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    700 crore assets found in Kerala Padmanav swami temple

    The recent issue of Sri Sri Satyasai Trust was till end, another issue of temple assets raised today. In the temple of Padmanav Swami at Kerala, in six room/treasury lots of jewels, ornaments, gold vessels were found. The approximate value of this will be around 700 crore. The treasury of Satyasai Trust were seized and handed over to a bank by State Govt. as per the Central Govt.'s decision. In addition, we've to look about this, what the Govt. will declared and take action against this. As per the history, the temple was built by King Martand Verma in 18th Century.
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    Please note that the Sri Padmanabha Swamy temple in Kerala is one of the 108 Divya Shetrams of Hindu mythology and it dates back to many years un known to the present generation. So many Kings have rules this state and all have contributed for the well keeping of this wonderful temple.

    Moreover the pilgrims visit in large numbers and offer cash and kind in the hundies which might have accumulated to 700 crores worth assests for this temple and it should not be made a big issue at all.

    K Mohan

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Of course this is big issue and we can not tell as "issue" it is a real wonder.The wonder inside the temple is worthless.
    First of all I will tell what is happening there.There are 7 seven mystirious caves inside the temple and two of it last opened in 1875 and others also opened long back.Everybody knows about this mystory and a lwayer of highcourt given a petiotion in the court to open this and finalise the value of this treasure.Even nobody knows what is inside.Then supreme court instructed to open these and calculate the real value of this.

    Now they are doing this and till today they founf 05 lakh crore rupees valuable wealth and still the inspection will go on.Now the PADMANABHA SWAMI TEMPLE will become the wealthiest temple in india.


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    It is a great astonishment to hear the real value of treasure held in the dark rooms of Padmanabha swamy temple at Trivandrum. For whom have the olden kings preserved these treasures. We should be happy that it has not been stolen or taken away by the corrupt persons of our country. Lord Padmabhanabha has ensured safety of these wonderful treasure of gold, jewels and other valuable articles. What will the government do with the items unearthed from the temple!

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    as of today (02/03/2011)the total worth of treasure is 75000 crore rupees.still remaining to calculate.


    Winners are too busy to be sad,too positive to be doubtful,too optimistic to be fearful and too determined to be defeated.

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    As per the latest estimates coming in the print and electronic media the treasure trove which is retrieved from the cellars of Sri Padmanabha Swamy temple is worth one lakh crore rupees and it may even increase as more such treasures are yet to be indentified.

    K Mohan

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Oh, My dear all,
    What a God! With so much good money with out any use to any body for more than many centuries. When God can accumulate so much black money himself in his own Swiss bank inside his dwelling, what is great wonder if his followers also make and keep black money.

    Since we could unearth the God's black money, I think, the time has come now, to unearth our own black money. God has shown his way to us.

    No life without Sun

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    Please rethink your views about the God himself 'accumulating wealth' over the years. I do not agree to any point stated by you here except to the last sentence which says the politicians and bureaucrats of today should unearth the black wealth they possess, but not for the reason which you stated. They should, infact do this by taking the example of the long-visioned and generous kings who ruled our country centuries before.

    Coming to the point, let me tell you that the 1 lakh crore worth wealth found at the Sri Padmanabha Swami kshetra is no 'black wealth of the God'. First and foremost, this wealth is not accumulated there as plain cash. Instead, the wealth is completely gold and gold ornaments. The wealth was found as gold coins, the deity's chains and divine ornaments, gold idols, golden crowns, grains made of gold, diamonds and precious stones both from the various parts of the country as well as from abroad like Dutch and gold coins issued by the East India company and not to mention the 18-feet long, 10 kg gold chain to be adorned by the God. All these wealth were not accumulated by a single King. From the nineth century, the kings who ruled the region of Travancore offered a part of their wealth as offering to the God. Offerings from the devotees and visiting kings and delegates too were not taken as the country's wealth, instead they were deposited in the temple itself. So, this wealth is not just worthy of its original value, but also of its archeological value. This wealth has actually become the country's most valuable national heritage. Moreover, these archeologocial artifacts indicate the selfless service and sacrifice which the kings of that time did for their lands and people. Unlike the modern-day corrupt and greedy politicians, the kings of that time were not self-centered. They sacrificed their land, prosperity and lives to the god. They believed that their god would protect them from all ills and evils. And he did. The Padmanaba Swamy Kshetra is the only South Indian temple which spared the British plunders and conquering. And so, the wealth stayed as it is for almost 12 centuries! Here the kings considered themselves as the 'servants' of sreepadmanabha and ruled on behalf of him. So they couldn't even think of utilising the offerings for their comforts.

    Here arises a question: Why did not the royal family claim the ownership of this huge wealth? Because, they are neither greedy nor corrupt. They still believe that the wealth should stay at the temple. Over the years, they protected this wealth from the greedy hands. They still do not claim to own a single grain of the gold discovered. Hope the greedy politicians learn something from them. Even now the royal family live in utmost simplicity and contribute to each and every developmental activities.We Keralites have utmost respect and love towards them even today.

    So, Mr.Sundaram, please do not relate words such as 'Black money' with the god. Sri Padmanabha swami has always there for the land and people of Travancore for all these ages. And the selfless sacrifice of our ancestors do not deserve such labels. Even if you do not praise their long-vision and service to the people, please do not degrade them. They are well respectable and trustworthy than the present-day corrupt politicians.

    To the poll question, about the further steps to be done with the money, I dont vote for any of the given four options. The Sri Padmanabha Swami is the true owner of his wealth. Moreover, we have no rights to take and spend the wealth accumulated by our respectable and royal ancestors, be that for any purpose. The wealth should be identified as National Heritage and preserved at the temple as it is. The sole responsibility of the Government, here, is to provide proper security and protection to this wealth. We Keralites have an emotional and sentimental attachment to the temple and to the royal family.
    I also request all to visit the temple atleast once to experience the divinity and serenity of the temple.

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    now the tallying of the wealth is over and we are hearing different kind of data about the value of the treasure.
    Any way this should preserve as a national wealth and there should be a tight security as this becomes an international news.


    Winners are too busy to be sad,too positive to be doubtful,too optimistic to be fearful and too determined to be defeated.

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    Dear Friends.

    According to my opinion this huge amount of assets(more than 1 lakh crores) are utilized for the welfare activities.

    -Niyaz Pulpadan-
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    According to me, the treasure of our great Lord Padmanabha's treasure worth a lakh crore should be treated as our national wealth and is to be preserved and safeguarded with tight security. It is not to be handed over to the government or any trust.

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    Madam Nandana,
    Thank you for an elaborate gun fire explanation. As you are the devotee of Lord Padmanabha, I too a God fearing devotee of Lord Maha Vishnu in any form. I have quoted these words as black money, since they were lying in the dark rooms for more than a century, and it well suited with our hot topic on black money these days. Black money is not only cash or currency. Black money gets converted in our country and roams in the form of jewels and ornaments and lives as lands . The remark was not made with the intention of defaming the God or the Royal Kings family.

    Hence I quoted "Timely unearthing of the treasure by God has shown a lead and a path for every one to unearth their hidden money".

    I wish that the treasure belonging to Lord Padmanabha be preserved as an untouchable national asset, and to be safeguarded as long as the earth rotates. I have said this in many of my responses to many of the threads on this subject. Thank you for your response to my response.

    No life without Sun

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