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    The attitude and behaviour of personnel with "O"negative blood group

    I have seen people with blood group "O" with Rh factor "Negative" are observed to be very bold, aggressive, stubborn, impolite and greedy. Is it true with the "O negative" blood group. Just analyze this statement and discuss please.

    I know, it is not possible to give an immediate response. Members are requested to take their own time to give response to this post.
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    I think you can not tell about attitude or behaviour of anybody by their blood group. Behaviour of a person depends upon the environment of him or mentality of him.

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    Hi, Vivek
    Thanks for your quick response. What you said is correct. But, there is something like quality by birth which has much relevance to the blood group. Please take your own time to contact your friends and relatives to get their blood groups and compare with their attitude and behaviour. Please reply thereafter positively.

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    I think the blood group is well explained in tamil. We call it Gothram. These Gothram respects the respective blood genes. I belong to Bharathwaja Gothram and we wont marry a girl with same gothram and consider her as sister.

    Therefore blood group is nothing but gothram and it does matters when the genes changed.

    K Mohan

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sri Sundar,

    the posting can be your own personal opinion.

    To apply in general, the opinion has to be substantiated by empirical study data. That will be a scientific approach.

    Otherwise it only a personal view point. There cannot be discussion on that.

    As far as I know,no such studied data says such thing about O-ve blood people.

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    Dear friends of ISC,
    It is a serious subject for discussion. No one might have thought it before. My special and earnest request is that - Please study this phenomena of blood group and the attitude and behaviour of personnel within the circle of your family and friends. You will know the reality. I feel that it has great relevance to one's blood group and their attitude and behaviour. Please take your own time and try to study and understand. I am sure, you will agree with me in later days, or weeks or months or years.

    @ Dear Mohan - Gothram has nothing to do with blood groups. There are few identified blood groups. But there are tens of gothrams in life.

    @ Please understand that Mrs Indira Gandhi's blood group was "O Negative"

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    Hello members, it is really a nice topic to discuss. Many research are going on how blood group affects the human mentality. However reports from researches says that some specific blood group people will have similar characters. But to my point other than blood group, every human's character is shaped by the society and the way he/she brought up. It plays important role through some hidden information of ancestors transmitted through genes. Don't evaluate a man based on these traits. Be social to everyone is the only thing I believe. I agree there is a relation between a person's blood group and his character. But it is not the same among thousands of people with the blood group O with Rh factor. I strongly disagree this point and Mr.Sundar kindly change the typo in your response.( blood is wrongly typed as blodd)
    Dedication has its reward one day

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    Dear Shafi,
    You may disagree with the point I projected. Generally this study is not practiced. Since I have come across certain people of indifferent attitude and character with blood group O negative being a group for arrogant, aggressive and greedy characters, I have posed this question to experiment in your life and understand this phenomena of blood and character. You may deny now, but you will agree later and say " Sundar , you are correct"

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    Hi Mr.Sundaram,
    I feel like you are somewhat got severely affected by those O negative blood group people. Don't mistake me for this open statement. I said this because this discussion needs it. Anyhow, I will remind you whenever I come across those people in my life like the way you said. My humble request as a friend is don't keep you strong on this decision because this may hurt other good people of the blood specified. And I am a favorite fan of Indira Gandhi because of her boldness and strictness. Though many questions were put upon her as a lady she is the role model of many women in India. I was much attracted by MISA(Maintenance of Internal Security Act) which I studied at my eighth standard implemented by Indira Gandhi. Please try to convince yourself like all people are same. It is both good for you as well as others around you.

    Dedication has its reward one day

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    Dear Shafi,
    I do not say that the people with O negative blood group are full of negative qualities. They are very good like Indira Gandhi. People with such groups are very good by look and nature and are very good human, but with the added qualities of very bold, courage, aggressive against the ill, stubbornness for the good, greed for self satisfaction. Never think that I have commented with negative opinion.

    People with O negative blood group are very able administrators. At times, such people are very helpful to the society. My thread is to find the truth of the character, attitude and behaviour of such O negative blood group people, which is to be studied and understood.

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    Mr. Sundar,
    I have never judged a person in accordance to his or her blood group. I have just been friends. Though having knowledge of the other sciences I still not consider them to be a bridge of friendship.

    As per you that 'O' -tive people are very bold, aggressive, stubborn, impolite and greedy, I have never read about anyone in this regard. But here the simple question which comes to my mind is that the people can only be characterised into segments of 'A'+ & -, 'B'+ & -, 'AB'+ & -, 'O'+ & - only. Which is contradicting all the old sciences of our land i.e. Jyotisha, patra, etc. These sciences are not talking in respect to human blood but have different reading for the character of a person.

    Nadeem Naqvi

    World without God is Zero without One!

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    Dear Nadeem,
    I have had some practical experiences in this blood group theory. I have observed most of my family members and relatives who have such blood groups and their character have been studied to arrive at this conclusion. No one could have thought of studying the persons with their blood group.

    I am with O+ blood group. And I have observed many O + positive group personnel are like me, where as, the O - negative members are very different from us in our own family. We had a discussion in our family. Hence I have raised this thread for people to have some practical study on this subject.

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    I agree with what Sundar sir said is correct. There are some relation ship between blood group and character.This is basically due to the gene affects. The same blood group peoples have more similar genes so the character or mentality also similar.
    Type O "Hot"

    Population Roughly 38% of the world is O +ve and 6% O -ve.

    Type A "Cool"

    Population Roughly 34% of the world is A +ve and 6% A -ve.

    Type B "Active"

    Population Roughly 9% of the world is B +ve and 2% B -ve.

    Type AB "Care-Free"
    This research carried out in a Japanese research institute.

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    This is an interesting discussion about Blood Groups. How many of the people that have taken part in the discussion are of the Blood Group being talked about here. I belong to the O- group.

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    I am O - and this is the reason that I will not agree with Mr. Sunder.

    Indira Gandhi may be proved to be greedy as per your calculations but I have been satisfied with life.

    I don't long for what I cannot afford but thanks to Almighty that what I have desired I have received.

    About being impolite I would ask anyone to read my posts and comment and does my word show it.

    About Stubbornness I am stubborn only if the process is illegal.

    Aggressive, people have meaning of the words which are according to them most suited. E.g. last night I was traveling in local train. A person jumped on the top berth with his shoes on, and I got wild, so if this is aggression then I am aggressive.

    Yes, I am bold to speak against anyone and everyone as it was a part of my job. Now this is my habit to speak right on face to keep the relation clean and healthy rather than talking in flowery language just to keep the relation drift in the ocean of dilemma.

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    Hi Nadeem,
    Nice response on this hot discussion. I like the way you put forth your views on the topic. Actually, in olden days many people seems to be very aggressive for small things. But due to the improved Education, many people especially younger generation are becoming socially speaking people rather than aggressive one. Hence I stand forth on my point that no man can be evaluated on the basis of Blood group, it is just a theory made by researchers. main impact of human life is only the environment surround him. Again thanks to Naqvi to provide such a bold disagreement nicely.

    Dedication has its reward one day

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    Dear Nadeem,
    By your elaborated statement and being very active to respond this thread with a disagreement, it is proved that O negative has the qualities I have mentioned and these qualities are not negative qualities, but are negative for the positive results. However, this subject need to be studied and well understood to determine the character of an individual through his blood group.

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    Characterisation of any person through his blood group may not be 100 percent correct. Few examples to frame any such theory is scientifically not correct. However, it is a good thread to discuss in this issue. Often in a family who are having same blood group are not of same behaviour, character and attitude. It all depend upon the environment in which you are living, the financial status of an individual, his family history and other factors. However, this issue has given us a thought to think over it. May be Mr. Sunder right in his perspective. But I have seen in may family that all brother and sisters are having same blood group but their habits, attitude and nature are different from each other.

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    Sundar sb,
    Most of the time you are the fist person to respond to any thread and maximum times I have seen Mr. Mohan. But I think that you both are not 'O' -.

    I am not responding to this thread under compulsion or under pressure that I am one of the person with 'O'-, but I have a point that this cannot be a system of reading a person.

    We all are Indian and I have faith in our ancient sciences and with such western time bound researches people are disrespecting them. The people can be read only through birth chart or numerology.

    I said in my last comment that I am aggressive when something wrong is being done, either you prove your statement with logics or be convinced with me.

    Sorry! if I am sounding harsh, will all due respect to you in experience and age Sundar sb.

    Nadeem Naqvi

    World without God is Zero without One!

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    Dear Nadeem,
    I am O positive and I do not know about Mr.Mohan. As old students of ISC and much interested in forum section than any other section of ISC, you observe us as the first person to respond. It is not the quality of O negative. It is the sincerity and interest of O positive to respond a thread. In that case, should we consider all those respond first in forum section as people with O positive blood group.

    No life without Sun

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    The behaviors you have mentioned comes under Type A behavior. Type A people are aggressive, highly competitive and focused towards their goal. This nature would make them seem to be stubborn, greedy and impulsive. I personally don't think there is anything wrong with it, they are genetically coded that way.
    Human nature are of four types Aggressive, Amicable ( who let others dominate them), Analyst (more of silent thinker) and Expressive (all words not much of action). Any individual is a mixture of these with some dominant traits in one or two natures.

    All the natures mentioned above is determined by genes. It has been found out by researcher that genes are responsible for each and everything in any living being such as nature, diseases and activities. That is the reason for gene therapy gaining popularity nowadays.

    Finally coming to the point, it has been proven that Blood group is affected by genes. The difference between blood groups are the antigens and rh proteins (for negative groups) present in the blood surface of each blood type. Every thing is coded in genes. When the gene can vary among blood groups in particular pattern, there is a lot of chance that the nature of a person could be influenced by blood group. However more direct effect of blood group is over immunity, health conditions and susceptibility to diseases.

    One more factor that affect one's behavior is hormones. High testosterone levels induce type A behavior. Genetic variations also has been proven to impact hormone levels. So this also indicates relationship of blood types and behavior.

    However only general classification is applicable as in O, A, B, AB blood groups. There is no specific bias to negative or positive blood group. Still the research in the area is nascent. May be we would become aware of some concrete results in coming years. At that time I think the discussion would have more sparks.

    with regards

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    Dear Joe Nisha,
    By your elaborated response, it is clear that there is some relevance between the character of a person and the blood group. Really, your response added some weightage to this topic under discussion.

    No life without Sun

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    Dear Sun,
    As per my observation too, it is true..I wish u to collect further data in this subject.As I am belong to the subject O'-ve' I am quite interesting to get into your research..
    I came across a tips in a magazine earlier that over 90 percent of the parliamentarians are of this blood type.

    some of the above link is in japanese discusses this subject. In Japan, blood type and character and attitude has been patterned and have been put into action of selection/screening process of personnel for positions in organisations.
    Because of living here in Japan, I know these subject is active here, however they didn't take rh factor into count..this is not an accurate way to analyse.
    to highlight, some of the quotes I m suggesting here in these above links.

    ///// In Japan, the study of blood type and its impact on personality is serious business. Toshitaka Nomi has published over 25 books on the subject (including You Are Your Blood Type, Pocket Books, 1983) and is considered to be the world's foremost expert. Companies in Japan such as Honda, Toyota, and Yamaha frequently consult blood type information when determining consumer preference for marketing and manufacturing, or compatibilities among employees. Nomi also has postulated that national personality traits of Americans, Germans, and Japanese are based on the different balances between the blood type groups in their populations.
    Nomi suggests that in general, blood type O's are goal oriented and enthusiastic, while blood type A's are more detail oriented and fastidious. Blood type B's tend to be creative and unconventional, whereas type AB's have a great spiritual sensitivity.////////
    /////Furthermore, as with all attempts to label people, this one has ominous undertones. Once you say, "Type A is this," or "Type B is that," the unavoidable next step is to say, "Type B is superior," or "Only a Type O can be president." Caste systems develop. A variation of this happens every day in Japan-for example, when a company advertises that it is looking for Type Bs to fill middle management positions.
    So what is the value of this speculation, and why am I including it here? It's very simple. Although I think the Japanese ketsu-eki-gata is extreme, I can't deny that there is probably an essential truth to the theories about a relationship between our cells and our personalities.
    Modern scientists and doctors have clearly acknowledged the existence of a biological mind-body connection, and we've already demonstrated the relationship between your blood type and your response to stress earlier in this chapter. The idea that your blood type may relate to your personality is not really so strange. Indeed, if you look at each of the blood types, you can see a distinct personality emerging -- the inheritance of our ancestral strengths. Perhaps this is just another way for you to play to those strengths.
    The characterizations and suggestions I will make about your "blood type personality" are based on the pooled impressions made from empirical observations of thousands of people over many years. Perhaps this data will provide a fuller picture of the vital force of blood type. Just don't let it become a source of limitation -- rather, let it be a source of fulfillment.
    By playing to your blood type's strengths, you may be able to achieve greater efficiency and accuracy in your work, and greater emotional happiness and security in your life.
    There is as yet not enough hard evidence to justify any sweeping conclusions about the use of blood type to determine personality, but a world of information is waiting to be annexed and explored. A full understanding of the unique cellular blueprint of our bodies still eludes our deepest probing.
    Perhaps in the next century we will finally be able to examine some master plan; a map that will show us how to get from here to there within ourselves. But perhaps not. There is so much we don't understand, so much we may never understand. But we can speculate, reflect, and consider the many possibilities. That is why we have, as a species, developed such acute intelligence.
    These elements -- diet, weight management, dietary supplementation, stress control, and personal qualities form the essential elements of your individual Blood Type Plan. Refer to them of ten as you begin to familiarize yourself with the specific qualities of your blood type.
    But before you go any further, I suggest you do one more thing: Know your blood type!

    Fantastic! Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo had published a really epoch-making book. With this book, the blood-type-and-personality dispute have been almost settled…//////

    ////////Blood," the Japanese expert Toshitaka Nomi says, "is much more than the vital fluid that carries oxygen and other necessary life-supporting nutrients through your cardiovascular system."
    In 1901, Dr. Karl Landsteiner, who later won the Nobel Prize, identified the four blood groups (Note: actually three. Type AB was found later) to which we all belong, revolutionizing the world's view of man's biochemical makeup. Reliable blood transfusions were now fatal reactions that occur when blood from incompatible groups combines. Then, in 1910, von Dungern and Hirszfeld began researching the genetics of blood. They identified the inherited patterns, isolating independent pairs of genes that transmit blood type from parents to children.
    The first links between personality and blood groups were made by the Japanese psychologist Takeji Furukawa, who published his findings in the German *Journal of Applied Psychology* in 1931. The German psychologist Karl H. Göbber took Furukawa's work further, widening the research in scope and depth. In Switzerland, Dr. K. Fritz Schaer had begun independently researching personality and blood groups, using the students of the Swiss Military Academy as test subjects.
    In France, Jacques Genevay and Léone Bourdel were publishing their own groundbreaking scientific work, and throughout the fifties, sixties, and seventies Brazilian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Australian, and American specialists expended blood group psychology into the field of education, psychiatry, medicine, and even criminology.////////

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    KG Napolean,
    From your well written article on the subject, I certainly believe that Napolean is O - group without any doubt. I never expected that my this thread of August will have the positive effect of blood group after six months. There is much to understand about the endless blood group theory.

    No life without Sun

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    Although I am O+ blood group carrier, but I am acquainted with a person who is a O- blood group carrier. The character that fellow shares is exactly the same what you have described in your thread. In fact, that person was the most unwanted element of our group. The behavior and nature I am giving below:
    1. Very rude 2. Greedy 3. Brainless 4. Revengeful/offensive 5. can even hit anyone 6. Extremely manner less 7. untidy 8. no respect for elders 9. Liar

    I mean any negative point you can imagine. The entire group was astonished how a human being can be like that. I had a very bad experience. There are n numbers of incident took place when that person used to surprise us with his/her behavior.

    I cant say that it was because of his/her blood group as i don't have much information about this factor, but may be some other psychological reason could be there. As there are many successful people in this world who belong to O- group. May be this case is wrong person with wrong blood group. Or may be you are right that O- group have aggressive nature, but it purely depends on an individual that how precisely he controls over his/her emotions. It is possible that even an O+ group holder can fail to resolve his or her emotions and get uncontrolled.


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    I won't say that the blood group never matters; because even i did some of the reason and it do show that there are some relation between different blood group and different kind of attitude; but they are not full--proof. And never can be; because it is for sure that with all the above things ; the environment where we live also matters; and that may over take the relationship of blood group and the personality traits; so it is so difficult to say. I am an O-positive; but never thought like this; but I would like to know about it as well for my blood group.
    Veena Sharma.

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    @K Mohan sir, Gothram is associated with a family name, but the family members need not have a similar blood group. How blood group relates to Gothram. I do agree that, same gothram peopl won't marry each other.

    This thread have long lasting theories on blood groups of people, their attitude and behaviour.

    K K

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    Error post.
    Satish Kumar Pranatharthyharan,
    Superintendent of Central Excise & Customs.

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