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    Money makes many things

    Money makes many things these days. What is your opinion about the value of money in today state of living. How important do you feel it is in shaping our life style and living.
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    Yes money makes many thing. Even a status of country is determined by money. Respect, self esteem comes from money. Money can buy anything in this world. But money is not everything. If you have some money in your hand you are owner, But if the money is upto your neck it is the owner. Dont go behind money, wait until money comes behind you. Our destination of life is happiness. It is not that money brings you happiness. Everyone has their own problem. Dont desire more things in life. World is small just enjoy and share everything. After your death nothing comes to you. More the money you have the problems will be more also if there is no money it also leads to problem, so earn correct amount of money and shre if you have more.

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    Yes money is most important part of life and happiness too. I agree it is not every thing. And beyond money is life. whatever people say but it is essential. When you have enough money than you will search some thing else in life.

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    Hi Mala,

    You are perfectly right. Money is not everything you can buy with but it surely is something which occupies a great role in our life. Your 90% of your problems will be solved if you have enough under your command.

    For the rest 10% of your problems which will be afflicting you owing to the outside forces beyond your control, though money won't help you out. But then you would have the confidence to be having enough of money with you to wriggle out of those 10% of your problems. Your confidence would not dim down while facing them.


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    Money plays an important role in our life. Money brings relatives, friends too closed to you. Minus money you are nothing in the world. Own wife starts abusing you. But in the garb of earning money we should not compromise our character and inner conscience. Money may come and go but our character is most important.

    K Mohan

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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