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    Discuss: Ragging was started with a positive attitude but with the passage of time it has become a

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Ragging was started with a positive attitude but with the passage of time it has become a nuisance.It is much debated today that ragging should be banned in educational institutions.'.
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    Of course, it has started with a postive approach so as to make the freshers feel free in the campus and mingle freely with everyone in the campus. But unfortunately it has taken the wrong side and many freshers instead of feeling free as in the past are very afraid of this so called ragging rather leg pulling by the seniors. Such a ragging has an adverse effect on the students affecting their future.
    As long as ragging is done with a positive attitude its fine otherwise it has to be banned comepletely.


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    Whether ragging was started with positive attitude or negative attitude is not the question, but how many students were humiliated with such acts and some of them even committed suicide to hide the ragging. Though Universities across the Country do formulate stringent laws banning ragging, it does exist and new students are the main target at the mercy of senoirs.

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    The question of limit of ragging is very difficult to answer. We can't draw a line for that, because for different person the level of bearing is very difficult. The ragging was initialy known as interaction or "Naveen Baran" or welcome of the new comers.It provides the platform to pass on the batton of the culture, tradition knowledge etc to the next. But today it itself become a tradition of curse.
    Helping to the new comers in all respect to settle them in the new environment and far from their near and dear ones to be the intention.
    In present generation the childrens are become more and more nonbearable and sentimental. Here the problem arises.
    The strict law is there but could not be implemented. Sometimes students themselves start gang wars and complaints later as ragging.
    Even the young generation don't want to give respect to the seniors ay home also. Here the sentiment of respect arises. Where in the world father/mother can killed the child for honour, what can we expect from a youth who is just two to three years senior to them?
    In my opinion every parents should be very friendly to the children and guide themhow to tackle the ragging with respect and love.
    The respect, love, obidienceand taking these with light heart is the only way to avoid this type of harashment.

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    Ragging was always there and it will be practice in future though it is banned.

    Educational sectors are not only going through ragging, you can see ragging in office, military, in you locality even.

    Yes, ragging is acceptable if it is taken for soft and easy fun then no question of abolishing it. If ragging takes lives and state of mind then it should be banned and serious rules are meant to be set and should be followed.

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    Many laws have been passed by various State Governments as well as Central Government for the prevention of ragging in colleges and universities.

    In my opinion it is a right decision to ban ragging completely in colleges and universities. Many people support that ragging should not be banned as it gives a platform for interaction between seniors and freshers.

    In many educational institutes, already some events like:- Induction Program, Freshers' Party etc are organized in the presence of the Seniors, the Faculty and the Management of that institute. The purpose of these events is to provide a platform to new students to know about the institute, faculties and seniors. So, there is no point in supporting ragging in educational institutes.


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