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Vedic Mathematics Vs Abacus

Posted Date: 21 Feb 2011      Posted By:: Pritee Sradar     Member Level: Bronze    Member Rank: 0     Points: 1   Responses: 3


I want to know which is best, Vedic Mathematics or Abacus.

As I undersatnd Abacus use a gadget to do calculation. However is this tool allow in the exam? if ans is NO then what is a point in going with Abacus.

I understand the Vedit mathematics happens using ONLY Mind. Does that mean Vedit is better over Abacus.

Please help me to undersatnd this.



#178691    Author: Pritee Sradar      Member Level: Bronze      Member Rank: 0     Date: 21/Feb/2011   Rating: 2 out of 52 out of 5     Points: 1

Yes I am aware about this. However this does not answere my question. Please calrify

#178838    Author: ramchandra      Member Level: Bronze      Member Rank: 14119     Date: 21/Feb/2011   Rating: 2 out of 52 out of 5     Points: 4

i am ramchandra.i would like to help you under stand the difference between abacus and vedic maths. Obviously both are connected to arithmatic, while abacus training could be started as early as 5 years. But to start learning VM, a person should know the basics of math.while 16 sutras [formulas] are used to quickly workout the solution for any given math problem. a sure short cut method.
While abacus involves no carryover method, at the same time it helps to improve holistic memory and concentration skills.
please feel to contact if you need more info.

co ordinator
sumedha learning center

#178844    Author: Pritee Sradar      Member Level: Bronze      Member Rank: 0     Date: 21/Feb/2011   Rating: 2 out of 52 out of 5     Points: 2

Hi Ramchandra,

Thank you for your response. I understood from your reply that
1) You should put your child in abcaus as early as 5 yrs
2) once child gains sufficent knowledge on Maths, then slowly move him/her in VM.

Can you please confirm my understanding?


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