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    Karnatka is about to close 3000 schools.

    The department of public instruction has decided that it will close its 3000 schools. The reason given behind this is due to less than 10 students in these schools. But what is interesting is that most of these schools are in rural areas and having no nearby school at a distance of 5-10 km. and if govt. will close these school then what will the students do? Let on a average their are 5 students per school in these areas but closing 3000 schools will result in the locking of 15000 needy people.
    I want to see what other people think on this?
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    In A.P. also the same type of news we are seeing so many times in news items. Not only in rural areas but also in big towns and cities Government is closing schools because of lack of students. This is mainly because people they have lost their faith in Government schools as they were not properly maintained. Even the poor parents also admitting their children in convent schools even though they have no capability to pay such high fees. This is simply because that they want their child to get some good education. Government authorities have to carry out some serious action plan to bring good faith of the parents towards these schools.

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    If the given reason that less than 10 students are present in each school is true,then there's no wrong in closing down the schools. But before doing that i would question the government as to why there is such low turnout in these government schools. If it is because of ignorance of people who do not wish to send their kids to school,then it becomes the responsibility of the government to make them aware of of advantages of having education. If it is because of poor standards of of the school,well,there's nothing much to say other than blame them of mismanaged administration. Also i would like know what is the government going to do with the share of money that was allocated for these schools. Where is it going to get redirected? Into a more purposeful project or into the accounts of the ministers?

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    Very strange and surprised to hear this news. That means the need for education among the rural mass provided by the state and central govt has not reached the beneficiary so far. The situation is alarming and needs immediate attention else the students who are already enrolled are put to discontinue mode.
    K Mohan
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    Hello friends,
    It is a critical situation faced by the government of Karnataka but The students should be provided with cab facilities to go and return back from the nearby schools and I think the schools in the specific area should be closed and students should be admitted in the nearby colleges.

    With Regards,
    Sudhan A

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    Oh such a strange news, Government should understand the situation that they are destroying 15000 lives of children. 3000 schools are not a joke to close. Government have need to work on it that why people avoiding such schools and other want to join convent schools. It is only due to lack of study, study atmosphere is very bad in government schools.


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    HI aman

    Yes it is panic news Mr. Aman. If Government decided to close so much Number of schools that's too of rural areas. But Government is also having much problem because the expenses occurs to run an school is very much. There more then 10 teaching staff and 3 to 4 non teaching staff the salaries are also very huge. If government is spending much more for education purpose but in return there are very poor quality of students are there in the schools.

    The reasons is the less student of the school is there are many private institutions are running in the rural areas and they are giving good quality of education and they are charging more for it. Every one wants the good quality of education so people rushing towards private schools in such circumstances the strength in government school are very less.

    I think it is better to close such poor quality schools or have to improve the quality of school and its strength by visiting to the home to home of each and every village. Then only we can improve our government schools and quality of education.

    Thanks & Regards
    Syed Arif Murshed

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    This problem is in Andhra Pradesh also. Recently, in rationalization process in govt. schools, most of the schools to be closed on proposal made by government. But, according to verdict of Highcourt, those schools are running with single teachers.

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