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    Importance of implementing Value Education in school curriculum

    Today our schools are concentrating on delivering academic achievement to the students. Less concentration is given to their personal behaviour. The attitude of today's young generation made me think twice that the implementation of value and moral education is a must for the youth. Even the behaviour of the youth towards the elders in discourteous ways is really worrisome. From the child hood onwards parents & teachers should give proper guidance. All the schools should implement suitable programmes to make the students aware about the importance of value education from the prior stages of development. Let use hope for a good world where we give equal importance to the co-human beings.
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    Good thread. Moral values also plays an important role in Children future. The better they learnt in moral values they are considered good kids. But often parents show less interest in inculcating good moral values in the child. And child has the great quality to learning bad things first and parents must be careful about that. Yes schools must have a separate period for a moral class so that kids can sustain the learnings.

    K Mohan

    K Mohan
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    Hello Bijuji,

    Yes, I totally agree with you that now-a-days children doesn't show respect to elders or their younger's too.

    Value education was their in course from decades by means of Moral science. But children just take that subject as a part of their course that fetch good marks, that's it.

    Parents are first responsible for this grown behavior of their children. Being living in A or B class city parents think that sending their children to a highly paid school can develop the children and will learn proper knowledge and behavior. Its a big misconception. Parents should give proper value education in home when children are at home. Children of age between 7 -12 are best to teach and that is a vital age and the knowledge you give them just are printed in their mind.

    Its never too late, so follow the tradition , our Indian culture and tell them that they are the future of your family and will be the MAN or the DAUGHTER to take responsibility.

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    Value education has got to be introduced at the level of pre schooling stage itself, if one has to develop a healthy family and a healthy nation. A child miseducated in values is a child lost. Value is essentially a thing of spirit.

    Current education system which is shorn of the teaching and inculcation of the value system has miserably failed. Education must not be merely academic and abstract. Value education equips the children to cope adequately with life, with what lies ahead of him so that he may become a worthy participant in the adventure of life. We must not blame the children for their rash behavior. We too are to be blamed for why they behave the way they behave today. Children are no longer happy with the learning of books which have no relation in the real life nor are they interested in examinations which evaluate textbooks to the status of scriptures. They want answers to the pressing problems of life- problems that confront them in their day to day existence.

    For no apparent fault of theirs, they find themselves in a world of injustice and exploitation, of cruelty and cut throat competition, of hypocrisy and cant, of poverty and pain. And to their deep dismay, they find that the so called elders take things for granted and do nothing to remedy the tragic situation. They are totally disillusioned and feel to have been let down when they see their parents and their teachers acting quite contrary to what they preach and prophecy. No wonder they behave the way they are behaving.

    Educate them, first and foremost, to know God and love him. The trouble with most of our schools and colleges today is that God has been totally divorced from our education. Make God a reality to your child, and you will find that he grows in those true qualities of character without which life has no meaning-no significance.


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    Hello sir,
    I completely agree with your thought. Schools these day are giving importance only towards the academic progress of a student, which is good to certain extent. Children are prone to make mistake because of the exposure they have got from the world culture. They also have to make sure that a student is given proper counseling and guidance on how to develop their personality and moral values. Children these days are trying to become more like western people and forgetting their culture and family values. This is reason for their unhealthy attitude towards elderly people. Importance shown towards this can also make success easier.

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    i agree with u.Now a days competition not between the students.only between one school to another school.In this situation students are only forced to memories the subject fastly not give opportunity to understand the concept.So many students not to get a chance to improve ourself. In home also they dont have chance to express our thoughts. Parents want to get good marks from their children.
    So school can only give good future to children. Teachers first found what talent student have.Then they give practice to improve that talent.Then they also learn the Good thoughts, respect to others, help mind and so on.. then students will get good future..

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    Education can not be viewed on a single point of school. The education from home and environment is equally responsible towards a childs growth.

    With the fast changing world, it has become imperative to be more concious of our next generation and thus parents need to play a active role in building up a child charecter.

    My suggestions.

    1. School should impart life skills, social skills, moral values (we do have moral science and sanskrit etc in different schools)and most important a proper scientific approach on charecter building.

    2. To acheive the same there has to be Parent-student-teacher relationship. A regular mendatory Parents Workshop by school will be more useful then a mere Parents meeting followed by Counselling and briefing session.

    3. Reading habits and lots of activities will make a child more healthy then Class room based cramming session.

    Thanks to our changing education policy, we are already done with Marks system and slowly down the line young children also should not be categorised or judged by Marks alone but also on his other skills such as Sports, Cultural, Leadership etc.

    It would be fun to go to such school and children will not dread such environment neither will get spoiled.


    Biswadeep Gupta
    "Every Successful Journey Begins with the First Step"

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    Good future. what is a good future?. Earning more money and living a rich life.
    This good future tends parents to insist them to go to a private schools where the education is bright.
    what is a bright education, yes, it depends on the marks and acadamic ranks they again.

    They just want them to get more marks in order to get a salary more jobs.And not to be a genious and a kowledgable
    person or to be a good humans.
    They just want them to get ready for their good future.
    More often they dont want them to invent or discover anything.

    In history no inventors or scientist has a good acadamic status and also they belive not in acadamic. They belive in
    what they have learnt for their invention or their needs.
    You even know that most ofetn, most great peoples are thrown out of their education and acadamic.
    So, that great peoples kowledge does not depend on education . It depends on their mind, soul, situation, by their birth
    and life they learnt. All scientists are a good humans in nature. They persue everything by their life and what life
    and people teach them.

    For now a days childern situations are all different.
    Parents are the main role for their life.
    The edu place teachs good kownledge.
    Parents teachs for life and schools for kownledge.If one of them dosent sustain their duties, the person lags for that.
    Parents think that education teachs everything. But they too have their duties. Because father and mother are their firt
    role models in ones life. If they are good the result is good , if they are of different character then?. So its genetic.

    So, in my point of view
    schools have the next and most important role in ones life as he/she spends the most time in
    school life then our homes.
    Because as Pamela Mitra said during the age of 7-12, its the age for understanding the life which they get.
    In that, teachers have the key for that. The theachers can inspire them by thier words.
    As Gandhi said MAN MAKING EDUCATION is more important and can be done by good teachers only.
    maatha, pitha, guru and theivam orders lies in this way.

    And everything i said is according to my point of veiw, and also am happy to be corrected if wrong.

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    Of course, schools have to impart value (moral values) education to the students. Apart from that these days media particularly movies have a greater impact on the future generation. Its the moral responsibility of the film-makers to screen atleast some values in their movies instead of concentrating of violence.
    In most of the movies, the characters are shown in such a way that they enjoy by teasing others, they feel proud by not listening to their elders be it parents or teachers or anyone. These film-makers don't have any concern for the society.


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    To give equal importance to the co-humans,one must be empathetic.Empathy makes us experience the feeling of others as ours.stepping into the shoes of someone else means understanding his feelings and difficulties.I think if we know what empathy is we cannot misbehave to others.All schools have moral education classes.But only of very little use.

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    Every society is based on values.It is the values which makes the character of a person,hence the shape of a society.
    From years,we always kept Moral Science,as one of the subject in our curriculum,the reaos being,our ancestors want to teach us values,either through the stories of Panchtantra or the great epics of Ramayana.
    Today,with the race of materialism & a significant increase in nuclear families,we somewhere fight for status,even in terms of education to our children.Hence we run for schools,with modern infra & high fees structure,in the process,somewhere we forget to teach our children the values of life,on which our society is based.
    I agree that,it is good to adopt an idea,which helps us in competing with the world around us,but in the process we should not forget to stregnthen our roots.
    One can win on ones strenghts,& the strength of our society is our moral values.

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    A lot of children from affluent families don't know the values of life. They are very selfish and don't behave properly with elders.

    The reason is that their parents are usually busy earning money outside their homes and leave their children with servants. These servants are scared either to advise them or question them when they behave badly. So, they grow up without proper human values.

    Earlier days, grand parents used to live with their grand children and use to tell them stores from Ramayana, Mahabaratha etc. Children used to learn a lot of ethics, discipline , caring, sharing etc from these stories. My mother used to tell me a lot of stories before going to bed. The stores were full of good deeds performed by the main characters and influenced me a lot. I remember the stories even now.

    However, parents don't have much time to spend with their children. They encourage them to watch television and play computer games.

    Some convent schools have Moral Science as a subject which is really helpful for the children. The teachers should not only teach them the lessons during the Moral science period but also tell them the importance of following the good values learnt from the lessons.

    Radha Muralidhar.

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    Hello everyone!

    I went through most of the above posts and I am quite impressed by the quality of the content. I too have something to say.

    Children are like wet clay which will eventually dry up, but during the process everything that happens around them will leave an impact on them for life. Many times parents fail to understand how sensitive this issue is. They do not realize how their actions their words are affecting their children. Children knowingly & unknowingly learn many things as they do not realize what is good and what is bad. Their fears, their likes, their habits everything is acquired.

    For example- Many times we try to scare a naughty child by some imaginary character (Babaji), who will kidnap him etc. Here that innocent child doesn't know what is this Babaji, but it is the mothers facial expression which teaches the child that this is something scary and that he should fear it.

    This just one example but it is such small things which have a bigger impact in life. It is parents' primary duty to practice what they preach. Teachers come secondary.

    I personally think moral science is not a classroom subject. During my school we had value education as a subject and I don't remember a single class where I learn't something worthwhile. Values are learn't from observation, from acts. Writing in notebook, 'I am a good girl' will not make me good. The information should come from someone who inspires you. I liked my science teacher and I learnt a lot from her apart from science.

    So conclusively, simply adding Value education in curriculum is not of help. Group discussions should be conducted in the classroom. Students should be given a situation and asked for their opinion on how they will react, that way they will learn when they hear each other's opinion. We know that, one spoiled mango can spoil the whole box. But one rose can spread it smell even in dirt if given a chance.

    In today's fast paced world where no one has time for each other, it is only our values that identify us, make us different from others. But tomorrow's world will be even more mechanical and if the right values are not inculcated in today's students then what we are going to have is batches of insensitive individuals.

    Dr Sybal D'Britto

    Good is not good where better is expected.

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    Passing good moral values to childrens are very difficult for parents and teachers.
    Today chldrens of our country are in contact with the real world. They know how our leaders and business people are exploiting our culture to become rich. the moral values given by the teachers in the school is not enough in this phase of the time.The childrens are learning only from our sick society and culture and they try to implement this,in their real life. Proper growth of childrens can be done only by changing our thoughts, because what we do affects the life of peape around us

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    Value education is very necessary in our indias developement.if the children got good quality education then olly they can be good citizen which can make out india civilized and developed.
    Quality education makes a child all rounder

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    Great article...
    Raised a very important question...
    keep on adding such articles...

    Arvind Verma
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    hello friend
    i liked your post but i want to tell that value education should be provided with the aid of teaching in such a manner as if it would not heart the student's sentiment.

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    Value Education is like the base of ones academic qualification and should be encouraged in each and every school. I was very lucky that my school i.e St.Lawrence High School has taken such great initiative to include value education as a subject and to give importance to it like all other subjects. Value education should be put forward in a very interesting manner by all educational institutes by various projects and roleplays.

    Value of Education teaches usefull qualities in life such as Punchuality, Patriotism, National Integration, to name a few. It should be encouraged to the fullest.

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    Hello Sir,

    You have really started with a very important discussion relevant in today's world.

    Today schools concentrate more on studying for exams and scoring good rather than stressing upon the personality development of the students. We find that the children at a very younger age itself start driving vehicles, using mobile phones etc. They are given all sorts of independence and this leads to lack of understanding of values in life. Children spend more time in schools, but more than studies, they are involved in gossiping, bunking classes, playing games etc.

    It is true that students should be given the time to enjoy and not to only sit and study. But this independence should not be misused. Schools should stress upon some personality development and value education classes so that the students learn high values from life. Other than academic sessions, schools should hire good teachers who are capable of providing knowledge on these topics. This will help the students to learn something valuable other than studies. These classes should also be more discussion oriented so that the students do not lose interest on the subject.



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    Value education is the process that gives young people an initiation into value giving knowledge of the rules needed to be a respectable person in the future .
    There is a famous proverb :
    ' If wealth is lost nothing is lost ,if health is lost something is lost but if character is lost everything is lost '

    many values are given to the teacher and parents so that there young ones will make them rise up by there character . Following effects mold the character of the child :
    1.the culture of his parents affects his character
    2.the society in which he is living also affects the character .

    In schools also we can see that if we are good in study and our behavior is very bad towards our colleagues and teachers . then we can see that our promotion is in danger .


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    Dear all,

    Our upanishads and veda's teach us " Mathru devo bhava, Pithru devo bhava and Acharya devo bhava. Which means that you rever mother, father and teacher as god.

    Parents are god because they have given us life in this world and instrumental in our growth. Teacher is god becuase he has given us education, knowledge to lead our life. We need to rever them and value their selfless contributions in our life.

    Moral education is must in schools. These days schools and colleges have become a factory which produces doctors, engineers etc.,. Schools and colleges are bosting of their results. But how many schools and colleges take interest in making a student a good human being along with the education?. Does scoring high percentage in the examination makes a person successful?. My answer is on the negative. Along with the good academic records students also needs complete personality development. Which I feel most of the students are lacking.

    With Regards and Best wishes,


    "There is no substitute for hard work"
    -Thomas Alva Edison

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