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    Google plus (Google+) can overcome the popularity of Facebook-


    In social networking revolution Facebook and Twitter are ahead of other opponents. Google is also trying to conquer the social networking world by launching some networking. In that series the last one is Google+. On this occasion ISC is announcing a GD on the topic can Google Plus (Google+) overcome the popularity of Facebook.

    Members can post your views as a response to this thread. GD will be closed on 5th July.
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    I think Google+ is an amalgamation of several services we already use. The idea, according to Google, is to do them better.Now there will be a tight competition in social networking field also.

    But i heard that Google launching its much awaited and highly anticipated social networking platform to a limited number of users.Everybody knows that At the time of Google's founding, search was broadly defined as a sifting through a directory of websites.And nowadays as the web grew, search became all about pages. Google is still number one in this field.
    But now search is not about only pages ,it is for person and every body for even small informations google is using.There is a saying that other than father and mother every thing will get from Google.

    But in my opinion facebook will not have any problem atleast in near future.The whole idea of facebook can not defeat or divert attention from it is really difficult.


    Winners are too busy to be sad,too positive to be doubtful,too optimistic to be fearful and too determined to be defeated.

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    It is another move from Google just like Buzz and Wave to take on Facebook (eventhough it is not at all easy) from the lead. Google+ is their most hopeful product and they hope it can do something more in social networks. But we all know that Facebook has millions of happy users and most of them are already addicted to it. I don't think they will leave FB and use this newbie. Also the 'Project Google+' is not yet completed and currently an invitation is needed to join it and invitation is only for special personalities. Anyways China is already blocked it!

    Google's Orkut is now being dead and they tries their level best to keep it alive. Thats why they copied Facebook's own (in the earlier) 'Like' feature and used in Orkut. Google+ will also be a copy of Facebook I think. And I am sure, this 'Plus' may not have much plus to satisfy the users.


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    Hi Friends,
    It's our privilege that we can now discuss over Google & Facebook. I request all the members participate and share your views here.
    Google Plus is yet another move from Google team and this time they want to take over the popularity of I strongly say that Google plus will be more popular or will have more traffic than facebook over a couple of years. I admire both the big industries because they always resort to simplicity of anything, but yet powerful. However, I must admit that whatever the competition will be Google Plus will surely win the race this time. I do have lot of points in my mind, but I would first love to read a few other response.


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    Hi all,

    First of all I will put forward my thoughts regarding this GD. I personally feels that there is no point in comparing the social networking service of Facebook and Google networking. Google networking may fetch you more visitors for the contribution in the internet by you, but it is not sure that your friends sure will see that. While coming to Facebook you can share anything that you like on the internet with your friends and can know what they feel about your sharing. Doing that you can have a chance to share many things that you come across internet with your friends and beloved one. So it shows that there is no point in comparing the Social network giant and Search engine giant, since both are in different track.

    So from the above statement it is clear that I am supporting the thoughts of Vim

    The same way I do accept the thoughts of Niteesh.

    @ Kalita, I do accept that Google can do more since it is at the top of Search engines, but not in the Social networking. So I think it is tough for Google+ to overcome the competition in networking with Facebook and may be with Twitter. So please consider the competition between the Search engine Giant and Social Network Giant. There are less possibilities for the Google to overcome Facebook in networking.


    Mr. Sankara Rama Subramanian

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    I just read an article about Google plus and I was amazed to see this discussion running live in ISC. Whether Google plus can overcome the popularity of Facebook? If I have to say something regarding this then my expectation would be 50-50. The reason is when Facebook entered into India it didn't get the immediate attention. Orkut was popular among the Indians and if I am right it even got the best social networking platform in India award once after it merged with Google. The same question was raised at that time whether Facebook can impress Indians who are addicted to Orkut. But what is the condition now, it totally dumped Orkut. Few exciting features which are responsible for these changes would be the Like option, playing games, news reel, visibility of friends comments on others, no privacy restrictions on friend requests just like Orkut, Facebook pages, group chats etc., Most of these features are new to us and they were trendy too.
    There were lot of complications in finding our old friends in Orkut. Some would have altered name with the font application and in some cases we will be asked to enter their email id as part of privacy which we may know. But it was very easy to find our friends in Facebook. So if Google plus brings some new attractive features probably it may get some attention.

    With Best Regards,
    Ganesh Babu.S

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    @ Vim : As you said the interactive tour of Google plus just remains us the features we already have in other social networking sites.The concept of circles is some what interesting, we find it difficult to share everything as some of our family members are also in our network in Facebook. But this concept of circles allows us to share things according to the circle we decide. The same concept we already use in our own mobile by creating groups, but in social networking its pretty interesting. Huddle is similar to the conference feature we have in Skype. Sparks sound similar to Google reader or the Google alert where we can read something related to our area of interest.
    With Best Regards,
    Ganesh Babu.S

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    Hi all,
    I need to add some good news recently I read from an article, that Facebook founder became richer that Google founders. This is because of all the major share of Facebook had been bought by GSV Corp early this week. This made the Facebook founder to worth USD 18 billion while the Google founders worth became USD 17 billion from 19.5 billion on march. I hope this happened this week after the introduction of Google+ networking. Actually we cannot say the exact reason for the share buy of GSV Corp. Anyway this may also a good point to share in this GD.


    Mr. Sankara Rama Subramanian

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    Hello members,
    According to me Facebook popularity is world wide, it will take years to take the place of facebook.

    With Regards,

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    History of social networking sites has shown tremendous changes in taste of users. Many sites has raised, shined and went down forever. And this might also be a case with facebook also. There is no doubt that facebook is a giant site and it will be not so easy to beat facebook easily. But we also can't ignore the internet giant google also. In my view in coming years we may find a new rise in the social networking market i.e. google plus. Since google group which provide a variety of services to its users and most of the internet users are attached with google is some manner definitely. I think google make its product marketing also very smartly. And +1 service of google is also a part of competition in the race of being the best social networking site in the world and against the "facebook like" button.
    Kindly Regards,

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    @ ganesh babu
    as you told there are some advantages to google plus also.

    Google Plus has its own video chat that can soon defeat Skype. As we aware Skype recently launched its Android app that supports video calling for 4 devices only. The release of the new Skype with video for Android is obviously related to the Google Plus and its "hangout" feature.

    Google Plus using the "Hangouts" feature which owns by them, because video chatting inside the same service is better than launching a third-party app that starts after 30-45 seconds and require another username. So, I think google can kill skype but very difficult to surpass facebook.


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    Hi all,

    Very warm welcome to all the members participating here.

    Google is a very old software company, which every-time making different different additions, packages, creativities, new web-pages, web-solutions, time by time. Google first started 'Orkut' which has many users now, in comparison to Facebook. Now coming to this Discussion, about Google+ and Facebook, there is no doubt that it will be a great rivalry for them; but there will be no changes from the users of Facebook; as we seen among 'Orkut' users. The old Orkut users are still browsing, chatting, messaging now a days, as Facebook enters to market and try to dominate to Orkut. No! Facebook has their own style and pattern, which Orkut users may do not like.

    1. See Orkut have connected with Gmail. The Orkut users are getting messages to their Gmail account, whenever they receive any message,scraps at Orkut, the messages are directly sent to Gmail account. In addition, most of the persons using Gmail, by which they can see the messages whatever came to their Orkut id. Second thing, the chat history can be stored in Chat section of Gmail; which is not available in Facebook. However, while chatting in Facebook, the messages are directly converts to message system, and stores in message box; which is really ridiculous to delete the messages every time.

    2. Google has all the opportunities, as it is connected with YouTube, Microsoft, and having number of sister applications. It will be very easy and fast to implement and resolve the problems of users in comparison to Facebook. Facebook has the options to interact and interconnect various applications, but not having 100% rights to get in to them, which Google can do in their new website. As per the Google+, the +spark, +hangout, +mobile, +circle are the extra features by which the users will be happy to use with extremely safety conditions.

    Facebook created its users and fans within a short period of interval. Recently it is going to open second but biggest in Asia with 1000 workers Asian Hub at Hyderabad. The coming plans of Facebook is also great in contest to Google. However, we must keep patience and then watch who will sustain the Global Market.

    By the way, I am voting to Google+

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    In the wake of the launch of Google plus by Google, ISC has aptly brought up another GD to discuss the comparisons and contrasts between the web's most preferred social networking site Facebook and the newcomer Google plus.

    Google is no novice in social networking service. Till recent times, the most used social networking website in the web, Orkut, was under the control and management of Google.Inc. It was Orkut which revolutionized the very concept of social networking and people loved Orkut even though it had many shortcomings and was horribly slow. Orkut continued to enjoy the user-ship of millions of people even while other social networking websites bloomed and doomed. Times passed and Facebook was born. With the launch of Facebook, social networking took a twisty turn. While Orkut registered only users above the age of 18, Facebook admitted teenagers from the age of 13 and this expanded the popularity of the latter among teens as well as youth. To combat the increasing popularity, Google loaded orkut with umpteen apps and themes but the lost fame of Orkut could never be captured.

    The competitions between social networks never seem to cease. While Facebook rules the web's social networking sector, Google is back with Google plus. Launched on 28th June, 2011, Google plus is running a test-phase and even then, the demand to join this website is insanely huge! To prevent the mistakes which Google made with Buzz and wave, the apps and services in Google plus are carefully and systematically selected and managed. The greatest benefit of Google plus is that it integrates various Google services like Buzz, Profiles and more. The basic design of Google plus is inherited from Facebook but the first glance over Google+ says that Google+ will outshine Facebook in the years to come. But the verdict cannot yet be finalized because Facebook has grown to become strong with a 700 million user-ship.

    Analyzing the efforts Google has invested in Google plus and owing to the trend among the youth, of switching to changes when there are better options, I would say that in a few years, Google plus will be the new facebook.


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    Google plus will certainly replace Facebook in a few years. Google's rethinking of social networking websites has ultimately created Google plus. It is beyond doubt that, to compete with and overcome the popularity of other social networking websites, Google has given an innovative design to Google plus by adopting Facebook as a platform.

    Facebook is currently the favorite social networking site of the world. Full of exciting apps and games, Facebook has attracted the attention of teens, youth and elders alike. Being extremely user-friendly, simple and fast, Facebook provided fun and comfort to its users. But the reviews on Google plus claim that the apps and services offered by Google plus are much advanced than those in Facebook. Further, all of Google's services are now integrated into one through Google plus which means that the users can save time, space and energy. Google plus is built entirely on HTML5. Compared to Facebook, the design is simpler, friendlier and unbelievably faster. With the innovative concepts of arranging friends into circles, featuring topics through sparks and the live audio/video streaming through Hangouts, Google plus is certainly set to beat all other social networking websites.

    The simple social networking settings like notifications and photo management is easiest in Google plus. Through the Android Google+ app, mobile social networking is also enabled in Google plus, which makes it all the more exciting. After the official launch, Google plus is expected to host many more apps and services. If Google succeeds in making Google plus even more interlinked with other Google services and markets it properly, then it is certain that Google plus will overcome the popularity of Facebook.


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    Google is very much concerned about Google Plus project. They have introduced the +1 feature back in March, 11. Now +1'd is very much popular. This +1 will bring more success to Google Plus project.
    The search engine itself will be in Google plus. Facebook did not have such type of feature.


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    Google is a search engine while facebook is a famous networking site, there is a major difference between these two tags. People love social networking while they need search engines. Obviously without doubt its the entertainment site that all will prefer.
    Google's new move of introducing the plus feature is a great move taking into account that the likes of facebook have become quite a business tool used by various companies to support their products. But I think Google has realized this quite late and it has started very lately too. Facebook has now reached an unreachable position in terms of users as well as earnings, Google might be making more revenue than facebook (assumption) but still competing with something that has dominated the web is not so easy to do.
    The concept is although a nice one but still not so popular as of now. It maybe gaining popularity but I don't think it'll come even near to facebook in the time to come.
    Facebook has become an addiction for nearly all age groups, even among all of us ISC members majority of us would agree the fact that we open facebook before google and thereby considering something based upon facebook likes is our first preference and will remain so.

    Hence, the google plus one system can neither compete with the facebook likes nor effect them in anyway as far as popularity is concerned.

    Pay no heed to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !

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    This is undoubtedly a hot news for internet social networking fans around the world.
    Google plus social networking site proposed to be launched soon to compete with one of the most popular Face book. Existing products of Google site such as Gmail, Google maps, Picasa etc will be integrated into Google + to make it more flexible and user-friendly.
    Like face book news feed google + profile will link the four new core elements of the stream like circles, hangouts, huddle and sparks with continuous developments and updates for online sharing among the members.
    New features of Google + seem to be good making a difference with the Face book. But we are still worried about the previous outcome of Google to their social network services through Google wave and Google Buzz.
    But Google has strengthen their tech team this time for launching of this new project for successful socialization in the net world. Time will say whether millions of social network fans from other sites like Face book are migrated to this latest Google + social network or not.
    I believe that this time Google + will be able to overcome Face Book popularity only in the social networking sites.

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    Hi all,
    For all who says Google Plus can not overcome the popularity of Facebook
    Search the whole internet bulks of people are desperate and asking for invitation to get into Google Plus. People who ever have got invitation and using are very much happy to explore the Google+ network.
    Google has lots of Gmail users, Picassa users, youtube users, orkut users, Google earth users, bloggers etc. etc. This way they have much more potential users than Facebook. Everyone who will try to +1'd on anything they are apparently using the Google Plus "LIKE" button. I once again say after 2 years Google will have much more active users than Facebook.


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    Social networking sites are a great platform to connect people and to earn great revenue through ads. In the age of Facebook and Twitter Google is facing a tough competition as Google's previous site Orkut wasn't doing well. So in order to keep up with the growing competition Google+ is launched.

    Everyone is excited as something new and innovative always gets much attention but I think most of the features will be of Facebook. The + feature is more or less same as Facebook's 'like' button. Google+ was a much awaited project of Google and its induction in the elite league can be considered as the fall of Facebook.

    With regards,
    Navin Gupta

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    We must not think that Google+ concept is a copied one. Although there will be many features that will be of Facebook but its world's rule that a new invention is based on the current invention. So we must all welcome Google+ open handed.

    With regards,
    Navin Gupta

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    Hi all,
    Google the world's largest search engine company has recently announced a social networking site named Google+ . Twitter and Facebook are the two major social networking sites till now every body is now eagerly watching if Google's social networking site Google+ can take over them or not . It is too early to estimate the success and popularity of this newly launched social networking site .As Google is world famous company many people all over the world will join in Google+ and if the features and activities in the site are attractable to people and any new features available then it will overcome the popularity of Facebook definitely .

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    I just read an article which stated that Indian had the maximum users of Orkut next to Brazil. But with the new features Facebook pushed it down. People didn't shift to Facebook overnight, it happened gradually. Google could have brought some modifications or additional features to retain its users. But it failed to bring any improvement till most of the migration was over. Now it tried to introduce features similar to Facebook like the smiley button which is similar to like, but nothing more than that. So the loss of Google is because of it.
    But do you think Facebook will do the same what Orkut did when it comes to Google plus? I don't think so. Probably Facebook too will bring additional features and improvements to retain its users and stop the improvement of Google Plus.

    With Best Regards,
    Ganesh Babu.S

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    @Naresh Kumar Behra : I just want to bring some clarification in your point. As you said still people are using Orkut, which means they didn't delete. But how many of them are still active users? This is what we are talking about. I have more than 200+ friends in both Orkut and Facebook, most of them are same. But when I forget to open my accounts for two days, probably there will be 500+ updates in Facebook and just 20 to 30 updates in Orkut.What does this refer too.
    @Nandana : I would completely agree with your quote that the first impression which it got is really the best. The look is pretty cool and even the tutorial itself is fabulous.
    @Adwaith: Thank you for giving me an information that it is designed with HTML5, so as you said it should be user-friendly than Facebook.
    @Ramprasad : Twitter and Facebook alone are not the social networking sites. Even Twitter is called as Micro blogging site and its different from other social networking sites. But apart from that there are lot of social networking sites like Myspace, Friendster etc.,.They too have a good percent of users, but down in India. Even the present Orkut is designed and brought into the web keeping Friendster in mind like the present Google plus for Facebook.

    With Best Regards,
    Ganesh Babu.S

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    I do not think that Google Plus can ever replace the Facebook though there are chances that it shall defeat Orkut in capturing a larger size of the market. Facebook is a well-established social networking site. Not only this, it has got various features that are very simple to use but are yet exciting. Google Plus is still in testing and experimental stage so that the registrations have been limited to only a few members. Google has definitely promised new and advanced features for the lovers of social networking such as Spark feature that allows you to share your real time sharing and rethought over the web. These features are not at all present in Facebook. One think is very clear to everyone regarding the security of one's personal accounts. It is well known that the Facebook accounts have a very low level of security as it is very easy to hack your Facebook account. Even my account was hacked several time due to which I always have to request for a new password. Many a times, when I log in Facebook, I find that my password has been changed or altered. On the other hand, one can be sure that his account in Google Plus shall remain safer as Google passwords are very difficult to hack.
    There are several reasons as to why Google has taken this step. One most important reason is the growing and expanding ads markets of Facebook. Google loses a big part of the earnings through advertisers due to Facebook. Hence, the oldest rival of Microsoft now wants to capture the social networking market. But, since many a people have now developed habit towards the use of Facebook, it shall be very difficult for them to migrate to any other social networking site. Facebook is very easy to be used through your mobile phone that may not be possible in case of Google Plus.Yes, the advanced features may attract new subscribers who shall put Google Plus as their first preference. But I think that Google shall not be able to capture the existing market of Facebook. Many of the people are afraid that if they migrate to Google Plus, they shall have to forego some of their online friends as all may not be willing to do the same. This is one of the prohibitive factors for the people to migrate to Google Plus.

    With regards,
    ISC Editor.
    Studyvillage editor.

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    @ Ganeshbabu, I appreciate you what you said about me, nandana, adwaith, and ramprasad; however, you didn't expressed your own views. The GD will be very attractive and competitive, when there is any opposer to oppose one's views.

    @Vivek Choudhury, I agree with you and with your expression about Facebook and Google. As you mentioned about security concern of Facebook, it is very true, because my account was hacked by someone from Bangalore, which was informed by me through mail. This kind of incident very rare in case of Google, as its prototypes very developed and dynamic. Second thing, as you said about migration process, its also true, no body will migrate until they see some extra and marvelous attractions/feature in Google+.

    As per the statement given Google owner, he directly pointed out to Facebook and introduced every effort in Google+ to make a superb collide. If the company itself shaped to fight, then there is no mean to calculate one' negative features. As I mentioned above Google has all the instruments to make and shape a comfortable furniture for its customers. Wait and see, how comfortable it is?

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    It is amazing to see people believing that google plus can not take place of facebook in future. Its google, you can expect from him all unexpected things.
    As I have already said if you see the history of social networking sites it is damn clear that users don't remain with a social networking for a long time. It is clearly visible if you see the history of myspace or orkut or twitter( twitter is still quite popular but its popularity is decreasing continuously). Google always has an eye over the profitable computer softwares and internet market. Its operating system is almost ready to compete microsoft or other operating systems. That is also case with facebook. I am quite sure that in coming years google plus will be having greater market share and facebook popularity will also come down. But who wins the ultimate race, only time will tell the result.

    Kindly Regards,

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    The latest update is that Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, promises the Facebook users an awesome surprise next week. The billionaire CEO has declared that he would launch 'something awesome' for Facebook's 500 million users. This declaration has made it clear that Facebook is no way behind Google in competition and social networking war. Facebook indeed realizes the challenges which Google plus has in store and is preparing to combat the newest social networking website. Zuckerberg has also declared that Facebook is preparing to launch many more exciting new apps and services in the coming week. If these steps from Facebook increase its popularity in the web and shadow the launch of Google plus, there are chances that Facebook can continue to stay as the world's favorite social networking site. The fate of Facebook is all dependent on its performance in the week to come.

    Amidst Facebook's efforts to promote itself, web-surfers worldwide are checking out the new features and cool apps on Google plus. The huge rush of web-surfers to get Google plus invitations clearly indicates the excitement associated with its launch. Google plus has already been identified by many as 'Google's answer to Facebook'. The apps and services from Google plus are claimed to be the best by Google. Google is also focusing on improving the warmth of relationships which is often lost in the social networking website. In all, Google plus will be an altogether new experience for the social networking lovers.


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    I am little bit disagree with Mr. Vivek Chowdhary. Before Facebook and Twitter, Orkut, Myspace, Hi5 were the sites that use to rock the internet but after Facebook and Twitter came, popularity of other sites reduced considerably because these two sites were very innovative in its approach. In the same way if Google+ has something new to offer then slowly and silently popularity of Facebook will get diminish.

    Google+ is still in trial phase. We cannot predict whats going to happen but one thing we all know that anything new always get popular.

    With regards,
    Navin Gupta

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    @Vivek Choudary : I agree totally with you that the security features are very less in Facebook. It doesn't mean Orkut was safe, but it was relatively better. Even Facebook privacy issues were in News several times. If Google plus takes special care for the privacy features and security it will be an added advantage. But at the same time, I don't think this will be a major concern in defining the increase or decrease of users. In spite of knowing all these things people are still using Facebook and its users are increasing everyday, so these privacy and security features can influence only a particular group of people which will be negligible overall.

    @Adwaith : I too read about this. I just mentioned about this is in one of my previous response that Facebook will not sit quiet as Orkut did wen it tried to capture the social networking market. So as predicted now the founder has informed about some new and special changes in Facebook next week. It is also expected to be related with Mobile and Tablet space.

    With Best Regards,
    Ganesh Babu.S

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    @ Ankit: You've rightly said that there is no consistency in any social networking website. I am a user of Hi5, Ibibo, Orkut, twitter, LinkedIN, and Facebook. However, I mostly use Facebook and twitter/Orkut, because the trafficking in these sites are very high, due to which users like to interact with people regularly. Apart from this, I am getting very few messages in a week/month, and rarely visits the rest sites. The features are very less in Twitter, but the users and response are not decreased, as you said.
    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    It is indeed rightly commented that Facebook and Twitter are much ahead than the other social networking site. Orkut and Hi5 have been left much behind in the race.

    Google has been the most popular search engines in the world but in respect to the popularity in socializing Google is lagging much behind.

    Google is used as a guide to net. It happens to be a local guide for the people to search vital things on net. Put anything in the Google search bar and the Google Genie provides you the answer.

    This step of Google+ will help it overtake the social sites if the people use it generously. All the pages which Google support have been marked with Google+, but the problem is that many of the people who are not much techno savvy have to peep into pages to understand how to use this genius.

    According to me ISC is more of a social site where the seniors are much helpful than the common social sites. The new comer will agree with me in this respect experiencing to the response to their threads on the forum section. This Google Genie will help ISC to promote itself in a broader prospective make the people aware as to what is ISC all about. The people will come to know that ISC is a social cum learning plus earning site. The topics which this site is handling are related to each and everything in the world.

    Personal bloggers will have benefits from the Google+ as Google has added the +button to the blogs by default. When you search your pages on Google this mark appears there also and you can add to it which will enhance popularity to you on the net.

    This is an out-of-box thinking by Google and will surely add the Google's popularity.

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    I have just added the Google+ button to my response.

    I want to confess that I was not aware as to how to use this feature. It took just a minute for me to search this online and lo I have done it.

    For the people who are not so techno savvy like me I would like to share how to add this Genie button to your post, responses, blogs, etc.
    1. Just open the Google default page and type: How to add plus button to my pages
    2. Click on the page which reads: Google 1 (Plus One) Button | How to Add to Your Website
    3. A new page will pop up from where you can copy the tag and add to the required page. Thus all is done and people will click it to make you popular around the world.

    Nadeem Naqvi

    World without God is Zero without One!

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    Good afternoon guys!

    Its an interesting news about Facebook owner, which you people can't believe it very easily. Facebook founder has created his profiles in Google+, not only single, not two, but three different different profiles in his name. I don't think who has created these profiles, however its an amusing news of today. One profile was created on last Wednesday, immediate after launching of website and others are on this week. In his last profile, he was mentioned in the heading as, "Hi everyone, I just wanted everyone to say that facebook is the best and google+ it never will be!"
    See the pictures of those...

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    One more picture of his profile is here...
    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    I agree that Google has promised to come out with several new advance features but most of them are only a modification of what existed earlier. For example, Google has promised to come out with the advanced video sharing and the group circles that protects you privacy if you are that sensitive. In Facebook, you have to click on each and every individual friend circle to share with them if you are not following the. But Google comes with something better. It allows a person to decide a circle of his own with whom he wants to share even if he is not following the person.
    Well, there is one think that we must understand. If a new product wants ti establish itself in the already capture market, it has to have new and exciting features that are innovative. Hence, Google has come out with certain new features to attract the social networking people. But this in no way means that Facebook is going to watch the drama without interfering into it. For example, the Facebook founder will come out with the new and surprising feature next week as he has promised. What if the feature is a lot better than the features offered by Google Plus? Facebook has millions of worldwide users now and it shall be very difficult for Google to bring them back.

    It is not long before Myspace was considered to be a giant in the social networking field when Facebook overthrew it in no time. I am not completely denying the fact that Google can be better than Facebook. But it shall take enough time for Google to do it and a lot of features have to be introduced in the new Google Plus to make the social networking not only interesting and entertaining but also quite convenient to the people. As I said earlier, security is going to be one of the concern of the Google Plus.
    Another reason for the probable success of Google Plus can be the enhanced chances of better revenue for the personal and freelance writers. They may find it easier to reach to the target groups of people through Google Plus rather than Facebook that make you habituated and wastes your expensive time in an effort to promote your resources.

    With regards,
    ISC Editor.
    Studyvillage editor.

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    Dear @Naresh Kumar Behera,
    I agree with you that Facebook and other social sites can be hacked by the techno savvy people, where in with Google it is a remote chance.

    My Facebook id was hacked by some one in San Francisco, US, but it was with the help of Google I was able to reconnect to my social site.

    All the security provisions are provided by Google only and other sites have been just copying the same and make minor changes for their usage.

    I also have an account on Orkut and to be true cannot tell anyone when I last logged on to it. Facebook has overtaken the entire social networking site eventually. I am hopeful that this Genie of Google will just make a change in and Google will again lead the race.

    Nadeem Naqvi

    World without God is Zero without One!

  • #211992
    Google + is similar to the 'Like' button on Facebook, but the difference is huge in the two.

    On Facebook the like button can be clicked only by the friends who are related to your network list, it you have a closed profile, but Google + can be clicked by anyone around the globe who is not even known to you.

    Facebook limits your chances to be liked around the globe as the people are busy with their social networking friends and chances are very remote if people ever search you or your articles.

    But with Google you have brighter chances of being notices by someone around the globe if you have used proper tags, and in the longer run you will have a chance of being clicked by the Google+ button.

    Nadeem Naqvi

    World without God is Zero without One!

  • #212010
    Google is one of the most innovative companies I have ever come across. Google always has been trying to do more and more for its users without having to make them pay for the services. When it comes to Google+, it is going to be as historic and epoch-making in the history of internet and technology. I do not have the expertise to predict or forecast the result of the competition(if there ever will be) between Facebook and Google but I am sure that both companies have a perfect set of values when it comes to their policies and customer satisfaction.

  • #212016
    I would like request my friends please do not go off the topic. Share your opinions on the discussion topic. I request all other to participate in this discussion.

  • #212112
    As a matter of fact, the only rival apt to match Google plus's standards in both technology as well as creativity is Facebook. Currently, Google is the world's number 1 site in terms of traffic while Facebook is ranked number 2! This indicates the close competition between the newly launched Google plus and Facebook. Talking about social networking wars, Facebook has stayed as an undefeatable leader for the past few years. As other members stated here, to keep its position safe and high, Facebook will certainly come forward with new attractions and offers. Will this change the attitude of web users towards Google plus? The answer would definitely be a NO. Facebook will soon have to leave its label of 'Number 1 social network' to Google plus. Here are the reasons why:

    •Google plus gives better privacy practices and policies than Facebook. Facebook has always been known as the website with the most weak and confusing privacy policy. Google plus has its first achievement over FB in this aspect.

    •Google's plus one (+1) covers many more dimensions and advantages than Facebook's 'Like'.

    •Google plus's user interface is much more comfortable, smarter, pleasing and reliable than Facebook's because of the new services and apps launched by Google like circles, hangouts, sparks and more.

    •Google plus focuses to enhance the warmth of relationships through real networking. This concept by itself is innovative and exciting since no other social networking website has ever initiated any such idea.

    •Google plus has greater convenience in audio/video networking. Unlike Facebook, Google plus has greatly made use of this service too by incorporating group video chats and conversations.

    After the 'Limited field testing', Google plus is expected to launch many more surprise apps. Facebook too is not ready to give up. They are preparing to surprise their users too. So, who will win? Undoubtedly Google plus, not just because it is backed by Google, which has the longest history of web-ruling, but also because Google plus is aptly suited the title of 'The century's most loved Social network'.


  • #212124
    Hi nandana, you've rightly pointed out some of the features of Google+, however, I've noted nine special features in this article, which can easily elaborate how Google+ has designed to clash Facebook in future.

    Nine special features in Google+ website

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

  • #212129

    I do agree with all our member words, but we must not forget that Google is the one of the very popular web then facebook or twitter. As +1 concerns with Google we must say that it is very easy and quit simple to be popular more then the facebook or twitter.

    Let me share with you the current statistics of the visitors these three web like google, facebook and twitter are getting daily. So the source says that receives about 131,928,779 unique visitors, receives about 111,886,432 unique visitors and receives about 27,854,440 unique visitors. Now just look at he data you will find the answer of this GD. Really google is having the visitors equal to the total visitors of facebook+twitter, So this is sure that +1 will rock soon.


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  • #212143
    I personally don't think that in the long run google+ will be able to fight it out against facebook. The data provided by Jeevan kumar sir in no doubt correct and shows that the unique visitors are more at google+ than any other kind of social networking sites. But this is just due to the craze of something new. Everyone wants to find out what is in it. Actual data will be comparable only after the initial buss fizzes out. I am not saying that it will be a flopshow but wisely thinking it is not a greatest of the at all due to these reasons-
    My first reason is the capacity to create a new world at a new place is never easy. All th friends that are on facebook are tied with it andif u think that one person goes to google+ and will take all of them out of facebook than this is almost impossible. Even people have such links and data on facebook that they will be unable to carry forward. Other thing if only some friends join google+ and out of which if some do not like google plus and don't use it often, this would make a gap between people and most will have to use facebook to get them on touch. So most of them will stop using google+.
    Second thing which bothers me and would surely bother anyone if they think a little deeply is "Where is creativity?", "Where is something new". Frankly speaking I have used 9/10 say services on google+ somewhere else on reputed places. It would not be wrong to say that google this time worked as a copycat and just mixed up various services and various places and given to you. Isn't it a down market kind of step? What have they done in its development? I will give reference to most of services here-
    1)groups in facebook are named circles
    2)like button in facebook is +1
    3)stream is in for share
    4)sparks name for interest pages and other news related. Just something of a combo of google search and fb pages.
    5)even they didn't take out dislike/-1 button!!!
    6)Curves like iphone groups
    7)GroupVideoChat is idea of Skype
    8)Sharing and posting is copy of facebook
    9)GroupChat feature of Yahoo
    If this is not copying than what is it? Is this moral? I don't know!
    So I think it will not be easy to break the ongoing trend of facebook and most of them will not stop using facebook.
    I would just ask a simple quedtion to you-"How many of u didn't work on facebook(regular users) after creating account on google+ and just dumped fb?
    I think I would not get large no. of nods. Isn't your own concise and behaviour not self satisfactory?
    You choose!


    It always feels nice to accept and provide help.

  • #212187
    @Nandana: I agree totally with you and this is what I stated before too. Facebook security and privacy is always a big concern.
    @Jeevan Kumar: You have to remember something that Google is first of all a search engine. None of the internet user can say that he never opened Google. It means no if unique visitors so far even may be the total unique users used internet. But Facebook and Twitter are social networking sites. There are still people who are not aware of social networking sites. Even there are few people who just use for mail and search alone. So how can we compare both.

    With Best Regards,
    Ganesh Babu.S

  • #212204
    Hi All,
    I am also agree with people who is saying that Google plus will not take over on Facebook because people are more lean toward Facebook now a days and it's a very tough condition for Google+. People want fast access and now they are getting it from Facebook then why should they go for this? Isn't it?

    Value has value only if it's value is valued

  • #212205
    I have no doubts that Google plus will shatter the supremacy of Facebook. I have many reasons to support my viewpoints-

    1. Many of the people have now become tired of Facebook. Young Internet users are very fickle minded. They can't stick on to one service forever. The decreasing popularity of Facebook is evident from my personal observations of ever-decreasing status updates by my peers.

    2. Facebook has a lot of privacy concerns. Facebook has many times taken its users for granted over privacy concerns. But Google plus thrives on safeguarding your privacy by allowing user to form privacy specific groups. Know more about All the privacy features of Google plus(+) here.

    3. Almost all of us use Google hundreds of times daily. We use Google search, gmsil, Google translate, Youtube, and many more Google services. It would be amazing if we could bind them with our social networking too. Google plus intends to do just the same.

    4. I have tried to exit from Facebook many times. But it has its own constraints. What about my data when I exit Facebook? Google sorts all such complications in Google plus by introducing a service called Google Takeout where you can retrieve all your personal data from Google services instantly at one go in a portable format without any hassles.

    5. Yes, Video chat is here. Facebook users have been demanding video chat but Facebook has been ignoring all such requests. But with hangouts in Google plus you can avail this facility.

    6. It's brand Google, and I don't need to add any further.

    Thus I can say with no doubt that Google plus is here to stay. To read more on Google plus as a threat to Facebook, Check out this article.

    "With silence comes peace. With peace comes freedom. With freedom...comes silence."

  • #212215
    As per my experience with Google, it is trying to make the internet experience as genuine as possible. Google knows that there are people in this world who would want to know that they are communicating with real people and not fake ids. Now-a-days, creating an email address with Google requires a genuine phone number which shows it's dedication towards privacy and respect for personal space. Through Google+, the users will have a higher rate of authenticity in their interactions and friendship requests. The anonymous ids will have a hard time with Google+. Google+ will be a hit with people who would want only bonafide people in their group or friends list.
    However, there are still people and there always will be those people who just love to talk with strangers, with people with no real name and stay in the world of fantasy. There are many accounts in Facebook and Orkut that are not genuine and people still love going through their pages just for fun. People with this attitude will never leave Facebook or even Orkut for that matter.

  • #212217
    On an analysis made by Google, it found that 180 million people visited Google sites including YouTube during May 2011. It was observed that during the same period, there were 157.2 million visitors on the Facebook alone. This information was collected by comScore. Now what worried Google was that Facebook users looked at 103 billion pages and spent an average of 375 minutes on the Facebook site. In comparison to that, Google user viewed only 46.3 billion pages and spent 231 minutes on its sites. The main revenue to various websites on the internet comes from its advertisers. The advertisers naturally give more importance to the sites where the viewers increasing turn to websites like the Facebook and other such social networking sites.

    The above fact made the Google to think very seriously in introducing a social networking site of its own and it took one of the biggest leaps in introducing what it called Google+ project. It looks very much like the Facebook but is different significantly from the Facebook which the Google thinks will convince the users to have yet another social networking service. Google+ is designed in a way that it would enable sharing among small groups like colleagues, college roommates or hiking friends or the members of the website like the ISC or its spider websites in stead of all of a user's friends or the entire web. It also offers group text messages and video chat. We have been seeing the resultant and fast impact of this site for the past few days on India Study Channel and its sister websites. The growth seems to be very fast.

    As such Google has made the service of Google+ project available only to a select group of Google users who will soon be able to invite others and will let the people share and discuss status updates, photos and links. Google had already entered the social networking through its ventures like Google Buzz and Google Orkut. But the experience was not very encouraging when compared with social networking sites like the Facebook and Twitter. The entry of Google+ will test whether Google can overcome its past flops in social networking like Buzz and Orkut.

    Only the time will tell whether Google+ project will overtake Facebook in future, but the way it has started progressing during the past two weeks, it seems that the Google's attempt at this new social networking interface will give a stiff competition to the Facebook. The time will not be very far when the statistics collected by comScore will show different figures in favour of Google.

    "Teaching is my passion and sharing knowledge is my motto"
    Sukhdev Singh
    Lead Editor Forums Section

  • #212219
    @Sukhdev Sir

    Sir, that was a great analysis from you. I was really enlightened on reading the stats provided by you. Yes, you put all the facts right. Google plus will certainly face challenges, but I think it will overcome all those in short time because of its vast web presence. In the coming days Google will incorporate Google plus with all its allied services, and that will surely send shock-waves across the management of Facebook. I have personally never liked Facebook due to its monopoly on user privacy.

    @Anil Kumar Aitwal

    True, Sir. You have put it right. Google is definitely trying to make web a personalized experienced. And yes, that is exactly what ISP of Google plus is going to be. But yeah!, I have to agree with you when you say that people will still visit Facebook to get acquainted with strangers.


    Almost all of us has at least one gmail account. And in the beta version of Google plus, anybody with a gmail account can log in Google plus with ease and without getting involved in any registration hassles. So as far as fast access is concerned, Google plus scores over Facebook.


    Drifting of people away from a social network happened with MySpace and Orkut and it can happen with Facebook too. Do you know, at one time MySpace was like a whole country existing on web, and look at it now. Murdoch had to sell it for a paltry 35 million US$ after having purchased it for 580 million US$. Also, you can't compare groups on Facebook with circles on Google plus. I have had the privilege of laying my hands on Google plus ,courtesy one of my friends who had managed to sneak in an invitation. And I am telling you, Google plus isn't a Facebook clone, it'll deliver whatever a Facebook user expects from Facebook with many innovations. And that too when Google plus is still in its testing stage.


    True, I agree with you on all fronts. Google plus will bind web search and social networking to provide a unique experience to both web searchers and social networking users. In one way, it will revolutionize we search the web today. It will add many dimensions to SEO.

    @ Nadeeem Naqvi Sir

    True Sir, Facebook has become prone to hacking. My account too, was hacked on many occasions. The hack attacks ranged from many locations varying from Georgia to California.

    @Ankit Singhvi

    True, you resonated my thoughts. Your statement that, "Its Google, you can expect from it, all the unexpected things", is all what I have wanted to say. I agree with you on all your points.

    @Vivek Chowdhury

    You mustn't compare Orkut with Google plus. Orkut wasn't a project by Google. rather Google had purchased it from an independent developer, and it was a very fruitful acquisition by Google as Google reaped in huge revenue from Orkut. People migrated from MySpace and Orkut to Facebook, so why can't they do so now?

    @Akshay Mahajan

    I think that you are not fully aware of Google plus. You first need to enlighten yourself regarding Google plus. Google plus is a social networking site in its testing stage and Google plus one feature is just a feature of Google plus. You may read my article whose link I provided in my previous response to get to know more about Google plus.


    In a few years? As far as world wide web is concerned, its a case of now or never. If it's going to happen, the trends will show it in a few months. Also, who said you that Google plus has adopted Facebook as a platform? This is an absurd statement. I agree with you on your statement that, "If Google succeeds in making Google plus even more interlinked with other Google services and markets it properly, then it is certain that Google plus will overcome the popularity of Facebook".

    "With silence comes peace. With peace comes freedom. With freedom...comes silence."

  • #212237
    Hi every one.
    The new Google+ is like a remix of orkut,Fb and many other social networks. It has all the features as in Fb with some extended and new features. Fb has millions of members to reach that level Google+ may take a year or twice but i think that google+ will not be so successful readily. It may take time but as if of now there will be no threat for Fb. Many people cannot accept the change suddenly and it takes dome time to get acquainted to the new Google+ and in the mean while Fb may also implemented some changes to take on Google+, so in the near i see no threat for Fb.

  • #212248
    people got used two face book, its very difficult for the Google to over come with FB, but nothing is impossible, it can take a long time, but can do well, because people may get interested to have a change and look at new one, a different way of social networking.

    and more over it is very much depend on Google how they are going to promote it, and grap peoples attention to it.

    best of luck to google,


  • #212260
    @Aditya sir

    I respect your views from the core of my heart and really thank you for posting your views on my previous listing.
    But I would like to bring in your attention that at the time we are talking about the movement of people from myspace from facebook done so dramatically that Google+ to facebook will be same.
    But the main differences between both the stories is that first of all facebook had the features which were not available in Myspace or on other sites. So the surprise element for users and sustainability of something new attracted the people over to facebook. Now people have already seen these features in various websites like skype,facebook,yahoo etc. So people have already used these facilities.
    Another point is that what we are talking about myspace transition is not a new story. You can compare the subscriber data of Myspace at the launch of facebook and the subscriber data of facebook now. You will have to admit that the difference is even more than double and now more people means more complex connections on facebook. So I don't feel it would be such an easy transition as it was at time of myspace.
    We can compare circles in google to group facilities in facebook. Thing is that it is just a closed group type of thing where you can share/stream your views to a selected members. If you select all the circles it will become your wall of facebook. Just the thing is that circles are like groups created by you and you are admin of it.
    I also have a account on Google+ and frankly speaking I used it with a bunch of my college friends and it contains nothing new that we would have patted google for. I am not saying Google+ is exact copy of facebook but it is just a bag which has "stolen" (means taken) its features from fb,yahoo,skype,iphone etc.


    It always feels nice to accept and provide help.

  • #212270
    But people are addicted to spoon feeding and Facebook is doing that. Why should they choose a new social networking site and again starting from scratch? And also it's very difficult to start from scratch when you have other easy options available. Isn't it?

    Value has value only if it's value is valued

  • #212328
    It is surprising to see that most of the people thinks that Google+ will be better than Facebook and no doubt my thinking is same as you all.

    @Kamlesh Kumar,
    Myspace use to rock the internet as it had the most number of members but as soon as Twitter and Facebook arrived people did start from the scratch and Myspace and other sites departed. This is because people wants something new everytime and Google is known for its innovations so I think it will better than Facebook not in every terms but it will be definitely better in terms that Facebook lacks.

    For information on Google+, Click here

  • #212342
    @Aneesh I am not totally agree with you
    Circles are not groups. Its a one-way utility. It is only for personal use. You can circle your friends, but that does not mean same circle will be seen by them.
    Google+ is more better with new concepts, new unique design. People are desperate to join there. It is also in news that people are buying invitations from the current users for lots of money, but it yet to find whether the sellers are originals or not.
    We all know that change is the only constant, people need change, we want more interesting things and more fun, always like to venture in new things. Facebook is old now, as there is no other such fun social networking site, people tend to use Facebook.
    Facebook had lot of privacy issue. Google+ is free of this issue. It will be better and also overcome the popularity of Facebook.


  • #212346
    @Sukhdev Sir, Your detailed analysis is right and even I agree with you that Google will have to face challenges in respect to none popular programs like Google Buzz and Orkut. But Google has more pages than the social site. First thing is that Google is the most used and the most popular search engines of the world. Even the kids know about Google, where as the kids are not allowed to become the member of the social site. Illegally children are getting membership social site. But where as in Google is something where membership is not required to search. I think that Google will take over all the social sites only with the new concept of Google+, they don't have to create a new social networking site. People will understand this concept and will start using it as the like button of Facebook.

    @Aditya, you have rightly said that hacking is a problem with other sites; I have mentioned that when my account of Facebook was hacked, it was Google that provided me the remedy.

    Social sites are things which people make a use off and then get bored after sometime. Every one wants a change and you all are aware that the one time popular site liked Myspace, Orkut, Hi5, etc declined to the popularity ratio and same will happen with FB also. But just think the first day you started to use internet and Google was there since then and till today Google has been the most popular one.
    Here I have read people writing that Google is only a search engine and should not be compared to the social sites. Friends it is the story of popularity and the discussion is "Google plus(Google+) can overcome the popularity of Facebook" and I can just bet over it that it will be done in the near future.
    Other social networking sites cannot provide feature which the people are demanding like, video chatting, but Google has this as a plus point.
    The features which Google can provide are beyond the reach of the other social site providers.
    Google has introduced the Google Chrome, none social site has done thing like it and they cannot do it either.
    Google has data centers all over the world, but the social sites are limited to their region.
    Social sites are banned by the governments but have you ever heard that any country banned Google.
    The discussion is very lengthy! And in the end Google will over throw all the social site and remain the leader.

    Nadeem Naqvi

    World without God is Zero without One!

  • #212378
    @Navin: But I think Myspace was not as much popular as Facebook is. It can be happen but It will take at least 2-3 years to over come kingdom of Facebook. Because Facebook is providing each and every facilities and also the hit to it is quite equal to the Google.
    Value has value only if it's value is valued

  • #212446
    first of all we says that all the social network site is good way of communication . so it's the good news for us , new social network site launch by Google name as Google+ . so we talk about it's down the popularity of the other social network like Facebook but at yet we can not say because it's too much earlier time to says that Google+ defeat all other social network site . we know that all social network site having own feature if Google+ have interesting or good feature than other social network site then deferentially defeat the other social network site.


  • #212457

  • #212512
    @Mr.Sukhdev: Thank you sire for your informative statistics. It was an additional information for us.
    My Interpretation
    Usually advertisement cost charged will increase depending on users average time of viewing. If that is true then probably Facebook may try to catch the position of Google in advertisements as it did it in social networking.I think this too may be the additional reason for Google to start an innovative social networking platform. This is just my interpretation from Mr.Sukhdev statistics.

    With Best Regards,
    Ganesh Babu.S

  • #212550
    Google tech team is working to lunch their Google plus social networking platform in a more up dated compatibility as compared to Face Book and other top line social network.
    Through Google+ online people could share their real life activities in education, exchange of ideas along with online expertise suggestions between friends and relatives around the world without taking any hassles in instant connectivity.

    Face Book frequently encounters problems of privacy of the registered users. Google+ must solve this teething problem to earn users' confidence on the newly built site and making this site attractive to the users of face book.

    In Google+ the four elements of the stream such as circles, hangout, huddle and sparks if developed properly keeping privacy to the users will definitely beat Face book craze.

  • #212569
    @ Aditya

    Sure, I was wrong when I said 'in a few years'. At the first glance, I felt Google plus was better than Facebook, but the much hype and discussions over this newly launched networking site has convinced me of Google plus's exceptional quality. And about 'Facebook as a platform', what I meant was that Google plus resembled Facebook in its design. My words couldn't convey the meaning properly. Thank you for pointing out.

    Now back to Google plus's expected dominance over Facebook, Google is taking all necessary steps to ensure that their efforts and services are reaching far and wide. The publicizing process is in full swing. Invites are flowing across the web. And Google has inserted notifications and ads at all Google-powered pages. Google is undoubtedly the best brand in the web and this fact is all that is needed to ensure Google plus's quality. And from the state of things, it is clear that Google plus is not Google's just another venture. Google has spent months over this new idea and even before the official launch, the new product has been assured limelight and praise. And fortunately, this time Google's efforts have been on the right track and Google plus is indeed worth trying.

    Google has given much importance to mobile networking too this time. Unless Facebook's new awesome surprise turns out to bring better services into mobile Facebook-ing, it can be expected that mobile Google plus will emerge as the best in this too. Though Facebook is trying hard to retain control over the social networking world, Google plus is gaining huge popularity. The wars continue and I say, let Google plus win!


  • #212586
    Changes are the law of nature.We all remember the time orkut popularity was overtaken by facebook.facebook as a social networking medium has grown by leaps and bounds in India.the number of facebook users has reached about 700 millions.Now google has also jumped in this race by introducing can be a threat to facebook's popularity.the biggest advantage of google+ is that it will be linked to every page of google.If you are on gamil and some person has added you as a friend on google+ the a red color sign will appear on the right hand corner of the gmail page and the person is forced to go to google+.invites are also being sent to people across the country to test the google+.Facebook has also accepted the challenge of google+.Zuckerberg,the chief director of facebook has announced that they will launch a new rocking feature for thier users by the next week.this mad race between google and facebook will continue.but new things are always welcomed.WELCOME GOOGLE+

  • #212600
    Google plus is indeed an fantastic comeback by Google after the setbacks they faced for orkut and Google buzz. And the virtual war between Facebook and Google in inevitable to both sides for their persistence. just look the successive initiatives been taken from either sides to put mud on the other.
    Google tried to capture the lost plot of orkut with Google buzz but utterly failed. Facebook made an global attempt to blow off the billion of g mail users with their improved messaging service, still failed.Facebook came with huge campaigns putting out allegations over the the privacy security of Google users. And now google is back with google plus.
    All these 'innovations' are just to ensure that they don't lose the huge income they are getting through the advertisement policies. For google, the best advertising program on net, adsense, should always remain in that best tag. And for Facebook, sponsored adlinks that is getting a mass appeal should always be so. so they have no option other ta to compete.
    Google plus have plenty of attractive features like circles, which ensures a better privacy in social environment. But some issues regarding the user data is under question. It will take some to get the exact picture, even then i believe in the death of social networking. Social networking have reached its saturation to a great extent, so how long does these attempts will sustain?


  • #212611
    Google plus cannot popular over Facebook. There are so many reasons but the main reasons is that i think that we the human being always prefer the origin of social network though the Facebook is not exact the origin but it is much more older than Google+. Second thing Facebook is more popular after the Egypt case. And last thing Google is best in its area i.e. search engine and it always try to copy others by giving money to others(adsense policy) but it is not the way to get popularity. Nothing was invented by google rather than copy others invention and trying to get popularity by giving money through ad-sense which they impose so many rules. So, Google+ never success in social network.
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  • #212659
    Well, let me mentions about some of the factors that help in the determining the success of any newly launched product, be it a website or a social networking site. There are certain factors that determine whether the consumers shall develop a liking for that product or not. Some of these factors are:

    • Firstly, the innovation and the technological modifications in the new product go a long way in determining the winner for the market. If the new product has nothing new in it, why should the consumers buy it at a risk of testing the new product.

    • The demand for a new product to a great extent depend on the tastes and preferences of the consumers. For example, recently a new refrigerator was launched that has music system in it. Why should a consumer demand the refrigerator with a music system? It is true that the idea was very innovative but is went against the tastes and preferences of the consumers. Hence, the new product could not establish itself firmly in the market in front of the competitors. It would have been much better that the company have though of those features that one wants in it refrigerator.

    • One more important factor is the availability and after sales service of the new product. If the product does not offer after sales service to its consumers at convenient places, no one is going to buy it.

    • Ease of use is also very important. If the product has various technical complexities, the consumers shall not find it very friendly though all the above factors mentioned are satisfied.

    • Finally, a lot of the demand for the new product may be created artificially by the marketing strategies of the company. The marketing strategies include advertisements, social networking sites, sales promotion activities, industrial exhibitions etc.

    Now let us compare the above factors in context to Google Plus and facebook.

    • Firstly, everyone knows that Google has several innovative features to offer to its members that are not present in the Facebook. Some of them are advanced video sharing and spark feature with real time web experience.

    • Google has always been the choice of the millions as it caters to the every group of people and realizes their tastes and preferences. Since millions of users use Google in some or the other way, it has already a group of established customers so that it may not find it very difficult.

    • We may not connect after sales service with a social networking site. But the services provided when the member encounters some problem is always a big concern. For example, the provisions for retrieving the account if someone has lost its accounts or the enhancement in the security features if someone has hacked your account, ability of the site to run for all connections, slow or fast etc.

    • Google definitely offers high ease of use for the members. However, Facebook is supposed to be very user-friendly than any other networking site due to simplicity involved in various features. Everyone can use all the features, irrespective of his knowledge in computers. Google too have to offer similar or more ease of use.

    • It is very well known that the Google has the best marketing strategies and it is one of the biggest competitor of Microsoft. It is not just by chance that Google has established itself far more superior than other search engines. Facebook marketing strategies has grown weak in the recent years as it was not facing any stiff competition and was quite popular. However, Facebook has to think a thousand time to compete with Google against its marketing strategies.

    With regards,
    ISC Editor.
    Studyvillage editor.

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  • #212678
    Google+ is sponsored by google.It is a collection of plus facilities of face book. It is common that google want their name in all aspects of internet and now they are getting to social networking business. Their trial has already become a smash hit as all were signed in (1lakh) in 1st day and trial was closed. Google+ is similar to face book but have more features introduced in it to overcome popularity of the same. Face book has been ruling social networking now after Orkut. They have good security also. Google+ offers triple security than face book. It also offers the feature of making different groups like friends, teachers etc. In facebook all are friends and we cannot add them in other list. Google+ would be such a tricky idea of google to overcome face book.
    But I doubt whether they can do that. I said so because of Orkut. It was brought by google and later lost importance due to security reasons. If google plus has good security than face book it is sure to overcome face book. it has good features than face book. But I doubt whether that would happen as face book owner has been ready to add new special secret features to fight with google plus.
    All the best to facebookas they are worried about googleplus. But I think only there would be initial tendancy towards googleplus. Facebook will be the king if they add the features of googleplus . Because experience will only make man and social networking perfect. Let us wait and see the networking fight. And I am in favour of facebook. Wait for the suspense.


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    Reproduced content

  • #212697
    Facebook is the most visited networking site by anyone now a days. Google plus will find it very difficult to take the fame away from Facebook as it has the largest number of users in the world. It is a very user friendly and compatible site for users with lots of advanced feature compared to other networking site. Facebook has put a lot of effort to reach at this position which the up coming networking site will find difficult.

  • #212706
    Thanks Mr Aditya and Mr.Nadeem Naqvi for appreciating my analytical statistics giving comparison of Google and the Facebook. We have seen that the Google has designed its Google+ project for the small groups to share their views among them. The facebook got its popularity in the beginning just because it was meant for everyone and especially the novices who took to facebook started writing and sharing whatever they wished whether it was good or bad. In contrast to that Google search engine is used for the more enlightened and research oriented educated people who want to search the topic or image or video of their choice. Google's intention is not create another facebook type of social networking where even the very young without any maturity in their thoughts get involved and use the site to write even trash and the matter which is not even sometimes worth reading. Even the small children who do not anything about the social networking or its meaning are the members of the site sometimes even giving fake information about themselves. On the other hand the Google+ is directed towards the people who have a vast knowledge of the usage of internet and websites. It involves a mature and knowledgeable discussion among its members.

    The content supplied by the members Google+ shows a high degree of understanding and maturity and not a child's writing as we see on the facebook. Whether Google+ overtakes Facebook in viewership does not seem to be the ultimate aim of Google. It has only added another interface to its Google search engine which the most used search engine in the world and cannot be beaten by any other company at least in the near future. I too personally don't like the Facebook but has started using it only to popularise our articles submitted to the India Study Channel among my relations and members on the facebook.

    "Teaching is my passion and sharing knowledge is my motto"
    Sukhdev Singh
    Lead Editor Forums Section

  • #212746
    @Sukdev singh ji
    I totally agree with you that facebook and Google+ are for different working age groups and mentality groups. But still you can not say that novices are a harm to a system. They can be an asset to have too. As per your own wording Facebook is for novices + educated people whereas Google+ is for more research related community of the world. But you are forgetting that person which is a novice in one field can be a expert in some other field too.
    A simple example can even be you sir. Sorry If you feel I am crossing the line. I do not aim to disrespect you in any manner. From the day I have joined ISC you have posted in every reward program resource content but you have not given your entry in "Accrual Accounting" resource program. Most obvious reason can be because it is a specific area type topic in which you may be a novice.
    So I don't think that attracting only educated minds to a group will always be of great benefit. You might be missing the budding "novice" which will be an expert tomorrow. This thing will limit the creativity and uniqueness elements on that project.
    Another simple example can be even"ISC". If say ISC say that we have no place for silver or bronze members and only gold members should say then how will the site survive. If you do not give a novice a chance to become a expert then how will he blossom. See you would also have been a novice on this site before becoming an expert.
    This is what is the difference between Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook and Google+. Facebook is for novices which have spark in them and as you said google+ is for educated and enlightened which already achieved spark.
    Still novices are far more than experts.
    I would again apologize sir if you found any of my words hurting please forgive me I have no feeling of disrespect.
    Thank you.


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    I was just reading all about Google+ and few of the things I found to be much different from FB 'like' are:

    1. At Google+ you can make different circles e.g. Famliy, Friends, Personal, Official. And the interesting part is that no member of the other circle can sneek into other. This is not possible in FB. What you post all friends in your list can see it.

    2. Google+ provides you video chatting with 10 members simultaniously. FB cannot do this in the near future also.

    3. Google+ will be available on android, and Google is the only thing which can work effectively in any phone, where as FB requires to be downloaded in some mobiles.

    Thus, I conclude that Google+ will become the leader without much extra efforts!

    Nadeem Naqvi

    World without God is Zero without One!

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    I think that we have discussed enough on the features of the Google Plus. I think that the new innovative features are a one aspect of the site that can make it popular. In my previous response, I have mentioned abut some of the basic points on the success of any newly launched product but it is not at all essential that the new innovative features can make the product popular among the consumers. The sole aim of Google in launching the product is to capture a more vast area of the advertisement market and not to defeat the Facebook. Every day, thousands of people are registering their accounts with Google as well as Facebook and we really cannot argue over the current statistics as the statistics can change any time. Hence, it shall be idiotic to base our arguments on the present statistics. Rather we should try to see what are the long term impacts of the activities on their popularity. Google has created a very positive impact on the minds of its members that it is the best search engine as well as the best advertising giant. Facebook too have created that the site is easier to be accessed that any other social networking site. It is going to be challenge for Google to present a completely different view of its face. It has to cater to the present as well as the future needs of the members. It has to predict what the members want and the best way to do the same shall be to ask for the feedback of the registered member and sharing their experience over the net to the other novices. Google has to launch the site soon so that the people do not lose interest in the site. Remember that the excitement for a new thing is only short lived. It may happen that with the advancement in the video conferencing techniques and evolvement of other technology that the new networking sites may come into existence that has better features over the other. Now what will make Google stand out apart from the rest shall be the timely introduction of new programs and features that are easier to use and understand. Just as ISC has always tries to modify itself and agreed to various suggestions put forward by the members, Google too need to do the same. This is one aspect where Facebook has failed.
    With regards,
    ISC Editor.
    Studyvillage editor.

    A group of donkey led by a lion can defeat a group of lion led by a donkey.

  • #212997
    @Mr. Vivek

    I guess you are just posting statements in this GD for the sake of posting them and increasing your number of posts. I think, you are unaware that you have contradicted yourself several times in your previous posts in this GD. If innovative features can't make the product popular among the consumers, then what can make it popular, Mr. Vivek? Innovation has been the one of the cradles of civilization and technical advancements, and rendering innovation useless is no less than a blunderous statement.

    You said that, "The sole aim of Google in launching the product is to capture a more vast area of the advertisement market and not to defeat the Facebook." What did you really mean by this, as far as I know in the world of business strategies, any business can only stay afloat if it has the ability to outsmart its rivals. See, a question arises that how many social networks can a person manage? I guess the users will have to take a binary decision, it's either gonna be Facebook or Google plus. So, to capture vast area of advertisement, both of them will try to overtake each other to have a supremacy over the social networking industry.

    Why would considering present statistics be idiotic Mr. Vivek? You are a commerce student, and though I am naive to your field of specialization, but even I know that in business studies, statistics have always been considered to analyze the trends and compare brand power.

    I am sorry to state that, Sir, you have failed to take a stand. You are giving arguments of both sides, but you your analysis has been vague and wayward, you have not hit the point. Your posts have been quantitatively sufficient, but as far as I am concerned, you have failed to convince me with the qualitative aspects of your posts.

    @Nadeem Naqvi Sir

    Yes, sir you are spot on. Google has been aggressive as far as innovations are concerned and I think that's why it will always have an upper edge. But I would like to tell you that even Facebook is about to launch in-browser video chat in the coming days.

    Amazing Sir, you have rightly highlighted the Android angle to this story. It really slipped of our minds. Yes, due to the extent and popularity of Android as a mobile OS, Google is again expected to have an upper edge.

    "With silence comes peace. With peace comes freedom. With freedom...comes silence."

  • #213001
    At last, more than 90% of online users are just waiting for an invitations or re-opening of the newbie Google+. I really appreciate the authors who participated and thrown their valuable views on this wall of posting. Whatever, lastly mentioned by Sukhdev sir and Vivek chowdhury, which I would like to say in shortly as Google is very descent and genuine web based programmer, which every time tries to help its users to get relevant data or information through search engines. Inappropriate data or illegal matters are strictly avoidable by Google applications. Google is very friendly and easiest web based company, which enable all kind of facilities with very distinct and reliable way of style. These applications and the interact to Google+ is the only solution to create a biggest Social networking website, comparable to other websites.

    There are many incidents occur with Facebook or Twitter. Yesterday on July 4, account of Fox News of USA was hacked by an organization named as 'The script kiddies' and posted a message on twitter as "BREAKING NEWS: @BarackObama as**ssinated, 2 gunshot wounds have proved too much." Fox-newspolitics is the famous and prominent news production company of America, the followers are more in compare to CNN. Whatever it may be, this kind of incidents are rarely happens with Google and its users. Even Google warns its users about new malwares and spams attacking time by time.

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    Days after the launch of test phase passed by and yet, Google plus is in limelight with unanimous supports from each and every social networking user! Google plus is indeed the new face of change. Google is not done with the features in Google plus yet. More and more apps and services are newly arriving. Indeed, no wonder Google plus is the new web wonder!

    Google plus's presence can be found anywhere in the web now. Through the '+1', Google has reached the people and now, the +1 icon is what many networking freaks search for in any webpage they visit. Even our ISC has got a +1 down under! And to our joy, our latest launched sister site is Googleplustips! As Mr.Aditya said, it is now or never in social networking and world wide web. And Google plus has proved that it has arrived to capture the world of social networking NOW! With the initial excitement and enthusiasm associated with the mere test phase, we can imagine the growth of Google plus in a short time after the official launch. Soon, circles, hangouts, sparks and huddle will be heard among the youth instead of wall, like, share and so on.

    The question of Google plus ruling over the social networking world has been answered but what if it faces any new contender in future? Will the youth be still inclined towards Google plus or will they switch? This question is important too. And the answer to this too goes in favor of Google plus. We are well aware of the fact that Google is the best brand in the web and this supports Google plus's probability of enjoying consistent success in future. Ofcourse, with Google plus, the wars on social networking will not definitely cease. But to continue with full vigour, a new opponent will have to be born. And that opponent will have to become as strong and powerful than Google itself. This seems practically impossible and you have one more reason to join Google plus!


  • #213032
    We have seen and heard much about the new features and services in Google plus which ensure its supremacy over Facebook. Now we need to see if Google succeeds in its marketing strategies. During the launch of Wave and Buzz, it is marketing where Google really failed to achieve its goals. With advertisements and news about Google plus spreading quick, we can hope that Google's publicizing hits the track this time. If it does, then there is no looking back by Google plus!

    The latest news, about Mark Zuckerberg receiving great fan-following in Google plus, seems quite interesting. Perhaps the Facebook users who switched to Google plus still have a soft corner for Facebook as well as its founder! This reveals that even amidst tough competition, web services that impress the people manages to sustain, for quite a period of time. But now, undoubtedlessly, it is the chance of Google to score. With real networking, better privacy policies, novelty in design and features, Google plus has impressed the youth. And who knows? Google plus may eventually become the final word in social networking.


  • #213069
    Here I would like to summarize this discussion on my part according to the various views presented by various writers and try to reach a conclusion-
    We have seen through various posts in this discussion that most of the members who replied in this forum are mostly have given a overwhelming response to Google+ and are really optimistic on its future growth and competition with other networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.The features provided in this new trial project have been beautifully explained and very well appreciated by most of the users.The security concern in facebook remained a heated topic during discussion with stinging factor in facebook's problems. There are a few voices which have raised their concern about the strength of the bond that facebook has with its users and about the originality of the idea(including me), which might cause a back push to Google+ again. Facebook's fight back ideas like video chat etc. can also not be neglected. The statistics shown by the members were very informative and transparent and provided a good shape to this GD. Some are also in the view(although small in quantity) that both facebook and Google+ target different classes of the society on the basis of education and will survive independently.
    By a long margin, It can be concluded that Google+ will be able to fight hard against Facebook for its costumer base and as per the members views it won't be a surprise if Google+ outruns Facebook in coming future. This came out to be the consensus of this GD.
    But for the actual scenario we will have to wait and see how the things pan out and how facebooks counters Google+.
    Thank you for a great Group discussion session.

    If I forgot anything in summing up please add!
    Thank you!


    It always feels nice to accept and provide help.

  • #213091
    Its another interesting news on the web with respect to Google plus and Facebook. Do you know who is the most popular person in Google plus? Probably you are right, its none other than Mark Zuckerberg. He has more than 35,000 fan base in Google plus as of now, which is more than than of Larry Page one of the founders of Google who is having 24,000 people following him. Also Facebook has blocked an add on for Google Chrome browser which could help import the Facebook contacts into Google Plus.
    I would also like to bring a update by a co-founder of My Space in Google plus. Tom Anderson updated that, "does seem like it could take a bite out of Twitter".

    With Best Regards,
    Ganesh Babu.S

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