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    Isn't it a wastage of money to spend on our festivals?

    We Indians are in the habit of spending a lot of money on our festivals especially on diwali. I think it is totally a wastage of money . People spend a lot of money on fireworks. It creates noise as well as air pollution. It is also a source of water pollution sometimes. I think the money we spend on these fireworks and crackers should be given to poor people in the form of food and clothes. If we stop wasting money on these useless things, we will surely be counted in the developed countries like America.
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    India boasts of its great rich culture and tradition and the festivals are the part of it. And Deepavali is the festival of lights and sweets. Deepavali without crackers cannot be thought off. I do agree that we spend lots of money over the few seconds of joy for burning the crackers, but again Deepavali comes once in year and we normally never mind to spend huge amount on such things.

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    Yes absolutely,if we starts thinking like this means,it is a wastage of money for our children's study,dress etc., as who knows that our children would help in our oldage? It is wastage of money spending for going to relatives' houses. It is a wastage of money as spending for our children's marriage etc.,

    Dear Daljeet Ji, the festivals are created by our elders as a forseen that we (present days)wont have time to spare with our children, family and relatives. To make ourselves leisure with our family,friends and relatives only the festivals,celebration of village meet as kuladevatha pooja / temple car festivals etc., are made. We unnecessarily spending money on viewing cinema,cricket etc., as unnoticed but if it is for our festivals means thinking twice why?

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    Dear Daljeet,

    Festivals are way of life. If we earn and increase the bank balance and leave the world without enjoyment, should we call it as life. What is the purpose of our life. Live joyfully as best as you can. It is the destiny that some one is rich and some are poor. But the festivals bring joy to both the rich and poor. They celebrate according to their capacity and enjoy. The rich spends lavishly, while the poor controls it with a look at his pocket. The ultimate goal of any festival is to bring cheer and happiness in the life, one day, while you work and suffer the rest of the days.

    I agree that over spending of money on bursting of crackers is a criminal waste. It should be limited and the poor can be helped with food clothes etc

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    Hi Daljeet,
    Your points are correct to waste money during our festivals. The festivals like Diwali comes once in a year which is symbol of lights and sweets in Indian traditional cultural event.
    In such festivals family members assemble together even from distance places to enjoy the great festival.
    But the extensive use of fire works and crackers pollute this festival along with chances of accidents and life hazards especially to the children at home or in the streets.
    Instead of that we can decorate our home with many colorful lights which are available in the market.
    In view of the above I do agree with your view that uses of fire works and crackers are mere wastage of hard earned money throgh out the year. Instead excess money can be used for the better causes of the society.

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    thanks for bringing such a nice topic to discuss here. first of all I am not agree with most of your point like we will be developed like American if we stop celebrating our festival.

    (1)American are known for there wealth in the same way we are famous for our tradition and culture.after leaving tradition & culture if I have the chance to become rich then I would love to stay poor for whole of my life.

    (2)We can not able to help someone If that person is not able to help himself.So leave the idea of to see the happy faces after sharing little wealth it is only possible if we share the knowledge and give the chance to understand why they are poor.

    (3)If we have to save our environment then we should increase the number of forest and animal.there is already lot of restriction regarding noise limit for everywhere no need to worry for that.

    At least but not last we have only one thing in our hand on which we can proud is our culture and tradition so for the purpose of saving little wealth we should not start thinking to leave our proud.

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    Spend less on crackers and more on lamps with oil burning in front of the house which gives an elegant look. Spend less money as well as enjoy the festival also as it is a part of our culture which has to be forwarded to the future generations.

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    Hi Daljeet,
    I really appreciate your question. In India even people who don't have
    money to buy a good dress for them celebrate festivals like Diwali and Holi spending all of their money. But, in return, we provide nature a lot of water, noise and air pollution only. Just for our greeds we pollute the nature. Also if we spend that much of money in buying good knowledgeable book or gathering materials that suits our hobbies are much better than wasting money in festivals.

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    Festivals are meant for social gathering and are religious in nature. Moreover, they are celebrated from time immemorial. Maybe we can spend less but not forgo them in total. For instance Deepavali is celebrated for the victory of Dharma over evil. Pongal in Tamilnadu is celebrated in honor of the farmers. Such being the case, to term celebrating them as waste is meaningless.

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    In this busy world every one has just time to think about their needs.Festivals are gifts which creates a change in this selfish mentality.It brings all together.India is a country were lot of festivals are celebrated.Festivals are never wastage.Never mind spending money for it.



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    Festivals are not for wasting money. It got established because human beings are social beings. They have their private life. But all the time they cannot remain in that set up. They need mingling with others. It is only because of these mixing up the art and culture got developed.

    Just think of a situation where we are not having any platform to share our thoughts. These sharing give birth to several new ideas which come out in different forms. When there are no work, people find out some means to spend their time in a happy manner. Various art forms developed as part of it. Festivals also got established in the society.

    Various societies had developed their own beliefs and these beliefs added with art forms developed took the form of routine festivals. Then thoughts went to make the festival more attractive. Fireworks and other decorations became a must for these festivals.

    Moreover, several people got employed in the preparation of these activities. Automatically these became their professions. Hence now the festivals needed not only as an entertainment, but also as an economic activity.Sales in shops will generally more at the time of festivals.

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