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    English speech contest

    We are going to have another English contest in ISC.

    Prepare a formal speech in English for any occasion. Post it as a response below.

    Some topics:

    1. Welcome new batch of students to your school
    2. Political campaign for an election candidate
    3. Send off to an employee/co worker
    4. Speech on anniversary of marriage/office/school etc

    You may include various idioms, phrases etc that are relevant in a formal speech.

    The speech should be posted as a response below to be considered for the contest.

    All the selected posts will be allowed to post in the English section later with good cash credits. Also, the top 3 to 5 entries will be given special cash rewards of Rs 250 and 100 points each, in addition to the normal cash for posting in English section.

    * The entries to the contest should be posted below as a response and NOT as a resource. For the selected entries, we will give temporary permission to reproduce them to the English section at a later stage, after the contest is over.

    * Last date to submit your response below is 15 Sept 2010

    * Each member may submit up to 5 entries to the contest, each one as a separate response below.
  • #157100
    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for bringing this speech contest on ISC. Here I am going to share my farewell speech.

    Title: Bid adios and thank you all

    Hello Friends,

    It is with mixed emotions and feelings that I am informing you all about my decision to leave the company. Today I would like to thank you all for making my life so cool, fruitful and beautiful with all your support, gup-shup/chit-chat on xyz messenger (network messenger for the company associates), long phone calls, hugs and smiles that you delivered at moments, and finally bearing me at times throughout my tenure with the company. Collectively, we have seen amazing things happen during the entire span in the company.

    Being tired of all this robotic work (getting up at 8am, reaching office at 9am, working till 6pm, coming back to room at 7pm, and finally hitting the sack at around 10pm) I refused to be a machine and submitted my resignation to my supervisor last evening. Probably, I would be released in 2-3 days.

    The decision to quit was not so easy; however, thanks to my family and unforgettable pals who backed me end-to-end during this turbulent phase of my life. And, at last this farewell moment has arrived.

    I was thinking about this for last 2 months, but was waiting for the suitable moment. I already got the feeling that this ABC industry is not made for me. I was here to acquire some exposure and mold myself according to today's fast moving hi-tech world.

    Now, I look forward to the opportunities and challenges that await me in my future endeavor. The great almighty must have written something better for me. A chapter ends…New horizons await.

    Hereafter, I can be reached at my personal email address

    May we meet again in happier times as someone said - We only part to meet again.

    Last but not least, thanks for being a sweet and cute friend of mine and for the happy memories that I will take with me.

    A great writer said: You only live once – but if you do it correctly –once is more than enough! Keep living this one life correctly, stay well and keep smiling.

    Once again thanks for everything.

    If life persists, we would meet again and again; otherwise at God's door.

    Warm regards,

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    I submitting my resource here

    Title..Send off to an employee

    My dear Co Employees and Friends and Respected Management Cadres..

    It is great pleasure to share few words on Ramesh who is resigning from this organisation on moral grounds. Ramesh has joined our esteemed organisation as a Junior executive and with his dedicated hard work and sustained performance for all these twelve years, he has been elevated to the post of Senior section head in our organisation.

    I have been watching his performance for the many years. I think he has completed 12 years service in our company without any black remark from the Management. During the recent unrest in our company, he never participated in the protest programmes and was always working for the Company.

    Citing some personal problems, he is resigning this company and i miss him and his advise in future.

    I wish all success in future for him.

    With warm regards

    K Mohan

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • #157161
    Here is my entry for the contest -

    Global Warming

    Hello Friends,

    My self Himadri Patel, and I am here to talk about Global Warming.

    You all might heard the word Global Warming. Let me first explain the meaning of Global Warming for those who are not so aware of it.

    In simple words global warming means increased temperature of earth. When sun light came on earth's surface passing from the environment of earth, some gases like methane, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide etc absorb its heat and don't let them reflect back in space. Dew to this the temperature of earth is increasing and increasing day by day. This is what global warming is. You might have observed that from few years summer is getting more and more hot and unbearable. That is the effect of global warming.

    Global warming is a biggest challenge for our earth. Let us think what are the causes of global warming. You might not digest this truth that the first and fore most cause for global warming is we human beings. Big factories, increased use of private vehicles, less forest and greenery, increased area of cement forest in place of green farms etc are the causes of global warming. You might think that these seems to be very small but no my friends these is a long term effect on earth. The gases like carbon dioxide is able to remain in air for about 5 decades. i.e., we are facing the problems because our grandparents had not care about it. Yes, it is true that from the last century the bad effects of global warming has started but some how our scientists didn't recognize it.

    But, now when we are aware of such catastrophe which can attack on us any time and wearing any face and surely will attack with more power in future if we didn't react against it write now. Yes my friends, this is the time to react against global warming. And if this is a men-caused problem then only men can solve it. No country, no continent can escape from the bad effects of global warming. The increasing level of water in oceans, shrinking islands, hotter temperature of earth etc are clearly visible impacts of global warming. And if we succeeded in fight against global warming then and only then our children and grandchildren can live safe.

    Now the big question is how to stop global warming? The cause of global warming is those harmful gases. So, we need to do something that will reduce the production of those harmful gases. For example, we can share our vehicle if we are going at the same place. We can grow more trees as trees will reduce carbon dioxide. Government is also taking steps and introducing acts like 'Clean Air Act' to reduce the pollution.

    Friends, lastly let us decide together that we will do our best to reduce the pollution and reduce the impact of global warming.

    That's All. Thank you.

    With Regards,
    Himadri H. Patel,
    Software Developer,

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    My submission in response to 'Engllislh speech contest'

    Sub: Welcome new batch of students to your school

    Hello my dear students,

    First of all, I would like to welcome you all to class XII. I am extremely happy to see you all here. You all are the future generation of India and You have lot of duties and responsibilities too. You all from different economic, social and financial background still the achieving level is somewhat free from all these diversities.
    You all should work hard to earn a good result. Hard work never ends in vain. Passing is not a matter but passing with distinction is the criteria of this school.You can uphold the sanctity of education by living a discipline life.Lighted to be enlightened, so you all live according to what you have learnt.The parents, who brought you to this world and acting like a supporting pillar should be smiled because of your deeds.Teachers are like a well, it is your duty to draw more amount of water for your uses. We all promised to shape the children in such a way that they can lead and respectable and disciplined life.The students of last year brought fame to this institution and in the same way I believe you one and all to uphold the fame on and on. Thanking you, meet you again.

    A true soldier needs both military and spiritual training-S C Bose.

  • #157272
    Speech contest:

    Sub: Send off to an employee.

    I am very glad to welcome you all in the wonderful evening. I think probably everyone here knows the reason that brings us over here.Today,our co-worker and our friend Mr.Raja is getting leave from us. Mr.Raja had joined as an executive officer in our company and his sincerity promoted him as an production manager.There is no word to describe him and his honesty towards our organization.The age of the service that the company got from him is 10 years.In these 10 years he has never been on leave unnecessarily and our company never forget his hard work.In this time I am supposed to tell you one news about him. One day I assigned him a paper presentation work to be shown to our boss who was coming here the next day. Unfortunately his father kicked the bucket on that day and the next day was our presentation. He never said 'no' and did the work with no hesitation.

    So ladies and gentlemen,I hereby honor Mr.Raja for his sincerity and honesty by giving a memorable gift on behalf of our company.I wish him a long life and the god may give whatever he wishes.Due to some personal problems he is getting transferred to his hometown Thirunelveli.We can expect his successful going there also.I wish him all the best.Thank you everyone for the opportunity given.

    Be brisk with the words that are going to be the identification for you in the society.

    With regards,

  • #157293
    Respected Webmaster, Site coordinators, Editors and all members present in the Forum,

    I, Arindam Hira, would like to begin my speech with my regards to you all.
    I consider this is an opportunity for me to address the forum of ISC. I have been in this site for last few months and I confess that whenever I get some spare time from my schedule day to day work, I can not help myself but to login to this site.

    I have no idea about how much this site compensate the members financially but I confidently declare that ISC provided me information that were not known to me. I have learned a lot and continuing to do so from the literary contributions of the other members.

    India Study Channel has provided me a platform to pursue my writing abilities and express my views on numerous topic that no other platform would provide.

    I still do not understand the importance of ranking and steps that lead to the highest level of this site, when people earn points by summarizing paper adds and old question papers equally with the members who post their own creations and share individual feelings and experiences.

    I feel as if the news paper's editorials are found in packets in the shop after few days.

    I am very much optimistic about the site to bit other in popularity but at the same time I look forward to hold the existing active members for a long more time to contribute.

    I am sure that the members on the forum shall be supporting my view and oblige.

    Thanks and wish you have a good time always with India Study Channel.

    Knowledge is Power.
    Learn to Grow,
    Grow to Glow.

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    Here is my entry for this contest.

    It is a speech on 'The occasion of Independence Day's celebration'.

    Good Morning to all respected teachers and my dear students. First of all Happy Independence Day to all. It's a great honour for me to be a part of Independence Day's celebration. This is the day for saluting all great legends like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Rani Laxmibai, Shivaji Maharaj and many more.

    Friends, our independence is really very precious. There is a hard work and dedication of so many peoples of India. We are the present of India and You are the future of India. Now its our turn to show our dedication to our Nation. So, let us decide to contribute something when ever possible to make our county as a developed country. You can contribute in many way for example, instead of learning in India and earning in Abroad, share your knowledge with Indians and use your knowledge for development of India.

    Lastly, I thank you all for giving me an opportunity to talk something about our nation India. Here, I have written a poem for India. Please, permit me to read it for you. It is dedicated to India's Independence.

    Where giving love to all is a tradition,
    I live there and fill proud as its my nation.

    Where 'Independence' is earned due to Indian's devotion,
    I live there and fill proud as its my nation.

    Where Nehru & Gandhi were great politicians,
    I live there and fill proud as its my nation.

    Where every one knows the value of true relations,
    I live there and fill proud as its my nation.

    Jay Hind.

    Thank You.

    With Regards,
    Himadri H. Patel,
    Software Developer,

  • #157342
    I am submitting my entry for the contest:
    Speech on sent off to employeee/Co worker

    My dear friends and colleagues,

    This evening we have gathered here to say good bye to our colleague and beloved friend Mr. Xyz who is leaving us for joining his new assignment abroad.

    As all of you know, one way or another, xyz had quite an impact on the working history of this concern. He had been with us in all the ups and downs in our organization all these days. Since his joining in this office he had been independently managing the marketing division and no one has ever contributed that much credit worthiness and marketability of our products. He had his own developed a system of market surveys and research. He got it implemented the report of work study Unit all to the common benefit of management and the staff. With this the manufacturing cost of all our products has drastically came down. There is no labor unrest now. More over, now our products are almost welcomed by all the nooks and corner of the country. Even we could manage to export a great share of it to abroad during the period of recession recently. The advertising techniques he adopted to boost the image of our products abroad were very impressive and got the whole hearted welcome of our management and staff. He had always been a great asset to our organization. A great mentor and advisor to the labor force as well as the management. He taught us to "make the hay while the sun shines".

    I would also share this time here, to express my gratitude to him as an adviser and well wisher of my progress. Only because of him I am here in this position now. He had always helped me like my near relative, as a family member in every odd of my life and service here and for which I am not having words to show my gratitude to him. My dear friend, you are really a man of great personality. All you will and have to keep up the same spirit always and have the courage and capacity.

    And of course, you'll leave quite a gap here. The management is still not sure how to cope up with the new situation hereafter. But because of the admiration you won, they have allowed you to leave this place and to go for a better assignment abroad.

    We miss you. But we won't have any shortage of memories. We'll remember you for being enthusiastic. We'll remember you for being adventurous too.

    And if we're honest, we'll also remember you for your great contribution to this company.

    Most of all, we'll always remember you for being a great person and best friend to have around.

    Whatever work you choose to do, it's always more enjoyable and will give good luck to all around.

    Finally, On behalf of the HRD Department, I have the honor to give you a special memento. xyz. Please accept this.

    (Xyz comes and receives the gift. Hugs and shaken hands)

    I wish xyz, all the best for future success. Wish you and your family a nice time abroad. May god gives you all the happiness and promising career over there.

    Thank you all


  • #157350
    Here is my entry for the competition.
    Subject: Farewell speech for a teacher of the school.

    Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen and all our special guests present here today. I, Anjali Singla, on the behalf of all the staff members and school management, welcome everyone to this very special occasion. Today, we have all gathered here to bid farewell to Mrs. Dixit who has been our guiding light for many years.

    Mrs. Dixit has been an epitome of duty, honor, commitment, vision, determination and an invincible spirit that inspires everyone. She has been a role model for all teachers and students in this school. She was appointed on the fortunate day of 1st April, 1985. Since then, she has been providing her unconditional and dedicated service to everyone around her. Today she is retiring from her post of Senior English Teacher which she was serving from the past 25 years.

    Teaching is a passion for Mrs. Dixit. She loves children very much and has spent a quarter of her life with the children. Besides teaching, she always remained active in various activities which were conducted in school time to time. She has also been the head of English Department and as a head she has taken remarkable steps in improving the English level of the students as well as the teachers.

    Mrs. Dixit always has been very cooperative and friendly with all the teachers and we feel proud of ourselves for being her colleague. Today, she is retiring and we, with the moist eyes, bid her farewell and wish her all the best for her life and pray that she get all the happiness and comfort in her life ahead.

    Now I would request Mrs. Dixit to please come on the stage and share a few words with us.

  • #157436
    Here is my entry for this contest. But before I start my speech, let be give some preface. This is the prize distribution day and annual function of college. I am passed out student of last year batch and I am here to get my award for best student for last year. Our sir invite me on stage to say few words to the student and share the difference I feel in the Corporate World and College Life.

    Final Words by me on Final Day of College Life

    Good Morning to all respected guest on the dais and off the dais, respected faculty members and my dear students, First of all I thank you to give me an opportunity to come here and share my experience in corporate world. Frankly speaking I am felling too bad as this is my last day as a student of this college and felling happy that I am a pass out student of a very prestigious college.

    Friends, there is a wast difference in college life and corporate worlds. But we are lucky enough as some training is indirectly given to us in this college that students of this college can easily adjust themselves into the corporate world. When our lecturers forces us not to leave a lecture without notice we don't like but in companies you can not take a leave without notice, you cannot be late even for 5 minutes otherwise, your half day salary will be cut. You have to work for 8 to 9 hours continues. Remember your reaction when our lecturer forces us to sit in the lab and work after all lectures are finished, i.e., after 4 O'clock. Well, you cannot react against your boss in company. Here, when you are given an assignment with less time to complete, you denied to submit. But in companies, you will given a dead line and there you will have no option but to complete your work even by working overtime.

    I am selected from campus interview of one prestigious company where there are few colleagues of me who are the pass out student of my batch from some other college. They are just unable to work for 8 to 9. These are some real examples I had seen. You might be thinking that, as I am said to speak about college I will saying good things about this college. No, that's not true. When we are at place of you last year, we all were also thinking same, but the fact we have realized after working in corporate world.

    Still you have a time. Don't go home after 4 O'clock. Work late in college lab. You have also facility of internet. Use it, get as much knowledge as you can. And give some very different impression of your self in interviews with compare to other students.

    Best of Luck to all for your future. Keep in touch.

    Thank You.

    With Regards,
    Himadri H. Patel,
    Software Developer,

  • #157960
    Good Afternoon Everybody.Here I am going to deliver a speech about the topic "MY DREAMS OF A DEVELOPED INDIA."

    Do you think that India is developed? We all have dreams about our motherland's development. Isn't It? Our former president Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam also have some views about our developed India. He had views mainly for freedom,development and for achievements.

    India suffered a lot because of foreign occupation. We have been ruled for over 3000 years by different foreigners, starting from Alexander the great and ending only in 1947 with India's independence from Britain. These conquerors looted India and carried away whatever they could carry.But we have never tried to conquer other countries because we love freedom.We should protect and nourish this freedom because respect comes only with freedom.

    To success our dreams, first we should eradicate our corruption.In order to achieve that we should introduce good politicians.Because our current politicians are so selfish and corrupt.We should overcome poverty.To solve the problem, our natural resources must be fully utilized and the population must be controlled. Literate the people.Literacy is a curse to any developing country.

    We should wipe out terrorism. Otherwise they will create their own rules and they will destroy our nation. India is a land of composite culture.In all fields India presents a picture of vast diversity.In natural resources India stands 1st among the world nations. It is because of the people live in villages for doing agricultural jobs. It depends on the good and agreeable climate Droughts and floods lead to agricultural reduction. This leads to poverty and starvation. They only way to avoid these natural disasters is to protect our nature.

    Finally I want to say one thing,though we are rich in human resources, India still remains as a poor country mainly because of poor administration,insufficient utilization of the resources and the general lack of interest of the people in the development of the country and the poor leadership.So we have to work hard to make india developed.We should stand up to the world. We should be strong. Strength respects strength. If we are weak nobody will pay us any respect.So each citizen should do his best to make India strong.

    Let me conclude, Thank you and Have a nice day.

  • #158021
    This is my entry for the speech contest. This is a speech (written to be) delivered in a speech contest organized on the occasion of Teacher's Day.

    Subject of the speech - Who is the greatest teacher of the world?

    Whenever the word 'greatest' is to be exercised, it always asks for a good package. The word 'teacher' has a meaning over a broad spectrum. It not only portrays people who help us make notes and revise our lessons but defines people who help us rest the foundation of our lives and construct above it. Personal feelings and experiences may often play as teachers but here, I would talk about humans, who can offer the pupils any sort of knowledge.

    Chairperson sir, friends, today, I am going to evoke on the very occasion of 'Teachers' Day' about 'who is the greatest teacher of the world'.

    The greatest teacher in my view is one who doesn't compel anyone to follow him but is so inspirational that the pupils incline to trail him. A teacher, to be entitled as greatest, must appreciate that his subject might not be the utmost but the pupils should have maximum interest in his subject without appreciating it too much himself. Obliging to learn one's subject reveals that the pupils are not enjoying the way he teaches and there is some deceptiveness, though there might not be.

    It is notable that I am bringing the word 'pupils' in the play instead of 'students' because 'students' bars down the spectrum of the sense one must build while talking about teachers. The greatest teacher would surely reckon the actuality that more than academic lessons, pupils need emotional touches, examples and stories, stories to stimulate. Contrarily, it is possible that a teacher might not care for his social value but might give indirect lessons to the masses. Doing this it is even possible that he might evolve himself as an antagonist.

    Friends, let me tell you that no one might consider Adolf Hitler a teacher. Adolf never delivered academic classes, nor did he ever succor anyone emotionally to a degree. He was the most ruthless and coldblooded in the mankind I have ever known as per what he did in the 1940s but the legacy he left behind, deep beneath in the nerves contains a fainted aroma of a teacher. He set example for everyone that when striving for the glory of one's own country, whatever emerges as a terminator must be made to give up the ghost; edified what vengeance means; explained that when talking about patriotism, personal love must not intermingle with love for the nation. He taught us so much so was he not a teacher? He certainly was. But to be marked, he was not the greatest. This is because his deeds did not indulge the effect of what we call humanity and love. This is the differentiation between a teacher and the greatest teacher.

    Contrarily, let' exemplify Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma never abused or beat down anyone. He did not exterminate anyone. Yet, he got India freed. He never exerted as a teacher in any institution as such but yet, if counting for the greatest teacher, he might be the one with the crown for masses. He taught us the inevitable domination of our words in front of physical forces. He taught us the importance of non-violence.

    The greatest teacher, in my view must also induce the values of life to the pupils in the greatest way. I'd exemplify one of the most inspirational people ever – Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Inc. Though being a businessman, he is not the richest, but I made out of him that what matters is not the money or the sale. What matters is the legacy of our deeds. Not many might have purchased the newly born Apple iPhone 4 but we know, people die for it, they love it. I personally derived from him that in front of legacy, experience and innovation, the words wealth and invention fall quite small.

    Thank you.
    Lead Editor: Ask Experts, ISC

  • #158802
    Here is my entry for speech contest. I had tried to give some good knowledge also in this speech.

    Here, I am a trainer and visited an MCA college. Where, I am asked to give a speech on -

    How to write a resume? - an overview

    Friends, imagine a scenario. The person is sitting in a chair, looking like at some higher position in company. He is an HR Manager in a prestigious company. He had a stack of resumes on his table. He take one resume, look at it for 10 to 15 minutes, throws away...Again take other resume, look at it for few seconds, throws away...Look friends, he is repeatedly doing the same & same & same process...Hey, wait. What happens? Why he is not throwing this resume away? Oh, he is looking at this resume from last 30 seconds...40....45...Oh, did you see friends, he didn't throw this resume, he keeps it on table, it seems that he is quite impressed with this resume.

    Do you want this resume to be yours? Do you not aware of how to write such resume? Don't worry friends, I am here to give some overview on 'How to write a resume?'

    Good morning friends, My self XYZ, the HR Manager of XYZ company and a trainer.

    Friends, resume is a very important thing for the job seekers as it gives your first impression to the interviewer. If your resume is not properly organized, not properly written then it will directly move to scrap papers. So, let's see in which order you can write your resume?

    The only objective of resume is to be selected for an interview. It's an advertisement of yours. It should be like the interviewer is tempted to call you for interview.

    First and for most thing, which is quite often mistake of job seekers. Never ever write a title 'Resume' on the top of your resume. Did you have ever seen the board on house is 'House'? You will see the name plate of the person who owns the house. So, you can write your name, education, contact information or write nothing which is a last option.

    Second comes career objective. Don't write an essay on 'Career Objective'. Just write 1 to 2 lines. Try to highlight your good skills related to that job. Don't use so much hi-fi words in that. OK, tell me one thing, you have applied for programmer and you are given a job of a peon? Will you do it? No. So, never write in general like 'To be an employee who is hardworking and faithful at the work given to me.' Be so much specific that shows you are interested in programming. Try to write the things what the interviewer wants to be in the selected employee.

    Now, as I said earlier, it is your advertisement. Don't write things in too details. Once, the interviewer will see the match of qualification required for that job, what will he wants more is the only thing you should write in your resume. Don't write long lines, make use of proper size bullets. They will look at your resume only for few seconds. So, highlight the words you want them to read. Don't write a single word in resume which is not known to you. They may ask any question from your resume.

    So friends, this was a brief knowledge on how to write a resume. I will try to have a 3 hours session with you on 'Resume writing'. I am sure this will help you to grab best job for you.

    With Regards,
    Himadri H. Patel,
    Software Developer,

  • #158976
    Hi sir
    My Subject is "The person which is affected by the global warming and time is 2100"

    I am a MAN responsible for the current situation of the earth. This is the year 2070. I have just turned 50, but I my appearance is of somebody of 85. I suffer from serious kidney problems, because I do not drink enough water. I'm afraid I do not have much time left to live. I am one of the oldest people in this society. I remember when I was a child of 5. There were lots of trees in the parks, houses with beautiful gardens, and I could enjoy having a shower for half an hour. Nowadays we use towels with mineral oil to clean our skin. Now, we have to shave our heads to keep them clean without the use of water. Then, my father washed his car with water coming out of a hosepipe. Now, my son does not believe that water could be wasted that way. Industry came virtually to a standstill and unemployment reached dramatic proportions. Desalination plants are the main source of employment and workers receive part of their salary in drinkable water. Assaults at gun point on the streets for a jerrycan of water are very common. Food is 80% synthetic. Before, the recommended quantity of water to drink for an adult was 8 glasses a day. Nowadays, I am only allowed half a glass. We now have to wear disposable clothing, and this increases the amount of litter. We are using now septic tanks, because the sewerage system does not work for lack of water. Due to the excessive drying of the skin young people of 20 look like 40.Scientists investigate, but there's no solution to the problem. Water cannot be produced, oxygen is also degraded due to the lack of trees and vegetation, and the intellectual capacity of the new generations is severely impaired. In some countries, where there are still some green zones crossed by rivers, these are guarded by heavy armed soldiers. Water became a very coveted treasure, more precious than gold and diamonds. Where I live, there are no trees, because it seldom rains. When it happens to register some precipitation, it is of acid rain. The seasons have been severely affected by the atomic tests and by contamination from the 20th century polluting industries. We were warned to look after the environment, but nobody cared. I cannot
    help feeling guilty, because I belong to the generation who contributed to the destruction of the environment or simply did not take into account all the warning signs.

    How I would like to go back and make mankind understand...

    ...that we still had time to save our Planet Earth…

    "This is a REQUEST to all the readers to take it as a message of the future condition of the earth i.e. our situation if we not take the measure NOW."

    Thank you,

    Well done is better than well said

  • #159024
    Send off to a coworker!

    Attention ladies and gentlemen of the company, the chairman sir, the fellow workers and all present here on the sending off day eve of Chinmaya Swami, the AVP (Marketing) after serving the company for so long enough through both its sunny and through cloudy weathers contributing all the time with all his mite and mettle in shaping up the company to a height which was unthinkable by all his critics and skeptic earlier.

    My fellow colleagues, you have all been through quite a week. Mr. Chinmaya apologizes for his part in those events. He promised to bring calm to the company, to lower the temperature of the heated sentiments pervading the entire company's premises and its personnel.

    And these last seven or eight days have been anything but calm.
    Last night, he finally discovered the true explanation for a chain of events that began with the shocking and hurtful revelations made by Kumar Ravish, the AVP (Sales) of the company about the mistakes of Mr. Chinmaya. These events went on to include unfounded rumors linking him, asking him for his resignation.

    He himself feels guilty to have taken the wrong policy decisions leading to a loss of a few thousand bucks of the company's money which is a pittance in the light of his contributions to the company.

    Things have moved very fast for him. He is not in position to utter a word on this occasion. He has requested me to put the facts through on his behalf.It is my bounden duty to help him out of the embarrassing situation so that all ends well beautifully for him and the company also. Believe me, not a day passes when Chinmaya doesn't repent the mistake he committed unknowingly causing the loss to the company.
    I am telling you this now not because I am seeking your forgiveness, nor am I defending the indefendable. What he did even unknowingly was so wrong; still , I don't think he deserves that.

    But every guilty must be given a chance for reformation. To err is humane. Men who spend their life calculating profit and loss, nickels and dimes—do not understand that you cannot put a price on the workings of the human heart or the human conscience. They calculated wrong. I know Chinmaya did a wrongful thing and he intends to pay for his actions. That is why he has resigned from his vice presidency effective from today before noon. Vice president Rastogi has taken over the charge from him for the moment until further orders.

    I am reminded of one couplet by Shakespeare which fits in the situation:-
    "Life (Friends), we have been long together,

    Through pleasant and through cloudy weather,

    It's hard to part when friends are dear,

    Perhaps it will cost a sigh, a tear".

    May God bless Chinmaya! May God bless you all! May God bless the company!

    Gentlemen and ladies present here are requested to give Chinmaya a warm send off by clapping of hands, which shall be the least we shall be doing in lieu of his good services rendered. Thank you gentleman and ladies of this august audience! That's all.


  • #159027
    This is my entry for this contest.

    It is about a staff who is leaving the company today as a last day at work and would like to have some words with all staff as follows;

    Dear Colleagues / Friends,

    Time has come to say Goodbye to all of you.

    I just wanted to steal a moment from you to let you know that this is my last working day in ABC Private Ltd Company.

    I feel proud and it was really wonderful and an enriching experience for me to work with each one of you during my tenure of 6 years with ABC Private Ltd Company.

    Thank you for the support, guidance, and encouragement you all have provided me, I am leaving this organisation with a lot of good memories which will be ever cherished. My relationship with the organization has been energetic, fulfilling and appreciative because of the cordial support extended to me by each one of you. The organization and each one of you have played a significant role for making this journey a great learning experience for me.

    Also, very important, I will never ever forgot the last 3 years outdoor trips arranged by the management to 3 different locations and its unlimited fun, Specially Naren, Kumar, Aditya's activities which I am going to miss here onward.

    Anyhow, I truly believe as a saying "Everything happens for a reason and nothing happens by chance or by means of luck"

    Last but not the least wishing you all for better prospects.

    Do get in touch with me I'm just a phone call away +919007007007.

    Thanks once again and God bless all.

    Sad to say but I have to say "Good Bye".


  • #159042
    Annual Day Celebration.

    The Headmaster of the school describes the activity performed in the school.

    Good evening!

    It is the moment of pleasure, to welcome you all to the Annual Day celebration of this school. Last one year, this school achieved a lot in almost every field of education. I feel much happy to list all those achievements in front of you. A great enthusiastic factor is that six students of this institution got more than 90 percentage marks in the last examination. Adding one feather to the cap, our school bagged the best school award for the session 2010-11 from the Lieutenant Governor of andaman. In addition to these, two NCC cadets of this institution got the zonal level award for being the best in the Republic Day Parade. Apart from the academic area our students shining in the cultural as well. Sandhya and party of class XI bagged the first prize in the 'DWEEP MAHOTSAV' . Mahesh of class X selected to take part in the singing competition of Indian Idol of Sony TV. I won't pardon myself if I forgot to congratulate all the buds of this institution, who got many prizes in the state level nursery competition. I wish all the winners of different competition also the participants, for taking part in different competition.

    In spite of achieving all, we still stand upon the ground. We are not at all satisfied. We need to do a lot. I appeal to my teachers and students, go ahead with confidence, courage and faith in promoting your qualities to find out the best place in the life. In the dictionary of this school, a competition is only for winning. It is the duty of one and all to aware the students from wrong deeds, that will spoil our children. In my view, 'preserving is much harder than spoiling', so we all should be very serious about these statement.

    As usual, we also have some determination and objectives which should be attained in the coming year as well.

    I thank teachers, parents, and students for giving such a wonderful evening. This is a real boosting for the next year. thank you.

    Jai Hind! Jai Hind! Jai HInd!

    A true soldier needs both military and spiritual training-S C Bose.

  • #159071
    Here is my entry for the contest.

    The following is a speech being given by a teacher and a social worker who is bidding farewell to the children who were once picked up from the streets and given free quality education and lodging.

    I stand here before you today elated by the cause we have been able to successfully achieve and the obstacles we have overcome. I see before me young eyes full of dreams and aspirations to achieve what many in this world cannot even dare to dream to achieve. You have been a cut above the rest. And, may you always stay young and full of life.

    Not many years ago, you were among those mischievous urchins who had to look for ways to sustain themselves in this race called life every hour. You never knew what you would have for supper the following night. But now, you are here among the lucky and the brave who have determined to leave the past behind and dare to dream for a better future. A future that would ensure a better life not just for you or just for people like you but for your country and the world.

    You stand here as an example to all the children that are born and brought up on the streets. You are an answer to the doubts that the people had of churning children like you into responsible and respectable adults. For people who said that taming you could be harder than taming a tiger have been proved utterly wrong by us. We have shown to the world that there is some truth in the proverb, 'Where there is a will, there is a way.' I sincerely wish and hope that all of you present here will follow the same mantra and follow it throughout your life. Never give up without trying and giving it your best.

    I do not expect everybody present here to be famous millionaires and I know from deep within my heart that it is true. However, I do expect all of you to to be successful in whatever you do. I expect you to be kind towards people who have not got opportunities like you and who have not been as lucky as you. I also expect you to show respect to Mother Nature and not exploit it. Be generous towards the society that you have been an integral part of for so many years and always thank God for being there for you at every step.

    I would like to conclude with thanks to the social workers and the philanthropists who have been instrumental in providing education to the street children who have now become promising young men and women.

    Thank you.

  • #159072
    Here is my second entry for the contest.

    The following is a farewell speech given by an employee to his boss who is about to retire.

    Is this the end, my friend?

    No Sir, No way.

    It surely does not end here but it seems like a new beginning for all of us present here who have spent more than 10 years working under you. Your term may end as our manager today but memories will never end or fade. Your principles which have sometimes been tough on us is an epitome of integrity and honesty, which we will never and can never cease to respect. You were a guiding light for every one of us. You knew that to command respect one must learn to respect and that is what I have learnt among many other things from you. To enumerate each one of them would be like writing an unending novel.

    To cut it short, every company needs and wishes to have someone like you as their mentor. A person who knows how to be tough like an iron rod or soft like cotton when situation demands. Sir, you have been a manager who has known how to function and let things function. To be honest, I have seen many who know how to make their sub-ordinates work but you have been the one who knows how to work with the sub-ordinates. You have always set high standards for yourself and even learnt to laugh at yourself when you have performed below par. You always knew what you were doing and of course, what we were doing too.

    'Smile a lot, it costs nothing,' is what I have heard and read everywhere. However, you are the only person that has followed the proverb religiously with a persistent charming smile on his face, and ironically, I have never heard you uttering the sentence even once. You are the person that I aspire to be in life. I know that I have all the things in life that could make anyone envy me but I know that it would take me a whole lifetime to be compared to you.

    I still remember my first day at work when I was as nervous as anyone can be. I was not even sure how to address you or to speak with you. I had researched a little about you and had known you to be very particular about work ethics and work culture. However, your first hello with that charming smile of yours has made it going all easy from day one to this day. Sir, we will miss you like the deserts miss the rain.

    Thank you Sir, for coming into my life as a guiding light. I could have gone on and on forever praising you but my tears are coming in the way. There is not a wet eye here at this moment who feel sorry to see you leave.

    The legacy that you leave behind here is going to stay forever.

    Thank you.

  • #159099
    This is my entry to the Speech Contest.

    Subject: Organising Events at School Anniversary Programme.

    Audience: Students and Parents.

    Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen. It is now fifteen years since we started our school. We have come to celebrate it. Let's first invoke God's blessings. On your behalf I would like to call upon Miss. Shalini to sing the Prayer song.

    (Shalini Sings)

    Thank you, Miss. Shalini. Now I request Mr. Swaminathan, President of our school, to deliver the welcome address.

    (Welcome address)

    Thank you Mr. Swaminathan for your warm welcome address. May I call upon the chief guest and District Commissioner Mr. Radhakrishnan to deliver his speech?

    (Chief guest's address)

    Thank you very much, sir, for your enlightening message. Your brilliant address is sure to motivate our students. Dear audience, now we come to the entertainment part of today's programme. We are happy to present a group dance by students of seventh standard. I call upon the students to come onto the stage and make the dance performance.

    (Group dance)

    Thank you, students, for your beautiful dance performance. It was indeed an enchanting show. The next item on the agenda is a play. You will now see Abhinav of Class XII and his group enact the play, Romeo and Juliet.

    (The play is enacted)

    It was really wonderful. The acting was realistic. The most awaited item now follows. We are going to witness a folk dance of the fisher folks. I call upon Nivedita of Class X and her group to come on stage to perform.

    (Folk dance)

    I thank Nivedita and her group for entertaining us with a slice of rustic life. We continue with the next item. Children of first standard are now ready with a pageant show. Here they go.

    (Pageant: Children dressed like various Indian leaders appear on the stage)

    Let's give a big hand to the children for bringing alive our national leaders on the stage. Thanks a lot. Kudos to all the participants on my behalf. Now we have come to the last but the most important item - that is the vote of thanks. School Pupil Leader Mr.Shravan will propose the vote of thanks.

    (Vote of thanks)

    Thank you Mr.Shravan. Finally, let me thank everyone who endeavoured to make this function a grand success. Thank you one and all.



  • #159104
    And this one is my second entry!

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    Welcome to the inaugural day function of the Gravity India Ltd. I thank you indeed to have taken time out of your busy schedules to have made it up to this function.

    It is giving me utmost pleasure to announce the opening of a new wing of Gravity India Ltd which itself is the India's market leading petro chemical company. I am feeling exhilarated to announce today the creation of its new Crop Biogenetics Research and Development Division (CBRDD).

    The newly created division has the basic mission to develop technologies that will boost agricultural productivity.

    As this august audiences present here at the moment are very well aware of how important it is to meet the rising demands of our nation where not a single day passes when we do not get reports of poor men and women losing their lives from hunger. These poor lots consist of people who get two square meals after toiling hard, while some manage only one meal a day somehow or the other, yet some go to bed without having any meal at all for days together. It is a shame that people still has to die of hunger even after we have been managing affairs of our nation for for almost 64 years past since Independence. It is not that our nation does not have the food to feed the hungry. It is the lack of will and empathy on our part which is to be blamed.

    With the establishment of our company's Crop Biogenic Division, we intend to meet this challenge with all the resources available under our command. Failure is not an option—not for our company –not for our nation.

    In the years that have passed by, our company's patented hybridization and transgenic technologies have increased grain, corn, and rice yields by over 27 percent which is expected to double within the next five years.

    It would not be out of the contexts here to remind you that one third of the world populace is facing starvation. The food crisis is not alone in India only. Entire globe is facing starvation. We are in a global food crisis. Worse sufferer is in the third world countries. Food riots are spreading worldwide.

    In order to let the poor masses have some sighs of relief, the welfare wing of the company will provide free grains to them. There will be no occasions when the grains will rot as is it rotting in the FCI stores. Supreme Court will not have to issue earnest pleas to a deaf Government to distribute the rotting grains free amongst the poor and hungry masses. Because, all such eventualities have been taken care of by the company! Vast networks of company's storages will ensure that not even a single grain rots. And free food from the company's surplus quota shall outreach the poor and needy on time.

    Food security has surpassed oil and water as one of the new millennium's greatest crises and challenges. Both from a humanitarian standpoint and from a concern about nation's security, it is vital for our company to hasten food production through innovation and biotechnology with the particular emphasis on the Aam Admi.
    Ihave taken much of your valuable times already, but still have many things more to say, which i cannot say as there are so many other speakers waiting to put forth their views to you. i, would therefore conclude now.

    But before concluding,I wish to thank you all for contributing to the grand strides this company has been able to make in the field and do expect to get your further cooperation in achieving the noble target the company has fixed to achieve for the coming ten years.

    Thank you very much indeed to all of you ladies and gentlemen present here, as also to all those who though are not present here but have sent their good wishes for us—our company.

    I invite you to please head to the Banquet Hall where the lunch is to be served after all the speakers are done with.Thank you!


  • #159124
    The following is a speech being given by the school captain of a school during the farewell party organised by the school for his batch.

    Respected Teachers and Friends,

    On a day like today, I can vividly remember my first day at school as a boy of class 3. A boy come from a village where a hanger to hang clothes had never been used, where there had been no running tap water and where English was never taught. A shy and a timid boy who did not talk much, not because it was his nature but because he feared being ridiculed for his inability to speak in English, though, he could understand some usual talk. I could never imagine on the first day that I would be addressing the whole school on my last day.

    Today is the day of remembering all the teachers and staff members who have been like parents to us. Every teacher in every different class helped us to grow to men we are today and readied us to face the world without fear. The transformation from toddlers to young spirited men has been eventful. There was not one day when I felt bored or out of place in this boarding school. It was truly a home away from home. I would like to thank all our teachers and our wardens for treating us like their own children.

    Many of us came here as children who had just started to speak and were moulded into distinct personalities by this great institution. Some of us today aspire to be doctors and entrepreneurs while some aspire to make it to the National Football Team in the coming years. It is all due to the efforts put in by our respective teachers and we are sincerely thankful to them for everything they have done for us.

    The morning football practices, the games time in the evening, and the singing practices with study time at night and a movie every week will never be forgotten till the day we die. The impeccable routine followed by us in the school will help us to create a life of discipline. I say it with pride on behalf of all my batchmates that the school days spent in this institution have been the best formative years of our lives.

    We will always miss the juniors of this school who never stop worshipping us for what we are. Their respect and adoration they have for us will never go in vain. It is due to their adoration that we have been trying our best to be gentlemen and stand as an example for them in every aspect as a student in classroom or on the playground.

    I would also like to give a word of thanks to the loyal servants of this school, whom we lovingly called 'bhaiyas'. Sweeper bhaiya, Laundry bhaiya and our bhaiyas who served us food, you will always hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you for making us feel like kings.

    No matter where we go or what we become in life, and as long as we are alive we will never forget the days spent in this school and the important part this school has played in shaping our lives and character.

    I will always love and remember this institution.

    Thank you and God Bless.

  • #159146
    Hello all of you,

    Sub-Grand ceremony speech of Common Wealth Games 2010

    Welcome all of you in our incredible country that is India and it has been kind honoured for our country that we got a chance to organize this common wealth games 2010 in India and we appreciate the interest and trust of the other countries for this sports cultural event which has shrink the boundaries of the world and allows us to feel that sports can do anything and have power to bring the various nation's all together through the common medium of sports.

    We are also making a provision for the lot of games that out door games and many more and various latest tools and equipments are also enacted during this event and we hope that the perfect whether conditions should be there for this event because from the last few days the conditions in India are not good for this event but finally thanks to the sports staff and all the persons who have really work hard in the short span of time and shown that the person can do anything if he/she will have full dedication for the work.

    We promise that we will provide all the necessary facilities that will be required for the proper working of this global sports event and hope that this sports will going to be great hit for the all countries who have participated in this contest.

    We have been waiting for this event for a long time and finally we have organized it and it will be a great feeling for all of us and atlast best of luck to the all the participants who are participating in this event.

    Enjoy your Tour to India.

    Thank you

    Chirag Sachdeva

  • #159155
    Hi All,
    This is the welcome speech for new batch of students. I would like to mention XYZ institute of engineering and technology for the reference.

    Title: Welcome speech for new batch of students

    Good morning and welcome you all to the new academic year in XYZ institute of engineering and technology. For me as the vice-president of this institute, it is both an honor and a privilege to stand before you and welcome you all to such an amazing institute.

    Before I proceed, I am well aware that many of you would be in a dilemma - whether I have made a right choice by selecting this institute? Whether the institute is worth the sacrifices I have made to get here? So, my answer to all your doubts is – yes, you are not the admissions mistake. You deserve to be here and that is why, you are here to learn and share with this diverse learning institute.

    I have no doubt that this year our students will bring many laurels to this prestigious institute in educational as well as extra-curricular activities. I am sure that the students will adapt SMART methodology to achieve their goals. SMART goals stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time bound goals.

    Look around you wherever you are. The people around you would be your friends, classmates, colleagues, and room partners. Share your doubts and thoughts with them. Do not hesitate to call upon them when you need. I guarantee there would be times, when you would need moral as well as mental support those friends would be there with you. The relationships you develop here with the faculty, staff, and students will always go life-long with you and also would help you build your career.

    Now, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the teachers at XYZ institute for their continued professionalism, support and dedication to take this institute one step up the ladder of success with every year. The teachers at this institute would always be ready to take action and help students to achieve excellence throughout their academic, sporting, and life long learning.

    I would request to the students to not indulge in bad activities such as fights, strikes, ragging, etc. Don't cheat in examinations. Make a balance between your studies and free time. In addition, I must say that students would have to work hard to achieve their goals. They have to take actions to move further in their education. They must help themselves so that they can help others. I also would like you to remember that if you have any problems with your study, particular course, administration, and in general we are here to help.

    I would like to conclude by saying – learning and sharing is the success mantra of life. Share your knowledge with others. Challenge yourself on daily basis. Broaden your horizons.

    To end my speech, let me say that study at XYZ institute would be one of the very exciting and challenging phases of your life.

    Finally, I wish you a lot of success and fun in your future at XYZ institute of engineering and technology.

    Thank you.

  • #159161
    A speech by a manager to his out-going subordinate.

    At the outset I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate our friend for the new job he has been offered and wish him all the best for his numerous ventures to come in life. I am sure any obstacle will be surmounted by our friend with ease with the determination he has shown while working under me in the past 3 years. There are many people who come in your life but there are only a few, so few that you can count them. Mark is definitely one of them.

    From the first day he joined me, he has etched a certain respect for him in my heart which I am sure will never go. Mark has been one of the best subordinates I have ever had in my career and I am sure that everyone that has worked with him feels the same. He will be leaving us today but I am sure he will keep in touch with us everywhere he goes.

    Mark has not just been an employee in this company working under me as his boss but has been one of the pillars of this organisation. His dedication and sincerity towards the responsibilities he is delegated is highly commendable and worth an example to be followed by all the employees. I have never seen as selfless a person as Mark when it comes to putting the company's interests before his personal interests. He is an perfect example of a perfect employee.

    Mark has never been dishonest while taking leaves. He has always had the right and genuine reasons while requesting for a leave which I have granted at every instance. I always used him as an example to motivate my juniors and encouraged them to be like him in every way. We will certainly miss him and the company will definitely be losing a gem of an employee and a person who can never be replaced even by the best employee of the world.

    Mark, I again wish you luck in everything you do and joy in life. You will always be remembered fondly by me not only as a subordinate but as a friend too.

    Thank you.

  • #159162
    Here is my fifth and last entry for the contest.

    A Wedding Speech

    Where do I begin? What do I start with? With my life heading towards the second stage in life - marriage, I am too nervous to talk about it and am thankful to God for giving me this beautiful lady standing beside me as my wife. I can still remember the first time when I saw her at a marriage ceremony like this one, I could do nothing but stare at her to the extent of being rude. I used to wonder how lucky a man could be to have a lady like her as his wife. God has been very generous with me and I would like to thank God with all of you who have come to bless the occasion for being so kind. Thank you also to my wife for loving me and coming into my life.

    There comes a time in everyone's life when one has to decide on the person he or she wants to spend the entire life with. There are many who tie the knot very late due to the fear of taking the wrong decision or fear of entering the life of a family person which might restrict one from the freedom one can enjoy as a bachelor or a spinster. However, with the support of my family and my in-laws, it has been a smooth journey at every junction. I would like to thank both our families for being supportive in every way and I am sure that this flame of love will burn among us forever.

    Married life brings with it many responsibilities with the joys of starting a new family. With God as a witness, I assure you that I shall always be there for my family in times of trouble, and through ups and downs in life and I am sure that my wife too will be supportive in every step of the way. I assure you that there is nothing in this world that can change or lessen my love for you.

    Marriage is the one of the happiest moments in one's life and everybody wants to be with their near and dear ones on that day. There is no better way of celebrating my marriage other than in the presence of our relatives and well-wishers. You all have been our mentors, advisors and you have been among those who have always been there for us whenever we needed you. This moment, at the outset of me entering another stage of my life I want to thank all of you for taking your time out from your busy schedules to attend and bless our wedding. There have been some who have not been able to attend this wedding due to the distance, sickness and other unavoidable hindrances, I remember them all at this very special moment of my life and I am certain that their prayers, wishes and blessings are with us.

    I'll cherish with all my heart this priceless occasion that we have all been a part of forever.

    Thank you.

  • #159193
    My entry: Send off to Indian contingent for the 2010 Commonwealth Games Delhi.

    First of all, congratulations to all of you for being selected to represent India at the Delhi Commonwealth Games.

    Yes, you are representing your country at a prestigious international sporting event, that too here in India itself. This is a great matter of pride for every one of you. It gives each one of you an opportunity to not just showcase your individual sporting talent but also to showcase to the world that India has got plenty of talented sportspersons!

    Yes, prove your talent – but do it fairly, in the true spirit of sportsmanship. I would here like to read out the famous Sportsman's Prayer by Berton Braley

    Dear Lord, in the battle that goes on through life
    I ask but a field that is fair,
    A chance that is equal with all in the strife,
    A courage to strive and to dare;

    And if I should win, let it be by the code
    With my faith and my honor held high;
    And if I should lose, let me stand by the road,
    And cheer as the winners go by.

    And Lord, may my shouts be ungrudging and clear,
    A tribute that comes from the heart,
    And let me not cherish a snarl or a sneer
    Or play any sniveling part;

    Let me say, "There they ride, on whom laurel's bestowed
    Since they played the game better than I."
    Let me stand with a smile by the side of the road,
    And cheer as the winners go by.

    So grant me to conquer, if conquer I can,
    By proving my worth in the fray,
    But teach me to lose like a regular man,
    And not like a craven, I pray;

    Let me take off my hat to the warriors who strode
    To victory splendid and high,
    Yea, teach me to stand by the side of the road
    And cheer as the winners go by.

    At the beginning, there is the line "I ask but a field that is fair" Yes, you should enter the field on an equal footing with others, with your natural talent and not any performance-enhancing extras. Remember that it is a matter of pride to represent your country, a pride which should not be blemished.

    Then there are the words "If I should lose, let me stand by the road; And cheer as the winners go by: Yes, there is no shame in losing. Participation is the key, not winning or losing. Be as sporting in your loss as in your victory. Shake hands with your opponents, whether you win or lose. Be proud that you represented your country. Be proud to be an Indian sportsperson.

    Keep the words of the Sportsman's prayer in your heart and come back with your head held high – whether you win or you lose.

    Wish you all the best!


    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

  • #159235

    Please look at my article for sample speech on school anniversary function.

    Speech on School Anniversary


  • #159266
    My entry

    Speech during the Prize distribution ceremony of the School

    A very good evening to all my co mates. I am beyond happiness at this moment. I am too moved too speak. But I'll try my level best not to faint!

    I am indebted to our Principal for finding me capable for the award of "The Best Student Of the Year" This award which I am holding is not sheer luck but the sweet nectar which I had gathered by giving my soul, mind and heart to the school. It is as precious to me as life to a person on the death bed. At this moment I recall the quote of the famous poet Henry Wadsworth

    "Heights of great men reached and kept
    were not achieved by sudden flight,
    But they as their companions slept
    were toiling upwards in the night."

    Happiness ran in my veins like blood when I heard myself chosen to take this award.For a moment I was totally dumbstruck and slap-happy till my friend pinched me to bring me back to my senses. I am wholeheartedly grateful to my parents who have always been my ladder to success. Without them I would have been like a dumb lamb ready to be slaughtered by the evil butcher of this world.
    Last year, I was told that I missed this award by a whisker. I was so heartbroken that my grief became my strength. I knew I was not first because someone was better than me. This gave me the strength and the determination to be where I am standing now. You also can stand here. Just believe in yourself because only you know where is the key to open the treasure of your success. Life gives everyone opportunities to prosper, what you have to only do is to grab it with both hands.

    I have inscribed these sayings of my father in my heart that "better be the best cobbler in the city, rather than the worst doctor"
    and "Never strive for success. Strive for excellence and Success will knock the door of your life definitely"
    Lastly I would like to end my speech by saying that Winners never quit, Quitters never win. So be a winner.

    Thank you


    We have not Inherited the Earth from our forefathers....
    We have borrowed it FROM OUR CHILDREN

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