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    Digvijay singh claims that BJP intends to put up Anna Hazare as its presidential candìdate.

    Congress leader Digvijay singh claimed that Anna Hazare is the mask of all anti congress parties and BJP is intending to promote him as its candidate for President in 2012 elections.
    What you people think about this statement? Is it contain any truth or just reflects the frustration of congress party?
    What I do feel is that congress is not finding any way tö deal with Anna hazare so its ministers are just trying to make a political image of Anna ji.
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    It is practiced trick of putting the other side on the defensive. It will serve to create doubts in the mind of non-biased public. That is what is intended. It is one way of diverting the focus from real issues. Digvijay Singh is good in such tricks and so useful for the Congress.

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    Sir I also do feel the same that now congress has this much option left only.

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    Why Anna Hazare should not be eligible for the post of President ?. At present there are no good candidate for the post. Vice President Hamid Anzari has not done any relatively good deeds during this office and hence need not be considered for this post. However if BJP thinks that Anna Hazare can fit into this post then why the Congress should worry. And Digvijay is known to the roof top shouter of this party and his words has no credentials.

    And more thing if at all in all seriousness Annaji is nominated for this post, its all the ''Meharbani'' of Congress only which gave Annaji to grow through their acts.

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    Hello friends,
    I feel that Anna Hazare should not support any political party and I also feel that he should be giving a strong opposition to the ruling parties on various misbehaviors of them. I feel that BJP is planning to give Anna Hazare the post because he is now well known among the public and he may help the BJP to succeed in the upcoming elections. It is also a fact that most of the parties tend to bring the person into politics who has did good to the public and and BJP is not an excemption to this and I think the statement given by Digvijay singh is definitely right.

    With Regards,
    Sudhan A

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    I think there is no harm if Anna wants tö contest as President. Our country do need people like him in politics.
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    Sh. Digvijay Singh is known for his off the cuff remarks these days. I wonder if he is the real spokesman of the Congress party. His remarks create more problems at times than solving them. His tone is certainly different than those of other spokesmen of the Party.

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    Anna Hazare's movement has turned a headache to the Congress party.There were many occasions earlier, trying to link Hazare with BJP without getting any consideration from the people. Another allegation was to link Hazare with corruption and having improper wealth which is already withdrawn with regret by the Congress spokesman..
    Digvijay Singh is aiming to get some advantage of minority votes especially in northern states by this statement of assumption..

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    Infact, Digvijay Singh really wants Anna Hazare to be the President of our country, so that Anna Hazare as a president will not be able to perform actions like a social activist against the government. This is the way he prefers to support him as a presidential candidate indirectly through BJP.

    If given a chance, will Anna Hazare accept the post or deny the post of President of India. This is the question to be answered .

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    This is the politics playing by congress party. By connecting Anna Hazare with BJP they trying to decrease the credit and popularity of Anna Hazare. Anna Hazare is not powerhungry as congress party or BJP. If he have that aim then he need not to be wait till today. He can achieved it before. The UPA government is the most coruupt government in India. Congress party is the main obstacle for a strong Lokpal bill like Jan Lokpal. Knowing this Anna Hazare started campaign against Congress party in recent bye-poll in Hissar. Because of this congress party leaders such as Digvijay Singh, are commenting like this. But one thing is that in present time Anna Hazare is the best person to be our president or prime minister. What is the wrong with Anna Hazare that he can not be our president? Then why this congress party leader are making such things an issue.
    Thanks and regards,

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    Digvijay Singh is one of the most dirty politician among the Congressmens. Often his remarks against the Hindus and now against Anna Hazare creates headlines as he is in a party high post. His main aim is to create hatred between the communities and be in the news. The politicians like him can say any dam thing to be highlighted. So its my request to all do not pay attention on these remarks. He is even not eligible by virtue of his quality to comment on Anna Hazare. Annaji is above all these allegation.

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    Ìt seems most of the members are against congress and Digvijay singh.
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