the gravity of the request. 'I mean it. She will only freak out and I don't want t her to know a thing. OK?'
    'OK. What is the other thing?'

    'Good. The other thing is professional. I need your brain power.'

    Shravani croaked out a laugh. You mean you are not calling for a recipe of chicken curry. It is nice someone remembers the real me.'

    'Sorry. Go on.'

    I then explained what I was looking for.

    'Now, have we ever had the dark web conversation?'

    'I don't think so.'

    'Okay. When you look something up online, how do you do it?'


    'And when you do that, you think you are searching the whole internet, right?'


    'That is what everyone thinks. But they are wrong. In fact, you are searching, like; point naught three percent of the total number of pages on the web.'

    'I don't understand.'

    'You know that that thing they always use to say at school, about human only using ten percent of the brains? Well, most of us are using just three hundredth of one percent of the entire web.'
    'So where is the rest?'

    'That is what I am talking about: the dark web. Or the deep web! Places that are hidden. What most people see and use is the tip. But there is this massive iceberg underneath.'

    'And what is in it?'
    'A whole lot of it is junk, websites that have stopped working, addresses that have fallen into disuse, defunct internet companies, you got to imagine it like this was vast underwater landscape, full of old shipwrecks and derelict buildings that have fallen into the sea.
    I did not want to break my sister's flow. Shravani has been the same as teenager. She could turn positively lyrical when exalting whatever theme had become her passion.

    She poured in further.

    'But it is not old stuff, Surendra. Sometimes it is legitimate, may be a database that's blocked to search for copyright reasons, because it contains commercially sensitive information. And sometimes it is vile. Like dirty address spaces that get taken over by crime syndicates. The Russians are big on that. They run spam or child porn from these disused sites. The dark web is not a nice place'.

    'And is there—'

    'Right! I forgot. The other stuff you find—kind of lying on the seabed—are addresses that were set up right at the beginning, when the internet was just starting, and then abandoned. And you remember who started the internet, right?'

    'The US military'.


    'And is there any way to probe all this stuff?'

    'I know how you can start'.

    I listened taking detailed notes as Shravani gave.

    With the sheet of instructions given by Shravani at one side and the laptop on my lap, I followed her first instruction and Goggled "Freenet". Two clicks later I was at the site that looked like anyone of those places you occasionally had to visit to download or update computer software: grey and basic. I got the first inkling that I was about to enter a different realm. That is the thing about the dark web. It is mainly full of crap. It is like that place in the Pacific Ocean where all the plastic garbage ends up. I again rung my sis to ask when was that entire internet pioneering stuff going on.

    She said, 'Early eighties. And the only people doing it were the American military, some academics and a few beardy- weirdy hippies'.

    I then heard the cry of her baby boy who was awakened now. Thinking it was time to end the conversation, I bid my sis a very good day (the light of dawn had already started emanating by then) and goodbye reminding her to come back again on the subject at her convenience hung up.


  • #158980
    Hi All,

    This is the conversation between two friends, who live in two different rooms in a hostel, about their new roommates. Here is how it goes.

    Elex: Hi Sam! Where is your new roommate?

    Sam: Who? Cheko?

    Elex: Yes. Where is he?

    Sam: I do not know. He does not convey while leaving.

    Elex: He is the topper in the studies. You must have liked him, don't you?

    Sam: No, I don't like him. He really turns me off.

    Elex: But, why?

    Sam: He is a complete book worm. Even he does not like to be interrupted for a second while he studies. Additionally, he always makes rude remarks when I try to talk with him. He is just too boring.

    Elex: Why don't you speak your heart out to him?

    Sam: I tried, but all in vain. Hey! Even you didn't tell about your new roommate, did you?

    Elex: I didn't.

    Sam: So, how is yours one?

    Elex: His name is Goodwin. He is a funny guy. He always talks gossip and usually goes to discos and parties. One can label him as the Complete Entertainer.

    Sam: Wow! You are lucky man. But, don't forget me either while enjoying his company.

    Elex: How can I forget you? You are my best friend. And always remember: Old is Gold.


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    My third entry: Conversation between candidate (Sweta) and prospective employer (Mr. Tarun).

    Sweta (entering Mr. Tarun's Cabin): Good evening, Sir.
    Tarun: Good evening

    Sweta remains standing while Tarun is looking at her C.V.
    Tarun (looking up): Please have a seat.
    Sweta: Thank you, Sir (sits in a chair in front of Tarun's desk)

    Tarun: How did you know of this vacancy for a computer operator? We did not advertise it in any major newspaper or at any job site. Did you see the vacancy at our website?
    Sweta: No, Sir, not at first. Actually, I came to know of the vacancy through the website India Study Channel.

    Tarun: What? Which is this website? Never heard of it!
    Sweta: Yes, Sir. Neither did I know of its existence! I simply did a Google Search for computer operator jobs and this vacancy was one of those listed on the first page. Your company's website link was also provided in their jobs section, so I could confirm further details of this vacancy.

    Tarun: Hmmm….You have not mentioned any work experience in your C.V. This is your first job?
    Sweta: Yes, Sir. I have just completed my graduation a few months ago.

    Tarun: Well, actually, we do need somebody experienced.
    Sweta: Yes, Sir. I am aware of that. However, I am proficient in all aspects of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint so….

    Tarun(interrupting): Yes, yes; you have mentioned all that in your C.V. As I said, though, we definitely need somebody who has at least 1 or 2 years experience. You will have a good deal of work, you know – company letters to type out, preparing tabulated data in Excel worksheets, etc. We need somebody really efficient who can work independently.
    Sweta: I am efficient Sir, I assure you. I do not have actual experience working in a firm, but I have done computer-related work for my father.

    Tarun: Your father? Which profession is he in?
    Sweta: My father is a lawyer, Sir.

    Tarun: Well, so you were helping him out in what way? Typing out legal documents?
    Sweta: Not detailed legal documents, Sir, but plenty of letters to and on behalf of his clients, and typing out drafts for civil cases.

    Tarun: Hmmm…interesting. You have mentioned your typing speed as 60wpm – 70wpm.
    Sweta: Yes, Sir. I can type very fast. Sir, please do give me a chance to prove my skills.

    Tarun: I like your confidence. Ok; right now, go to that computer on the desk in the corner, and type out this (gives her a letter written on his notepad). Let's see how quick and efficient you are!

    Sweta takes the notepad, goes to the desk, boots up the computer, opens up a Word doc. and types out the letter.

    Finishing quickly, she goes to Tarun's table and hands over the finished letter.

    Tarun: Good; that was fast and I can see you have even set the margins correctly. No spelling typo errors too…

    Sweta: So, Sir, do I start work tomorrow?

    Tarun: Wait a sec! Don't be hasty. Ours is a small firm, and there will be no supervisor as such. You will be reporting to me directly and when I go out of town on business-related work, you should also be able to handle calls and incoming faxes too. So you see, you won't just be typing away at the keyboard!

    Sweta: No problem at all, Sir. I will handle everything independently. I will surely do a good job.

    Tarun: Well, let's see. Today is Thursday. If by Saturday we do not get any applications from a more experienced or efficient person, I will call you…this is your personal mobile number on the C.V.?
    Sweta: Yes, Sir. It is my own mobile number.

    Tarun: Ok, then. Leave your C.V. I will get in touch with you. I won't make any promises, though. Even if you are selected, I will try you out for a week and then decide whether to appoint you permanently. We will discuss your salary then.
    Sweta: Thank you, Sir! Have a good day.

    Tarun: Thanks.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Here is my entry with topic number 5 as given in the list:

    A person calling his friend and talk some gossip

    Ram: Hi Raj, you got a class now or it's free?

    Raj: Well, its free; you got to discuss something?

    Ram: Yes, actually, I was thinking about making some bucks online; can you tell me how to get a legitimate online earning job without falling prey to scams?

    Raj: Yes, there you go; you have rightly said there are a whole lot of scam sites who promise to pay but don't keep it. Don't worry, I will suggest you some sites where you can earn Indian money online.

    Ram: Sounds good! Pray tell me the names.

    Raj: Well, some months back, while casually browsing net about online earning jobs in India, I stumbled upon Initially I too had doubts if it was valid or not but rested assured after going through the payment proofs. They have paid lakhs to hundreds of members so far, and I found some of them even living close to my native place!

    Ram: Then?

    Raj: What else? I decided to join and earn money online. All you have to do there is to post self written contents, better if with good keywords. And till date, you will be glad to know, I have earned more than three thousands in these three months.

    Ram: But that is not much high an amount?

    Raj: Well, mate, slow starts yield steady ends. And this is not everything; once I meet the criteria there I will also be eligible to apply for Google AdSense application through

    [Reshma enters and joins them meanwhile]

    Reshma: Hey, what are you two talking over here? I was looking for you in the commonroom!

    Raj: Oh! Actually Ram was enquiring about legitimate online earning job through which he can earn Indian money online.

    Reshma: Great, Ram! So these days you fostered a knack for online earning jobs in India?

    Ram: Aye, and Raj suggested IndiaStudyChannel.

    Reshma: Well, a nice one! Nevertheless, if you are serious about online earning, you can check out two more!

    Ram: Two more? What are they?

    Raj: Spiders?

    Reshma: Yup, Spiders. Since we are all from Mumbai, the best website for online earning would be where you can write about Mumbai and earn cash.

    Ram: That's nice!

    Reshma: And the good thing is, apart from the regular cash credits and AdSense revenues, the site also shares 55% of its net monthly revenue with the top ten contributors.

    Ram: How?

    Raj: Let me explain. For each post there, besides the cash, you get some points too. Each month, top ten members will be listed according to their points, which again would denote their volume of contribution. The topper will have 10% of the net monthly revenue, the next will have 9%, and thus, the tenth contributor will share 1% of the amount.

    Ram: Sounds great! So, we can virtually own a website!

    Reshma: Exactly so. There is also a Reality Show Resource Contest going on now in MumbaiSpider. There you can write on reality shows and get cash.

    Ram: Wow!

    Reshma: You can also check out which is a sister site of MumbaiSpider. Here too you will get cash credits, AdSense Revenue and Website Revenue Sharing just as you do in MumbaiSpider.

    Ram: Excellent. But will I get the payment?

    Reshma: Why not? I myself have got one and Raj is close to the payout, which is Rs. 1000/-.

    Ram: Great. I will register with these sites this night itself. Can you give me the registration links? I would jot them down else I may forget.

    Reshma: Why not? They are and

    Ram: Thanks a lot, both you and Raj. This will open up a new vista for earning! Anyway, got to go now, got a class!

    Raj: Welcome!

    Reshma: Fine, see you later then! Bye for now.

    Ram: Yes, thanks, bye for now.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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    Here is my first entry.

    There is a monthly meeting presentation in the Call Center Company / MNC Company. Manager briefs few words with his subordinates on the floor about few department's achievement also few of them (old staff) murmuring it upon its presentation.

    Manager: Hi All, I would like to take this opportunity once again to present monthly meeting where I can discuss with you guys about last month performance from our department, no doubt, as usual last month also you guys have been performed outstanding and resulted very nice with high class percentage comparing last to last month. This time we have achieved 1, 60,000 quality orders whereas last month overall target was 1, 30,000 quality orders. We have received many appreciation from our clients for your hard works and on time completion the quality meeting orders.

    Manager: One of the best appreciation from our client this month is our client says as "During our home shift, your team member helped me to porting the same telephone and broadband service from my old home to new home without any disturbance and it was also done on said day/time as a commitment, hates off to your team and specially the staff name Sreenivasan who don't want to give his name upon request on his excellent services too, anyhow I got his name from your company's help desk, I hearty appreciate on his dedication and efficiency. All the best to him and your team for usual friendly support and kind cooperation for whenever there is a different order request from us."

    Manager: Congratulation Sreenivasan and other team member for this.

    Manager: Sreenivasan, please do come here and have few words with us.

    Sreenivasan: Thanks sir, Hi guys, I am very happy to be honor from this appreciation, I got this appreciation just with the support from each one of you and it was usual day for me and I got various clients orders also we used to complete the quality order which resulted appreciation as such. Follow usual work pattern in a professional manner, work will follow us as an appreciation or reward and award etc. thanks to all and all the best.

    Manager: Yes…, not only Sreenivasan deserve such appreciation but almost all staff here in the floor, any how this is Sreenivasan time… (in between around 10 trainee staff from training room enter into the floor with an excitement and eagerness to see the monthly meeting presentation with little applause along with other floor staff)...

    Babu (old staff in floor): have a look on these trainee staff, they die to see the presentation in the floor…

    Senthil (Babu's colleague): Yes, they will even die once they hit the floor – due to hard works (Senthil is humorous guy with his colleague and friends)

    Babu: Do you think these new staff will handle such a pressure job once they hit the floor…

    Senthil: Few of them will stay and few of them will run once they take salary end of this month… it will be as same as few of our friend already done with us…

    Babu: One way we are lucky that we have completed around 2 years in the floor with the same process and hope it will help in the future.

    Senthil: I just feel how time has gone as 2 years very fast after our joining in this process but one way its look like I spent here around 10 years so far, the amount of work pressure is like when we logged in we become busy and very hard to go to break for bread then I remember only that when we logged off our system then move to home…even we forget about senior position or promotion to claim…

    Babu: Speak slowly, keeping in mind the presentation is going on and it will be troubled when they hear it, by the way can you share if you have any funniest thing in your work experience here…

    Senthil: Yes, many but will tell you one, once a customer call attended by myself, customer told me about broadband connection issue then I asked him about his system configuration for trouble shoot the broadband issue, when he gave me system detail, I told him to close the window but he close the home window instead of system window, see how the customers are around with us…

    Babu and Senthil laughed a lot slowly then they stop each other communication further to concentrate on Manager's briefing…

    Manager:….next we will move on to the quality order concern, we have quality department who monitor your orders in terms of its each field's quality, deadline and its validation plus comments etc, as you are aware Quality department closely observe each and every order that you guys execute till it transforms it to customer satisfaction. So, hates off to our quality department too and this time employee of the month award goes to quality department staff Hafeezur Rahman, well done man, you are one of them who excel this quality and professional service… please do come here and have few word with us.

    Hafeezur Rahman: Thanks Ramesh (Manager) for honoring me this award as a surprise, I am really excited and no words to re-act on this, I can simply say that I wouldn't have got this award without all of you guys support, any way, thanks to all, all the best to all of you guys.

    Senthil to Babu (murmuring): see Babu, Hafeezur screwed one of my order by checking quality assurance last month, now he is getting award… :-)

    Manager: That's all guys for this month, I will see you guys with more award and reward next month. Please get back to your work. Thanks and bye.

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    This is my first entry for the conversation contest. This is a telephonic conversation between two friends regarding online earning. One is in the need of money, so asks help from his friend.

    Kudarat rings Aman.

    Kudarat - Hello, may I talk to Aman?

    Aman - Well, yes Kudarat, its Aman here.

    Kudarat - Hey, how are you Aman?

    Aman - I am very fine Kudarat, thank you. How about you?

    Kudarat - Well, things are going fine but I am in need of some pocket money so that I can solute my basic expenses of the month like pen, notebooks, etc. in that pocket money. Plus, I wanted to save some money too. Can you help me out in this matter?

    Aman - So, what are you at actually? You mean you are searching for Jobs?

    Kudarat - Yeah, sort of.

    Aman - What kind of Jobs you are hunting for? I don't expect you hunting for those hot potato part time jobs in which you need to keep running over the day to come and go for the deed.

    Kudarat - Certainly not, Aman. What I prefer is earning some bucks sitting in front of the computer?

    Aman - Well, that is really awesome. Well, its my foregone conclusion that I can certainly help you a lot in this matter.

    Kudarat - What do I need to do?

    Aman - Well, I am in a network of several websites where you can work out with. Going with exactness, all you need to do is to write some content and for that you can get some easy bucks.

    Kudarat - What are the websites' addresses?

    Aman - Well, there are many, however is one place where you can enjoy doing this perfectly.

    Kudarat - Well, Aman, how much time it might take me to earn Rs. 3000?

    Aman - Well, see, if you spend even three hours daily and sincerely write articles of good quality, you can easily earn Rs. 3000.

    Kudarat - So, you mean that all we can do is to write articles to earn?

    Aman - Definitely not. There are many other ways in IndiaStudyChannel through which you can earn money. You can enter contests and enjoy prizes if you are picked up. Moreover, you can also try to get an AdSense profile of your own?

    Kudarat - AdSense? Sounds nice. What AdSense actually is?

    Aman - Well, see, it's a big thing to be explained in short time. In a nutshell, it is an advertisement service using which people advertise their products and services. You can be a publisher and publish ads on your webpages and upon getting clicks on your ads, you can get some bucks for yourself.

    Kudarat - Well, how will I get profit from AdSense from IndiaStudyChannel?

    Aman - It provides you an offer to get 90% of revenue from your resources and other posts for a period of one year from the time of posting.

    Kudarat - Aman, that's great.

    Aman - I am in full agreement to you on this, Kudarat. Join it and read the New Members FAQ to get more details about how you should proceed.

    Kudarat - Really Aman, I feel like being interested in this. I think I am going to join it today and see the details. I will start posting from tomorrow.

    Aman - That's good to hear. Let me see how fast your fingers run on the keyboard.

    Kudarat - I will definitely thrill you by that in some day, just wait and watch.

    Aman - Sure, I am expecting that from you. If you need any help regarding IndiaStudyChannel, you can consult me anytime.

    Kudarat - Aman, you have solved my problem. You have killed me with kindness. I am really thankful for that.

    Aman - Ah, mention not. We are friends and I will always be there by your side to help you.

    Kudarat - So sweet of you, Aman.

    Aman - Hey, Kudarat, I think I got to go now. I will catch you online when you are online. I might be available by 9. Bye for now.

    Kudarat - Fine. Bye Take care. Thanks again for the help you provided. I will be always grateful for that.

    Aman - You are always welcome. Bye.

    The call ends.

    Thank you.
    Lead Editor: Ask Experts, ISC

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    Please find my article for school admission for this English conversation contest.

    Seeking Admission in School


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    This conversation is between a teenage girl Nalini and her parents about getting Nalini the new iPhone 4.

    Father - Where is Nalini?

    Mother - She is in her bedroom.

    Father - Duh, she is in bedroom? Doing what? Don't you find the clock ticking 10:50, she didn't go to school today?

    Mother - I was unable to wake her up.

    Father - Why? What's so odd today?

    Mother - Nothing. Its just that your princess if a bit angry and agitated from me.

    Father - But why, dear?

    Mother - Nalini wants the newly launched Apple iPhone 4 and I think it is just too costly a gift to give it to a girl of 15.

    Father - Hmm. That is alright. Let me go to her and talk.

    Father goes into Nalini's bedroom.

    Father - Good morning Nalini.

    Nalini - Let me sleep. I don't want to talk to anyone in this house.

    Father - Not even with me darling?

    Nalini - No dad. Go from here, leave me alone.

    Father cuddles Nalini and wakes her up and makes her sit and talk.

    Father - Its fine that you didn't go to school dear. Its fine. Even I used to bunk my school like this sometimes. You are intelligent enough, but then may I ask you the reason of your anger?

    Nalini - Well, the reason is that you and mommy don't love me or care for me.

    Father - Don't tell me that princess, it really hurts me. Why do you think that I or mommy don't care for you or love you?

    Nalini - Dad, don't feed a line to me today. I am not going to talk.

    Father - But princess, don't you think this is too rude?

    Nalini - So?
    Father - This is not fair. Unless you tell me your problem, how will I, your daddy, be able to solve it?

    Nalini - Its okay. Then I will tell you dad.

    Father - Yeah continue.

    Nalini - The day after tomorrow is my birthday. My friend Ameesha got a home theatre of Rs. 60,000 by there parents on her birthday, which was last month. Another friend, Amit, got a personal bike. They get such expensive gifts every year.

    Father - So whats the point exactly?

    Nalini - Daddy, my point is that by far, I never asked for such an expensive gift on my birthday but this time, I want one. I want the new Apple iPhone 4 and I really mean to get it.

    Father - Woah, that is out of my budget dear. These days there is a bit of crisis of money in our family. Don't you know that your mother lost her job last week?

    Nalini - Dad? Are you trying to be economical with the truth? Don't you know that mommy has also got an appointment letter from another company and she is going to get a new job for her next month.

    Father - Fine, let me make this straight. I think that the prime reason why I don't want to give you the gift is not actually the matter of money. You know very well that I can afford 4 such iPhones every month. But beta, I don't want you to get attracted to such gadgets at this early stage of your life.

    Nalini - But thats not fair?

    Father - Will you let me talk? See, Nalini, my kid, you need to understand the fact that gadgets are very attractive and they can disturb your social life. They carry the potential to distract innocent kids like you and they can really change your track. You will not study and you will become a show - off doll.

    Nalini - How can you say that?

    Father - You want me to prove it? Fine. Remember? Your friend Amit, who got a bike had scored 88% in arithmetics last time before he got the bike? But last month, I came to know his performance and I think you were the messenger. He just scored 62%. Your friend Ameesha also got a decrease in her score. They got things what you cannot call a gadget, but believe me gadgets are even bad than what your friends got.

    Nalini - But dad?

    Father - Nalini, I promise you, on your 18th birthday, I will get you the best mobile phone available in the market, however costly it be.

    Nalini - What about the day after tomorrow? Do you want me to just keep my head down and tell my friends that I did not get anything on my birthday from my dad?

    Father - Not at all, dear, not at all. Well, believe me, I have something special for you for your birthday.

    Nalini - What is it?

    Father - It is a surprise. But trust me, I won't let you down. You will surely be really happy to get it.

    Nalini - If that is the case, then fine.

    Father - There you go like a good girl my doll.

    Nalini - Don't butter me dad.

    Father - [Laughs] Okay, beta, come down for your breakfast in fifteen minutes. We'll be waiting. And how about a ride today, a place of your choice? Since you are at home, I have decided to dedicate this day to you princess, so, am getting a leave for today.

    Nalini - Dad, you are the best dad in the world.

    Father - Ah, now you are buttering me.

    Nalini laughs.

    Father - Come down soon darling. I'll be waiting for you.

    Nalini - Okay, dad.

    Thank you.
    Lead Editor: Ask Experts, ISC

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    Hi Friends,

    Here is my entry for one of the latest open secrets of the day.

    Suhel: Hi Manish: seem to be over busy, not even attending the club!
    Manish: No, dear. Actually, I am running short of time these days.
    Suhel: Anything special?
    Manish: Yes, you can say so. Recently I am busy with my internet in the evening hours.
    Suhel: Nothing new, each and every educated person of the present generation spends some time on the net these days.
    Manish: Yes, it’s the present craze of the day.
    Suhel: But hat makes you so interested? May I also know?
    Manish: Why not! Actually, it’s a site that I have recently found out. It’s so interesting that in spite of my best efforts, I can’t keep away from it.
    Suhel: What’s it all about? Any social site?
    Manish: No, no, it’s not a social site; rather it’s an educational site.
    Suhel: Don’t make me laugh; can any educational site be that much attractive?
    Manish: Why not! It can do so provided it has good stuff, good administration and to top it all, good members.
    Suhel: I don’t think so; you are just exaggerating the things.
    Manish: But my dear friend, I’m true to the core. Once you surf it, you are bound to get addicted to it like me.
    Suhel: So, it’s must be luring the members like you to earn some extra bucks! All bogus; you are just going for a wild goose chase! But be cautious! These sites are nothing but a nine days wonder. You will have to repent in the long run for wasting your time and energy. You won’t get anything in return of the precious time you have been spending on it.
    Manish: No, man, you are wrong. I am already gaining a lot out of it. Both in terms of knowledge and money.
    Suhel: Oh dear! Don’t beat about the bush; just come out with the name so that I can also have a look.
    Manish: How about coming to my house in the evening so that you can see it yourself?
    Suhel: As you please.
    (That evening, at Manish’ house)
    Suhel: Oh! It’s that ‘India Study Channel’! I have already heard about it from many of my friends and they say that you can’t get anything here; only wastage of time.
    Manish: I shall appreciate if you make your own comments only after visiting some of its sections.
    Suhel: O.k., let me see what compels my friend to speak so high of it.
    (After going through some of the contents in different sections)
    Suhel: Simply wonderful! I had never thought that any educational site can be so much interesting. It’s not only providing all sorts of knowledge related to our country but also giving an opportunity to earn some pocket money!
    Manish: So, do you really think that I have been wasting my time and energy?
    Suhel: No more discussion; just give me the URL of the site and allow me to go.
    Manish: Where, to the club?
    Suhel (Laughing): Don’t cut jokes; I shall go home straightaway and open the site to learn more about it.
    Manish: Here is the URL:

    PS: And it would be the same experience for one and all who intend to visit the site even for once.

    Hard Work is the key to success.

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