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    Should celebrities be more careful in choosing the brands for advertising?

    Here I would like to gather some healthy views on the point that whether big celebrities like Sharukh, Dhoni, Harbhajan, Akshay etc. should carefully sign the contract with various brands as they are role models for youth or they have full right to choose whatever brand they want to advertise?

    All of us have seen many celebrities are advertising for the liqour companies like Gautam, Harbhajan and Saif Ali Khan for royal stag, Dhoni for Royal Stag and Akshay kumar and Ajay Devgan for Bagpiper. What i feel is that they are role models for the younger generation and whatever they advertise it makes a big impact on the mind of youth so they should not advertise for such brands which can adversely affects the youth.
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    Hi sir
    I dont think being specefic will make any difference. I dont think that young boys learn these things from there. These things are mostly learned from friends or are started as a urge to know what will happen as they see people around them enjoying smoking and drinking.
    I do agree that it might have little effect but that plays minor role as far as my view point is concerned

    "God Bless All"
    Vineet Mehta

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    Thanks for your reply Vineet.
    I do respect your views but what I was asking that what will be the impact of a 13/14 year old boy's mind of these advertisements?

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    I think the main motive of celebrities is to make hay while the sun shines brightly. So they are not concerned about their stand in the society or their social obligations. Just for money some actors stoop to the level of giving pose to the liquor ads. And then they join the rally of Anna Hazare and take oath that they follow Gandhian principles.

    Hence forth the fans of these actors must reject their films if they resort to such ads in future. Actors cannot play with the sentiments of the people and they must respect the public opinion.

    K Mohan
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    K Mohan,
    Thanks for giving such a valuable response.
    I also do feel the same that actors and cricketers should be more responsible towards rteir fans.

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    Hello Friends,
    I would say that the celebrities are earning millions only through advertisements and when the companies offer a huge sum of money for the advertisements that takes only some days to suit, Hence I think anyone will not regret the offer provided by the companies which helps them to earn ,ore money in less period of time. Though the Reputation of the celebrities get destroyed here, They don't care about it as their main motive is to earn money through any way and get more publicity.

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    Sudhan A

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