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    Donate your Eyes & Make Somebody's World Brighter

    Hi All,

    India's total population around 130 Crores, each day deaths around 62000, each day births around 86500 in India.

    Total blind people are around 6,82,500. If each dead person had donated their eyes, within 10 days, India would have achieved "No blind" in the country status…

    Donate your eyes, and please convey this message to make India Brighter…
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    it's a great thing to continue the revolution. Youth should come forward to donate their eyes. It will set an example for the next generation. We can make India look brighter by eradicating blindness.


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    hi reader

    hey this best idea for brighter the world of blindness person this is helping hand toward blind people .all indian people thought like our thought so i can change blind people life.

    hanks mudassar nazar

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    we all thinking about donating our eyes but regret to say that the authority never come foreward to collect the same in time. Still people are confusing how, where and when to donate eyes. All the advertisement regarding donation of eyes still in a way of simply a formality by the authority. The reality about the ground level is zero. I can tell you that in my locality I have not seen such camp organised for registration of eyes donation. Millions of eyes can be collected from the people if the authority really willing to do such a wonderful job.

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    Hi Krishna,

    You are right to some extend, but it is fact that, citizen and authority should cooperate and coordinate each other for this process, without each others coordination, there is no chances of improvement and success in this process. There are so many loopholes and troubles in this process upon implementation, specially basic awareness should be created by the relevant authority to citizen and its criticism, and many more as such.

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    We think we all should dote our eye after death to help some other blind person. One day this will make or country blind less. So go now and get registered your self as a donor at your nearest Hospital & .

    Bhupender Bhutani


    Bhupender Bhutani

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    Hi Friends,
    Yes i am agree with you all. We can donate our eyes. because after our death your eyes will make some one to see the world. and that is the most beautiful thing in the world. You will not loss any thing with your eyes. Your eyes will see the world after your death also.

    Thank You,


    Thank You,
    Ramchandra V Chavan.

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    Hi Hafeez,
    Donating your eyes is quite a noble initiative. We all can register for donation at a eye bank and later , one of our family members can help along the concerned authorities to carry out the needful work in this direction. But my friend ,one very important aspect of this is that when we pledge to donate , we always think of relighting someone else's life. But the saddest part is, which still remains unabated, that of all eyes being donated in our country, only a marginal % of that is put to use. That's because the manner in which they are preserved, renders them useless. Not only the government hospitals but the private institutions are too a part of this mess. So.. next time , when u think of donating your eyes , kindly find a firm trustful enough to carry out such a responsibility. Sorry to share this piece of revelation but this is actually true!!

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    You are right Hafeez sir!
    This thought of donating eye even any organ of the body should be in everybody's mind. Near Madurai,a place in Tamilnadu,India, an individual person involve himself for compaigning for eye donation and collected many eyes by visiting and explaining the families of dead - in spite of many troubles.

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    I think when one dies he should make other's world bright by donating eyes.Believe me you will earn more reward for this as humanity is greatest religion.I came across a story about a old blind man and a teenage boy.The boy met an accident and needed blood immediately.The old man wanted to do some good and came to verify the blood group.And the blood group matched.Unfortunately,the boys died but while dying,
    he requested his parents to donate his eyes the old man.This made his
    parents proud.
    I hope you can learn from this.

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    Rahman Ji,
    You are right! we can see the world after our death,if we donate our eyes.

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    yes, this will be brighter for us when everyone donate our eyes.i think every one should make this changes and donate our eyes.

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