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    Comparison of the importance of hockey and cricket.

    Though Hockey is our nation game then why cricket and cricketers are given more importance than hockey and the players? Why don't we give same importance to both ? Why govt. is not taking any action to develop hockey?
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    Dear Ranushree Caitali,

    Though hockey is our national game and was in the lime light in the bye gone years, but now it has been overshadowed by the game of cricket. The reason for this may be that cricket has become more famous internationally than hockey. The other reason may be due to crores of rupees spent in giving incentives to the players and teams in the game of cricket which is not so in the case of hockey. Perhaps for this reason only, sports clubs, sports associations, institutions, schools, colleges and universities and the government at large are giving all out attention to cricket at the cost of hockey. If you remember that only a year or so back, the hockey players boycotted the hockey matches and games to get their dues from the hockey associations and government. It is pertinent to say that the amount involved was only a few lakhs of rupees and not crores of rupees.

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    Why people like us "aam janta" is supporting ? Whenever you ask a boy's aim he will reply to be a cricketer why not a hockey player. It means we guardians are in favour of cricket instead of hockey, then why to blame govt. Govt. needs the source of income and investment that will give them more return.


    Ranushree Caitali.

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    Hi Ranushree, thank you for bring this to the discussion. Actually it is a burning problem. I asked to myself many times why this is happening in India. In near future the national game is hockey will be only in the book as a text line. Ok I accept that cricket creates more craze than the hockey, but why should we neglect hockey.

    The reason may be this, our government and other business people are finding more ways to earn through the cricket, but the hockey is not creating such a ways for them. So in this world of money, until otherwise the TRP rate increased, nothing can become popular. I hope everyone understand what I am trying to say. The media is also playing the vital role in this aspect. Why should not they show more importance to this game hockey? Since this is the world depends mostly on media and the business depends on advertisements, the media can take the necessary steps to bring the hockey in front of the audience. Once they start watching the games the next generation will be sure come to know that not only the cricket is the game, there are other games too to play.

    Come on members just put forward your thoughts on this forum. How many of them know that the Hockey is our national game? Is this a good way to treat our national games? Don't we feel shame on us to do so?


    Mr. Sankara Rama Subramanian

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    Hi Sukhdev Singh sir, you also mean that the government is doing well towards making money. You are right, we are living in the money world, but we should at least treat our national game as important as cricket.

    Why the socialist Anna Hazare need to go on fasting till death against corruption in India. Is it going to affect him at this age? No, right. But why he is doing all this. It is in the name of the country and the future generation.

    If we can't respect our national games, just sake of money, how we are going to save our nation from all our external forces. It is highly impossible. We people are here simply to support the person who is going towards the cause of goodness. That should be changed, everyone should become the initiator, and then only everything is possible.

    The negligence starts from the common man. We cannot blame the government for all we doing. Government needs money to run; they will do anything to survey. Their period will be a matter of 5 years. How the people showing importance in certain matters, results in the development in that area. If we neglect for the sake of money, the government will also neglect.


    Mr. Sankara Rama Subramanian

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    Dear Ranushree,

    First of all we need to know why people like cricket more than any other game. Cricket is liked more because people follow the game and understand the game well. Cricket is one of the easiest game when compared games like hockey, Football, basket ball. Cricket can be played in any nook and corners. Whereas hockey cannot be played like that. For playing hockey we need to have proper ground , protective equipemnts. Having said this one may ask question why hockey and football is more popular than cricket in other countries. In some countries like USA, Japan, Germany, China they do not play cricket at all.

    Cricket is more popular in colonial countries only. Cricket is the contribution of britishers to colonial countries. It is pertinent mention here that medias play vital role in creating and developing interest among people. Cricket gets high coverage in all types of medias. Whereas hockey and other games do not get equal coverage. Medias come up with a answer saying their coverage depends on the public response. I am sure if proper coverage is given to other games public will definately evince interest and watch those matches.

    With Regards and Best wishes,


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