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    Can India become a corruption-free country?

    Corruption is the main agenda of India. In every field there exists corruption and people of our country have taken all the measures to prevent India from corruption but unfortunately they did not succeed. Therefore i am asking this question.
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    India can become a corruption-free country if the leaders of India do not create the corruption and become strict on the corruption in the every department of the India.

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    Good post boss

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    Still there is a long road for corruption free India.
    But most of the nations are corrupt, developed nation do it diplomatically for example US waging war against Iraq ( there has been theories that it is for personal benefits), India is more explicit with political leaders exposing themselves and their corrupt ways. Hope there would be some solution to this.

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    No it is not possible as of now. The reasons for my observation are many.

    The mindset of people must change first.

    They should discourage giving bribe even for small work. Let the work done on its own without giving money as bribe.

    Do not re elect the corrupt politicians.

    IAS officers of the Country must be given sweeping powers to over rule the advise of Ministers who mislead with various bogus sanctions.

    If all these things has to be changed, it takes so many years. I think you may guess what i want to say.

    K Mohan

    K Mohan
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    We can't make India a corruption free country. Corruption exists in all country but only it can be reduced to some extent. For corruption we cannot blame only the politicians but we all indulging in corruption knowingly or unknowingly and that is the main issue.
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    Now is the opportunity for all to make sustained and successful, the efforts to make country corruption free.

    If the present mood of anti-corruption campaign fails, then it may be very difficult to revive it.Corrupt will be quite immune and will have a don't care attitude.

    It is in the hands of all citizen interested in the future progress of the country to make the present efforts successful.

    The first in that line is to shed the pessimistic attitude. The discussion against corruption should be kept alive. It should be the prime topic to be discussed everyday. Reactions should pour in newspaper and magazine pages. Wherever possible the NGO s and legal fraternity should file cases in courts of law against incidents of corruption. Media should make genuine exposures on corruption. The parliament and government should feel the pressure. It should be seen that Lok Pal Bill is introduced and passed as Act. All the possible high echelons of power should be brought under Lok Pal.

    Once a system is in place and people are vigilant corruption can be made very less. Stringent punishments and social boycott of the corrupt persons will ultimately make the country corruption free in due course.

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    yeah why not??????? but for this first we need to teach a lesson of honesty to our politicians so that they can follow the lesson and instead of thinking about themselves,they may be able to think first for their shameless they are????they are corrupted and always love to talk about corruption....but we also need to be aware and it is also the responsibility of the youth of our country to take effective step against corruption.... rules and regulations should be the same for all whether it is a normal citizen or it is a V.I.P........

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    Let all Indians stand upside down to bring an end to corruption. Still, corruption will stand erect and laugh at us. My dear all, corruption has taken its deep route and its family is established through out the world. All members will think positively and utter words positively with soothen words. But I think positively and say that corruption has no end. We are far too late to think about corruption.
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    I think this would not be possible for our future generation also as this problem is deep rooted and even we are now in a position that we cannot stop it by any rules that the Government employ. The things that are needed to man are to be very fast and in this way the people of the Government jobs and our ministers cash this opportunity and make their money by beating the stomach of the others. This is so deep rooted that we cannot clear even a branch also. But the people like Anna Hazara and Baba Ramdev are struggling hard to get rid of this corruptionless country. To this we must also put our hands together with these primary leaders so that to some extent, we may be in better situation.
    Prithvi Kocherla.
    "Success is not the end of life, but it is the turning of a new page".

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    Of course India can become a corruption less country in the future.But a good leadership only can lead into this.

    At least the new generation should understand the importance of corruption less society and we have to study them to live with out corruption.


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    Yes corruption is the main problem in India. Corruption is so deeply rooted in India that it's very hard to overcome by the problem. There is lots of scam rising in India these days. In India corruption is starting from government peon to ministers. So it is very difficult to track who is corrupt person because everyone is involves in the corruption related activities in India. But this is the right time to give some ignition regarding corruption prevent movements lead by Aana Hazare and Baba ramdev. Now people have the awareness regarding corruption. Now government has to take some strict steps to put some halt in the corruption in India. Government is going to pass Lokpal bill in the parliaments.
    Harjit Singh

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    I'm pretty sure if what our leader follows the below standards.

    1. Government of India should launch special task forces for anti corruption.
    2. The persons who are taking and giving bribes should fined or punished as per there dealings.
    3. Government have to act the Corruption is a part of law breaking in the civil services.
    4. Government have to encourage the third parties to show up the proofs by who are commiting for corruptions.
    5. Every one have to be aware of corruptioin even all civilized and uncivilized areas.

    Thank you,

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    India can be a corruption free country but when is a big question.It is something which cannot happen suddenly it will take years and years. In order to make it free from corruption we have to clean the minds of the people who are taking bribes from peon to the leaders.We as a people will have to all the hardwork and build a foundation of the new corrupted free India.


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    Yes India can become a corruption free country. It require a parallel contributions from both the people of the country and government. In order to eradicate this problem first people of have to become honest at their work they should not take or offer any bribe for completing certain work and even not allowing others to do that. Secondly a law or force should be formed to keep an eye on the corrupt politicians and if anybody is found guilty then strict punishment should be given. Corruption is making our country's system hollow from inside. So if we want to see a better future than everyone has to come forward and fight against corruption.


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    If we will carefully consider corruption is not the problem in India alone but in other parts of the world. The condition in India is quite severe though. It is because of the conditions that people are in that sometimes they are tempted to fall for the easy route or are made to take this route. They are not realizing what harm it can do in the long term. We just say that everyone is taking bribes then why not we. What if a policeman takes bribe to let a terrorist sneak deadly explosives in the country. And what if it happens to be your backyard. Will we still say that everyone is dying of bomb blasts these days so why shouldn't we. Honesty and simplicity are the way how we can curb the menace of corruption.

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    True, corruption and malpractices have became the order of the day in India. Freeing ourselves from this curse is still a long shot away. Nobody can properly tell how this menace seeped in in our system, but it surely is here to stay.

    To do away with it will require every ounce of strength all individuals could muster. It's not the system that's really rotten; rather it's us, individuals who never have the decency to draw moral boundaries in the confines of our dealings.

    Good Luck India.

    "Give the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you"

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    I am very perturbed to read the news headlines today that Former Telecom Minister Raaja has accused and even confirmed that Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh and Home Minister Chidambaram were aware of 2 G scam and everything has been done with their knowledge.

    Well Manmohan Singh is the clean man so far , but he has abetted with a scam Minister and over and above being the head of the govt PM has moral responsibility towards the society and Parliament.

    I too support Raaja view that Chidambaram might be involved in this scam and he must be arrested in the back drop of Jayalaithaa accused his involvement in scam.

    K Mohan

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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