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    Manipur: cylinder costing Rs. 2000 and price of petrol is Rs. 140/litre.

    The LPG cylinder is costing 2000 and petrol is Rs. 140/litre in Manipur. This all happened as two main hìghways of the state are blocked by the tribal groups from last two months. The state govt. is fail to respond due to the nearby elections.
    The cost of other essential things has also shot up due to this reasön.
    Dont you think that central govt. should take concrete steps towards the prevention of this kind of incidences specially in north east states and also in the naxali affected areas?
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    I am feeling boiled by hearing this from you. How come the people of Manipur ''adjusting'' all these days. Normally the center shows step motherly treatment and this being tribal blockade ,this govt does not have guts to interfere for the fear of vote bank. Down with such cheap politics at the cost of general public. This govt speaks of tall governance and here is the classic example of situation being exploited by the gullible citing blockade. When India will develop at all ?
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Blockades, strikes, demonstrations, fasts, yatras, candle marches, etc. have all become a stuff of joke in the recent years.

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    Situation is really very bad. Government is doing nothing and people are facing hammer out of this situation. Black marketing is on peak.

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    Hello friends,
    It is one of the major problem that is faced by a separate section of groups. the state government should take necessary steps in order to overcome such situations faced by the general public. They cost of 2000 rs per cylinder is something which is not imaginable even by high class community and if this situation prevails it is a huge blow for the public over there. The manipur government should take necessary steps in order to eliminate this problem solely for the welfare of the public.

    With Regards,
    Sudhan A

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    Really sorry to know that, Manipur one of the Seven Sisters state is reeling under this affliction. The state being situated at a location where a slight blockade gets badly affected as few roads lead to it.
    The Stete of Manipur has always been in the news with inadequacies and adversities and it's about time the Central government intervenes to come up with a permanent solution. The big-wigs at the centre should understand that, the inhabitants of this particular state has dreams and aspirations very like them too.
    Raising essential commodities to such sky-high level obviously is not the solution.

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    I totally agree with you that central govt. shoul intervene to help Manipur.
    But here the question arises that what state govt. is doìng?

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    Every time I saw these types of news on newspapers but what government want from all of this I don't know. Government should have to take quick action against who are blocking roads. How people are embarrassing this high price. Central government have need to work on connectivity between North east states to other states of India.


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    Some dramatic situations develop and lead to such difficult times. It is the common people who suffer. It is a pity that the civil administration is many times handicapped due to peculiar situations. This is compounded by the exploitation of the ground situation by internal and external vested interests.

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