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    Why people avoid using helmet while driving?

    It is a rule to wear helmet while driving two wheeler. We know that this rule has been made keeping in mind the injury caused in rode accidents. But some people avoid using helmet and when traffic police stop them and charge them with some fine, they start quarreling and try to dominate policemen, try to bribe them or behave anything abnormal. Why people do not simply accept that helmet is for their own good ?
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    If you are driving a motor cycle, it is imperative and necessary that you wear the helmet for your safety. Because most of the accidents are involving motor cycles and the driver skids from the bike and head is the most vulnerable part which gets injured in the accident. That is why the traffic police insists that helmets must be worn and properly strapped too.

    I appeal to all members of this site who are using two wheelers to use the helmets compulsorily.Because some one is waiting for you at the home and drive safely.

    K Mohan
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    Hello Mr.Pankaj Shrivastava,

    I think it is a very absurd rule imposed on the drivers just to benefit the helmet manufacturers. Can anyone explain to me why ladies are exempted from this rule? The reason given is that it spoils their hair style. I find it funny. Do not men have a hair style? Why are people of Sikh religion exempted? The reason given is that the turban and their hair protect their heads from an injury. It is another laughable point/reasoning.

    I fail to understand that when a person at the age of 18/21 is mature enough to vote/ mature enough to drive and mature enough to marry then why is he not mature enough to make a decision on his own that whether he wants to wear a helmet or not.

    Actually, the traffic rules are made to enforce the safety of fellow drivers and pedestrians. I have experienced that wearing a helmet decreases your hearing and you are unable to hear the warning horns of other vehicles, sometimes, which results in avoidable accidents.

    So, I am of the opinion that this rule of wearing a helmet should be scrapped and it should be left to the driver's discretion whether he wants to support a helmet for his protection or not.

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    It is highly unsafe driving a two wheeler without a helmet. This shows the tendency of the public in breaking the rules. They should understand the fact that the rule is set for their safety and it is their basic responsibility to follow the rule keeping their safety in mind. If not on the small narrow lanes / streets, at least while driving on the main roads and highways the public should understand the fact that it is very very safe to wear a helmet not for others but for the safety of their own life. Even though the govt is strict in such cases and have huge penalty for not wearing a helmet, there won't be any effect/impact on these people. They should be responsible enough in wearing a helmet. Whether the govt is punishing or not for such things is immaterial and the public should be responsible citizens and follow the rules for their own safety. This is the case not only with wearing helmets but the people should be responsible in strictly following various traffic rules for their safety as well as for the safety of their fellowmen.

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    Dear Sat Koch

    Sir, You are right when you say about the exceptions about ladies and Sikhs.I am not in favor that ladies may be exempted of the rule by reason of disturbing their hair is like making fun of such serious rules.

    About exception given to some community may be sensitive matter I don't think we should make it a point of discussion.

    When I started driving two wheeler, I too thought as this rule is to make money by police, but when I met an accident on rode, though fortunately I didn't get much injured, but my first body part that got
    injury was head and chin, and it automatically became my habit to always wear helmet when driving two wheeler, and use seat belt when driving car.It didn't take much time to reach to this conclusion for me.

    It may be case for some people, but I found no loss in my hearing capacity also, thank God.

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    Hello Ms. Sobha,

    Can you explain why a female driver is exempted from this rule? Is she not prone to a head injury while driving a two wheeler? Why pillion riders are exempted from this rule? Are they not prone to injury in case of an accident?

    Actually, this stupid rule is made to help the traffic police to increase their revenue and to benefit the helmet manufacturers.

    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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    Mr Pankaj Shrivastava,

    I am not, at all, denying the fact that a helmet protects you from head injuries and it should be worn all the time while driving a two wheeler.

    My point was that why is it not left to the discretion of the driver whether to wear a helmet or not as not wearing of a helmet while driving a two wheeler does not cause any problem to a fellow driver or a pedestrian?

    Referring to the decreased level of hearing, I want to say that if something like a helmet is put on your head does it not reduce your hearing capabilities?

    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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    Hello Sat koch sir

    It seems you didn't get my point. I have not mentioned that female riders can be exempted from this rule. Such rules should be applied to all the two-wheelers irrespective of their gender and even to the pillion riders. What I meant sir is we should look after our safety instead of being imposed by the govt. Of course I agree that this rule increases the revenue of the traffic police and the business of the helmet manufacturers. Whatever might be the reason, is it a bad practice to wear helmet? Who will be responsible in case of accidents and who are the sufferers? Aren't the people riding in the two wheeler the most affected by this? So, my personal opinion is, forget about the rule passed by the govt be it for the traffic police or the helmet manufacturers, it is always very safe to wear a helmet irrespective of their gender while riding a two-wheeler. In the U.S, even the bicycle riders wear a helmet, even small children riding small bicycles as a part of playing wear small helmets. So we should have concern for our own self as we will affected the most in case of an accident.


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    Hello Pankaj Shrivastava

    Helmet is the major requirement for driving of two wheeler. Use of helmet is for our own benefit. When an accident occurs the head injury can lead to death on the spot. We should need to user a good ISI marked full face cover helmet. Government authorities had already made a law but some people do not wear helmet. This is very bad habit. Please note that the rule of helmet is for our own benefit.

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    The compulsory wearing of helmet is observed more in violation than in compliance. The police are collecting fines from the riders who violate this rule. The police personnel never wear helmets. How they can check and book cases when they themselves are not following the rule.

    Wearing helmet is no doubt is good for the rider, but it should left to their choice. There are other things more dangerous to the life. Liquor and cigarettes are more dangerous. Why the Government is not banning them in the interest of the public?

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    Everyone will agree that wearing helmet is good for the safety of the person. The Question of dispute is whether wearing of helment should be made compulsory or not?.

    Awareness regarding the importance of wearing helmet among two wheeler drivers in India is very poor. Youngsters avoid wearing helmets. In such a situation law enforcement becomes neccessary. The state has larger responsibility on the welfare of the people and therefore can't leave to the choice of the people. The statistics provided by the Government proves the fact that most of the death in accident is due to head injury.

    Despite the law enforcement on compulsory wearing of helmet, people carry hemets while driving but do not wear. Whenever they see policemen they wear the helment for a moment. People should realise that wearing of helmet is for their individual safety. Some people do not wear helmet with the fear that they may loose hair. But these people should realise the fact head is more important than hair.

    With Regards and Best wishes,


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    Hearing is a safety and precautionary measure. One cannot get back his/her life after losing it. So helmets should be put on by everyone traveling on two wheelers for their own safety. People still feel lazy to wear helmets since it takes a minute to wear it. In every law there are drawbacks. Similarly in the case there has been some exceptions which should have been avoided.

    Policemen started to get bribes when the rule was implemented strictly. In one way its a good thing to the people. Since the policemen started getting bribes depending the social status of the person, people automatically started to buy helmets and wear it atleast to avoid giving the bribe to the policeman. But now eventhough the rule is still in existence many people hesitate to wear since they dont realise the importance.

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    People do not want to wear a helmet because they want to get a fresh air and not a bald hair. Regular use of helmets generates more sweat glands resulting in hair fall and baldness. This is the simple reason most of the youngsters do not use helmet.

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    hi Pankaj Shrivastava,

    Peoples thinking that they driving safe and try to avoid wearing helmets. But the main thing to avoid the helmet is they cannot carry it where ever they go. I met many peoples who say this reason we should it also ways. Because of this laziness they are avoid to wear. and they are not for they life. Small incident making the accidents. to avoid that every one should sense the rules is for safety and every one should follow that


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    Helmet is necessary while driving. It is safe and useful. It also save from any head injury during any sort of unfortunate road accident. Most of the victims of road accident are not survived because of the head injury. If the helmet is there, we have better chance of survival. The youngsters are not willing to put on helmet as it is against their personality, it will effect their hair style. They do not want to understand or rather say they are aware about the consequences but it is the young blood and they want to look stylish. If they will put on helmet their fellows will tease them. They can be convinced in the way that if they put on helmet everytime they drive they will be saved from dust and pollution and their face will be saved. Their skin will not be effected by dust and other polluting particles emitting from vehicles.

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    Every individual on this earth is responsible for his own life. No one wants to leave the earth, but wants to live for many more years. Wearing of helmet should be left to the individual who owe responsibility to him and his family. His family members should compel him and educate him about the need to wear a helmet to save not only his life, but of his family. I have a vast experience of wearing helmet and it protected me on many occasions. Saying that the helmet causes hearing problem is a false statement and a lame excuse to avoid helmets. The government is not serious enough to impose and implement strict rules on wearing of helmets. The government also favours the individual after ensuring that the helmet manufacturers request is fulfilled and enough commission has been earned. The law makers of the state, the policemen do not bother much about wearing of helmet as they themselves are fed up of wearing helmets. Helmet wearing may not be compulsory while driving within city limits, but is essentially to be made compulsory during highway driving as most of the two wheeler accidents occur in highways with speedy driving.
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    One of the member has commented that 'I think it is a very absurd rule imposed on the drivers just to benefit the helmet manufacturers'. If that is the case our entire life is either benefiting one manufacturer or the other. If we like scooters, are we satisfying the needs of the scooter manufacturers, and if we live bikes , are the manufacturers of the same pouncing on us.

    Helmets are must to wear when you are riding the motor cycle which is often exposed to skidding even for a small accident and in that event there are every chance that your head can bang on the road and get instant death due to head injury.

    If some body advocating no helmet rule and he need not like to wear, we need not worry about him as he already decided about his fate and let him do the way he likes.

    K Mohan
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    Speed first, instead of Safety first is what people practice nowadays. On the question why people don't wear helmets is due to the uneasiness associated with it. A helmet squeezes our head and causes a lot of discomfort besides making us sweaty and raising the temperature. However, wearing a helmet has advantages too. It keeps dirt and grime away as well as cushions our head against concussion in case of accidents.
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    The use of helmet is in the interest of the rider of a two wheeler. The statistics point out that the most of the deaths in accidents of two wheelers are caused by a head injury. That is why the use of helmet is made compulsory by the riders of the two wheelers. In some states, the implementation of this rule is very strict while in some other states the rule is only for the sake of making a rule and its implementation is left to the individual choice.

    The user of the two wheelers should use the helmet in the interest of their own safety. But most of the people feel that the use of helmet makes their riding uncomfortable. It is more so when you are wearing spects. The people who sweat profusely also feel uncomfortable by wearing a helmet. One more reason for not wearing it is that it obstructs a clear views on the sides of the vehicle. Another reason for not wearing it is that it reduces your hearing capacity and sometimes you are able to hear the horns being blown from the vehicles in your rear side. Sometimes, the youth don't want to use it without any reason or rhyme.

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    Nowhere in this thread have I denied the fact that a person should not wear a helmet to avoid injury to his /her head, while driving a two wheeler. My only objection was that why is it a rule and why is it not left for a driver to decide whether he/she wants to wear a helmet or not?

    We get a driving license at the age of 18/21 and at the same time we get the voting rights, by which we decide who should be in the government or at the same time we are allowed to decide for ourselves whether we want to drink or smoke. But by imposing this rule the government thinks that we are not capable enough to decide it for ourselves that whether we should wear a helmet or not. Yes, that is totally stupid, in my view and if I am wrong than why does not the government ban all the tobacco/alcohol products (knowing well that tobacco/alcohol products cannot in any way benefit a person and why alcohol is banned in Gujrat only and why not in all the states) or why diesel vehicles are allowed to be manufactured, being aware of the fact that diesel vehicles cause more pollution than petrol vehicles or why does it not disallow the production of petrol and diesel vehicles in totality and force everybody to use bicycles for transportation, being aware of the fact that both petrol and diesel cause pollution, though in varying quantities? Why is it left for us to decide whether smoking/drinking is beneficial for us or not? Why is it left for us to decide whether a bicycle or a petrol/diesel driven is beneficial for our health?
    Some of the responders have agreed to my opinion on the count that sometimes wearing a helmet is a hindrance which may cause an accident.

    Mr. Mohan, you are as funny as always (yes, I am directly addressing to you and not using the words "one of the members"). Yes I have the guts to do that as I am not here for some few points or few Rupees as cash reward and I am not in a habit of posting some 50-60 thank you messages just to secure some points.

    Mr. Mohan, are you aware of air bags in some of the high end cars? Or, have you ever had time/inclination to watch a racing car competition? Do you, by any chance, have an idea what for are the air bags in a high end car or why do the racing car drivers wear a helmet, while driving a car? Both, the air bags and helmets in racing cars prevent the driver's head to hit the windscreen of the car and thus preventing a possible fatal injury to the driver, in case of sudden application of breaks. Does that mean that there should be a rule to wear helmet while driving a car and if so, why does not the government make another absurd rule? Why does the government leave it for the driver of a car to decide for himself whether he wants to wear a helmet while driving a car or for the driver to decide for himself whether he wants to drive a car with/without airbags?
    My point is that the traffic rules are made to insure the safety of fellow drivers and pedestrians. What harm do we cause to fellow drivers and pedestrians, by not wearing a helmet? Why does the government think we are immature/indiscipline/incapable/unaware of the consequences/responsibilities and if we are then why does not the government leave us to our fate (in your words), when we are not causing harm to others but ourselves?

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    Actually i also dont like to wear helmet during ride,because really cause problem to see the road during driving and in that ht season it to much sweating under helmet,its really irritating.

    but definitely we have to obey the traffic rule,it made for our safety,ya i dont like to wear helmet,but i wear please wear helmet,not as a rule,but for your safety

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    I agree with Mr. Sat Koch, on the absurdity of the government to impose helmets for drivers. But it is a worldwide rule, bike riders around the globe have to follow such rules, but in those countries all the other rules are implemented with sternness too. in India we have many civic rules, like, not smoking in public, banned usage of plastic bags, sale of alcohol/tobacco products to minors but its surprising that none of the other rules are invigilated that sternly by the government.

    Although I, myself use helmets and a supporter of wearing them for safety, but I am against the helmet laws imposed on bikers. I think, it must be left to the discretion of an individual. In fact even I think that helmets hamper proper view and auditory senses on the road, and comfort is another factor.

    I appreciated that the government is concerned for the safety of its citizens, but why does the government falters in other situation?

    Well, Indian government have taken dubious stands in many cases. There are many more people using trains daily, than those using two-wheelers, its been ages since people are requesting the government to install anti-collision equipment in trains, but the government has been ignorant citing absurd reasons such as high cost of installation. There are people dying in railway accidents too, train collision also kill people, then why doesn't the government look up to it.

    There have been many reports in the media over the unsafe market structures of prime markets in Delhi, such as Khan market. Actually, it is sitting on the edge of a large fire because of the restaurants there which have never followed fire norms. also parking on roads leaves very cramped roads. Despite several notifications, the government never forced the restaurants to follow fire norms, thus putting at stake thousands of live.

    As metros are being cramped, the trend of high rise apartments is on the rise, and in spite of the current building norms to safeguard buildings against potential threat of earthquakes, these norms are not followed by many of the builders. The builders save their money by not complying with the prescribed set of rules, and sometimes even used down grade material. Delhi lies in a seismic danger zone, and an earthquake of around 6.5 on Richter scale might level most of the city buildings. So why isn't the government checking these builders and why is it putting millions of lives at risk.

    These are only three of the instances of dual nature of our governments of present and past. There are many more. So why isn't the government consistent in caring for people's lives?

    And as a good point raised by our fellow member, why are the policemen exempted. I have never seen a policeman on a bike with a helmet on.

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    @ Mr. Sat Koch

    While writing, follow the etiquettes. Do not try to act over smart here. You are not paying me any money nor any other member. Why are you so concerned about my performance here. Hence forth do not respond to my messages. And editors what you people are doing. Are you are reading this persons messages . He is openly attacking me and you people are just enjoying.

    What is meant my this?
    "Mr. Mohan, you are as funny as always (yes, I am directly addressing to you and not using the words "one of the members"). Yes I have the guts to do that as I am not here for some few points or few Rupees as cash reward and I am not in a habit of posting some 50-60 thank you messages just to secure some points.''

    In what is concerned whether i given messages or just say hello to members. No one ever in ISC has yet uttered a word against my writing and who this this fellow taking too much liberty to interfere in my writing. This is the third time he is interfering and provoking me.

    K Mohan
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    Hereunder are URLs for the reference of fellow members.

    (Topic is "Editors you stopped giving cash credits now do not deny us legitimate points").
    (Topic is "Something wrong with point system today")


    Look at the forum threads and the responses and decide it for yourself, who created a mayhem for just a few points and the way he was reprimanded for that and told to mend his ways.

    I do not have anything else to say, for the time being.

    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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    The discussion was normal and productive till you entered the scene in this forum thread. it was you who initiated all this by saying one of the members ..........and If some body advocating no helmet rule and he need not like to wear, we need not worry about him as he already decided about his fate and let him do the way he likes.. It was you who attacked me and made fun of my response, in the very first place. Yes, Mohan ( in case you have not noticed, I am not prefixing a Mr. before your name)you were sarcastic in your response. Mohan, it is you who needs to learn some etiquettes and not me. Just being an elder/higher up the ranking does not confer upon you any right to be sarcastic to anybody. And, it hurt you when I hit back at you. Come on, be a sport and be ready to face the consequences of your actions. Not everyone will take whatever you throw at them, lying face down. I just enjoyed your bickering.

    Mohan, you can refer to the above mentioned URLs, where you disrupted the normal postings in forum for some points by creating so many forum threads, where you were reprimanded by the webmaster and by Ms. Vandana and were told to mend your ways. I think you should introspect (please be honest with yourself, if and when you do that) and may be it will help you.

    Take care and God bless you.

    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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    There cannot be a justification for avoiding something that saves life.The ignorance towards using helmet could be high confidence that nothing wrong will happen to them,or there has never such thing happened in the regular route followed for the travel.We must all take care of safety ourself and our loved ones.

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