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    Which is better, coaching classes or self study?

    Nowdays coaching classes has made eduction a business.
    Addressing to the gathering of former IItians at a 'Pan IIT' summit in Mumbai, Infosys chairmain Narayan Murthy has said that from past few years quality of students entering in the IITs had lowered and he accused coaching institutes for this.
    He said coaching institutes provides a limited no. of problems to the students and limits the thinking of student. Somehow these students got selected but fails to excel further.
    In my view a student should go for self study rather than coaching institutes for preparation.
    What you people think?
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    I think coaching classes have become the center of attraction and they contribute nothing to the students progress. These places have become a place to gather share personal pleasantries and the progress of children on their education front is minimal.Just for the satisfaction of the parents these classes pose to give best attention on coaching, but reality nothing like that.I think self study is the best way to improve our education and personality.
    K Mohan
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    Hello Aman,
    Earlier Coaching classes contributed more towards the students education but now they are profit oriented and the quality in education provided by them are not so good I would prefer not to go to coaching class and study on my own. I don't have knowledge when it comes to IIT but I can tell you that I have experienced them in my MBA admissions. To say in short believe in your own talents rather to believe any others and providing them a huge money for your education. Hope for your best and put a good try I would definitely say that you can crack any Exams if you have proper practice in solving the previous question papers. Even if you go to coaching classes it is up to you whether you perform well or not in the examinations they are only going to teach you the previous question papers with charging huge money for that.

    With Regards,
    Sudhan A

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    Thanks Mohan sir and sudhan sir for your valuable responses.
    I also do feel the same that now coaching institutes has nothing to do with the good education.

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    Aman, Good thread for discussion!

    I think due to the sheer competitive pressure that students go through is the reason why coaching classes are mushrooming everywhere. Now even 90% is not considered good enough for admission to colleges which is really ridiculous. It is parents who feel that if they do not put their children in a coaching class they will be left behind in the rat race. Even those parents who are highly educated themselves and can teach their children themselves insist that they should join a coaching class. It is simply the entire education system which is encouraging the trend of coaching classes.

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    Thanks Vandana mam for your appreciation. This is the first time I am getting the applaud from an editor of this site and it make me really proud.
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    There is no doubt that self study is better than coaching classes because it is often seen that students studying in coaching classes do not use their own mind in studies. They only know what has been told in coaching classes beyond that they don't know anything.But we can't deny the fact that there is no harm in taking coaching classes if we are taking it as additional source of information which clears our doubts which otherwise has been not cleared. But in my view coaching classes should only be taken when it is supplementing the self study and it should not be only for spoon feeding .

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    I think selfstudy is not a best one for competitive examinations. Even though the coaching centres have the main aim of making money from students, students can get a wide range information rather than they get it from book. The different methods of analysing a problem is taught there. And there is also students responsiblity to learn apart from regular coaching classes.

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    I think students must do self study instead of coaching classes. The reason for this in coaching classes they are only teaching them what comes in the previous exam and on the basis of those previous years questions, they evaluate some new questions which may or may not comes in next exam. By doing this they are stop students to think creatively. By doing self study students increases their knowledge of solving different types of questions. However coaching classes are important but one must choose self study instead of coaching classes.

    Deepak Yadav
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    No way. You need proper guidance when you are studying. When you opt for self-study then there are chances that you might miss out on important issues and topics. The best way is to join coaching classes and understand ALL the topics, then study everything once at home. Although the coaching centers might limit what they teach, it's always to make sure the important topics are covered instead, but that doesn't mean that a student cannot study more than what is taught.
    K. Sai Bhavani

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    I think now these coaching centers has become the necessary evil. We although don't want to do or recommend others to do, but if the case comes to us, we don't lag behind and stand first in the queue of coaching admissions. Everybody has some dreams, but these dreams are becoming costlier and time taking due yo these coaching centers. We don't only invest money but also lose one-two years in the process.
    Ataul Haque
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    Manish, Jenish and Deeepak you all provided valuable thoughts for the readers.
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    I am finding that more people favouring coaching centers.
    What I want to say in favour of self study is that when you do self study then you can explore your mind to best and if you do feel any problem you can consult your teachers.
    Dont you think that coaching institutes are commercialising the education?

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    Self study is the best option, however, coaching classes are necessary to help one guide along the path to better marks. Coaching classes cannot be deemed unimportant as teachers(not all but many) in the schools do not seem to have much idea regarding any subject outside the syllabus. Coaching classes have become the order of the day and cracking any entrance exams seem far from easy. But again after entering any institution to follow ones line of study, self study is the only weapon that can help achieve success in life and in career.

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    Hello friends,
    I think coaching classes offer only the practice based on previous exams which is not reliable, you can have more confidence in you and solve the questions out, I am sure you can make most of the answers, you can find new ideas to solve the problems when you do practice repeatedly. It is always better to depend on yourself rather to depend on someone else whose main aim is making money. It is only as we think we are not capable to clear the exams ourself that leads to seek the coaching centers. I would say better rely on yourself and practice the questions daily which will lead you to crack any examination in an improved manner.

    With Regards,
    Sudhan A

    "The greatest achievement comes from the biggest challenges"

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    Aman i'm not at all favoring coaching centers, i told that it is the necessary evil, which we are now bound to join. Coaching centers just revise your mind through repeated discussions and tests. It can't give a person a complete new thought or can make a person brilliant.
    It just polishes your mind.
    If all the coaching centers are shunned down, then we will in true sense be able to get the true geniuses of the country.

    Ataul Haque
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    I prefer self study. This is the right way to improve a student himself. No coaching center do nothing. They explain what they know. If a student want to improve himself, then he have to move through his text books thoroughly. Keep the doubt parts in list and follow reference book to gather more information. Still if he have any doubts then that can be clarified by respective teachers. I am a physics teacher. I am in teaching field since eight years. What I am saying it is from my experience. I always encourage my students to go through text books rather than going for coaching classes. I encourage them to learn to gain knowledge not to get marks in the examination. If they have perfect knowledge then automatic they can score marks in the examination. If they learn only examination oriented, just to get more marks in the examination then they may not get any thing in their life except marks. They become like a person who reads the warning on the cigarette packet but still do smoking. They won't try to understand what does that message warn!
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    In this race for coaching classes, no one wants to remain behind including the most talented students who perhaps could have got admissions even without these coaching classes. Coaching classes are doing injustice to students belonging to the rural areas where these facilities are not available. They only guide the students about the techniques and tactics for getting top ranks in the entrance examinations. Since it creates a divide among the rural and urban students, it is against the socialistic pattern of society which is one of the most important guiding principles of our constitution. The coaching classes are biased against the poor students as they cannot pay the heavy fees charged by the coaching institutes. An equal opportunity should be given to all the sections of the society based only the marks secured by the students in their entrance examination. For this purpose the government should adopt a single syllabus throughout the nation for all the colleges in the country.
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    Taking coaching for various entrance exams or getting jobs is no way wrong. But students have to join in good coaching centers which will provide good study material for their learning, which provide good provision for learning concepts, provide good practice for preparing for the examination. Good coaching centers really provide all kinds of help mentioned above along with good techniques and tips in cracking those exams. In A.P. so many such reliable coaching centers helping the student community to get seats in engineering and medical entrance exams. Along that coaching, students also have to work hard to achieve the goal. In my opinion self preparation itself is not sufficient to achieve their goal in this present day competitive world. After seeing the success of these coaching centers In A.P. our Government is also following the foot steps of those coaching centers and they are providing free coaching for IIT, Enginneering, Medical and Civil service exams from their institutes. Some times Govt. providing economic assistance for merit students to get education through these coaching centers.

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    The perspective of Education has been changed quiet for some time. We are encouraging those shortcut methods of attaining goals which are short lived and creating more frustration for the students.

    Rationality Development and Logical Thinking are the two roots of education which are being governed at a very early stage in schools which seems to be missing quiet for some time.

    So we are in a need to feed them as fast as we can by dint of those so called private coaching centers. Those centers are taking full advantage of this crisis and charging hefty amount as fees and most of them without maintaining any standards. As a result of it we are acting as a "TOTAPAKHI" according to RABINDRANATH TAGORE without even realizing the ill effects of the same. Tutorials often hinders a persons own creativity and like a junk food provides solutions to the problems faced by the students instantaneously. But methodological and scientific approaches by some Private Training Institutes certainly provides a good help for the preparation regarding Competitive exams.

    Self study is also a better option according to myself where a person can judge himself, access his ability, can put thrust upon his short comings, plan for himself accordingly. But if the student then also faces the problem them an external is a must.

    So a combination of Self-Study accompanied by Tutorials are ideal which will help that particular student in the long run.

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    I am not a professor to tell this things but according my knowledge self study is more power than coaching classes. Above statements are really true, now a days education is a type of business even completion of graduation people are starting this type of coaching classes for KG to PG. Self study is more power full than coaching classes, because by studying own they will get some new things by doing mistake and some times it will be success, and also improve the self confident and self respect.

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    The rise or rather the "existence" of coaching classes is because of the undue importance given to examination than the education provided to a student.

    When a student today could obtain 99.5% in academic studies and that too with subjective papers like languages in the syllabus, its truly a miracle ! Such miracle could be possible only through a coachin class who trains student for months together to attempt all the answers within the time duration to the extent that he/ she starts answering them blindly.

    But is this education? Will this take you anywhere? Of course, not. Self education is the best medium through which you can guage your ability & strength. Also the knowledge you develop over the years brings out the confidence & charisma as you are well informed and have grown on your own merit.

    Coaching class thus harms more than help an individual.Its become one of the most rampantly followed money making medium.

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    Hi Aman,

    According to me, each and every student in this world need an inspiration at some point in order to excel in their life. Coaching classes are one of those few places where the child get an extra "PUSH" which may help him/her to "CLIMB THE TREE" all the way long.
    (Beleave me, i am a student..!!)

    So for a child who like to think "Out Of The Box", coaching classes are indeed a blessing.


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    According to me, self-study is "must". However, coaching classes may be usefull , but it doesn't mean that these are vital for good results. As i am a student, so i know it in a better way. The best way to prepare for an exam is to start self-study , for this you can even use internet. Then test your performance by solving test papers or unsolved questions . This will realize you in which field/subject you are good as well as in which field/subject you should work hard.

    And if u read the above steps again, you will understand that you can start self-coaching easily . .

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    You are write Mr. Aman

    Now a days two sectors are very much commercialized and earning. One Education and another is Medical Sector. We have to search good solutions of this problem.

    Thanks & Regards
    Syed Arif Murshed

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    Self study is the best, as in this mode one's horizon aver the study material is much broader. With the scope of study widened you get access to any subject or topic of study without any limitations and standards. But in the case of coaching classes, you get spoon-fed, and gets to study only those scoped up for you. This limits your capacity and impairs you for further growth and innovation on your own feet. In self-study mode, your faculty to learn new things gets enhanced which will prove helpful, not only in examinations but also in practical living.
    Sure, being guided and mentored is nice, but one should not depend too much on it. Afterall, the cut-throat competitive world requires you to be able to stand on your own two feet. My say, would be to rely more on self-study and exploration.

    "Give the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you"

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    Dear sir,
    I gives you best answer, which is best,

    "Best are self study"

    You asked me for why , it's simple becouse you learn for any subject in your class or tuvistion, for passing the exam lastly you have self study must.

    And tivistion or collage class are for only provide a guidece.

    EXP:- If you have all knowladge about any subject you try it to pass exam by selfstudy you donot attend any class.




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    Hello Aman ,
    What you said is absolutely righr .Now a days these tuition centers are increasing in number and there ,it is a kind of spoon feeding .It decreases the thinking capacity of students .Due to this way of learning people are not able to exress their idea.
    Instead if they take the path of self study it increase their thinking capacity and the skill of expressing their ideas in their own way

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    Lack of good teaching in the school forces the student for opting the coaching classes. But if we can have a solid and proper teaching system at school, then we don't have to go for coaching classes. It is now havew become trend and people are going to these classes inspite of the fact that they are teaching same thing writen in the books.

    In my opinion if students can study own their own then they will definbately do better.

    Life is single, live it full.

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    Hi Bro,
    In my opnion self study is the better than coaching classes. Self study can not be replaced by coaching classes. After study in the school or college student have to give time to remined the things or make it long lasting. Even after a coaching class student needs time for selfstudy unless everything will be forgotten by the student. Coaching classes has its own benefit but without self study a student can not do well. A student can get good rank withoutcoaching classes but without self study it is impossible. So i strictly recommend self study.

    "Nothing can replace the hard work"

    With Thanks and Regards
    Deepak Kashyap

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    In coaching center gives the basic idea about each topic.After knowing the basic ideas then self study is good.

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