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    Should sex education be included in the school curriculum?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Should sex education be included in the school curriculum'?.

    In today's world of education a question arises that should sex education be included in the school curriculum. Different peoples have different view on sex education. I think sex education should be included in the school curriculum but in a limited manner.
    What is your opinion on sex education?
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    Our Indian culture and tradition is great and we have to respect the past and history. By introducing sex education we will be inviting more trouble from the vulnerable lots. Children are known for understanding everything in fast and want to experiment too. In that case sex education can prove big mistake on the part of the school or if the govt wants to insist.

    I am totally against this and it should not be introduced or encouraged. Knowing about sex is better after one becomes major and he or she will be mature enough to decide their lives.

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    K Mohan
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    Hi Depak,

    Positively it shouldn't index subject into school level educational institutions. Which may indulge students to think in different ways, participation practically, deviates concentration etc.,

    Typically adding this subject to high school students could be an advantage.

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    Why not. Sex is as real as growing up and sooner or later one is going to grow up and get curious with it and the things associated. Instead of getting the youngsters in a dilemma by leaving them ignorant due to want of informations, they deserve to be enlightened. This hopefully, will make them capable of making the right choices when they grow up. A thumbs up any day for the venture from my end.
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    Agreed with Bru. Thinking that minors should not be introduced to knowledge about sex when the reality is that media and peers have such a deep reach in everyone's life that even a 12 year old is aware about basics of sex life is absurd.

    Instead it becomes a responsibility of the adults and society to provide them proper knowledge so that they don't have only half baked knowledge which is more dangerous.

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    No. Sex should not a subject in schools or colleges. Sex is a natural thing that needs no class room teachings. It is a self learning lesson without any teacher or guide. It is the quality that develops as we grow. Do animals go to school and learn about sex?. Close relatives and good elderly friends are the teachers to teach sex to a person. Books can be permitted for adults to read and understand about sex. In case of any difficulty in sex related matters, one can consult the expert and go according to his advice. In no way sex is to be taught, especially to children.
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    Utter Waste! Without this(sex education),there are many love failures,run aways,secret marriages etc., If it is introduced as a subject, the matter kept under leaves will become with light and a great ruin to our culture and forming a way to disaster.

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    I completely agree with Bru and Ankit.

    Anybody who is opposing sex education doesn't probably understand that sex education deals with adolescent growth issues, human reproductive anatomy, and spreading awareness about the STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

    The respected senior members here are probably assuming that today's children have the same psychological state as in their times. Thanks to the internet and television, today's children have gone ahead of the level of innocence. They know all about the things society forbids them to know about. Sex education is only there to provide them direction and help them to differentiate between right and wrong. It is said that 'a little knowledge is a dangerous thing'. With all the things they pick up from Internet and other media, children are ignorant enough and try to emulate those things under partial knowledge. The current media is all to blame for glamorizing sex. Sex education will only remove that ignorance from their minds and instruct them to respect the biological laws and be wise enough for their own good.

    I would only request people to stop being narrow-minded and typecasting things. If the same course called 'sex education' was to be taught under the name 'Human reproductive anatomical studies', there would have been no fuss around it. Its just that Indian society is hypocrite enough to stereotype anything that has the word 'sex' before or after it.

    My words may seem harsh, but being a young adult, out of my teenage just an year ago, I am in a much better position to comment on this topic. We have to attack ignorance, its only because of this ignorance and lack of appropriate sex education that sexual crimes are increasing day by day.

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    Sex education should be a part of school curriculum.But the confusion starts with what will be the end of this syllabus?How far we can say to students about sex.Even the masters in this subject have different opinions.
    Students are supposed to learn something about sexuality. They need not know everything right then and there, but they sure require satisfactory answers to their questions. Kids of this age are naturally curious and they must have decided to throw at least one at their parents. But unfortunately, parents who fails to understand what it means to give their children the right amount of attention.

    Schools have now opted sex education to become part of their curriculum. Today, all schools take it as part of their duty to provide every student the right information about sex.
    Recently I saw an article that CBSE level starting the sex education in Kindergarten level itself.

    And also I read another article from Maharashtra that the CBSE's efforts to introduce sex education in schools has run into a wall , where the state Government has succumbed to demands from MLAs and declared that not only will it ban all books on sex education that are part of the CBSE school syllabus, it will also not introduce the subject in Std X at schools following the state syllabus.
    After Maharashtra governments decision Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev told that there should be a complete ban on sex education since students are unprepared for sex education.And they have to study Yoga instead of sex education.

    So from all the above points it is certain that their is a clear division between the society about sex education.


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    I think that most of the members are right as the children of today are in no way unaware of these things due to the wide exposure through the television and the internet. Though they are exposed to all these things, it is natural that they are much more prone to the perils of these things. It is common for the young adults to be carried away by the visuals shown in the media. They may want proper guidance in this regard but the children are not so much open to their parents and neighbors or relatives. They may not have proper guidance in this regard from their near and dear ones. Hence, they may take irrational and improper decisions by themselves or by the influence of their peers. Hence, it is necessary that sex education is introduced in the schools where the children are taught the true meaning of sex and the ways to deal with the adolescent feelings and sentiments. I do not know what the inventor of this thread mean by the word that the sex education must be introduced in schools bu in the limited manner. Why should anything be hidden from the children. It is better to have no knowledge at all than having incomplete knowledge as this is the most dangerous thing for a person.
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    I too agree with most of the members. Sex education is a must for children who reach their adolescence. Moreover scientifically it has been proved that children today reach their adolescence even before their teenage. In earlier days 13-19 was considered teenage and peak of adolescence. But now children from 9 years show the symptoms of adolescence. They are more confused with the sudden changes. Mentally they are children and physically they attain maturity early. They have to be taught right from wrong.

    Moreover the television and media are of no help either. The children are already exposed and there is no use for us hiding the details from them either. Earlier in those days there was no exposure and hence no danger. What we could do now is at least channel their thoughts in the right path.

    I am not sure how sex education as a curriculum could work out. Because children would just again learn and write exams similar to that of other subjects. Their motive would be only to pass the exams. The important need of sex education is the understand of which is good and bad, what would be the implications in real life. Moreover any teacher cannot teach sex education. The one who takes sex education should be a well educated,authorized, trained professional especially a psychologist.

    More effective way would be to organize seminar with a well qualified psychologist . Personally the organization that I had worked with had organized sex education of government schools as one of the public service programs. The seminars were conducted by qualified psychologists. Initially some parents were hesitant about it, so we had requested them to attend the seminar. After the seminar, they appreciated and thanked us. The reason for their acceptance was some parents were not be able to converse with their children freely about sex education and only Psychologists knew how to talk with children over this delicate issue. They also felt that at adolescence some children become more of a introvert and it is difficult for the parents to understand them.

    Our country have values and morals so sex education seems to be against our morals. But we have been already been exposed to western culture. Children must be taught about what is wrong and what is right. As I have personally witnessed sex education conducted in schools I would like to say that Sex education conducted properly is like teaching science with values. Children are given examples of what would happen if you choose the wrong path or make a wrong decision. In my point of view at least we would be able to save most of them from making wrong decisions and spoil their own lives out of ignorance.

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    Hello Everybody,
    There is always pros and cons for everything. And i think implementation of Sex education in school will have some benefit and some lose too. So one side it will be very helpful for child other side it may be the reason for the child bad behavior. I think there should be limit on education too. And everything is good if we are under limit. Apart from child we need to educate our teenagers too.
    Sex is a need like food. But it has limits. One need not to be abstinent from sex for ever. Remember, sex should be under control. Sex is just a tool in your hand for getting pleasure for a while. It is not bigger than you. Have judicious control of sex. This helps to elevate your mind. Really this is a serious issue for a country like India.

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    The most important part of imparting sex education is, there should be a skilled teacher specially trained for this purpose. It cannot be treated as a subject like Maths, English or any other but it is full of emotions, eagerness, learning ability and interpreting possibilities. So, imparting sex education is not every one's cup of tea. Improper way of imparting sex education will definitely lead to disastrous result. Sex education cannot be compared with vulgarity or any other similar issues but it is a study of anatomical changes of human in an organized manner.
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    It can be included but only upto a certain limit and yes we do need good teachers for that. Children today are very vulnerable to such things today especially with their hands on the internet. Hence, I think it is best not to include details and be very brief on the topic to them.
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