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    Performance of UPA government is good or worse? - GD


    UPA government is ruling for a second time in India. How much mark we can give to the present central governmnet? I think the central government is going through a tough time nowadays. On this contest ISC is announcing a GD on the topic Performance of UPA government is good or worse? for the members of ISC.

    Post your views as a response to this thread. A member can post maximum 4 responses. GD will be closed on August 5th.
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    The UPA govt in its second ruling will to the Guinness Book of World records for having embroiled with umpteen number of corruptions and the major being the 2 G scam. It is the shame for every Indian that the 2G spectrum scam has been listed by Time magazine;s rogue's gallery as second only to Richard Nixon's Watergate scam in terms of corruption.

    The scams are many. To name the few big are, the Adarsh Housing scam, Commonwealth games scam, Mining scam in Andhra Pradesh and so on.

    For the first time in India three MP's namely Raaja, Suresh Kalmadi and Kanimozhi are languishing in the Tihar jail for their corrupt practices.

    The height of Corruption had its bad effect on DMK, when that party along with Congress was completed routed in TN.

    So according to me nothing boasting to say about this govt which was remotely run by the coterie of Sonia Gandhi and others.

    K Mohan

    K Mohan
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    Really a good topic to be discussed at the apt time. The answer lies in the question itself that nobody at present will accept that government is doing good and instead of saying the government is worse I just feel worst will be the suitable word.
    But blaming the Congress alone will not be right and the coalition parties also have major share in the set back of the UPA. I voted for Congress during its second campaign and I really had a feel that the team of governance is very good. Manmohan Singh (world renowned economist), Kapil Sibil (perfect person for the HRM and had a good start with his policies), Jairam Ramesh (really did well in environment portfolio) but except Jairam Ramesh now I lost the hope with Manmohan Singh and Kapil Sibil after their move regarding the 2G scam and Lokpal Bill. The government can't able to curb the inflation rate and the condition is getting worse day by day.

    With Best Regards,
    Ganesh Babu.S

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    The UPA Government, which came in to its power again has mentioned pridefully that they are going to take the India to the world class level and also said that they would uplift the countries welfare. But I never thought that this kind of upliftment in the corruption would be seen. All the ministers have their handful of presence in the recent scam. Even there is a doubt that our Prime Minister is also included it this case. All the development is ceased and the Central Government ministers has got chance to settle in their positions and they began to loot the people in every aspect. The ministers tried to find the new ways to draw the money of the people. In my view, this is a false Government and not capable to control the means of any situation that are going on. This kind of worst situation is never faced by the Indian people from the Independence and I am sure that even in future also this wont happen as the people became aware of this illegal Government and for the next time they would take their decision in a responsible way and cast their vote to a highly qualified party as concerned with this situation.
    Prithvi Kocherla.
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    If we go with the record card of the congress led UPA government which was presented to the nation on completion of its two years in power at the centre, it does not speak much other than making promises to the people to punish the guilty in scams. The report reveals the weakness of the UPA government as far as it relates to corruption which could not nip in the bud and let it grow to such an extent when it became difficult for the government to control. The speech of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the brief speech of the Congress President, Smt Sonia Gandhi only stressed on the point of punishing the guilty according to the law. These were the face saving speeches from the two top leaders of the UPA government since every citizen now knows that the wrong has happened and the law will take its own course to punish the guilty. So it clearly indicates that the government has taken a beating in the matter of governance and especially corruption. The former cabinet minister now in jail has recently tried to drag the Prime Minister the Union Cabinet Minister for Home affairs, Mr Chidambaram into the 2 G Scam. Almost all citizens in India are not happy with the way the government has allowed the corruption unscathed at the higher political levels. The government has also drawn a flak as far as the framing of the Anti-corruption bill which it had tried to prepare jointly with the members of civic committee headed by Anna Hazare group. The report went on to explain at length the formation of the Group of Ministers GoM in January this year to tackle corruption.

    Secondly, the country is facing rising inflation and rising prices. The government had to take some harsh steps to control inflation like increasing the repo rates by the Reserve Bank of India, thus making the credit costly for the industry as well as for the home loans, car loans and other personal loans. The justification given by the Reserve Bank governor that the salaries of the people have increased by twenty percent last year so the people could afford the higher EMIs for their loans does not sound well when we take the population as whole into consideration.

    The government could not do much to provide the storage facility for the country's agricultural production, most of which have been left to rotten under the rain waters which have caused a lot of national waste.

    The commitment made by the UPA government to initiate formation of Telangana state in Andhra Pradesh has caused a heart burning in both the parts of the state which are reeling under uncertainty. The steps taken by the government in this regard has proved to be futile. Then the promise of the UPA government to provide a clean and effective governance has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

    Though the report of the government covered specific sections like economic situation, agriculture, rural development, education, external affairs, environmental issues etc., the main theme remained corruption. So even if some small achievements were made here and there, they were overshadowed by corruption.

    The country witnessed a very good economic growth at the rate 8.5 per cent from 2004-05 to 2010-11 in spite of the financial crisis faced by many countries of the world. The performance of agriculture were quite satisfying but a laxity of providing storage facility of the agricultural production could not be tackled effectively. The government took several steps to control the food inflation which has been the main worry of the government. The government was also not very effective in tackling the internal administration especially the threat from the terrorists who were successful in killing hundreds of innocent people especially in the business capital of India Mumbai.

    On the international level, the relations with the neighbouring Pakistan have not been very good in spite of attempts being made to hold talks even at the ministers' and secretary level. The government speaks of modernization of armed forces but much needs to be done in this respect. There have been some developments in the production of combat aircraft Tejas and the production of main battle tank Arjun.

    If we have to evaluate the functioning of the government over the past two years there are more negative marks than the positive ones.

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    Sukhdev Singh
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    UPA government has completed 2 years of their tenure while ruling second time in India. But these two years were full of controversies and created a new record of being the most corrupt government of India. Many scam have came into limelight during past two years.Some of them are

    In 2g spectrum scam, many companies were given spectrum rights at a very low rates and according to controller and Audit general it cost 1 lack 76 thousand crore rupees loss to the government.Many minister were also involved in this scam like M.Karunanidhi,The chief minister of Tamil Nadu,Kanimozhi,Member of parliament.

    The Cash For Vote Scam was another one in which UPA government openly bribed Indian MPs for their support in first confidence vote on 22 July 2008 in the Lok Sabha.

    Commonwealth Games was also the one of the biggest scam which looted country's money for personal use. It was estimated that out of Rs. 70,000 crore only half was spent on Indian sportsperson.

    This is the use that UPA government made of the money of the country. Due to this people of India have to suffer from various problems like rising prices of petrol and LPG . Every products price have been doubled during past two years.Furthermore if we ignore the scams many people lost their lives in terrorist attacks and the response of the government is that we can't stop each and every attack rather than trying to make Indian Intelligence strong and advanced they were giving excuses.

    There are many events that have broken the trust of people on the government. One was the late night Police Action at Ramlila Maidan in order to disrupt the rally held in the leadership of Swami Baba Ramdev against corruption. Many innocent people were injured and beaten very badly by police. By the action taken by government it seemed that they themselves does not want India to become a corruption free country as afterwards how they will be able to fill their bank accounts with black money.

    Black money was also the one of the topic that also came into light but UPA government doesn't taken any solid step in order to bring it back to India.

    So according to me UPA government's tenure is the worst tenure of any government in Indian history. There are less positive outcomes than endless negative ones. They have use the power for their own good and made common people to suffer a lot.


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    By reading the daily reports of scams, misappropriations one is having a doubt whether UPA means -United Profitmaking Alliance and not United Progressive Alliance.

    Two years closing balance sheet of the present government is lacklusture,and negative.

    The first direct effect of a rule to be felt by the citizen is security and price control.In both the government has failed.

    Price control: Govt is not able to control prices, though they are coming out with lot of jargons. In the name of inflation, interest rates have bee jacked up many times. In the name of international oil prices the price of diesel,petrol and even cooking gas is raised many times. The common man is suffocating due to price rise.

    Security There are many acts of extremism happening in various parts of the country. While there is the ever menace of cross border terrorism, the government cannot stop the maoist extremism which is inbred.

    The recent incident of releasing the captive Indian citizen from the sea pirates by the efforts of Pakistan when our government did not care has irked and wounded the hearts of countrymen. If it is US they may wage war for even one citizen o their country.

    The above coupled with the defiance of the cabinet ministers in the Lok Pal bill matter shows that direction the government is taking- purely autocratic and don't care attitude to the sentiments of the people.

    Except a few senior ministers many cabinet ministers also talk irresponsibly.

    The Prime Minister has always kept silent on any major issues and have even earned a sobriquet "Maun Mohan Singh".

    The government and ruling party are taking scams as if they are medals.

    I am not finding anything in favour of the government to say they are good. No the second UPA government is disappointing.At least in the first UPA, there was the communists for the blame. Situations today does not forebode well. The second UPA government is Worse.

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    Congress led UPA govt has givens us:
    1. The standing in the international market with technology. Calling foreign companies to invest in India.
    2. The Commonwealth Games with international standards.
    3. The growth rate of 8.5% even when there was financial crisis.
    4. Planned for introducing the Jan Lokpal Bill.
    5. Put the Ministers behind bars who were found guilty.

    Has all this done before by any govt? No, will be the answer from every Indian.

    But this govt has somehow taken the second inning at the Parliament and all the corruption is oozing out.

    UPA govt Minister after the mishap at New
    Delhi railway station said, "The public is responsible for it...". Yes, indeed the public is responsible as this public voted them to power. The Railway Minister was just busy making way to the Chair of CM least bothered of the portfolio.

    Kapil Sibal initially saved A Raja and now the PM and the Ex. FM have been named in the biggest political scam of the world 2G Spectrum. Rahul Gandhi is talking all what is creating controversy.

    Manmohan Singh no doubt an Economist of fame has gone lame. He is just a rubber stamp being used vigorously and has become party to all corruption.

    All the scams erupting and more will follow as there are many things which the common Indians are not aware about.

    The rise in the petrol prises are beyond control.
    The educations and the essential comodities sky high.
    Food grains rotting in abandance.
    At Delhi the Ladli Yogna for the girl child, none know what is being paid and how much is being paid.
    The world bank has provided huge amount for education and Shaksharta Mission being organised by the govt which is another big scam waiting to shock the people of Delhi.
    Educational tax which had scam in many states.
    In this govt is a group of decoits just minting money and what is rightly said the green revolution is most effective.
    This government has degraded the word Satya Graha whatelse it can do?

    Nadeem Naqvi

    World without God is Zero without One!

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    @Nadeem Naqvi: I totally agree with you that this alliance could able to cope up even during the global financial crisis giving a growth rate of 8.5%.
    I remember in the past when our honorable Prime Minister was the Finance Minister when the liberalization policy was introduced in 1991. However we can say that this is not completely liberalized and the socialist credentials still exist. During the tenure of Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 2000, much more liberalization was brought by increasing the stake of private sector, but the same party which brought the liberalization opposed it. However, the stake was increased in Telecom and then mobile phones became the part and parcel of life in India.
    Did the present UPA government brought any such promising economic moves? Really finding difficult to guess.

    With Best Regards,
    Ganesh Babu.S

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    @Ganesh Babu, I do remember that slogan of Swaraj, but you have just misunderstood my comment. It is sarcastic, if you can just read it again. In this discussion we are not comparing any political party or the working with any past government, but only the Congress led UPA in its second innings fruitful or worse.

    The present UPA has got nothing but corruption.

    This government came with a slogan of bringing youngster as politicians and making a change. This was a camouflage statement which we understood when all the scams started to pour in. The senior members started to make money while the young started to develop the country only in words.

    This government did its work but India had paid a huge cost for it through the scams like Adarsh Housing scam, Commonwealth games scam, mining scam, 2G spectrum scam, pilot training school, etc.

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    HI all,

    I don't thing there is anything to say about UPA govt. as per the current survey in a local newspaper, around 73% people voted as an 'Worst ruling party since ever'. There are many evidences, which people have experienced through this. My opinion too will not against the people's; as being a Aam Aadmi, I too experienced the high changes in earlier govt's ruling system and today's. If we calculate and analyze, the rate of corruption happened in these years, was not happened in last 60 years in India. More than this, I would not like to discuss and point-out the ruling action of Mr. Sonia Manmohan Singh.

    If we go through the country's security issues, we've have faced lots of difficulties in this time. Whatever, gone bad, still not took any action against those. UPA is dominating the fighters such as Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev who fight against the corruption to get back the Black money or making the Jan Lokpal Bill. Raul Ghandi who uses poor and innocent peoples by giving lots of humors, and keeping his rifle on their shoulders to carryout his power and position. Overall, if we weigh UPA's good and bad performances by keeping on two side, there is no doubt the Bad performances will move down, as it is much more heavier than the good ones.

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    Hi All,
    I am agree with all that the performance of the UPA government is not good even it's very bad. And also noticed that all are saying same topic like corruption, inflation, security etc. SO it's better to agree or disagree if we have same view rather than again elaborating same topics again and again. If you a new point then add it and continue the discussion but repeating the things is not good. Isn't it true?

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    Dear all,
    No one will dare to say that UPA-II governance and performance is good. All the members who responded above have whole heartedly agreed that the UPA_II performance is the worst. I too add more pressure to say that it is worse than worse.

    UPA government comprises of very good and efficent leaders, but their performance is worst and is untolerable. Looking at the performance of UPA -I , our good citizens of India voted UPA -II to power again, hoping that UPA- II will perform more and extremely better than UPA- I. But all have become a day dream and the people of India are now being crushed and made to live in a extremely difficult condition owing to abnormal heavy price rise on essential commodities, heavy fuel prices, large scandals and with fear to terrorism. It has become a very difficult state for a common man to live in India. India has become a paradise and safe haven for politicians, business tycoons, industrialist, hoarders, Dadas and goondas of political parties and money rich people only. The poor has been pushed down to be very poor and they lead a pathetic life.

    The UPA government has proved its inefficiency in controlling price rise. It has given more freedom to its ministers to make money in illegal way through 2G spectrum scam and commonwealth games . It has provided houses to its party men illegally through Adharsh Society housing scheme.

    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who is a corruption free human and a thorough gentleman has become a puppet in the hands of his ministers and party head Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. He is a helpless and hopeless Prime Minister now. He is supposed to be the great master to control and guide his student like ministers. Where as,he is being taught lessons by his students like Kalmadi and Raja who has taken advantage of the gentleness of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. He is now dragged into 2G scandal by Mr. Raja.

    Our Finance Minister, a very Senior and able politician Mr. Pranabh Mukherjee, also has become helpless to control the ministers and his party. He is also proved to be one among the helpless and hopless minister in the UPA –II. Though he has found out the details and names of Indians who have Swiss bank accounts and the amount stashed in those banks, our Finance Minister has not fully involved to initiate action against those black money holders. What he fears is not known.

    Our Home Minister Mr P Chidambaram, who is a very efficient able and clean minister has also been dragged into scandals by his coalition partner DMK minister Raja. Moreover, as a home minister his ministry is not being controlled well to root out terrorism from India, but it continues to be a great threat to Indians, and people are not safe in India. One of the minister Mr Jairam was now criticized for disrespecting Khadi ,the symbol of Gandhiji, as he used Khadi garland to clean up his shoes in public. All the Congress leaders have lost their respects now

    The ship UPA-II is unable to set its sail, due to poor navigation and rough weather conditions and development of many leaking holes and likely to sink. The Captain is helpless and hopeless to steer the ship safely and save the ship from sinking.

    No life without Sun

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    Hi all. I understand that in certain democracies there is something known as a constructive no confidence motion. In such a motion together with proposing no confidence in a government, the mover of the motion should also propose who should replace the present arrangement. Thus if and only if the alternative is acceptable to the majority the motion gets carried. Otherwise even if majority of the voters do not have confidence in the present arrangement, if they do not agree on the replacement, the motion doesnt get passed. That is the approach i would like to suggest for this discussion. All of us are unanimous in the criticism of the government, but can any one suggest a better and viable option. I think there is no proven alternative to the present blundering government. The only politically viable option of a Congress led government would be a BJP led government. But the truth of the matter is that they are no better if not worse. Why we are laden by a string of non performing governments is due to a system failure. We have a system where only the corrupt can reach the higher echelons of power. The worthy and capable ones even if they get some toehold cannot do anything until they pay a price to these corrupt shenanigans of power. This explains the impotency of people like Manmohan Singh who have proven themselves in other capacities but are a woeful failure in the present dispensation. The Election Comission estimates that the average expenditure for a successful parliament election campaign is Rs. 10 crore. This effectively rules out any able, honest and hard working person from contesting and winning elections. This leaves the field open to all dishonest and criminally minded people to get elected. And what can be expected by way of governance from such people. They might put up a front of clean image individuals but it is they who hold actual power and wield it to their own benefit.

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    @Nadeem Naqvi: Actually I read your response and in my response I just agreed your point on growth during recession.Also the following lines on new economic policy are my views or response on the on the ongoing discussion and nothing particularly to contradict your views.

    Well, coming to Kamlesh Kumar response, it is very clear that everybody is frustrated with UPA-2 and probably nobody will accept that the governance is good, so that there will be contradicting responses in this discussion.
    Since the discussion is almost moving along one sided responses which lies against the government, it will be better to move further in the discussion by finding some good of the worst so that these facts will may have contradicting views to make the discussion hot.
    To start with I just have a point that If the UPA is purely headed by Dr.Manmohan Singh without the influence of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi it would have been a better governance. I have no second thought that Dr.Manmohan Singh is man of integrity in UPA. The pressure above him makes him to be dumb and deaf.

    With Best Regards,
    Ganesh Babu.S

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    Hi all it is a good topic to discuss. The total members those who posted their responds are indirectly the UPA government is worse and worse. I am also agree with them. There are number of political leaders to serve the people but no one is good . Now the india and indian politics totally filled by the corruption only. There is no service to people from this worse government. Even they are trying to loss the people in a different ways. This government not spending much money for the people. The government is not encouraging the student by giving the scholarships. And also it is not helping to the old persons by giving not enough pensions. When the government should be ready help the students, old people and formers then only our country will have to go to develop.

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    @sambaraju: I don't think the government didn't encourage students. Free Railway pass and allowing students to take education loans without paying interest during the period of education are some benefits done to the students. Also I just feel there is no necessity for government pensions for retired and this is applicable only for those who joined government services after 2003. However these people too are entitled to one time fixed credit and have given new pension scheme. At the present condition where the inflation rate is more, we cannot expect the government to give everything free. However I agree with your final point regarding the farmers, it is very clear that farmers are committing suicide and still some efficient steps need to be taken by the government to stop suicides.
    With Best Regards,
    Ganesh Babu.S

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    United progressive alliance (UPA) rather to be aptly expounded as Unprincipled Plethoric-party Agreement since minority congress party to form a government accepted coalition with its allies (opponent parties during election time, I should say). Because to stay in power and to fulfill the covetous associates for profit maximization with affluent ministerial posts the congress-led UPA government unable to provide hassle-free governance just troubled in making decisions in policy matters that are crucial pragmatically. As a result, the people lost confidence in the administration of the UPA government that requires corrupt-free political leaders, that needs terror-free homeland security, (are we just insecure in our country as we are secular?) and economic growth (stats may reveal accelerating growth rate, but do we have equal growth in all sections of people in reality?). This is the hour of need for the democracy of powerful and honest leader of the people, by the people and for the people.

    I would like to make a point that our PM, Dr. Manmohan Singh may be a man of integrity, but how far? Supporting bad elements is not appreciable in my point of view.

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    UPA's performance in running the country can never be termed as good. It has all the attributes of being worst of the lot with so many scams and compromising security. The National Security is at risk. India never felt as accessible for terrorists as it seems today. The performance has been pathetic. No matter what ideals and values the UPA started their tenure with or got re-elected, those principles seem to be going nowhere but to chaos and irregularities in everything.
    After so many things being said and done I fear to ask another question which is, 'Who is morally qualified enough to replace the UPA in the next elections?' It is sad but true that we can see no one who has the right values, morals and leadership to lead India to the promised glory. All the political parties have skeletons in their cupboards and none is better or worse than the other. There is no such thing as good war, bad peace or good politics.

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    I don't point out the UPA Government to be corrupt rather I will point towards some leaders like Kanimozhi, Suresh Kalmadi and others to be corrupt, who are constantly destroying the Government. Due to their corrupt practices people of India are facing serious problem. Before the formation of the Government people were satisfied with all types of campaigns programs and was told that the Government will only work for the welfare of people. People of India elected UPA-2 in the hope that this Government will surely bring some relief to them but all the hope destroyed when the big scams and high inflation and rise in fuel prices start taking place. Having such great and experienced leaders in UPA-2 Government, it could not handle and control such scandals in India.

    Vikas Srivastava
    "Rise and Shine"-Each day and night.

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    @Mrs.Bhavani Krupanadan: Practically speaking we cannot blame him and everyone knows he is a puppet in the hands of the Gandhi family who are indirectly making the decisions. As far as I am concerned he is just told to sign in the place which is showed to him. Then the next question arises asking the reason for why he didn't step down from the post. The answer is very simple, he cannot step down from the post even if he wishes at the present situation. His silence is the indirect answer which clearly says that nothing is determined by him directly.

    I can also cite a reference for the same. When Dr.Manmohan Singh was asked about his preference for Finance portfolio after the UPA was elected for the second time. He said that it will be good if Montekh Singh Aluwalia is made the finance minister. Is that happened?

    With Best Regards,
    Ganesh Babu.S

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    It is absolutely true that during the period of UPA Government the country is facing hard political pressure for corruption cases. I never disagree this reality.

    If we go back to the past history of Indian politics we will see that corruption and black money started mounting since independence. But the then ruling parties and Government could not take any effective steps to impose legal actions and rigorous punishment to the corrupt persons.

    I can't remember whether any Ministers, Politicians or Corporate heads were taken to jail custody in past and undergoing legal actions.

    In my opinion this UPA Government has taken stern steps to stop corruptions by giving exemplary punishment to the corrupt persons with amendment of judicial rules.

    At this moment it is very difficult to comment whether this UPA Government is good or worse.

    But I keep my confidence and faith on this Government under Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh for taking bold steps and will be successful to stop corruption and advance our economical strength in near future.

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    @Mr. Jayanta Datta Choudhury, just putting the corrupt persons in jail would not be a solution and I would like to remind that hearings for so many cases like this have been going on endlessly. In Tamil Nadu, current CM, Ms. Jeyalalitha has been facing a legal case against her for almost 15 years and this is our judiciary system. These corrupted politicians are provided with VIP treatment at the jail. Kanimozhi is kept in a cell with attached toilet, having TV, fans, light and even preferred south Indian food whereas people arrested for theft for food or living are in the worst situation. This is the equality of law.

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    Dear members,
    The discussion what we have can not be called a group discussion, as the discussion is one sided. We can't help. That is the fate of UPA-II.

    Even I have gone back to the records to get the positive side of UPA-II, as to what this UPA-II government has achieved within the first 100 days of it power. There is nothing worth to praise or speak about. Most of the comments offered speaks ill about the congress led UPA rule. Congress had not done anything much to the welfare of the people except keeping mum.

    A Prime Minister should not utter a word as "I don't Know"" I am not aware" etc. If the Prime Minister comes to know about any abnormalities or irregularities, he should call for a investigation and sack the minister concerned immediately, with out any fear or favour . His softness in leading a government certainly paved the way for many more illegal activities. A humble cat should act like a wild tiger in time of emergency. MAN Mohan singh should become LION Mohan singh to save UPA-II from its death trap. He should catch hold of all his ministers to perform well, else sack them and try to bar them from contesting any election in future.

    I should sincerely admit that the UPA-II's worst performance is due to ineffective leadership and indisciplined Congress Ministers and MPs. Also, I should condemn the opposition parties like BJP and the Communists parties for their non co operation and support to the government. The Opposition party in our country too are too worst, that they are not interested in the welfare of the country, but selfish and confined to their party activities only. Look at Karnataka's Mr Ediyurappas fate. Every Indian party is corrupted and are disinterested in welfare of the country and its people. They pressurize the ruling government unnecessarily to perform ineffectively by boycotting parliament, Hartal and Bandh etc.

    We are now blaming UPA. Even if the citizens of India elect BJP or any other party to power , the fate of our country is going to remain the same. We can never bring down the price after its rise. We can never bring back the black money from foreign banks as the leaders from opposition are also party to it. All the scandals like 2G also have some attachment to the opposition party's then Ministers. The Lokpal bill will be made silent, as it affects the whole political community. There will be further delay after it is tabled in the parliament during oncoming monsoon session. There will be no whole hearted support from all the parliamentarians. At last, UPA-II will be made the scapegoat for not getting the Lokpal bill passed.

    Special Note to enjoy : It is believed that it was as great eying "Dhristie" to UPA-I who performed well and elected to power again. Therefore when it came to power as UPA-II , it suffers. UPA-II should have contacted and consulted a good astrologer prior to forming the Ministry as UPA-II, and should have performed some rituals to perform well as a good government . Yet, the government is left with two more years to be in power. They should find some remedial measures or solutions to come out of this grave situation, for the people to say " UPA-II is too good".

    No life without Sun

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    We can not say that only one political party is doing bad. There are several political parties exist in India.

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    @Mr.RM Sundaram: I agree with you and also want to stress the same that even if other parties come into power the condition will be same.
    @ Bhavani Krupanandam: The reason is very simple as our Constitution is framed so. People in the power who framed the constitution made it very clear that Parliament should be the ultimate deciding authority. We implemented British parliamentary system with a blend of American judicial system, by reducing the powers of the Judiciary. If the judiciary is given powers as it is in United States these problems could have been solved long back. Solution is amendment by the Parliament to decrease its power and increase the power of judiciary which nobody will even have a talk.
    @Jayanta Dutta Choudhry: Absolutely its true that all these malpractices existed from the dawn of the Independence. But didn't have the knowledge and information to know about them. Today we have powerful media which brings everything into light. Probably even those who do know the actual content behind the scams would have at least heard about the scams in media which was not available in those days. So I would say powerful media is one reason. Secondly literacy rate has increased now and people learnt to differentiate truth and lie.
    Then comes the question had such a big scams happened in the past? No, because there was no chance to do it and the 2G allocation and Commonwealth games happened during the tenure of UPA for the first time.

    With Best Regards,
    Ganesh Babu.S

  • #218405
    My point is the present UPA is worse, but not the worst. Keeping apart the scams the present UPA government has brought the economy to a better position than the previous governments. Growth of the nation has increased even during the recession. Increased the FDI(leaving the reports of 2010 which is less), has signed agreements with many countries for mutual agreement.
    However inflation rate is more. Petrol prices are rising and actually no Government could have stopped the same if they were in power. We need our economic policies to be liberalized further. India can do ten times better if the policies are liberalized says Sanjeev Sabhlok an ex.IAS officer in his blog. But is this government responsible for liberalizing? May be, but not 100%. We people too are responsible, our trade unions in government sectors jump into strike if any such privatization move is under consideration.

    With Best Regards,
    Ganesh Babu.S

  • #218406
    It is for the first time scams of big proportionate happened during the tenure of UPA govt. Please remember these are the known scams, but there may some more scams which have not come to light.

    Apart from the big scams like 2 G and Commonwealth games scams there are other scams which were discussed very little in this forum.

    The Telgi fake stamp paper scam which spread its tentacles of the fake stamp and stamp paper case that had botheered the 12 states and was estimated at a whooping Rs. 20000 crore plus.

    The Satyam group of Companies could coolly walk with a huge scam. Satyam is the biggest fraud in the corporate history to the tune of Rs. 14000 crore.

    The list goes on and on and there is no end for small scams that are not reported in the press.

    K Mohan

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • #218422
    You have put the following points in favour of UPA governmen. I am pointing my version for that and arguing that UPA is not doing any positive thing for the country.

    1. The standing in the international market with technology. Calling foreign companies to invest in India.-- Foreign investors came only because they did not have opportunities elsewhere in West. The huge Indian market(population) is the lure.Not the government. The foreign investor chose China also,where there is no UPA government -it is just the population and hence the market
    2. The Commonwealth Games with international standards.--- India had hosted Asian Games more meticulously when our resources were still less. The games started with bad toilets,falling bridge, and ended with Kalmadi in Jail Kalmadi is UPA's own man. It was the magnanimity of the media an foreign guests which saved us the infamy
    3. The growth rate of 8.5% even when there was financial crisis.-- India did not fall to the financial crisis not becuse of UPA government, but by the saving habit of Indians, and the strong resistance and brakes applied by the left parties and alert trade unions of bank of employees and Insurance sector.

    4. Planned for introducing the Jan Lokpal Bill.--- Lok Pal Bill was thought of only because of compulsions. India has to follow the guidelines on UN convention on corruption. But the draft bill was a drama to draw time. The UPA has no intention to get is passed , as demonstrated by the fanatic action against the campaigns of Anna Hazare and Ramdev.

    5. Put the Ministers behind bars who were found guilty.-- It is only when the ground started shaking due to public outcry and court strictures that 'jail' started. The needle of suspicion is there against the Prime Minister also. The adamancy of not subjecting Prime Minister under Lok Pal adds to the suspicion.


    We cannot blame government about welfare measures. They are doing some welfare measures to students, old people, women etc. But they are due to the pressures from relevant corners.But that alone cannot say the government is good.

    @ Vikas Srivastava You are trying to bail out the UPA government by putting blame on other parties and players. This is what the Congress also does. Other parties are also UPA constituets and under Congress Prime Minister.

    The only positive point I can find with the present UPA is that they have not yet collapsed. That is due to the lack of unity in UPA.

    So my opinion is that in spite of poor performance, and even anti-people policies,and huge corruption, the present UPA survives only because of lack of unity among opposition.

  • #218473
    The present government lead UPA really breaks the back bone of the common peoples of the India. The UPA government doesn't have the control over the inflations. The price of everything is increased to sky high. They increased the prices of the main basic thing which are mostly used by common person in India like increase in the price of petrol, LPG gas, Kerosene etc. What the common peoples want from the government? They want only that the inflations should be in within the range of ordinary person. So that they can lives their life comfortably. But UPA government is totally unsuccessful to meet the demand of the common peoples. The ordinary peoples are not happy from the UPA government's current policies which they implemented.

    Second thing is the corruptions. The corruption is in full swing in this UPA lead government. Big scams are done by ministers, politicians, high profile government person. After these scams governments are assuring the peoples that they will do the CBI inquiry of these scams. What will happen after the CBI inquiry? Nothing will happen. After two three years everyone will forget about these scams. Government will not get that money back of these scams. I shall give you example of one simple scam which is done by Lalu Yadev that is Chara Gutala. Who knows these types of scam? These scams will remain in papers only. Now UPA government is putting some efforts to save their image in the public.

    According to me why government involves CBI after the scam done by ministers, politician, high profile person. Why government is not pro-active? Everyone knows the thinking of the politicians or other high profile persons.

    When the big dealing, award of big contract or any high value dealing are done minster ministers, politician, high profile persons. Why CBI was not involves in that time during the dealing? After scams government involves CBI, why not in the time of dealing. So that no one can dare to involves in the scams, bribes. No one can predict politician in the world we all knows that. Scams are not done by first time and after CBI inquiry are not first time. This will also go in future like this.

    But at the end, all the effects of these scams, bribery, corruptions which are done by other persons will come on the shoulders of the ordinary person of India, that person which are fighting for to get the bread and butter from the society.

    Now a day's government is taking care of the ordinary person. Now the main focus of the government is how to defend their self from other persons regarding corruption related issues. Now everyone is putting allegations on other person the government.

    Harjit Singh

  • #218496
    @ Vikas Srivastava

    I don't fully agree with your view that it is only the few who have been caught by the CBI or the other intelligence agencies are corrupt and the rest of the UPA government officials are corruption free. You are called a thief only when you are caught. Moreover, we should not forget the principle of collective responsibility in a democratic set up of government. Since the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is the leader of the team, he should have known the characteristics of the members of the team. So the responsibility of mismanagement and mis-governance is that of the UPA government and not only of the three or four ministers who have been put behind bars. When the amount involved is a crores of rupees we cannot just say that it is the handiwork of only one or two persons and the others in the government high seats are ignorant of it. If you close your eyes when a crime is committed, it does not absolve you of the charges leveled against you. So the Prime Ministers and others in the government who knew of the unlawful happenings in the government are equally responsible for the situation the country is facing now.

    Moreover, the UPA government is going to face another challenge from the opposition as well as the people in general with the news of the government drafted Lokpal Bill having been aired today in the media. There have been very strong reactions to it in the media conference held by the Anna Hazare group and Anna Hazare once again threatening hunger strike on this issue. The Lok pal bill of the government is being termed as Joke Pal bill as it hardly contains anything to stop corruption in India. Hardly anybody is covered in the bill. The Lok pal itself will be the government Lok Pal since the committee to appoint Lok Pal is supposed to be constituted of nine members out of which five will be government ministers or those nominated by the government. It has been pointed out that the corruption in the circles which are not covered in the Lok Pal bill will continue as usual.

    People are definitely going to rise against the lack luster attitude of the government which promised of a very strong and effective Lok Pal. The juciciary has not been touched. The Prime Minister has not been brought within the preview of the Lok pal. Bureaucracy at lower levels has been left go scot free. The Lok Pal bill drafted by the government seems to an eye wash. The government is definitely going to get the beating on this account from the general public.

    The way the government handled the Baba Ram Dev episode cannot be forgotten by the people. Now what treatment the government is going to give to Anna Hazare when he sits on hunger strike against the provisions of the government drafted Lok Pal bill is yet to be seen. What explanation the government is going to give for its lopsided drafting of the Lok pal bill will be clear in the coming few weeks. The performance of the UPA government has been far from satisfactory. It has played havoc with the people's hard earned money paid to the government in the form of taxes. People will never forgive such a government. Winning assembly elections in one or two states because of the local issues does not reflect the popularity of the UPA government as a whole. If the trend continues like this, the UPA government will have to face the music in the coming general elections.

    "Teaching is my passion and sharing knowledge is my motto"
    Sukhdev Singh
    Lead Editor Forums Section

  • #218592
    @Harjith Sing,
    The primary sentence which you gave is absolutely correct that this false Government has totally broke up the back bone of this country. Really this Government has been breaking the past records of many parties, that lead our country before. There are no such hiking of the prices before this UPA's rule. This is the Government, that came in to its power by saying that it is the common people's Government, but at this time it has just the Government that has came up with those common people and now lacking the minimum service to them. What an ordinary people would get to eat as the LPG rate is now up to 400/- and Petrol rate increased to 77/-(in Hyderabad).
    The thing that you mentioned as the secondary one, i.e., corrupted Government, is the thing that has to be mentioned in that place. It is the major one and primary also, which is hear from every of the citizen in India. There is no limit of the ministers in eating the peoples money. The main reason that the Government is not strict to those people is due to their corruptness only. Firstly, they must be up to law to give the statements for others. The leaders are only not correct, then what about the workers in that Government.

    People would have never thought that the persons like Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev fighting for corruption less India. This is a shameful news for our nation which when heard by other countries. This is even a bad cause for our nation that is developing. All around what ever may be the problems of the people that are facing, the blind reason that would link to their topic is this present Central Government.
    This is the present performance of the UPA government, lagging backwards in every matter and heading forward so as to be in a first position in the corruption.

    Prithvi Kocherla.
    "Success is not the end of life, but it is the turning of a new page".

  • #218660
    There was lot of hopes on UPA government in early days. But soon it came into the notice of Indian people that those people misused the faith of the Indian people who elected them. In every field they started corruption, the failed fight the terrorism and also failed to maintain cordial international relationship.

    They hit with on the economy of poor people, they failed to control the inflation, not control the hike of commodity rates, people are struggling to purchase the material those are to be necessary to their daily life.

    hike of petrol and diesel prices another major burden on the common man which is the gift of UPA government for people by whom they got the power. This effected in price rise in other all the material dependent on the fuel. for example transportation cost increased, commodity price increased further those transported from different parts of country.

    Corruption of Commonwealth games and 2G spectrum is major setback for UPA Government, better this government should not come again.

  • #218682
    UPA means uninterpted powerful adminitrator which is totally fit for this congress headed government. What ever or when ever any other party or person or civil society rasied their voice against UPA then UPA Government shows its power to stop them. For example, CPM is totally out from bengal, Laloo prasad is invalid to the country, DMK is paraliysed (after arrest of Kanimozi), TMC is totally depend on central fund to save w.b., Baba Ramdev stop after attacking on Balakrishna(on passport issue, why not action against that person who give him passport without proper verification?), Anna Hazare and his followers are thrown away after rejection their suggestions and at last BJP is paralized by its own leadership problem(so, nothing to do with this party). This is the herited culture of Congress from the time of Jaharlal neheru(who vanish Netaji and no trace or prove of his death). So, dono't worry congress know his power and now this is nothing but drama(which helps to forget the price hike on general people) because next election is far away. Congress know how to tackle this worst sitution. When it falls in deep trouble you can see that some thing happen in our country like bomb blast(i am not blaming to this govt. for bomb blast but this is the fact) in mumbai or millitants attack on TAJ or kashmir and at last pakistan is there(for mock war like kargil or siachin) to over come the bad time of congress government. At last when the election knock on the door then this government free all loans of the farmer or increase the DA of central government or increase on income tax slab. So, JAI.... HO... UPA.
    Sha(100) mae se nabaya(90) baiman phir bhi mera Bharat he mahan-subrata ray

  • #218736
    Most of us have pointed out the demerits of UPA government which comes down mostly to corruption, inflation and failure to protect terrorism. Also most of us were particular about the second tenure of UPA government. Any government that stays too long would create lot of controversies.
    I would like to share some views on UPA government's techniques. UPA government had lot of time and lot of brains that they created policies that to be in favor of the people as well as themselves. Some of the ministers in UPA were really good in reforming the economy. They were well educated they devised very good policies. But by doing so they were devising a new method for increasing their assets. Earlier black money was saved as swiss accounts. Now the trend is investing in stock market. More they swindle and invest in stock market our economy would grow. DMK is one of the pioneers who implemented this successfully. But greediness had led to their downfall. Our economy was one of the fastest because all the money of politicians was pouring into our stock market. Even bogus companies were created for investment. We can ask where all the money in 2G scam went. It is very simple, into stock market. The irony is the more the corruption, more the economy grows. Once 2G scam got hit, if you would had noticed stock market crashed. One should also note that this crash was before local elections where there would be lot of distribution of money. Those who invested started taking their money back. Still the stock market has not recovered completely and reached its normalcy. This has impacted even in a common man's life in the form of inflation. This may be one of the primary reason price rise for various commodity in our country.
    If UPA government goes down so would our economy, unless some clever reforms are taken by the next government. Is BJP clever enough to deal this? Or BJP also would follow a similar trend? Would lok pal bill would deal with such kind of clever tricks of any existing government? Similar to emerging technologies even corruption is emerging. Also one more perspective is congress may need one more term of break, to bring in Rahul Gandhi. Any kind of trick is possible in politics. It is sad that we become guinea pigs for their experiment.
    It is not only us who are the victims, a similar kind of scenario had occurred even in US during the great economic depression of 2008-2009. For example George Bush's(republicans) tenure in US which existed till 2008. During the first tenure they make such good reforms (actually they were establishing themselves) and gained the trust of the people. During the second tenure it was a total disaster. There was global recession, stock markets went down, many were left homeless and finally in the election Obama, democrats won. This is how it looks from the outside. But many don't know that there were few financial big wigs that teamed up with Bush's democrat government and plotted the entire charade. The scenario is somewhat similar to ours, where the stock market was the target. Republicans went down so did the economy. The democrats are still having a hard time to reform the government. Finally it is the people who are made to suffer. This is based on a documentary video which explained the entire charade of Bush's government.
    Why I am quoting this example is our government has had some role models to follow. But due to greed of few alliances of UPA the entire racket is out in the open now. However is there any solution to this? Is it okay to accept such an economic growth where both people as well as politicians benefit. But if we do accept if the government goes down, our economy would go in for a toss. What I have given so far is just one perception of the problem. Please share your views.

    with regards

  • #218747
    Dear Friends,
    Simply, any one could say the second show of UPA Govt. has been floped. Any news reader should say 2G-scam, Bribe culture, Swiss bank money, corruption etc. are the main sources for causing the flop talk.

    Combination of many parties with different Manifestos, and with different idealogy, united as progressive alliance to rule greatest democratic country INDIA over 120 crore people unity in diversity.

    The major party would have to satisfy the partenership parties, otherwise they have ready to threaten the power gained party. The entire machinery of major political party would have to concentrate their worth and wealth to satisfy the party leaders by ignoring the standards which framed at the beginning in 2009 Common Minimum Programme (C M P).

    The top Excutive of our Govt. is PM Dr.ManMohanSingh is not a politician. He is 100% a scientist in Economics . His viwes , his decisions , his plicy and his maintenance both in public and in office can not deviate from economics rules under any circumastances. Suppose he nodded other than economics it should be a half-minded with the suggestion of his Boss. So things what have been happening in his ruling doesn't have clarity. In this way 2G-scam came into light.

    99% of our politicians are ambitious. There is ne end to their ambitions. The real sense of service is ignored from village level to Delhi.The politicians every level have been desired more than what they did. In the same manner the employees under them followed their leaders to gain up some thing for their own.

    Here are the two wings for the Govt. like a bird. 1) the machinery under the Govt. 2)the people at their need. The remaining body of a bird s like Ministers .buerocrates , Judiciary and Media. These are not healthy to run the Govt. in pollution free.

    The top excutive doesn't have controle on politics played by our leaders .The Ministers doesn't have any controle on their employees because of their corruptions . This is the same walk flows from top to bottom.

    Bottom level people are helpless. They run round and round the offices by paying bribes for their work.

    This is the rule that we have been experiencing from UPA. It would have been until 2014, If no changes have been taken place.

    with best nregards,

    "Education is the movement from darkness to light"


  • #218757
    Most of the people here are talking about Kanimozhi, Suresh Kalmadi, and A Raja, as part of corruption and the main culprits.

    Here I will try to point out one person who has camouflaged his statue to be clean but it the most corrupt on—P Chidambaram. Being the FM his budget was always in favour of the capitalist with just lollypop for the common India. E.g. the cost of cigarette packet was Rs. 10 for a particular brand which has risen to Rs. 30 now. Has this profit been the part of the increase in facilities for the workers working in the cigarette manufacturing companies?

    He became the HM and the intelligence informed about the Mumbai blast before the incident and the HM was busy in God knows what!

    Anna Hazare was promised that his draft will be tabled in front of the committee along with the draft of the government but Sibal did not do it and only the draft of the government was place before the committee. Now when Anna is making plans for another Satya Grah at Jantar Mantar the government connived with Delhi Police and till the time I posted this response has not granted permission for hunger strike by Anna on 16 August 2011. But the irony is that this Delhi Police has granted permission for Slut Walk in Delhi and after the threat from Shiv Sena against the Slut Walk, Delhi Police is making more arrangements to have this walk conducted. The same Delhi Police under the influence of the ruling UPA attacked the peaceful protesters of Baba Ramdev at Ram Lila Ground in Delhi.

    This all proves that the present UPA–the bunch of corrupt people–have been misusing their positions and power to the best possible way.

    @ Bhavani Krupanandan I agree with you that Dr. Manmohan Singh is responsible for all the corruption as he is the team leader.

    @ Ganesh Babu I buy your point that Dr. Manmohan Singh is the puppet in the hands of the Nehru and Indra Gandhi’s family, but can’t he resign in self respect. What is he afraid off?

    @ Jayanta Ms Bhavani has spoken my word that putting in jail is not the solution, but here I would like to add that this is a election gimmick of the Congress for votes and the moment this party will be in power again all the ministers who are behind bars now will be free. The height of cunningness is that Kalmadi is asking court to grant him permission to attend Parliament for the jail. Why doesn’t any one asks him about his attendance in the past when he was the Minister?

    @ Sundar Sb I have written in my previous comment here ‘Manmohan Singh no doubt an Economist of fame has gone lame. I ask you also why can’t he resign? And Sir, this is not a one sided discussion it is the feelings of the people of India for the party which is ruling them.

    @ Ajay George Akkara No confidence motion is passed in the Parliament and the parliament has more member favouring this corrupt government so how will it pass and who will table it on the floor of the Parliament, but I agree with you for an alternative, which we all should think about!

    @ Pramod Dabholkar Just name the political party which is good and capable to rule India without creating problems the people of India.

    @ Venkiteswaran You should also read my second response to this thread where I have written that my comment was sarcastic, if you could just read between the lines.

    Quote for the present of UPA‘Power will go to the hands of rascals, rogues and freebooters. Not a bottle of water or a loaf of bread shall escape taxation; only the air will be free. All Indian leaders will be of low caliber and men of straw. They will have sweet tongues and silly hearts. They will fight among themselves for Power and India will be lost in the political squabbles’ part of the speech of Winston Churchill on India getting freedom.

    Nadeem Naqvi

    World without God is Zero without One!

  • #218776
    Dear all,

    We are discussing whether the UPA-II rule is good or worse. All agreed to say that governance of UPA_II is the worst

    We are now accusing our UPA government and graded its performance as worse and worst. Every one has agreed and accepted that UPA has proved its inefficiency due to various scandals and various untoward incidents in the country.

    Now let us study and analyze and discuss as to what are the chief causes that made our UPA-II government to perform so badly than any other government that ruled India.

    According to me the following are attributable for the poor performance of our present UPA-II government.

    The coalition partnership in the government
    The alliance parties in UPA-II have different ideology and goal. Except the Congress all other parties are selfish in attitude and deeds. This is a great draw back to Congress.

    Fear of losing the support for survival
    Often the Congress is threatened by its coalition partners that they would withdraw support if Congress go against their party.

    A very soft and gentleman at the helms of power who can not act boldly
    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is a very pious and thorough gentleman , who can not effectively control his minister and member of parliaments. Hence Raja Kalmadi and Kanimozhi took advantage of the leadership.

    An inefficient party president who can not act and decide
    Under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi, who is not a quality politician, but a lady left by late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi being his wife, Congress has lost its originality and strength. She can not think better and act up to the mark. She is not a bold lady like Indira Gandhi give decisions.

    Immatured party leaders
    People like Ragul Gandhi , the leader of youth congress is not well matured to win the confidence of the public. He is presently performing a public show by visiting place to place to gain popularity.

    Non co- operation from opposition parties.
    For any good governance, the opposition party should support the actions of ruling government in matters related to welfare of the country. Our present opposition leaders always think of opportunities to throw the government and come to power. They don't cooperate in parliamentary proceeding and become a great hindrance to ruling government. And many more to be added to this.

  • #218781

    seeing your opening words I thought you are defending the UPA government. I was feeling a bit happy that at least there is one to defend it. Had I known that the UPA is so ally-less I would have argued here for it just for the sake of discussions to be at level.

    So all dear members,

    So keeping aside my conviction that the UPA II is in quicksand, and the more it tries to save itself, the more it sinks;

    let me throw in the ring the points put in by self patting Congressmen as the achievements of UPA II:

    • centre-state co-operation

    • First country where basic needs are turned into legal rights.

    • Three states gave Congress or its alliance to power, which shows the popularity and trust the Congress has in the country.

    At least now I feel that the GD is not one sided.

  • #218820
    No doubt the UPA govt.'s term of office for the past two years has been the most corrupted tenure. In the 2G scam PM just is acting like a rubber stamp, keeping silence wherever he has to speak and some of his colleagues are making foul play in the Indian democracy looting the nation and our hard-earned money. For instance, what happened to Hasan Ali Khan. No action taken. CWG scam has been conked under Kalmadi's feet. In the same manner, Raja was protected as long as the congress party could and currently aired through media with various statements attacking PM and HM. It is obvious there has been a secret agreement between these UPA leaders. The Swiss official reported that unless the govt. of India ask for the details of the black money in the Swiss bank accounts it won't be possible to release the details. Why no response from Indian govt.? Since the culprit will not patrol himself.

    Sensing the common man's mood and choler, the congress-led UPA has been trying to make eyewash again by drafting the Lok pal bill that has no teeth to clench the corruption monster, simply seeking approval from politicians to investigate fellow politicians. The newly drafted bill will not probe the PM, will not quest the judiciary. It is no surprise this drafting is just a mockery cheating the public.

    If we all join our hands together evil of corruption can be thrown out and the nation from these farce leaders can be saved. Odds may not appear to be favorable at present, but these seemed to be unfavorable in 1920 when Mahatma Gandhi launched his non-cooperation movement, but the colonial rule came to an end finally.

    India has been acclaimed as a rising superpower in the global forefront and growth rate of 8.5% economically fixes India firmly as one of the world's fastest-developing economies besides China, still within the nation, India seems to be facing up bad governance graveled by the farce political leaders. At this juncture, we are in need of the legal right to recall our representatives.

  • #218868
    @Nadeem Naqvi: Yourself have quoted about what our PM is afraid off? Its true in a national party its quiet difficult to decide something of your own. Even if he thinks to resign, he may not do as the party will not expect him to do so. If he does then it will be very evident for the media and oppositions that he actually was a puppet and the same made him to resign. As a result the UPA will lose further hope among the people. So the point is even if he considers to resign its not possible to decide on his own.
    Further a Prime Minister of a nation is not expected being afraid to face problems. This is even a basic concept expected for every public servant.

    With Best Regards,
    Ganesh Babu.S

  • #218869
    @Mr.Venkiteswaran: Absolutely agree that in India many of the basic needs are converted into legal rights. But the problem is most of them supposed to be fundamental rights and not legal rights. Few fundamental rights seem to be just laws without practical implication including the right to education act.
    Secondly I really wonder how you are saying that the Centre-State co-operation was good in UPA-2 where we are seeing issues like Telangana, Kashmir etc.,
    Finally the power of Congress or its alliance in state may not be influenced by the governance in the center. People are very much worried about the politicians and parties in the states when it comes to state elections. This is the reason why in state elections Congress and its alliance won seats. In West Bengal people expected a change from the left who ruled for more than three decades. The condition was same in Kerala too where it won by minimum margin with the support of Muslim league. In Assam the representatives of the Congress in the state have a very good fame with the people and the center has nothing to do with this. Even when we see Tamil Nadu the main reason is that people expected a change from DMK and the same acted as lottery for many alliance parties with AIADMK. Infact the Sri Lanka issue was the important reason for the loss of vote bank to Congress in Tamil Nadu.
    When it comes to Parliamentary elections the same may change and people will vote considering the nation and not the state and the result will change including in these three states.

    With Best Regards,
    Ganesh Babu.S

  • #218873
    Hi, Dear all,
    India was ruled by very able Prime Ministers like Jawaharlal Nehru, Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, who were very rich by birth and were not corrupt themselves. Lal Bhagadur Sastri was a very simple, but able Prime Minister. Similarly Our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh also a well educated, pious, decent, corruption free gentle Prime Minister we have now. Under his leadership the UPA-II suffers heavily because of the greedy and corrupted ministers and members of parliament. Because of the Coalition government, the Prime Minister is not able to exercise proper command and control over his ministers and MPs, with the fear of losing support and losing the authority. Congress, under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi should now wake up and rise to the occasion, to divert the public's mind, by way of introducing many more welfare activities and find solution to bring down the price rise under control. As Mr Raja, Kalmadi, Kanimozhi has been put inside the bars, congress should make efforts to catch all the corrupts in their ministry and in the country and deal with them as per law. Since they are very sure of losing the government in the next election, they should boldly attempt to bring a great change in their governance of the country, for the people to say that Congress should be the only party to govern India.

    No life without Sun

  • #219047
    I think that there is no change in development UPA government is ruling our country. It is shameful for UPA government for not solving Telangana issue. So much violence and law and order problem is raising in Andhra Pradesh. But UPA government only thinks about their party existence by making convince M.Ps of Andhra Pradesh to attend Parliament sessions. UPA government remains silence about commenting on Telangana issue. It also says we did not say anything on Telangana giving on December9,2009. These words were delivered by Pranab Mukharjee. In August,2011, we can not say what will be happened in Andhra Pradesh. UPA government acts like irresponsible about Telangana to make much disturbance to the lives of Telangana people. I can not say whether power of controlling in the hands of Manmohan Singh because he stands like an idol. Only others in the party gives decisions on Telangana. If a poison drop is fall into the glass of milk then the milk becomes poison. Like that, Telangana makes UPA government worse.

    Sita kalyani.

  • #219169
    Most of are agreeing with worst condition of the UPA-II but can any discussed that why are still there? Means why they are ruling 2nd time? Because no other parties have good leaders and they are doing there monopoly. Scams are normal for them and they are the king of scam. Ministers are not thinking about poor people and are busy in filling their bank accounts. Some of they are caught and most of them are white colored even though they do scams. This shows their victory and democracies loss. But what we can do? We are the monkeys and they have command to do whatever they want. People are facing this situation very badly and UPA will get result on next election and still if won't happen then culprits are we and not they.
    Value has value only if it's value is valued

  • #219170
    I think the webmaster should have changed the heading as '' Should the UPA govt be allowed to rule for second time '' and that would have been apt to discuss.

    K Mohan

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • #219360
    @K MOHAN
    yes you are right we should take oath that we should not vote this party again.

    @ all members

    Do you think that what contribution of this party to our country after independence? Now our finance minister says that all petrolium product should be sell to the market without any subsidy. Now my question is that if you donot give subsidy then no need of tax on petrolium product. Now the next question is that if all are depend on market then why we need bloody ministers whom we pay lakhs of rupees per day. why not we give contract to any company to run this government or why not you take sponsorship from any multinational or any private company like SAHARA sopnsor Team India cricket? And all department should be run in contract except defence(it only controlled by president of India).

    Do you know that all reservor or dam are not maintain last 50 years which causes flood each and every year in our contry. It is not possible the gold highway road if not Bajpaee govt. came? So, we should aware or beware of this UPA in next election

    Sha(100) mae se nabaya(90) baiman phir bhi mera Bharat he mahan-subrata ray

  • #219369
    @Mohan: I think web master thought right and choose the topic but all of us are against the UPA government so this topic never remains a group discussion topic. Everyone is just elaborating each others point and not disagree. But it happens in life when we all agree with the same decision and if it will remain same up to election then might be we won't face same type of government again. This is the spirit which should flow in every Indians heart so that we can rule out corrupt persons and show them their right place i.e. jail. Isn't it?
    Value has value only if it's value is valued

  • #219371
    UPA government is the worst government and the present prime minister is the weakest prime minister in the history of our country.
    Day by days we come to know about new scandals and scams caused by the ministers of UPA government.
    If we sit and count the foolish policies of this government then,numbers will get finished.
    This government has no moral right to rule our country and we need a re election.
    Every one is saying what is correct and group discussion is not possible on this topic.

  • #219396
    Kamlesh if the webmaster choose my heading then there was ample scope for much debate on this thread. Any way the discussion is going on one side and thats it.

    K Mohan

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • #219403
    @Mr.Amit: What do you mean by foolish policies? Can you please elaborate few of the policies adopted by the government keeping aside the scams. Even before two days the present telecom minister Kapil Sibil have announced the conversion of 105lacs post offices into modern banks with ATM facility. Instead of constructing new buildings and recruiting more people to banks. The present move is a welcome one in the present inflation rate. Building is already available and all you have to do is just modernize. Similarly many such policies were brought in the UPA government and it will be bad to say worst policies in general.
    @Mr.Mohan: The need for the present discussion came after the evolution of scams in the second UPA tenure. They did at least an average job in the first tenure. If they did the first time was similarly worse like the present tenure, then there would have been a need for the topic which you have mentioned. Your topic says "should the UPA be allowed to rule for the second time", it means after the bad first governance should they be allowed to rule second time.

    With Best Regards,
    Ganesh Babu.S

  • #219464
    Yes what i meant is correct. Most of the scams which came out were actually formulated during the first stint of UPA govt. But it came to public in second term. That means they have concealed the fact from the public all these years.

    K Mohan

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • #219538
    @Praveen Vaidya,
    Yes, I have also expected more from this Government not at their first chance but on their second turn up. The people are also made to believe the same and were fully with a hope that this UPA Government is the only source for their upliftment. But the entire scenario is changed and at present this party itself has emerged as the number one in our nation with respective to problems and inflation related matters. There is no such increase in the price, far before and also not so many times, but with the commencement of this Government it was rapidly raised from Rs.37/- to Rs.75/-. This is one of the primary one to show the inability of the members ruling our Government.
    @Subrata Ray,
    Very great abbreviation to be known from you about UPA, it is very pricking and if it would see by our Government, surely some change may be expected. This Government is really trying to put a leg on the other party leaders and trying to stop their voice. The members whom you have mentioned are the real sufferers. And the last statement was also very fascinating to me about the "Jai Ho congress". Really these types of party and these kinds of leaders must be surely present in our country as an example to problems and corruption.
    @Joe Nisha Arvind,
    Your post is some what not related to others point and did about the welfare of this Government. Yes, surely there are some of the leaders present over here who are struggling for the people's development for their development. This Government has also brought many policies for their reformation but there is no proper implementation. This Government has also down works and without them; it would not be able to stand in this peoples rule. Yet, they did some works for poor people, more than this they have looted the people's money. This is the main reason for all of our members to come up on to one point saying that this Government is unfit and cannot be tolerated.
    Yes, really it is not only we that have suffered from these problems but also primarily US citizens have also made to experience this situation before in the time rule of George Bush for his first time rule and at present Obhama has made to take the entire country in to into inflation. This is very bad news from the leading country and with concerned to them, we are some what better in that aspect at present.
    @ K Mohan,
    I think the Jose Mathew sir had asked every one of the member to post a message of discussion at last for 4 times only, but you are wasting for single line messages only. Though it is your wish, I am just advising so that you may make a re-vision on this topic.

    Prithvi Kocherla.
    "Success is not the end of life, but it is the turning of a new page".

  • #219556
    The performance of the UPA under the PMship of Dr. Manmohan Singh is not at all up to the people's expectations. PM may be honest as an individual, but as a PM just acts like a puppet roped by the congress party chief (apt to say as Sonia Gandhi's family) with no authority to take decisions on his own. With technology growth, scams on daily basis have come to limelight and no solution to stop the corruption though Team Anna is vigorously hoping for enactment of Lok Pal bill which has been still going through discussion alone, except drafting in favor of our political leaders.

    Kashmir problem still provokes because of inapt handling of the situation and Mumbai has been the most frequent targeted zone of terrorist attack and do we all in other cities be safe? We don't know. It may spread to remaining part of India that terrorists alone know.

    UPA has taken no steps to unearth the black money from the Swiss tax havens though the Swiss govt. ready to provide details if requested and this black money helps to support the corrupted bureaucrats and accused for terror attacks like Kasab preserving in jail.

    Finally, but not the least, Indian common man has been crushed under the feet of spiraling pricehike of necessities, fuel, food and other. Pay and perks of the ministers, MPs, and MLAs have gone multi-fold but Indian citizens' wallets have been emptied who must be genuine in their deeds. Let us being the common man struggle for better livelihood, but let the political leaders enjoy a party (celebrating completion of two years of tenure successfully!). This is the outcome of the UPA government for the past two years.

  • #219594
    @Mohan: I totally agree with you but at start of discussion nobody thought that it will move to one side. But it's OK because everyone is opposing the UPA government and this will lead India to a bright future where such kind of inflation, scandals, scams, corruption will not stay anymore.
    Value has value only if it's value is valued

  • #219606
    @ Ganesh Babu, I am happy that you have fallen for the trap.

    I have just listed a few points the congress party loyalists were trumpeting around. It was a sort of interlude by me to take the discussion a little more far, as I found the discussion totally lopsided with practically none coming for the UPA side.

    Dear all members,

    Nobody can hide the fact glaring like sunlight in font of us. I am convinced that the UPA-II has outlived its utility. Just to hang on power, it is getting trapped by its own webs. It is going far and far away from people. It is going on committing follies by scores.

    A usually low profile Anna Hazare has also hinted about the suspicion about the Prime Minister. The need for a referendum on Lok Pal Bill is getting its momentum.

    The survey conducted by the anti-corruption NGO team in New Delhi in Mr Kapil Sibal's constituency has overwhelmingly supported the stand taken by the civil society team , and against that of government.

    The UPA government is showing signs of impulsive reactions. It is moving nearer to the logical conclusion- the government not liked by the people has to go.

    It is high time the present UPA-II government accepts its failures and apologises to the people and correct its mistakes and go as a people friendly government. If not, nemesis will catch with it to teach a true lesson that, in a democracy the citizen are Supreme.

    Jai Hind

  • #219607
    Second inning of UPA is no doubt a phase which is making India to look down upon. It is a joint work of all the ministers and the people of the ruling alliance that there are problems coming up everyday.

    The PMO is being held responsible for the appointment of Kalmadi as Chairman for CWG where are this was opposed the Sunil Dutt but the PMO made Kalmadi the Chairman.

    Some scams which are related to the people of Indian Congress which are a part of UPA. This is shows that the Congress is the corruption instigator.
    1948 Jeep Scandal
    - V K Krishna Menon was India's commissioner in London His name was linked with the Jeep scam. In this scam 2,000 jeeps were ordered and just 155 landed in while money was paid upfront. Later Krishna Menon became Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru's trusted ally and the defense minister.

    Year 1949 - Industry minister Rao Shiv Bahadur Singh was sentenced jail for taking bribe of just Rs. 25,000 for renuval of a diamond mining lease. He was father of Arjun Singh.

    1958 – Finance minister T T Krishnamachari, finance secretary H M Patel, LIC Chairman L S Vaidyanathan, are some of the names were linked to this LIC scam. Firoz Gandhi exposed the scam.

    In 1959 Ramakrishna Dalmia, chairman, Bharat Insurance Company, was jailed for misappropriating Rs 2.2 crore from the company.

    In 1960, Dharma Teja took loan of Rs 22 crore the government for a shipping company, and siphoned the money out of the country, this led to his arrest in Europe and then jail.

    In 1965, Orissa chief minister Biju Patnaik tried to get his company Kalinga Tubes, listed as a government contract.

    1974 –Maruti Scandal – name of Indira Gandhi is linked.

    1976 – Oil Scam – The scam is linked to Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi. According to the scan $200-million contract was awarded to the Hong Kong-based Kuo Oil Co. This made the government to incur loss of Rs13 crore which indirectly went to Indira and Sanjay.

    1986 – German Submarine Scam – Person linked was Indira Gandhi. It was alleged that Indira Gandhi government got the kickbacks in buying two submarines from German firm HDW

    1987 - Bofors Scam – Person Linked Rajiv Gandhi - Rajiv Gandhi and others accused of receiving Rs 64 crore in payoffs for the 155mm howitzer deal from the Swedish-firm-Bofors.

    20010 Aadarsh Scam

    2010 Common wealth Scam

    2010 2 G spectrum Scam

    Arms, purchase, bullet jacket purchase Scam

    The latest is the land scam in Haryana in which the Gandhi family has taken land for the Rajiv Gandhi Trust.

    The present government is the most corrupt as the PM is the weakest,

    The decision making power is vesting somewhere else than being with the PM,

    All the ministers of the present government accuse the common people of India, for all the problems, the rise in prices is due to the common public who should take commodities only as per need.

    The subsidy on all the products shows that the poor government is paying so much for the public but from the other hand the government is taking back in many folds as it is putting take on each and everything.

    The UPA government is planning to remove the capitation fee from the colleges; this is only a lollypop for the common public.

    The Parliament is being adjourned for days during the session and no one is caring for the loss of time and money which is required to run the single expenses of the Parliament.

    Nadeem Naqvi

    World without God is Zero without One!

  • #219630
    @Mr.Venkiteswaran: Though I opposed the positive things mentioned by you. I just supported the economic and other reforms made by the UPA from the beginning of the discussion. So I don't think that I am the apt pray expected by you. The UPA is worse because of the scams and not because of its foreign policies or any other monetary policies. You can have a look at few of my responses suggesting that UPA 2 is good in certain circumstances.
    With Best Regards,
    Ganesh Babu.S

  • #219813
    @Ganesh Babu
    As per your description UPA govt.(lead by congress) is good in foreign policies and any other monetary policies? In which context you support their all policies? Now i ask you some questions in respect of its foriegn and monetary policies.

    Foriegn policy by UPA:-
    1) Why not india till now give fruitful response against China(in case of dam where china block Brammaputra river's water or new passport law for kashmir people)?
    2)Why not India stop the corridor made by china between pakistan and china?
    3)Why not India till today hang Gilani?
    4) Why not India arresst Daud by the help of Interpol? and so on..

    Monetary policy:-
    If all part or businness goes to market(like they withdraw subsidy from petrol, gas etc.) then why we need Government? Why we pay a huge amount of salary to this ministers and why not we give contract to any private company to run this government?

    Answer me who are trying to support this bogus bloody government(UPA).

    Sha(100) mae se nabaya(90) baiman phir bhi mera Bharat he mahan-subrata ray

  • #219945
    @Subrata Ray: Regarding the foreign policies why you are only focused on China and also your question itself has the answer. Cross border problems with China existing not just from the UPA 2 and yourself is quoting, "Why India" in your every question and not "why UPA".Here in this GD we are particularly focused about the UPA 2. I accept that some of these problems are not addressed.
    Keeping the unresolved problems apart let me quote few of the recent foreign policies signed,
  • India and China signed a bilateral trade of about $100 billion dollars during Wen Jiabo's recent visit.

  • India and China agreed to co-operate in the field of power production through Nuclear energy.

  • Both of them collaborated with each other in several issues during the WTO,Doha(2008)

  • Racist attacks on Indian students in Australia is seriously dealt by Indian government and the Australian government too has taken actions accordingly.

  • India signed agreement with Japan in 2008 which is worth $4.5 billion to construct rail lines between Delhi and Mumbai.

  • Co-operation with South East Asian nations in defense and various aspects.

  • Agreements has been signed between India and South Korea to liberalize and expand trade between the countries. Plants of LG, Samsung, Hyundai in India and Tata group buying Daewoo in Korea are few to be noted as a result of the agreement.

  • During recent Obama's visit to India, numerous trade and defense agreements have been signed which is to be worth noted in the India-US relation.

  • India also signed agreement with European Union to achieve bilateral trade of 100 billion euros annually.

  • Indian signed agreement with France to buy submarines and air buses.

  • Monetary Policies
    Prices of petrol or gas is not determined in India and we should accept it. Once the crude oil prices increases, the price of petrol in oil importing countries like India, US increases, this is to balance the loss incurred. This will be even be done by any other government if UPA is not in power. Then arises the question why the government has raised the price several times, which never done in the past. The reason is crude oil prices never raised like this in the post which makes the government to do so. The same reason is responsible for the subsidies to be reduced (please note not with drawn as mentioned by you). Can you kindly say is there any other oil importing countries giving subsidies like this?
    Coming to privatization I again want to repeat what I said before, this is the government known for its liberalization policy and our prime minister was the back bone when the new economic policy was initiated in 1991. But in country like India where we have the term Socialist in the preamble itself it is very hard to dilute its credentials and liberalize further. I am in favor if 100% liberalisation which will make economy to perform 10 times better than now. But it is not the government alone, the people too are not ready to accept complete liberalization.
    Domestic market worries that it may lose its value when foreign companies flow in, government employees and trade unions jump into strike if any such announcements of privatization is made. So talking about the privatization before blaming the government we should blame the general society first which is not ready to accept it.
    I totally accept that this is not the best government, but at the same time this is not the worst government as portrayed as a result of the scams.
    Let me ask you similar question. Can you mention bad foreign and monetary policies initiated or failed to do by the government? Well you mentioned Gilani, why need to be hanged in India and for what reason? I think Gilani is the Prime minister of Pakistan. I think you mentioned his name instead of Kasab. However hanging Kasab is not foreign policy.

    With Best Regards,
    Ganesh Babu.S

  • #220018
    @Ganesh babu
    can you tell me that from 1947 to 2011 which political party ruled our country other than congress? the answer is Congress. Now tell me which political party really run UPA(so called)-2? The one and only answer is Congress. So, why not we blame this UPA-2(actually congress) who till today doesnot solve any foriegn problems till 1947 the answer is congress in the face of UPA-2.

    Now you highlight the recent foriegn policies:-
    As per your quote most of the policies signed (i think this is nothing but eye wash of indians) . Do we know till today which one is solved?

    Sha(100) mae se nabaya(90) baiman phir bhi mera Bharat he mahan-subrata ray

  • #220025
    @Mr.Subrata Ray: From the 15 Lok Sabha elections so far, 5 times parties other than Congress and alliance managed to win. So the ratio stands 75-20 with respect to Congress and other parties. I am not supporter of UPA or want to bring them into throne for third time. My view is it is not good enough to blame the UPA as the worst government so far. They were worst in scams, but at the same time we should not say that they didn't try to do their best in foreign and monetary policies.

    Well coming to your point that all these policies are just in paper and are not implemented. I would definitely say no. Except a set back in 123 agreement(may change, but increased US-India relation), most of the foreign policies are adopted. Almost all policies which I mentioned above are not just in papers but implemented and giving returns to the nation. It's not easy to make eye wash in these aspects and no government will try to create such thing.

    With Best Regards,
    Ganesh Babu.S

  • #220104
    I think that there will always be some corrupt and greedy elements in any ruling party. There will also be some clean characters, and others in the middle.

    It is no use venting out against the present rulers. You will do the same when the other major group comes to power. If one takes a look at the scams from the time of Independence, you'll see that there is always something there, and the only change is the value in Rupees. Today the value of money in increased with more zero's. But corruption has always been there.

    Let us look from another angle. The price hike with petrol/diesel. This is not based on the government controls but directly reflective of the price in the international market. So it does not matter whether it is UPA or the NDA, they all know why and will face the same challenge from the public. If the government tries to intervene it would cause the oil companies in India to go into the red quickly and the end result will be worse than the non-intervention. Any hike in fuel will automatically increase the prices in all commodities that need to be transported from one place to another. There will always be the 'opposition' hypocritically whipping up the public about the increasing prices.

    We need to look at it from the worldwide scenario because the system is tangled in such a way that when there is economic damage to US affects almost every country in the world. What we should be doing is to figure out a solution that is not making us the scapegoats for the powers behind the scenes. You can get the idea from studying the Wikileaks files. When we pick fault upon the rulers, we are inadvertently doing exactly what these powers want to do – cause anger and division everywhere, especially in countries like India, who can stand up to the nefarious tactics if the public stays more united. There will always be someone who will loot and abuse their positions of power, but look at what is being overlooked. The entire country will be looted if we don't look beyond what is very obvious, and the profiteers are not living in India. What these individual guys loot within the country is much, much less compared to what is at stake.

    Take Libya for example. Some countries will keep on attacking the rulers there till he is gone, and then the same people will attack the 'rebels' till they become toothless, and then they will take over the country (oil) for so called humanitarian purposes and fool the whole world. It may not be that easy to mess with a larger country like India, but it can happen and it will head towards splitting India along language-based smaller nations.

    IndiaStudyChannel has that rare bit of integrity and freedom – can we use it as a platform to formulate progressive ideas instead of degenerating into a forum for complaints like it is in many other forums? Simply discussing problems will lead to more disgruntled people and a blockage to looking for solutions.

    Even if you were made the PM, you would be facing tremendous pressure from all sides in opposition to your mandate to take the nation forward.

    Here is a simple list of what you can encounter:
    1 an opposition that is ready to howl and complain at every possible chance, however remote
    2 pressures from external powers like a biased UN, USA, European Union, Human Rights Groups, Environmental and Climate Change whiners, neighboring countries, terrorism, MNC issues,etc.
    3 pressures of a democracy where everybody including terrorists and criminals are given a voice, and you have to give a listening ear and spend much time going through the democratic process
    4 your own cabinet – you simply cannot breathe down everyone's neck and watch if they are doing things 100% correctly all the time – 25 or more ministers, and then there are the increasing number of subordinates, any one of whom can play truant to your noble cause
    5 your non-political administrative people, who can be of your opposite party, and who can throw blockages into your development programs
    6 natural disasters, accidents, etc. that come up every year
    7 clearing up the mess from the previous government that don't go according to your plans
    8 people like Hazare and Ramdev who whip up public anger against you for whatever reasons they have
    9 genuine misunderstandings and mistakes made that get used as a handle for the opposition to clobber you with, claiming you to be a crook and accomplice
    10 dealing with the media, who take up the position of stirring up public sentiment with their own agenda for making more sales and advertisements
    11 a small group of your own party MPs who can make life difficult for you by threatening to put you in minority, etc. etc.

    Leadership is a very difficult job, easy to pick apart, and so hard to support. Let us do what we can to support the democratic system we have chosen. It can succeed if we stay on course. Pray for them if you believe in prayer. Democracy gives you freedom to speak and do, let us put the freedom to good use.

  • #220199
    @ Nadeem – You have dug out the scandals from the grave and presented it to accuse congress , to add more weight to it.
    @ Bala – You have brought out some consoling statement to give a rise to the flat UPA. Though your statements are genuine, a government should be able to face and control all challenges arising out of his own party and from the opposition. That is called a good and strong governance.

    Till now, we have discussed the UPA government and criticized it to a great extent as worse than any other government that ruled India. I would like to add some sugar mixed with salt to the wounds of UPA-II ,as we are near the brim of this brisk discussion

    When we deeply analyze about the UPA government's activities during their rule, there is nothing worth of anything or something to be praised. Except few members, no one has said anything about the positive side of UPA. Let us first see the positive side of UPA at a glance as to what they have done during their term.

    The positive side of UPA-II
    The UPA is said to have initiated action on few activities like
    • Right to Education for children

    • National health mission

    • National rural employment

    • Changes in right to information

    • Women's reservation in parliament

    • Increase in growth rate of GDP .

    All these said achievements are not full achievements. They are only an effort to achieve and partial achievements.
    The government during their first year of governance has only initiated action to:
    • Contain inflation

    • Bring down prices in consultation with state governments

    • Set a target to achieve GDP growth and economic growth

    • Shown willingness to discuss with Pakistan on Kashmir issue

    • Nuclear agreement with united state

    These all are considered to be a paper action and only a initiation without any fruitful results.

    With the above , the UPA governance is said to be just normal and of a routine ordinary government without any initiative and interest towards the welfare of the country and its citizen. There is nothing special to feel proud of government activities.
    All that what is said above is to be presumed as positive qualities of UPA against the negatives that has been discussed so far to call UPA as worse. While keeping all the positives of UPA-II in one side of a conventional balance, let us see the negative side of the government.
    The negative side of UPA
    • The sky high price rise

    • Very frequent fuel price hikes

    • The 2G scandal worth Rs. Lakh of core

    • Commonwealth game scandal worth many thousand core

    • The Adharsh housing society scandal in which the politicians and government officials are the beneficiaries, than the Army personnel who sacrificed their life for our country during Gargil war

    • Failure in executing punishments awarded to terrorist group,especially Absal and Kasab
    • .
    • Frequent bomb blasts

    • Frequent air and helicopter crashes that has taken away the lives of general public and a head of the state

    • More frequent serious train accidents that cost many hundred innocent public

    • Losing of elections in states
    • .
    • Delay in getting Lokpal bill drafting and drafting of weak Lokpalbill by not bringing the PM into the ambit of Lokpal bill

    • Improper of handling of anti-blackmoney movement by Ramdev
    • ,
    • Agitation on separate Telangana issue,

    • Cash for vote scandal

    All these above are the proven subjects of negative side of UPA-II government.

    Now , Weigh the positive and negatives of UPA-II
    Keeping the positives and negatives of the government in a conventional balance, if we observe the swing of the balance, certainly it swings to the side of the negatives which are of serious concern of our country , which needs to be looked into and remedied. Yet, no doubt, the Congress is the best party that ruled India very well since independence. The rising of communal and other ill mentality parties have given rise to corruption and distracted the good governance of Congress party to get the comment as the worst government that India has seen after independence. Moreover, the non cooperation from opposition parties like BJP and the communists have become a great head-ache to the UPA-II government, that they are unable to discuss any issues related to the country during their parliamentary session.

    Very recently the UPA-II government has come out with a policy of supplying only 4 gas cylinders to a family in a year. This will severely affect the consumers, as the common man will have to resort to old conventional method of cooking using fire woods. Hence UPA-II is reversing India back to stone age. This has added some more weight to say that UPA-II is now worst of the worst.

    A Prime Minister of a country, who has supported the lokpal bill and opined to say that the prime ministers office should be in the ambit of lokpal bill has suddenly reversed his words and opposed inclusion of prime minister in that bill. What a strange Prime minister who can not decide and stick to his words. Is he not a confusing Prime minister.

    What UPA-II should do now
    It is high time that the ruling Congress to mend their ways to come out of the evil comments. They should sit together and analyze the cause for its failure to gain the confidence of the citizen of India. They should try and pass the Lokpal bill against corruption, be strict with award of punishments, put more efforts to curtail price rise and to bring down fuel prices, improve their intelligence department to end terrorism and bomb blasts. Also they should initiate action to bring back the black money stashed in foreign banks and announce the name of the culprits. Try to settle all pending cases of corruption in all courts as early as possible.

    By doing so UPA-II can stand erect with head up, and request the voters " Please vote for congress for better governance" . The possibilities to say so is very thin.

    My conclusion
    As I said earlier , the ship UPA-II, due to its poor navigation(plans) and defective aids (corrupt leaders) and rough weather conditions(oppositions pressure and non co-operation) and development of many leaking holes(corrupt ministers with scandals) , the UPA ship can not steer straight. The Captain (Prime Minister)is helpless to steer the ship safely and save the ship, and the ship might sink. A very serious damage control action will be required to save the ship, and to sail again in the year 2014.

    No life without Sun

  • #220239
    Gleaning through the views expressed by all the fellow members above, the only conclusion one could possibly arrive at will be that they are all very thought provoking and very nearer to the given topic of discussion. My humble submission in the series on the topic follows like this viz:-

    Central government is appearing impotent, powerless, worn out and effete now- totally incapable of producing any result. The expectations people were having after the 2004 and 2009 elections from Sonia Gandhi and his team are dimming now. It is alright to see the all clean image of Sonia Gandhi and the cracks of Rajiv Gandhi to carry Congress in the vicinity of Dalits and poor, but this also should seem that the government can do not only good works but in effect are also doing good works. Everything is looking upsides down and ugly. Something everywhere is rotting and reeking. In place of achievements, annoyance frustration, and anger is simmering everywhere round. There is not a word of sympathy anywhere heard in favour of this government.

    United Progressive Alliance government has to bear the burnt of misdemeanour from its own partners the most. Its partners Sharad powar of NCP, Mamta Banerjee of Trinmool Congress, M karunanidhi from the DMK are all grinding their personal axes no doubt but even the parties supporting the government from outside are not found wanting in the acts. And the nation is shocked wondering what this happening?

    The state of affairs that prevails on the inflation front doesn't need mentions here because everyone is affected from the 'Mahangai Daiin'. Formerly, when the price of crude oil was 125-150 per dollar each barrel, the dear petrol and diesel had not fallen as heavier on our domestic budget as is it falling now. Food stuff prices are skyrocketing, going up farther at a rate of above 25-30 %. The government has entrusted the RBI with the duty of fighting with the inflation washing its hands off the simmering crisis which is bound to reach the stage of stagflation. The RBI is doing what they are best at doing- 'base rate of interest'. It only knows this formula – nothing much –nothing less. Thus, this step is further confounding the worsening situation. It is turning a Nelson's eye to corruption, black money which form enough ground fertile for galloping of inflation tearing the roof.

    Kashmir has begun boiling again. On Pakistan's instigations, the zealots and separatists of Kashmir have gathered up thousands of Kashmiri youths who prefer the demand of independence more than bread. How can the economic development of Jammu and Kashmir be possible in such a worse scenario?

    The middle India is in grips of Naxal terror. The army and the central forces are helplessly fluttering their wings. As for talking yakity yakity yak is concerned, our central home minister Parampalli Chidamberam is very good at talking, but since he thinks all others around him are the fools of the highest order, nobody cooperates with him. The way thousands of crores were looted just below the nose of the union government in the name of common wealth games clearly proves the fact that the steering of the nation is in wrong hands.

    Finance minister Pranav Mukherjee churns out data why inflation is so up and suggests that for the sake of country's progress, inflation is a necessary evil. Of what use this progress would be when the breads of the poor are being snatched from their mouths.

    Data cannot please everybody-not the poor. The people like Tata, Birla, Ambani are pleased because they are the real gainers in this scenario mostly on the government's largesse. For the common men, even the dream of a small house, a vehicle, and good education for children is far fetched.

    Perhaps this is the reason why vote against this government is the only solution.

  • #220296
    Though all have their personal views but just as there are two faces of a coin similarly UPA government has lend a helping hand in running the country at an economical growth rate ,fastest than ever before . It has also made the education system smoother , which a middleclass family can easily afford.Yes , there are some antifactors asssosiated with it but still it has helped in producing largest graduates in our country as compared to anywhere else . Due to the changing political environment UPA government has to take some more initiatives . This party has ruled in a far more better way than any other party as it is bringing education to every home .

  • #220357
    The common man of India elected the present UPA (popularly called UPA-II) government with the aspiration of a better living. The public reelected this government under the leadership of Manmohan Singh based on the performance of earlier UPA (popularly called UPA-I) government under the same leadership. The major difference is that the left parties supported the UPA-I but they are not supporting UPA-II.
    When we start rating the performance of the UPA-II during the last two years, we must have a benchmark against which the rating can be decided. The UPA-I government itself set a high benchmark. The UPA-I government took pragmatic and bold steps for Right to Information Act (RTI), National Rural Employment Guarantee Act ,Farmer Loan Waivers' Scheme, Health Security Scheme for the workers in the unorganized sector. On the top of these measures for the common man the government went for a nuclear deal with the US which irked the left parties and they withdrew their support. The performance of UPA-I raised the hopes of the common man and in turn returned to power once again.
    When we start assessing the performance of the UPA-II government during the last two years, our attention is attracted towards the following points.

    1) These years saw a steep price hike of food items. The basic food items went beyond the reach of the common man. The repeated hike in fuel prices, added oil to this fire and this influenced the prices all the essentials. The UPA-II government failed to control the price hike and this seems to be its serious failure. The government does not have any plan to fight out inflation.

    2) The government's only way to fight with the inflation was to increase the interest rates which in turn increase the EMIs of home loan and car loan. The government under the leadership of an economist is performing dismally on this ground raising serious cause of concern in the public.

    3) Though India has come-up with an economic growth rate of 8.5 per cent which puts India in the list of the world's fastest-growing large economies along with China, the analyst think that India appears to be confronted with a crisis of governance.

    4) The government did not work as a synchronous unit but the alliance members were seen playing their own music. Mamata Banerji, then Railway Minister, spent her time in Kolkatta instead of in the office of the Railway Ministry. This resulted total chaos in railways and this resulted in accidents and other losses. DMK ministers were busy in various scams. Agriculture Minister and NCP supremo, Sharad Pawar was busy in giving statements those resulted price rise in food grains and sugar. He remained busy in Cricket and thousand quintals of food grain rotted away.

    5) The government remained besieged by various scams. The day by day rising number of scams has began to tell on the reputation of the government. This is also maligning the clean image of the Prime Minister.

    6) The government was an utter failure in fighting terrorism. The recent intelligence failure resulted ghastly Mumbai serial blasts. The lengthy trials and delay in punishing the culprits are also raising doubts about the will of the government.

    The government can be given credit with some reservations for successful staging of common wealth games and tabling the anti-corruption bill of Lokpal.

    We come to the conclusion that we may assess the performance of UPA-II government to be dismal. The present performance of UPA-II may be rated 'bad' in comparison with the performance of UPA-I. If this trend of governance continues then the rating may change to 'worse'.

  • #220428
    @RM Sundar,
    Sir, what I observed is that most of the members who responded to this post have looked and mentioned their views in a negative manner but you have made your post with both the good and negative points that which have performed by this Government.
    Yes, surely not only this Goberhnment, but to speak any party must have done some good deeds in ordeer to come in to power twice. Even as the same way, this Government has also done some acts which are for the upliftment of the poor sections of our country. This policies are one of the way as to say that India is developing country. But the thing is that when compared with the good acts by this Government there seems more of the disgusting factors and the final result is that this party has done more of the bad effects on the people than the good. Though some of the policies are introduced by this Government, some of them are being stopped because of lack of funding, lack of proper maintainence, not enough members to take care etc., and eventually these also cause for the bad side view of this Government. This are some what on bad side listed and the real negative and major ones are the 2G scam and the huge hike in the prices among commodities and the petroleum products.
    Actually these all matters are mentioned by you, but I wanted to discuss it again with your message as I liked the way of mentioning the Government name as UPA II. This means the entire matter discussed bby you is when this party came in to lead for second time. When at first time, realy when at first time, thre would be no such discussion on this topic.

    Prithvi Kocherla.
    "Success is not the end of life, but it is the turning of a new page".

  • #220435
    Sorry Prithivi,
    The authorities have permitted us only to make a boundary (4 responses) and any thing excess to it may be considered as a violation. I have discussed on this topic at length with my 4 responses. Even I do not want to make a sixer and stop with this 5th response on your compulsion. However, I violate the rule as a consoling response since you have posed a question to me.

    I would say that UPA's rule in their first term was smooth and effective and liked by the citizen of India, hence they could continue with their second term. We can not blame congress alone for its failure. Because of its corrupt coalition partners and more selfish corrupted congress men, congress has been made to eat grass, being a tiger that ruled this country since independence with able leaders like Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Sastri, Rajiv Gandhi and many other politicians like C subramaniyam, TT krishnamachari and many more. You may continue with your discussion on this subject with other members of ISC, dear Prithivi.

    But I understand You also made a boundary in this GD and exhausted your quota.

    @ Web Master: Hope the judges will consider my violation of instruction as a compulsion from an efficient and enthusiastic member like prithivi.

    No life without Sun

  • #220471
    @MR.Ganesh. I will like to tell you that many policies and steps of the present government are really waste. Can you count the number of scams. Even in the commonwealth games there was a big scam.
    Government attitude towards the terrorists is really very annoying. Why millions are spent on Kasab when we already know that he knows nothing. There was a bill passed by the UPA government in its last regime which provided financial help to the parents of the terrorists. Government is also doing partiality with the developing state Bihar. Strict laws like POTA is already removed by the UPA government.
    Now about the prime minister. Everyone knows that who is ruling the nation and what is he doing. Really present scenario is very alarming.
    @R.M Sundaram. Sir its a good thing that you are seeing the positive side of the government but unfortunately congress is really responsible for the scams and the present conditions being the main party in the coalition government.
    Hard work pays.

  • #220472
    @ Sundar Sb, I just wanted to show that Congress has been the blood sucking bug since the day we got independence.

    Why it is only Congress to rule on India? Is there any particular reason to this!

    This party has been befooling us. Indira used to say from Red Fort every year, "We have to eradicate poverty". Yes, it is done only in the circles of the Congress and the common Indian has become poorer.

    There was a segment in our society as Middle Class as a part of three major segments—Upper Class, Middle Class, and the Poor Class. But now there are only two classes left, Upper Class and the Poor Class.

    UPA in it's second innings has played best to their profitability. We will be ranking First in the scams in Guinea Book of World Records.

    We all have been discussing this issue for past some days but what the result is. All the more we are making way for the third inning of UPA.

    We have to change ourselves and to the following:
    1. Stop–Hero worship,
    2. Not allow leadership to the children of the leader,
    3. Change our attitude when voting for government,
    4. Should think in respect of country rather self-respect,
    5. Stringent our judicial system.

    Nadeem Naqvi

    World without God is Zero without One!

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