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    How to avoid public exam fear?

    I heard that many parents are telling that their children are getting fright for board examination. How to overcome from this fear?
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    Its almost correct. So many students are very fear during and before the first public/board examination. The reason for this fear its their parents and surrounding person.

    The parents and surrounding people used to say to the students, "its public exam and you need to concentrate more". They make more tension and more fear on the students.

    Students also taking their words seriously and felling the board examination will be different from the normal examination. The questions will not take from outside syllabus or from somewhere.

    The student need to understand, the board exam also as same as normal exam. The parents must make their children to feel free about board exam and don't make the children to be tensed before and during exams. If it happen, students will write their exam well.

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    Hello Narayana,

    This is the universal true every student doesn't like to give exams and many of them are afraid of exams.

    How to make students to face exams strongly

    1. Try to motivate them.

    2.Teach them very nicely and effectively.

    3.Give them ideas how to get good marks.

    4.Give them internal support.

    5.Make them very strong to face exam.

    Member of ISC

    With Regards,

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    Dear Narayana Baaboo,

    The blame should go to the parents who create a fear psychosis in their children.

    The parent become overenthusiastic and expect from their children what is beyond the capacity of a child to achieve. They wrongfully compare the achievement of brilliant student with their own child and want their children to do better than the best student in the class. If the student is an average learner, how can he compete with the best in the class.

    Instead the parents and children should instill the confidence in the child to face the examination in a normal and calm manner. They should encourage the children to better instead of discouraging them by comparing them with one or the other students.

    The intelligence quotient is not the same with everyone of us. The mental development of a child differs from child to child. Only thing we can do is to encourage the child and tell him :Yes, you can do it.

    We should tell a child to work hard and leave the rest to god and fate.


    Sukhdev Singh

    "Teaching is my passion and sharing knowledge is my motto"
    Sukhdev Singh
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    To avoid public / board exam fear in the students:
    1. Parents and teachers should not force the children to study as
    this will develop a sort of aversion to studies in the child.
    2. Parents and teachers are not supposed to compare the child's
    performance with other intelligent children as this will create
    hatred towards the particular child.
    3. Parents and teachers should bring awareness among the children
    about the board exam.
    4. Parents are not supposed to show their anxiety for their child's
    exam in front of the child.
    5. Parents and teachers should give the children proper guidance on
    board exams instead of creating a fear for the exam in them.
    6. Last but not the least the children are encouraged to have
    positive thoughts and vibes.


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    Study Well. That's it.

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    Dear R Narayana Baabu,
    This year i am also going to appear for 10th class S.S.C examinations. When i asked my senior's about your problem the answer was surprising. They told me that this public examinations are only meant to test our memory power, that is how much we can memorize and put it in answer paper. So don't be afraid and remember that these marks have very little affect in our life.


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    The word examination, as such causes,anxiety,fear,nervousness,it is natural with every human being,herein it applies,not only to the students but to matured adults also[upto an extent].
    The need is counseling,counseling & counseling.
    Counseling for throughout studies,year long.
    Counseling to overcome the anxiety.
    Counseling of parents for no comparision attitude.
    Counseling of students for no longer period of studies before a day of examination.[so that student should avoid whole night studies,before the exam]
    Counseling of parents for creating pressure on the child for race of merit.
    The advice of proper sleep,meals,also help reduce the fear.

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    Here are some suggestion for your question

    • Learn everything with good concentration and understanding
    • Keep everything in memory in inter-relationship
    • Revise in the mornings (early morning is the best time, since brain will be more active after a good sleep)
    • Prepare for exams right from the beginning and well in advance
    • Have confidence that you have learnt everything, you will remember everything, you will present everything and finally you will achieve your goal
    Understand the question in depth, answer aptly in a cool manner, without any tension
    DON'T DO
    • Studying continuously (day and night) – relax often to re-charge your brain
    • Stimulants - coffee / tea. Better take health drinks to keep good energy levels
    • Cool drinks / things to avoid unnecessary cold and fever during exam period
    Stress and worries
    • Fear of exams / getting blank / forgetfulness
    • Underestimating yourself
    • Studying only as exams near
    • Discussing new things or unknown things before entering the exam hall
    Watching others in the examination hall
    • Getting tensed by the speed of others in writing and collecting additional sheets
    • Feeling of running out of time - relax, set mind to proceed in good speed and spirit till the end of time
    • Getting blank on seeing tough questions - on those occasions, just skip that question and go with the next known and simple one. In the mean time, your brain will become energetic enough to answer any sort of questions in an easy manner.

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    It is true many students are fear of public exams.Basically the examination fear starts in them at the stage when they develop the knowledge of exams and identifies the value of exams,from the primary education level itself .That should be identified by the parents and should simplify the tasks.Parents and teachers should educate them to develop the knowledge about the subject first and later give importance to the marks.If they prepare with this perspective I hope they will secure good marks and do well in the exams.Then you can give tips to prepare for public exams and the way of attending the paper.

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    Encourage your child to keep full confidence about exams.

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    To overcome the Public Exam fear, one must plan the study well in advance. Parents should encourage for exams and not on results.

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    This is because we are living in a cut throat competition world and expect our children to win at any cost.
    Winning is a good habit but let this habit comes by developing an all round personality.
    Action with right purpose brings confidence and gives the courage to fight with any averse situation.

    So it is important to face exams with right frame of mind, not with the mind filled with fear.

    with regards,
    Arvind Verma
    eTutelage Eduservices Pvt Ltd,

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    Any kind of examination or test creates anxiety and fear among the candidates and even adults get butterflies in their stomachs. Children are sure to become terribly nervous when they compete with lakhs of students for Public examination.

    To over come fear, parents should never expect too much from their children and allow them to write the examination very casually. They should take it easy. Parents should tell them encouraging words and assure them that children should not worry about failure.

    Parents should also allow their children to get a little bit of entertainment such as watching television, playing out with friends and listening to music when they study for their examinations and should not force them to study for the whole day.

    Lastly, the students need moral support and parents should create self-confidence in them.

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    To avoid public exam fear every one should prepare the complete the advance syllabus in advance and try to solve previous paper this will gives him the confidence.Keep always one thing in mind that you can do this and clear the exam papers with good results.Keep faith in yourself.Learn everything with good concentrator and with good understanding.Revise the work which have you done tomorrow.

    With regards
    Ankit Garg

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    When the students hear of the word exams-fear, sleeplessness,tension starts surrounding them.

    Read you syllabus thoroughly and recall the information in the form of points which will make things easier.

    Do not strain yourself by spending time in reading late hours of the night or very early morning. Both of the types of reading strains your eyes. Sleep at least 7 hours,take proper intake of food and give time for everything equally so that your mental balance remains cool.

    Spend some time playing games for about 30 minutes to refresh yourself.

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    There is no need to fear anything if you are well prepared. Only those students are frightened who are either not prepared or the ones whose parents are forcing them to get better marks then the ward of their friends.
    For the earlier reason there is only one solution that the student should study but for the latter one precautions can be taken, as it would create a pressure situation in the mind of the student. Due to this pressure he/she will be unable to memorize anything.

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    if parents create fear in the mind of the child then it is right o blame that parents but if the students are well prepared and donot listen the wasteful things which disturb there concentration then i think there is no chance that they filled with fear so i advice all the students that concentrate on your studies do not afraid these exams are very simple things...

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