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    What punishment should be given to a rapist?

    It's the most shameful work which some persons are doing with children, young girls and with women. But our law is not strong and they are roaming here and there freely. They don't have any fear so they are thinking that they can do whatever they want to do. No, it;s not right. We have to raise our voice and have to take some serious actions against them. They should be punished in such a fashion that again no body will dare to do this. But how can we do this is the biggest question here. So please provide your ideas to save our nation's pride, nation's wealth i.e. girls.
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    The rapist should be given the life imprisonment so that he keeps on thinking and repenting for the whole of his life for heinous crime he has committed and spoiled the life of an innocent young girl or woman. Hanging will put everything to an end all of a sudden. Other punishments will be too low for such a serious crime.
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    I completely agree with Mr. Sukhdev. Life imprisonment is the best punishment, as it will force the rapist to contemplate on his misdeed. Although there is no provision for 25 years imprisonment, but if it is there, it should be enforced upon the rapist.
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    Death sentence is the right punishment for a rapist. Because rape is the biggest crime and the girl life spoiled for ever therefore the rapist has no right to live further.

    K Mohan

    K Mohan
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    I do not recommend any death sentence or life imprisonment for a rapist. The rapist should be made as an impotent man, and his sexual desire should be nipped out through medicines in such a way that he never feels to look at a women or girl with sex in his mind. Other punishment may also be given.
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    I agree with Mr.Sunder that the rapist should be made impotent with the help of medicines or surgeries or he should be killed at the spot. The 2nd option cannot be practicable in our country with present judiciary system. He should be killed in such a way that no other person should do dare to rape any girl. But like these punishments are not possible in our country, where so many social workers will come into act saying, this is inhuman, this is against the human rights and so on. When the person raping an innocent girl where these human rights and humanity gone? Finally I want to ask questions, whatever may be the punishment we may be giving to the rapist,
    can we make the victim happy?
    can we bring her previous life?
    Can she lead a normal life from then?

    Only god can give answers for these questions.

    Dr.Ranjeeth Kumar.

    Dr.Ranjeeth Kumar.
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    Murder and rape are the two most serious crimes. Of course, one can commit murder or attempt to murder due to the situation, may be for self protection, or to save some innocents life. Therefore, the punishment awarded for a person who committed murder may be considered after due arguments in the court. Whereas, a rapist can not be compared with a murderer, and a rapist should be awarded punishment without any hearing. No mercy should be shown to the rapist by the judiciary or the public. In addition to the punishment, the old system of black spotting, chapals garlands and donkeys ride around the city or town and a live telecast on TV can be resorted to, as an awareness to the public who try to indulge in such immoral activities.
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    Yes, Mr.Sunder you are right in your opinion of giving punishment in old style like black spotting, chappal garland and donkey's ride around the city and taking the help of media for live telecast will surely decrease the rape cases as other persons will get afraid of this type of punishment.

    Dr.Ranjeeth Kumar.

    Dr.Ranjeeth Kumar.
    I am always ready to gain and share knowledge.

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    Hi Ranjeet,
    Once we eat something, we can't take again in the same form. But from this onward we be careful to that thing. In similar way if a rapist will be punished then he and like wise him others are also do not dare to do this again. The girl will be satisfied that the rapist got punishment ans also by doing this we are saving other girls, we are saving our nation's future.isn't it?

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    First of all no punishment is aimed to revert the effects of the crime. Because, once committed, a crime can not be reverted. The basic aim of a punishment is to reform the criminal's mind. And I don't think that 'eye for an eye' punishments like death sentence and castration will offer any solution as far as reforming a criminal is concerned. The 'eye for an eye' method of punishment is the Talibani way, we don't necessarily have to adopt that way.

    The best thing would be to award 'life sentence' to rapists. Life sentence, as stated by Supreme court in 2005, is not a prison term of 14 or 20 years but 'imprisonment for life' means imprisonment for whole of the remaining period of the convict's natural life.

    Even the courts make it a point to awards death sentence in the 'rarest of the rare' case. And I think that's fine, as life sentence offers possibility to reform a criminal. Lots of time in the prison compels hims to introspect his actions and their effects on himself and others.

    I think 'rigorous life imprisonment' is the only solution.

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    Rape is a crime not against an individual but it is crime against God. This is the most henious crime which can be conducted on anyone.
    I some what agree with Sundar who seem to be influenced by the movie of B. R. ChopaInsaf ka Tarazu, where the rapist are castrated.
    This is the best possible punishment to a rapist and a lesson for the others who even plan to commit this crime in future.
    I don't agree in providing life imprisonment to a rapist as it adds to the cost on the state to keep the rapist alive.
    In the Gulf countries the rapist is killed by stoning among public, and the first stone is thrown by the victim. Just go through the statistics of rape committed in Gulf with any other country in the world.
    One of my friend who came back from Gulf said, "Females can move out st any time of the day or night and are safe only because of this reason.

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    The person who does a Rape should be killed on the spot. The work he did is a very shameful work and the person doesn't have the right to live their life freely. he is a criminal who did crime more than the murder case. As in India there should be a time when all the girls could walk with pride without any kind of scariness.

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    Hello everyone,
    Rape is a very serious and heinous crime. It destroys the life the victim and give them the life they never thought. If a person is killed his or her life ends their itself and he- she has to bear no more pain but rape victim is killed every day. She can't go out as people will never allow her.

    According to me the rapist must be publicly insulted. He must be made to run naked across the streets then he will come to know how it feels when a person loses his dignity and then he should be hanged. Rape is a very serious crime and the punishment shouldn't be less then death sentence.

    With regards,
    Navin Gupta

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    Dear Friends, a small girl is raped and you still want the rapist to lead a life in prison where he will have the though of In celebration of being alive!

    You have proved one thing though your responses to this thread that capital punishment is must in some crimes.

    Some people still have be arguing to pardon a rapist and make him live behind bar for rest of his life.
    But will our judiciary allow this type of punishments?

    We all are commenting here, which is generating a consensus but can this be really made possible in any circumstances.

    All the people should post articles on this topic or the Webmaster should start a competition on Punishment of Rapistand then the best should be sent to the government as voice of the educated and the elite people.

    Hope people agree with me!

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    Whole life imprisonment without any associate. only one time food is to be given. No appeal or mercy petition is to be permitted on any account.

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    Mr. Ramachandran,
    I agree with you but if one time food is given to a person it is a crime which will be committed against God.

    The best can be to kill the rapist just after the confirmation of the medical report.

    And the killing should be with lot of pain to make the others afraid of the law.

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    Kill them on the spot! Then other sex addicts will not go for it. Our judiciary is very poor according to me. We should follow the rules of Gulf countries where such criminals get killed on the public place without any life imprisonment. They do not deserve to live more. Because they spoiled lives of poor girls and women. I feel shame on them. Kill them on the spot!

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    this is very good topics for discussion.acrding to your question my point of view is that Kill them on the spot!and it should an example for others who think about that.rape is a very serious and heinous crime and it destroys the life the person who targeted and give them the life they never thought. If a person is killed his or her life ends their itself and he/she has to bear no more pain but rape victim is killed every day.


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    Such people r harmful to our society & they should be hanged immediatedly,so as , U save many others from being raped & reduces their fear in life.
    Also that it will not compensate that girls fate & mental condition,but atleast she & her parents can get some satisfaction of the rapist being punished

    Regarding ,
    Sumit Saha

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    I heard from many guys that rapist should marry to the raped girl so that her life will be saved. What do you think about this?
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    Mr. Kamlesh,
    I would like you to study the rape case in India. Most of this crimes are conducted on the basis of lower and higher caste. And if the victim is allowed to marry the criminal then what will happen:
    1. All the life she will be tortured for losing her virginity before marriage.
    2. In the house of the in-law many will try to take advantage on her, she being from the lower caste.

    What will be in the case when a minor is raped?

    These kinds of suggestions are propagated by the families of the rapist to save their criminal children.

    This should never be done. Only death is the remedy for the rapist.

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    The option must be left to the victim ..however big/cruel the punishment be requested by the victim,has to be imposed on the criminal ...

    The punishment imposed to the criminal has to be shown on tv/newspaper so that no one should ever dare to repeat the same mistake again

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    Rape is the most heinous crime. Victim has to suffer throughout her life as everyone blames her for whatever happened. So so according to me the person found guilty must be given death sentence.

    With regards,
    Navin Gupta

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    Just imagine a small being the victim and she is made to appear on TV to pronounce punishment to the culprit, what will be her state?

    She might not know in some cases the meaning of word punishment leave a side her announcing the punishment.

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    oh sorry ...just made a mistake in typing ..., i just meant to say the criminal ., peace :|

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