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    What is the main cause of increasing accidents?

    Now a days accidents are increasing regularly. People are mixing drinking and driving. Inexperience persons are driving on roads. Might be there are many other cause of it. So please can you highlight them and also please provide possible solution to resole this issue. Saving a person's live is the most precious thing which you can do in your life.
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    There are many causes for road accidents out which the following are the main ones.

    Drinking and Driving

    It is the most common problem being faced by the highway patrol police who arrest scores of road users for drinking and driving. It is imperative and necessary that the driver should desist from his duty after the drinks.

    Not knowing traffic rules

    Most of the road users having no knowledge of road signs and road ethics often end up with accidents because others do follow their traffic rules.

    License through brokers

    Most of us wants to have learning and permanent license through brokers without taking the mandatory traffic sign lessons and that results in ignorance of road sense.

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    In my opinion though other reasons given here are also do cause many accidents but most of them will take place due to the inexperienced drivers who lose the control of the vehicles and get nervous especially on the crowded roads of our cities. So they become the main cause of the accidents taking place every other day on our city roads and busy bazars.
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    Sorry Kamalesh, I cannot vote your poll, since all the options are the main cause for the accidents. Drink and drive sure will end up in accident. Inexperience drivers may cause major accidents, for example you can take the previous period of AIDMK, all the trainees were appointed as drivers and many accidents were reported. Fast driving and racing with others sometimes will not cause the major accident, but we cannot expect all time as a good time for the drivers. I do know what someone is getting by racing with others. Simply to show heroism they are doing so, if it ends with good result they can achieve their goal if not then the result will be worst than normal accident. Still we are having time to live and enjoy our life, why do we need to loss our lives unnecessarily in accidents.

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    Hi Kamlesh,
    I support all the above three authors with their opinions. You would have kept a option of all the above, if so I would have polled to that option without any delay. All the reasons drinking and driving, fast driving, inexperienced driving, negligence and cell phone driving are responsible increasing number of accidents during present days. I strongly support with Mohan sir regarding the driving license. Most of the persons are getting the driving licenses through brokers, which is producing inexperienced drivers without the knowlege of traffic rules and ethics. The main reason for accidents is the busy and luxurious life of persons, which are directly responsible for all the causes of accidents.

    Dr.Ranjeeth Kumar.,

    Dr.Ranjeeth Kumar.
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    I think indiscipline in driving is also one of the major cause of increasing in number accidents. Everyone remain in hurry to reach its destination and hence try to break traffic rules. Even while driving on road just try to reach their destination by worse driving and hence result in more traffic jams and accidents. We people have general tendency that rules are there to break rather than tendency of rules are there to follow. People hardly follow the rules of overtaking and result in accidents. Yes, drinking and driving is also a major cause of increasing accidents.

    Kindly Regards,

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    In addition to my predecessors response, as per my observation, most of the high way accidents occur while overtaking a vehicle on its right side without any judgement of the oncoming vehicle especially in a curved road. At times overtaking on the left side of a vehicle causes accident due to blind spot where the driver will not be able to locate a small vehicle in his rear view mirror. Therefore, overtaking of vehicle should be done very carefully.

    Carrying personal worries and problems while driving also causes distraction to mind and leads to accident.

    Drunken driving is a voluntary accident by the drivers.

    Indiscipline in following the traffic rules and regulations and the ignorance about them are the invitation to accidents.

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    The most important factor for all road accidents is the pick-up speed of bikes. Now bikes are coming up with amazing racing capabilities, pulsar bike initiated this trend. Now many bikes are coming in the same product category. These bikes can pick-up 0-60 kmph speed in just 4-8 seconds and 0-100 kmph within 15 seconds. Many people trying to overtake other vehicles with high speed and they are meeting road accidents.

    There are other reasons like bad roads, not display of proper signalling boards and drink-drive situations.

    For the increasing proportion of deaths in these accidents are because of damage at head region. If we use helmets while driving we can decrease chances of losing life in road accidents

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    Hi Sankara,
    I know all are the cause of an accident. But I am asking about main cause of it. So you can give your poll among all the possible reasons.

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    Today one page of every newspaper is full of accidents.See it not like that nowdays accidents occur more as compared to the earlier but number of vechiles has increased tremendously.Now it is simple math,more vechile more accidents.The more fuel is added to the fire by other factor like:
    Drink driving
    Inexperienced driver

    yes of course lack of strict rules of traffic.

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    In my opinion there are so many causes of increasing road accidents.

    Probable causes are as follows:

    1.Driving in drinking condition.
    2.Fast driving.
    3.Lack of good experience in driving.
    4.Overstressed due to continuous driving.
    5.Eye sight problem.
    6.Physical disorder like sudden blackout while driving.
    7.Use of mobile phone while driving.
    8.Driving without valid driving license.
    9.Violation of traffic signals.
    10.Lack of periodical check up of cars for safe running.
    11.Overtaking of cars.

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    Road accidents are increasing day by day and there are number of reasons for that. Its not only the mistake of the person who is driving unless he is drunk. Sometimes it is the mistake of the people walking or crossing the road. Careless driving can speeding is also one of the major causes of road accidents.

    With regards,
    Navin Gupta

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    An increase in the road accidents is the main concern these days. This is mostly confined to the highways where the drivers not only tend to drive fast on the wide roads but also they get a competitive spirit of chasing / racing with the other vehicles. Due to such a spirit, they totally either forget or neglect to follow the travel rules like crossing the yellow line which is highly dangerous as this may cause the collision with vehicles coming in the opposite direction. Hence, the drivers, first of all, should have a control over their driving and they should have the 'better late than never' attitude. In my opinion following such traffic rules will greatly reduce road accidents. Moreover mixing drinking and driving as well is one of the causes of road accidents.

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    There many reason n of road accident.when young boy come on the road with bike they forget about their life and involves in racing with friends and other people and that thing cause of road be aware and to saving boys.

    Regards & Thanks

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    Another option could be bad roads and improper signals. I believe not all accidents caused are because of drinking or reckless driving some accidents are also caused because of potholes and speed breakers.

    We can consider that todays youth is involved into rash driving. But also the municipalities which show ignorance to maintenance of the signals or the road contractors that use dirty material for the construction of the road also causing it to wear and tear too early.

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    Alcoholism is to blame for most fatal road accidents.

    We note from Newspapers and Television News, that Road Accidents, of four wheelers/buses, lorries, trucks, three wheelers/auto-rickshaws and two wheelers/motor bikes, scooters, mopeds, bicycles etc., are increasing day by day. What are the reasons for this increase in road accidents? It has been found that there are three main factors for the road accidents.

    1.Human factors 2.Defects in the Vehicles 3 Defects in the Roads
    Out of the above three factors, it has also been found that 90% of the road accidents are due to the Human Factors, and the balance 10% caused by the other two factors.

    The number of motor vehicles on road is constantly and rapidly increasing. In the modern and busy world of today, people are impatient and everybody always rushes. People do not plan their trips properly, and they tend to drive in a hurry. The people driving or riding do not adhere to the set rules and regulations of traffic. Nobody is ready to adjust with others driving or riding on the roads, and there is no co-operation in using the roads with many limitations.

    Almost all vehicles are insured, and the drivers of public transports like, buses and lorries are well aware of the fact that they are not liable for any compensation against the affected in the accidents caused by their mistakes while driving. The owners will look after the compensation part and the Insurance Policies will take care of the same. The laws in force for punishing the erring drivers were coded some 150 years back. The lack of serious punishment for rash driving and violation of "Traffic Rules" makes the drivers irresponsible. Pedestrians, walking on the roads also must follow traffic rules and use commonsense in crossing the roads. Some road accidents are caused by the pedestrians, violating general rules in walking in roads. Some people walking after taking alcoholic drinks, some children, and even some cattle on the roads cause road accidents.

    The Vehicle users do not pay proper attention to keep the vehicles in good conditions. Brakes, Headlights, Steering, Tyres and Choke etc., must be checked for good condition.

    The bad condition of the roads is an important factor in road accidents.
    Dangerous turnings and potholes on roads become the cause for many road accidents.

    There are some bad and dangerous cocktails:-

    * Driving & Alcoholic Drinks
    * Driving & Talking in Mobile Phones
    * Driving & Thinking about some Problem/Domestic or Official
    * Driving & Talking with the Pillion Rider
    * Driving & Vehicle in Bad conditions
    * Driving & Lack of Good Driving Practice
    * Driving & Poor Eye-sight
    * Driving & Not wearing Seat belt
    * Driving & Not wearing Helmet
    * Driving & Not possessing Driving License
    * Driving & Not having Insurance
    * Driving & Over speed

    All must avoid the above bad cocktails / combinations of driving(the list is not exhaustive) and try to avoid/minimize road accidents of any type.

    It is an obvious fact that road accidents can be reduced or avoided, by correcting the Human factors and also by keeping the vehicles in proper conditions and improving the quality of the roads.

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    Nowadays it is observed that even small children are riding two wheelers or driving the vehicles and this is encouraged by their parents.

    The young generation is following the movie styles in riding the vehicles and results into accidents.Not wearing helmet,drink and drive ,using phone in drive are inspirations from the movies.

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    If anybody caught without license then what punishment should be given to him/her?
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