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    Should an aspiring student go for a course which is in demand or for a course which he/she

    The student should go for the course that they want because it's their
    enjoyment that is important rather than pressure of society of what is demand/not.
    But still it's their choice, so think wisely & don't force them in a thing that
    they may regret in end. Do an analysis with open mind. The student alone knows that one particular course they may not like because of superficial knowledge about it. Just analysis, try to find out the contents of the course, its objective, relevant subjects, the fundamentals, etc. Just before taking judgment about likes & dislikes. Nowadays, we can see a lot of overlapping between different courses. Do a thorough research & analysis, & then take decision.
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    I have seen a lot of polls to "goes for the course in demand".
    Friends, there is a thing.
    Today, the nature of education has been changed. Whatever we like is now a subject. So, why don't study what we want to.
    Think what are you looking for..a job or a career.
    Even are you chasing others or inventing before than others.
    These are the things that we should be aware of while going for higher studies.

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    Yeah, I do agree with you Chokalingam sir. Parents should allow their children to opt for the field in which the children have an aptitude or liking instead of forcing them to choose the field which is in much demand. In case the child is interested in a particular field and if he / she is forced to join a different field which he / she might not be interested in, then the child might not fair well in the field and this will in no way help him / her in fetching a good job in future. So parents should be aware of the fact that children should be allowed to choose the field in which the child shows interest as this will help in his improving the child's efficiency.
    Thanks & Regards

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    I think instead of a course which in demand , if the student opts for the course which he likes to pursue is the good option as he will have interest to study. Going with the demand of the market is the futile exercise and many people advise and confuse us during admission time.

    What ever the others say. Listen to your conscience and choose those course which interest you and sure that you can excel over it.

    K Mohan

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I have seen lots of people suffering by opting a course decided by the parents. How is it possible to study something in others interests. Every individuals has there own option to live. They have freedom in all aspects other than taking decisions of their own.why is it so? The answer to this is that they lack self confidence. In my opinion students should take any course of their interest in which they feel they could do well. Its not just the matter of decision, But it could be their turning point.Then only there will be some interest in the carrier and also their life.
    Thanks and Regards
    Nitha Paul

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    Hello All,
    I do agree with all who says opting by one's own interested subject to pursue.

    a) It will keep him/her to think about the near future and demand for the subjects and also the job offers for the same.

    b) Clear idea on the subject which the student interested leads to better understanding of it.

    c) Achieving the zenith in that particular subject is easy too

    Outlook on life - a reality

    Thanks & Regards

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    The student should go for the course which he/she like and have interest in. If he goes for a course which he doesn't like than it will become a burden for him. He will not be interested in learning anything extra beside the syllabus. So for better future and life he sould so with the course which he likes as during whole life it will help him and he would be keen to learn new things about it.


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